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What’s the process if I order a College Essay Package?

With Accepted’s College Essay Package, you will first fill out a questionnaire. Then your editor will interview you and ask you about your personal background, academic interests and strengths, extra-curricular activities, hobbies and interests, community service, goals, and reasons for applying to College X …basically anything that could be used in a college personal statement. Together you and your editor will decide which experiences best present a multi-dimensional, compelling portrait of YOU.

After becoming acquainted with you during the interview, which typically takes 1-2 hours, you and your editor will discuss a theme for your essay and then your editor will send you an outline of the essay. The outline helps you focus on your most powerful experiences by providing you with structure and direction. Consisting of bullet points, it gives you the guidance you need to focus on the most relevant and compelling elements of your story. It helps you put that story down on paper with minimal blank-screen-itis and maximal impact.

After you write your personal statement, you send it to your editor who edits it for grammar, spelling, style, and word usage – the nitty-gritty details of writing. She returns the edited copy to you within two business-days of receiving it. Typically clients request 2-4 reviews of an essay before they are satisfied with it.

How detailed are your outlines? Are they euphemisms for essay drafts?

Let’s start with the last question first. The outline is not a euphemism for an essay or an essay draft.

The outline consists of bullet points and sentence fragments. Its job: provide you with the structure and direction necessary for you to start writing. It provides guidance, but is not a straightjacket. The essay is at all times your essay.

Will you write the essays for me?


How can we use the College Essay Package if we do not live near one of your editors?

No problem. We have clients throughout the world, and thanks to e-mail and the telephone, we can communicate with you efficiently and effectively.

First we set up a telephone appointment. This appointment is usually lengthy - typically lasting one to two hours. Its purpose is three-fold:

  1. We get to know you, your goals, and your past experiences.
  2. You choose a theme for your essay.
  3. We consult with you regarding an outline for your essay.

If you live outside the U.S.A, we try to minimize your telephone expense by asking for background information via e-mail and reserving the telephone for topics where a dialogue is really necessary. We have found that the time differences pose minor problems, and we have worked with people literally from around the world - from Kazakhstan to Cameroon, Argentina to India.

After you receive your outline, you write the personal statement on your own, but if you have any questions you can call or e-mail us. When finished writing, you e-mail the draft to your editor; then she edits it and returns the edited version to you. Subsequent essay drafts are transmitted via e-mail.

How long does one College Essay Package take?

It typically takes one to two weeks. Please keep in mind that quick completion heavily depends on your promptly returning drafts to your editor.

If I want to use packages for more than one school, will I have to purchase the College Essay Package for each school?

No. Once you purchase a College Essay Package all essay packages that you purchase at a later date are Subsequent College Essay Packages.

What’s the process if I order College Consulting and Editing?

With’s College Consulting and Editing, you will submit your personal statement draft to your editor, who will critique it on a content level. Although we don’t interview you, we do request a recent résumé. As he reviews your personal statement, your editor will ask the following questions: Do you have a clear theme, a logical structure, an engaging opening, and a conclusion that concludes? Did you answer the essay question, if you have one? Have you revealed something distinctive and interesting about yourself? Have you made effective use of specifics to distinguish yourself from your competition, support your main points, and add interest to your essay? If you submit multiple essays for one school, your editor will also check that the essays complement each other. After reviewing your essay, your editor will then provide you with feedback and suggestions for improvement, and you will revise the essay.

After you revise your essay, you again send it to your editor who focuses now on grammar, spelling, style, and word usage – the nit-picky details of writing. He returns the edited copy to you within two business days of receiving it. Typically clients request 2-4 reviews of an essay before they are satisfied with it.

What’s your turnaround time?

Two business-days for each round of editing. Interviews are by appointment.

When do you recommend the College Essay Package and when do you recommend College Consulting and Editing?

If you really aren’t sure how to approach the essays, lack confidence in your ability to write well, or want to save time more than money, I recommend the College Essay Package.

If you know what you want to write, have confidence in your writing ability, and want to save money more than time, I recommend College Consulting and Editing.

Can I use the College Essay Package for some essays and College Consulting and Editing for others?

Yes. You can mix and match, or you can use the College Essay Package for one school and College Consulting and Editing for all subsequent schools. 

In fact, that’s what we recommend. Purchase the College Essay Package for the essay you plan to use the most. After that, when you are customizing that essay for subsequent schools, go with College Consulting and Editing .

Aren’t you expensive?

