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Accepted.com: The Buzz

06.11.2015 Poets&Quants
Linda Abraham shares the last word in P&Q article "Most Transparent MBA Admissons: Tuck, HBS, Ross & Fuqua."

05.11.2015 U.S. News & World Report
Accepted consultant, Alicia Nimonkar, discusses the types of clinical experiences that actually impress the adcom in "3 Less-Popular Options for Learning About Medicine."

01.05.2015 Poets&Quants
In "The Round Two Fire Drill To Apply," Linda Abraham shares her experiences with the unrealistic expectations of last-minute applicants and some thoughts about the source of the late-start trend.

12.29.2014 Poets&Quants
Linda Abraham adds her nomination to Poets&Quants' list of "The Most Annoying MBA Essays Of 2014."

12.11.2014 U.S. News & World Report
Linda Abraham shares some important advice for financial aid seekers in "3 Ways to Be a Good Candidate for MBA Scholarships."

12.03.2014 The Wall Street Journal
As "B-Schools Embrace Last-Minute Candidates," Linda Abraham comments on the trend of highly qualified non-traditional candidates applying late in the admissions cycle.

10.30.2014 Poets&Quants
P&Q reports "More Turmoil In IMD’s MBA Program" as 5 key officials resign. Linda Abraham shares some perspective on why they may have stepped down, and what this means for IMD's future.

09.09.2014 Poets&Quants
September 9 was "D-Day At Harvard Business School" and Linda Abraham predicts that the b-school with the 'absolutely magnetic' brand will see a significant increase in applications this season.

07.02.2014 The Wall Street Journal
Linda Abraham comments on the more human tone of "Havard’s Sassy New Business-School Application" and whether it will make any difference to HBS applicants.

06.02.2014 Poets&Quants
P&Q recently reported that in keeping with the shrinking MBA application trend,"Wharton Drops To One Required Essay." Linda Abraham explained why this change will probably produce happy results for students and alumni.

02.03.2014 Poets&Quants
IMD has trimmed down its application and Linda Abraham shares some insight into the motivation and results of this change in the P&Q article "IMD Cuts Required Essays In Half."

10.05.2013 Poets&Quants
Linda Abraham predicts a number-oriented admissions policy, the strong possibility of the demise of the TBD, and a more permanent admissions director for Wharton in "Why Wharton Will Go By The Numbers."

10.02.2013 Poets&Quants
"Wharton AdCom Makes an Abrupt Exit" and Linda Abraham tells Poets & Quants that she is sorry to see Kumar go.

9.12.2013 Bloomberg Businessweek
Linda Abraham shares her view on what b-schools need to do if they are serious about "Bridging the B-School Class Divide."

8.11.2013 Poets&Quants
Poets & Quants features Accepted.com's important advice for MBA applicants on "How Not to Fail the Failure Question."

8.08.2013 Poets&Quants
In 5-part series, "Maximizing the Minimalist MBA Application," Linda Abraham shares tips on writing succinctly given the shrinking word and character limits on MBA application essays.

7.25.2013 Poets&Quants
Will a group of serious b-school hopefuls looking to finish their apps in a short, intense burst gather for "A $3,500 ‘Hell Week’ For MBA Applicants?" Linda Abraham thinks not.

7.23.2013 PaGalGuy News
Linda Abraham joins the discussion about the impact of foreign currency rate declines on MBA applicants in "As Rupee Slides, Ivy League US B-schools Now Cost More than Rs 1 Crore."

6.26.2013 Bloomberg Businessweek
Linda Abraham advises applicants to understand the values reflected by each b-school's mission or motto in "Finding Your 'Best Fit' Business School."

5.31.2013 Bloomberg Businessweek
In "HBS Applicants Should Get Personal in New Optional Essay," Linda Abraham shares her perspective on how to approach Harvard Business School's one, optional application essay question.

5.31.2013 Poets&Quants
Linda Abraham discusses the possible impact of the new Harvard Business School application on HBS application volume as well as how applicants can best approach the single essay question in "HBS Applicants 'Panicked and Confused.'"

5.29.2013 Varsity Tutors
Linda Abraham shares MBA admissions advice and tips in an "Ask an MBA Admissions Expert" interview with Varsity Tutors.

4.26.2013 LA Tutors
In "5 Questions with Linda Abraham," Linda shares important admissions advice and answers some interesting questions about admissions consulting and how Accepted.com works.

3.22.2013 Bloomberg Businessweek
Linda Abraham shares important advice for team interviews in the Businessweek article, "How to Stand Out in an MBA Group Interview."

