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Guiding clients worldwide through the admissions maze to acceptances at 450+ top schools since 1994

How We Work

In advising applicants before they apply, we will:

  1. Give our most accurate assessment of applicant prospects, when that input is requested.
  2. Encourage clients to identify and evaluate the full range of options – not just the top-ranked ones.
  3. Counsel applicants to apply to the most appropriate schools for them.

In assisting clients with the application process, we will:

  1. Insist that clients write their own essays.
  2. Critique and edit material so that it presents the best the clients are capable of while reflecting their voice, story, and work.
  3. Provide constructive, respectful criticism.
  4. Keep the application process and timeline in perspective.

When interacting with applicants, schools, vendors, and other entities, we will do our best to say what we mean and do what we say.