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Consultant Profile Jennifer Bloom

Jennifer Bloom

How did a techie with a 660 GMAT get into the LBS MBA program? How did a 31-year-old make it into MIT Sloan’s MBA program? How did an applicant with no management experience get into Chicago Booth – with scholarship money?! By working with me.

I joined Accepted in 1998 and quickly became a highly recommended and frequently referred consultant. I have answered hundreds of queries on forums for GMAT Club and Pagalguy, written myriad blog posts, and advised clients to acceptances at top graduate and PhD programs around the globe. From the toughest programs in global business education to the more obscure doctoral programs the world over – I have helped applicants gain entry!

I attribute my success to two factors:

  1. I connect personally with every one of the applicants I work with, which explains why so many of those applicants get back in touch even years later to recommend my services to their family, co-workers, and friends.
  2. I take a strategic approach with every application. What is the school looking for in its applicants? What does this applicant have to offer that no other can? Because of the experience and insight that I have gained for over a decade, I can recognize and help applicants see which of their experiences and qualities add value to their application. Then I help my clients present those experiences compellingly.

My clients have lived in China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the former USSR, the US, Europe, and, of course, my current home base in Israel. Despite their geographic diversity, they all shared one experience: their applications were easier and completed more quickly and successfully. They benefited from my insight, commitment to fast turnaround, and profound knowledge of admissions.

Would you like to work with me on your application? Just fill out an inquiry including any information you think will be helpful, and I will contact you ASAP.

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Sounds good? Jennifer Bloom certainly seems to have the writing expertise and professional experience to help you whip your material into shape. But what do clients say about their experience with her? Has she truly helped previous clients? Let's take a look at client feedback.

Would you like to work with Jennifer on your application? Just fill out an inquiry including any information you think will be helpful. Jennifer will contact you ASAP.

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