3.19.2013 Poets&Quants
Linda Abraham explains the benefits of applicants preparing for the Wharton team-based discussions and explains that winging it and honesty don't correlate in an article for Poets & Quants, "Is Wharton’s Desire For Candor Compromised?".

3.13.2013 The Wall Street Journal
In the Wall Street Journal article, "Frankly, Wharton Wants Candor" Linda Abraham shares her opinion on students preparing for Wharton's new team-based discussions.

02.25.2013 OnlineMBA
In "How NOT to Impress in the Application Process," Linda Abraham shares tips on avoiding the five application "Kisses of Death."

02.25.2013 Poets&Quants
Linda Abraham discusses the tremendous value in having a dress rehearsal in the Poets & Quants article, "Prepping Applicants For New Wharton Test."

1.21.2013 Poets&Quants
Linda Abraham talks about the purpose of MBA application essays and presents a suggestion for an application that will achieve that goal in "A Proposal For A Better MBA Application."

1.17.2013 Poets&Quants
In "The Shrinking MBA Application," Linda Abraham responds to the widespread changes and experimentation in this year’s MBA application.

10.15.2012 U.S. News & World Report
Linda Abraham joins the discussion about whether there is a b-school enrollment boom on the horizon in "Fewer 2012 MBA Applications May Mean More Competition in 2013."

9.10.2012 Careerbuilder.com
In "What to Consider When Getting An MBA," Linda Abraham advises prospective MBA applicants on how to determine whether or not to pursue an MBA and how to choose which schools to apply to.

7.26.2012 Bloomberg Businessweek
Businessweek article, "MBA Admissions Consultants: A Growing Influence," quotes Linda Abraham's opinion on why b-schools are seeing better quality applicants every year.

7.26.2012 Poets&Quants
Linda Abraham discusses Accepted.com's July discount and the benefits of starting the application process early in "Discounting Hits MBA Admissions Consulting."

7.25.2012 U.S. News & World Report
In "Study: MBA Programs Don't Connect Social Media Dots," Linda Abraham warns applicants not to waste their time trying to impress adcoms using social media.

7.18.2012 Poets&Quants
In the Poets & Quants article, "How Many Applicants Use Consultants," Linda Abraham shares her thoughts on why MBA applicants are reluctant to disclose consultant use.

7.16.2012 Poets&Quants
Linda Abraham shares her take on this year's trend of shortened MBA applications and word limits in "The Incredible Shrinking MBA App."

7.11.2012 OnlineMBA
Linda Abraham expounds on the limitations of MBA rankings and explains what they are actually good for in "What Students Should Really Be Looking for From MBA Rankings."

7.10.2012 OnlineMBA
In "Summer Reading: How Do Rankings Work? Methodology for MBA Rankings," Linda Abraham shares the key to using MBA rankings beneficially.

06.21.12 Poets&Quants
Linda Abraham comments on this year's trend of applying to b-school early in Poets & Quants article "Heavy Round One Volume Expected."

06.11.12 The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal quotes Linda Abraham of Accepted.com in its article "Beyond the Tried-and-True: Generating Cash in Later Life," which explores creative cash-generating ideas for retirees.

05.23.12 Poets&Quants
Does the new Harvard Business School application mean "More Anxiety for HBS Applicants?" Linda Abraham comments on the updated HBS admission policies and its impact on applicant anxiety.

05.13.12 Technorati
In "Yahoo's Scott Thompson and the Trap of Marginal Thinking," Linda Abraham warns applicants about the dangers of resume padding.

03.21.12 OnlineMBA
OnlineMBA talks to Linkda Abraham about the relevance, uses, and limitations of MBA rankings in "Admissions Q&A: Finding the Best MBA Is More Than Rankings."

03.13.12 Technorati
"How Important are MBA Rankings?" According to Linda Abraham, they are a good place to begin school research and an absolutely terrible place to end it.

02.01.12 Poets&Quants
In the "Essentials of an Awesome MBA Application" series, Linda Abraham discusses the components of a great MBA application from GMAT to Interviews.

01.06.12 OnlineMBA
In "Integrated Reasoning Coming to GMAT in June," Linda Abraham gives her take on the newest addition to the GMAT and what it means for applicants.

12.27.11 AdvisorOne
AdvisorOne interviews Linda Abraham about the benefits of an EMBA in "An Executive MBA: The Ultimate New Year’s Resolution for Financial Advisors."

10.06.11 Technorati
Linda Abraham explores Steve Jobs' impact, initiative, passion and leadership and what MBA applicants can learn from him in "Steve Jobs: 4 Lessons for MBA Applicants."

