Grad School Waitlist Advice

You've worked so hard and have made it so far. Now you just need to push yourself a little further before you finally snag that coveted acceptance! Explore the grad school waitlist resources below to have your best shot at transforming that waitlist status into an acceptance in no time!
  1. Waitlisted! What Now?
  2. Writing Effective Waitlist Letters, a quiz.
  3. Three Topics to Discuss in Waitlist Letters, a video.
  4. Suggestions for Waitlist Letters
  5. How to Write Waitlist Update Letters
  6. Plan B for PhD Applicants

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Client Feedback

"My application is much stronger after your additions and I would certainly recommend you to other prospective students. I am glad to let you know that I was accepted to both the SDM program at MIT and the MSIS program at NYU. Once again, thank you for your sound advice and edits. I believe they were vital for my success."