Not at all. The fees you pay to could be one of the best investments you’ll ever make! Consider the possibility of increased earnings if you attend a more highly ranked school as opposed to the cost of’s one-on-one assistance. "Ah," you say, "but you don’t know if I would be accepted without your help." True. And we cannot guarantee your acceptance. But a brief look at our testimonial page will tell you that many of our clients are convinced they would not be in their top choice schools without’s editorial help. They repeatedly and emphatically state that we are worth the money. 

Do you use a template? Don’t all Accepted client essays sound the same?

We don’t use a template at all, nor do we recommend one. We are dedicated to bringing out the individuality and distinctiveness of our clients and strive to make our clients stand out from the crowd by emphasizing distinguishing experiences and details. We are convinced that portraying your uniqueness is the primary task of the essays.

I have a limited budget and already have written a draft, could you review my draft and advise me whether I need the College Essay Package or can do with College Consulting and Editing?

Yes, we will be happy to review your drafts. Your editor will then tell you whether she thinks your draft is a good foundation for continuing with College Consulting and Editing or whether you would benefit from the College Essay Package

Typically, how many drafts does an editor review under the Initial Grad School Essay Package?

Two to four.

How do I get started? How is payment handled?

It’s easy. Go to our catalogue and choose the services you need. Click on the 'Buy Now' button next to the services you need and fill out the order form. You will receive an email asking for academic information. Your order will be processed within one business day. Your credit card will be billed immediately.

What is considered "billable time"?

Billable time includes time spent reviewing materials, editing, and consulting with you via any media including but not limited to telephone, Skype, and email. Yes it includes composing the emails. Essentially, we bill for all time spent working for you except when we are advising on which Accepted service to use or responding to billing questions. Your editor will do his or her best to keep you informed of time used throughout the engagement.

If you are concerned about us racking up the billable hours, please request an estimate up front.

What is your Rush Service? I need faster turnaround! Can you help me?

Our Rush Service is for clients who need faster than two-business-day turnaround. Before commencing work, we will determine if we have availability to meet your deadline and set up a schedule with you. If you purchase rush services and we don't have editors available who can work within your timeframe, we will notify you before we start work. If at that time you no longer want's assistance, we will refund your payment.

Can you charge me rush prices without my approval?

No. Rush prices require the approval of the client, the editor, and management.

What if I am not happy with the service?

We want you to be happy! If you aren’t satisfied with your editor, you can ask to switch editors. If you want a refund, please see our refund policy.

What if I want to try you out now and purchase more of your services later?

No problem. When you are ready to authorize additional work, you can either purchase additional services online, or send an e-mail to your editor, who will send you a link so that you can purchase additional time. 

Why should I hire Accepted?

Here is how you will benefit from using Accepted for your grad applications:

  1. Your editor will serve as a sounding board and mentor as you go through the process of applying. You need someone experienced saying that the optional essay does not really add value to your application. You will benefit from someone saying that you need to clarify the connection between your internship and your goals. You will have an advantage if someone knowledgeable tells you that you are focusing too much on a negative and not enough on your achievements, or perhaps suggests that Experience A is more impressive than Experience B, or reveals how you can weave both into the application. To read what our clients say about our services, please visit our Testimonial Page.
  2. You will have a professional, seasoned editor making sure that you present yourself articulately and correctly. One of’s strengths is the professionalism and experience of its staff. You certainly do not want writing errors. To judge our editors’ qualifications, please visit About Us. All staff bios are listed there.
  3. Using Accepted can save you time. Grad applicants frequently go through multiple drafts, a lot of nail-biting, tearing up of the multiple drafts, rewriting, hearing contradictory advice, rewriting again. You will greatly reduce the amount of time you spend on your essays by choosing Accepted.
If you have additional questions, please contact us. To request Accepted's help, please review our services and sign up.
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Client Feedback

"Working with Alicia on my common application essay was an extremely great and beneficial experience. Her guidance was extremely helpful in thinking of the right idea for the essay and in expanding on the topic to best answer the question. She was extremely kind and provided me with many suggestions and ideas that really improved the quality of the essay. In just one hour, she transformed my essay into a strong piece of writing that I feel confident in, and which truly expresses who I am for colleges to see. She also showed me how helpful and important writing outlines for essays is, which is a skill that will greatly help me when I go to college. Overall, Alicia's kindness, leadership, and expertise made the experience extremely great, and this could not have been possible without her assistance!"