10.13. 2011 Pagalguy
Clean up your act on the Internet, B-school Admission Officers may be watching you.” That’s true. What should you do if perhaps your social media posts don’t present you in the best light? Read this article to find out.

10.12.2011 Bloomberg Businessweek
In "Social Media: Why B-School Applicants Need to Keep It Clean” BW asks Linda Abraham to comment on social media, its implications for admissions, and what applicants should do in response.

08.31.2011 Poets and Quants
Perfecting your MBA Essays,” provides ten succinct tips that will make your essays shine. Published by Poets & Quants and authored by our own Linda Abraham.

07.08.2011 Bnet.com
In "The B-School Admissions Game Gets Even Pricier" John Byrne, author of MBA Confidential and founder of Poets and Quants, quotes Linda Abraham's advice on "how to hire the right consultant."

05.22.2011 MBA Crystal Ball
MBA Crystal Ball interviewed Linda Abraham on a broad range of MBA admissions topics in “Accepted.com: Linda Abraham talks about bschool selection, MBA essays, interviews”.

03.28.2011 Bloomberg Businessweek
Bloomberg Businessweek turns to Linda Abraham, Accepted’s president and founder, in “Making the Most of Business School Rankings" for perspective on how MBA applicants should and should not use rankings. Hint: It's all about the data, not the ranking.

02.06.2011 The Cavalier Daily
The Cavalier Daily quotes Linda Abraham, Accepted’s president and founder, in “Playing the college application game” on what you should do before and during your b-school campus visits in “Making the Most of the Campus Visit” on the role of the college application essay in college admissions.

11.21.2010 Poets & Quants
The online MBA site, Poets and Quants turned to Linda Abraham for perspective on the leak of Wharton MBA interview questions.

10.13.2010 Law School Podcaster
Law School Podcaster interviews Linda Abraham, Accepted’s president and founder, in this podcast on common mistakes in law school applications, and how to avoid them.

08.31.2010 Bloomberg Businessweek
Bloomberg Businessweek quotes Linda Abraham, Accepted’s president and founder, on what you should do before and during your b-school campus visits in “Making the Most of the Campus Visit.”

07.07.2010 Beat the GMAT’s Achieve Your Dream Conference
Accepted.com Senior Editor Cindy Tokumitsu presented “The Art of a Gripping MBA Goals Essay.”

07.18.2009 Law School Podcaster
Linda Abraham, Accepted's founder and president, is a featured guest on the Law School Podcaster segment "Choosing the Right Law School: Understand the Factors That Will Affect Where You Want To Go To School".

07.13.2009 BusinessWeek
Businessweek quotes Linda Abraham, Accepted’s president and founder, on writing the MBA admissions essay, in “How to Write an MBA Admissions Essay.”

04.20.2009 BusinessWeek
Businessweek quotes Linda Abraham, Accepted’s president and founder, in “The College Visit 101.”

04.13.2009 BusinessWeek
Linda Abraham, Accepted’s president and founder, provides insights into impressing the admissions committee in “Extracurriculars: The Extras That Count.”

02.20.09 LSAT Blog
LSAT Blog’s Steve Schwartz interviewed Linda Abraham, Accepted’s president and founder, for some great tips and advice in “Law School Personal Statement Advice/ Interview”.

11.17.08 Jewish Leadership Network
Linda Abraham, Accepted’s president and founder, presented a workshop on “How to Write Bold & Brilliant Essays” to a group of college students at the Jewish Leadership Network Center in Los Angeles. College students took advantage of the opportunity to seek advice from the admissions expert.

10.23.08 BusinessWeek
Businessweek Online consults with Accepted president, Linda Abraham, in “The Admissions Interview: Your Questions.”

10.12.08 BusinessWeek
In “Clearing Up An Application Blemish,” Linda Abraham, Accepted’s president and founder, addresses applicant concerns regarding a tainted academic or disciplinary record. “’Our advice is always deal with it forthrightly, succinctly, take responsibility, and move on,’ Abraham said.”

09.14.2008 BusinessWeek
Accepted’s Senior Editor, Paul Bodine, was the special guest in a BusinessWeek Online chat, “MBA Admissions Tips.”

06.26.08 Bold and Brilliant Essays
Linda Abraham, Accepted’s president and founder, presented “Bold & Brilliant Essays” to a full house at Manhattan GMAT’s Santa Monica center. The MBA applicants then peppered Abraham with admissions queries during a lively Q&A that followed the presentation.

06.19.08 Best Practices in Admissions Consulting
Accepted’s president and founder, who is also co-founder and current president of the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants (AIGAC), answered questions from private admissions advisors about the Best Practices in Admissions Consulting as part of a panel at AIGAC’s first annual conference in Chicago.

