College Applicants: Waitlisted or Rejected?

It's been a long journey. And now, finally, you're at the end of the road, only to find out that you still have lots of road ahead of you. As a waitlisted or rejected college applicant, you may still have your work cut out for you (writing a college waitlist letter, quickly applying to other schools, etc.), but your college dreams are still within reach.

The following resources will help you reach those goals efficiently and successfully:

  1. The Likely Letter
  2. Waitlisted! What Now?
  3. How to Write Waitlist Update Letters
  4. Playing the Waiting Game
  5. On Not Being Admitted
  6. Writing Effective Waitlist Letters: A Quiz
  7. When You Receive College Rejection Letters

Are you a college applicant who has just received a likely letter or been informed that you've been waitlisted or rejected? Accepted's skilled college consultants can help you overcome this hurdle. Please see our college waitlist services and/or our college admissions consulting services now!

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Client Feedback

"I have accepted admission at USC! :-) I want to thank you so much for all of your help and support. I truly couldn't have done it without you."