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We’d like to help you by offering the following free resources – special reports, podcasts, and articles – that will guide you through the long, and often challenging, PhD admissions process. From choosing the right program, to developing an effective application strategy, to strengthening your candidacy, to securing letters of recommendation – the resources below will help you get it done…and get it done right!

  1. Plotting Your Way to a PhD: 8 Topics in PhD Admissions, a free guide
  2. Choosing a PhD Program: 3 Tips, a free guide
  3. “PhD: Don’t Go” Controversy
  4. STEM PhD Applicants: Strengthen Your Candidacy
  5. PhD Advice: Choosing the Right Program
  6. How to Write about Your Research Interests
  7. Timing & Funding for Grad School Applicants
  8. Obtaining Graduate Assistantships
  9. Letters of Recommendation: Who Should Write Them?
  10. 10 PhD Interview Tips
  11. PhD Waitlist — Is There Anything You Can Do?
  12. Choosing Among Multiple Offers
  13. Advice for Reapplicants
  14. Plan B for PhD Applicants


  1. Non-Academic Careers for PhDs: A Talk with Dr. Paula Chambers
  2. Is a PhD a Good Idea: Dr. Karen Kelsky
  3. The Grad School Application Kisses of Death: Dr. Drew Appleby

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