03.14.08 Inside Higher Ed
In "Private Counselors Who Won't Double Dip," Linda Abraham, Accepted founder and president, is interviewed as the president of the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants and Accepted.

07.24.2007 MBA Podcaster
Linda Abraham, Accepted's founder and president, is a featured guest on the MBA Podcaster segment "Answering Your MBA Related Questions: You Asked The Questions, We Have The Answers" Linda responds to a question about how to use extra-curricular activities to distinguish your candidacy.

07.27.2007 BusinessWeek Online
In "Applying Oneself Creatively" BusinessWeek Online seeks Linda Abraham's input on responding to creative questions. Accepted's founder and president gives some great tips for answering these unexpected queries.

01.26.2007 The Daily Journal
In "Admissions Essays Get Second Look: Law-School Officials Question Applicants' Use of Professional Editors" Linda Abraham again refutes the myths spread by misinformed admissions officer about the work and constructive role of admissions consultants in the admissions process.

01.21.2007 MBA Podcaster
Paul Bodine, Accepted.com editor and author of Great Application Essays for Business School, is a featured guest on the MBA Podcaster segment "Advice to the Younger Applicants: How to Get Into a Top MBA Program and Prepare for a Successful Career." While giving excellent advice to younger applicants, Paul also dispels some of the froth and hype surrounding business schools' pursuit of "early career candidates."

11.05.2006 Chicago Tribune
Linda Abraham is interviewed and provides the do's and don'ts of college admissions applications and essays in "Getting it Write" "

Article in the Los Angeles Daily Journal 9.15.2006
Accepted.com editor, Judith Koffler, has written an article for the Los Angeles Daily Journal, entitled "As Law Firms Go Global, Demand for LL.M. Degrees Mushrooms." in the article, Judy highlights the explosive growth of LL.M programs in recent years and provides tips for LL.M applicants.

06.16.2006 Linda Abraham Presents at Annual GMAC Conference
Accepted.com founder and president, Linda Abraham, participated twice in the panel presentation "Admissions Consultants: Love ~em, Hate ~em, Use ~em," at this year's annual GMAC conference in San Francisco. Abraham had initially proposed the panel to GMAC last fall.

02.06.2006 The Boston Globe
In "Wrangling Over Applications" by Rob Weisman, Accepted.com's president describes the role of admissions consultants:

"Our value is in helping the applicant match himself or herself to a school," said Linda Abraham, president of Accepted.com of Los Angeles, an admissions consulting firm for business schools that employs 10 editors worldwide. ''We're not creating a generic application, and we're not fitting to a generic school."

12.07.2005 Businessweek Calls Upon Accepted.com
In "First-Round Frenzy: With an uptick in applicants this year, admissions consultants say prospective students don't want to be late for class," Businessweek quotes Linda Abraham, Accepted.com's founder and president, extensively in this article on the recent rise in MBA application volume and its impact on applicant chances of admissions as well as their most effective response to increased competition.

07.11.2005: WSJ Quotes Linda Abraham
The Wall St. Journal quoted Linda Abraham, Accepted.com's founder and president, in its July 11, 2005 front-page article, "Perfect College Essay Takes Lots of Practice -- And Extra Help"

Texas: The McCombs School of Business Magazine quotes Accepted.com president, Linda Abraham, on the need for business schools and the corporate world to acknowledge work/family issues in recruiting women.

About.com Interviews Linda Abraham
About.com's Business Major Section interviewed Accepted.com founder Linda Abraham in an interview titled "MBA Admission Essay Guru Talks About Business School Essays." The article covered mistakes in writing application essays, the impact of recommendation letters, the value of editors in the application process, and other issues related to b-school admissions.

HBS Working Knowledge Quotes Linda Abraham
Accepted.com president, Linda Abraham, was quoted in an article on the HBS Working Knowledge Web site entitled, "Summing Up: What Can Business Schools Do to Avoid Bad Apples?" by Dr. Jim Heskett. This piece presents reactions to Dr. Haskett's earlier article about the role of admissions as a "first line of defense" in protecting business against corruption.

01.10.2002: WSJ Lauds Accepted.com
On January 10, 2002, The Wall Street Journal cited Accepted.com as one of several services that help applicants "overcome what may be the most daunting part" of the application process. In addition the article quoted an Accepted.com client, Jim, who praised Accepted.com's service for saving him time when applying to several MBA programs, and declared, "It's worth it." Finally the article selected "before and after" versions of an medical school client's essays to show how an editing service can improve an applicant's personal statement.

