Dealing with a Low LSAT Score

A less-than-perfect LSAT score is not a top law school admissions death sentence. You can find programs that have more flexible standards, or you can enroll in an LSAT prep course and retake the exam.

First, determine if you need to retake the LSAT. Then learn about your LSAT test prep options and get helpful LSAT test-taking tips when you browse these resources:

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  2. LSAT Tip: Fallacies with Cool Names
  3. Attitude Problems on the LSAT
  4. Watch Out For Passage Wording
  5. Jumping to Conclusions
  6. ABA LSAT Reporting Requirements
  7. 16% Increase in Those Retaking the LSAT
  8. LSAT Withdrawal Policy

The experienced staff at can help you decipher your LSAT score, decide whether need to retake the exam, and help you create a winning law school application strategy, despite having low stats. Check out our law school consulting and editing services to continue your journey to a top law school!