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Overcoming Your Law School Application Weaknesses

Yes, you've got flaws, but that doesn't mean that you're not cut out for good law schools.

So what can you do to overcome a low GPA or a not-so-impressive LSAT score? How should you deal with a profile weakness like being older or younger than the average applicant, lacking extracurricular activities or demonstrating weak public speaking skills?

The tips below will help you identify and then overcome your law school application weaknesses so that you're able to present yourself as the highly prized applicant that you are, despite your profile shortcomings.

  1. Ages and Stages
  2. Flaws Make You Real
  3. Weakness, What Weaknesses?
  4. Admissions Warning for All
  5. Application Add-on's
  6. Resilience: Moving On

Do you need help overcoming your law school application weaknesses? Work one-on-one with an Accepted.com admissions consultant and editor to identify and ameliorate your weaknesses when you choose from our law school application consulting services.