12.27.2001: Florida Paper Goes to Accepted.com for Essay Advice
The Sarasota Herald Tribune quotes Accepted.com president, Linda Abraham, in an article about writing college application essays.

10.30.2001: Dr. Laura Prescribes Accepted.com for Essay Ills
"Dr. Laura Perspective" lists Accepted.com in its Resources for College-Bound Students. The article points out that "You can have a pro on your side when writing your personal statement for college. Simply ask an Accepted.com editor..." (Dr. Laura Perspective October 2001 p. 13)

06.29.2001: Linda Abraham Guest Expert for Businessweek Online Chat
On June 29, 2001, Accepted.com's founder and president, Linda Abraham was the guest expert at an online chat attended by more than 130 participants. Abraham responded to a wide range of questions about MBA admissions, essays, and letters of recommendation.

03.28.2001: Ace the AMCAS Essay-AMSA Convention
On March 28, 2001 Linda Abraham gave her presentation, "Ace the AMCAS Essay" to an appreciative audience at the American Medical Student Association's 51st annual convention in Anaheim, CA. Her talk provided a step-by-step approach to crafting an engaging, unique human interest story for the critical AMCAS essay.

03.06.2001: BusinessWeek Quotes Accepted.com Founder
"For a Knockout Essay, Get Thee to an Editor" by Ellen Neuborne appeared in BusinessWeek's March 12, 2001 edition. The article profiles three college application essay editing services including Accepted.com and discusses the benefits of professional editing for college application essays. It quotes Linda Abraham, Accepted.com's president and founder, as saying, "Any professional writer has an editor. I don't see why it should be any different for amateurs."

04.14.2000: Admissions Counselors for Hire
- Letter to the Editor in The Chronicle of Higher Education

On April 14, 2000 The Chronicle of Higher Education printed Linda Abraham's response to an earlier article in The Chronicle. The article criticized admissions counselors for providing "unfair advantage" to applicants with money. Ms. Abraham pointed out that the goal of education, private and public, is to provide a lifetime of advantages.

03.15.2000: Ace the AMCAS Essay - AMSA Convention
On March 15, 2000 Linda Abraham gave her presentation, "Ace the AMCAS Essay" to a full house at the American Medical Student Association's 50th annual convention in Washington, DC. Her talk provided a step-by-step approach to crafting an engaging, unique human interest story for the critical AMCAS essay.

11.01.1999: The New Economy, Aspiring MBAs, and Accepted.com
"Writes of Passage" by Kim Cross of Business 2.0 (November 1999), which touts itself as the magazine of the new economy, discusses Accepted.com's comprehensive, "extensive mentoring" in its discussion of different application essay services.

10.18.1999: Linda Abraham speaks at the Anderson School
On October 18, 1999, Accepted.com's founder and president, Linda Abraham, returned to her alma mater, the Anderson School, as the guest of the Anderson Entrepreneurial Association Mentor Program. She spoke to the MBA students about the challenges of starting and running a small business and responded to questions during a lively question and answer session.

10.04.1999: Worldwide recognition for Accepted.com!!
The Sunday Times of London cited Accepted.com in its MBA supplement on October 4, 1999. The article "To pay or not to pay?" examines the pros and cons of professional help in the MBA admissions process.

08.01.1999: Seen in The New York Times
In the "Education Life" section of The New York Times on August 1, 1999, journalist Pamela Mendels wrote about college application services providing online relief for application anxiety. Accepted.com and Linda Abraham, Accepted.com's president and founder, appeared prominently in the article.

10.19.1998: Seen in Business Week
In looking at Business Week's October 19, 1998, biannual ranking edition, MBA hopefuls found Wharton, Kellogg, Chicago, and ... Accepted.com. Business Week included Accepted.com in its article on admissions consultants entitled "Is a Helping Hand Really Helpful?"

10.22.1998: Linda Abraham on TalkSpot
"Forget about being an astronaut - it takes the write stuff to get into a great graduate program these days. Accepted.com's Linda Abraham will be on hand for anyone who's daunted by those application essays and needs some guidance..." declared the announcement on December 22 for the Dr. Diane Medved Show. Accepted.com's president and founder was the guest on the internationally broadcast Internet talk show. Check out the rest of this site to get yourself into the right orbit.

10.22.1998: Quotables and Other Keepsakes
Quoting is the most sincere form of flattery, at least for a writer. And KEEPSAKE 1998 - 1999, A Guide for Minority Premed Students, quotes extensively from the medical section of the Accepted.com Web site. We are proud to be associated with such an informative and valuable publication.