You've chosen your target schools and you've done your school research; now it's time to sit down and tackle those essays. To some degree, what you write about will represent who you are to the adcoms, which is why it's critical that you put your best foot forward in your MBA application essays.

The following resources will help you create clear, vibrant, and compelling essays that highlight your strengths, convey your skills, and convince the admissions readers that you are a person worthy of a seat in the next top b-school class. The writing techniques discussed in these resources are tried and true—follow these professional tips to create an application essay that will quickly secure its spot at the top of the admissions committee's pile.

School Specific MBA Essay Tips

  1. MBA Essay Tips for Top Business Schools
  2. Executive MBA Essay Tips for Top EMBA Programs

Common MBA Essay Topics

  1. Leadership in Admissions, a free guide
  2. Why MBA, a free guide
  3. Audio & Video in Admissions, a free guide
  4. Stand Out! A Critical Goal for Your Application, a podcast episode
  5. Optional Essays: When and How to Write Them, a video
  6. Approaching Short Essays
  7. Short and Sweet: Tips for Writing “Mini” MBA Essays
  8. Those Creative Essays…
  9. Creativity Lessons from Pogue’s Wedding
  10. How Do You Deal with Criticism? MBA Admissions Committees Want to Know
  11. The Importance of Obstacles in Your Application Essays
  12. How to Write about Overcoming Challenges without Sounding like a Whiner
  13. What is Fit?
  14. Writing About Your Experiences Abroad
  15. How to Display Teamwork in MBA Essays
  16. What is an Accomplishment?
  17. 4 Things To Do If You Can’t Define Your MBA Goals
  18. Add Detail to Your Social Enterprise/Community Service Goals
  19. 4 Ways to Show How You’ll Contribute in the Future
  20. MBA Admissions: Does Extracurricular Equal Extra Credit?
  21. Important Admissions Tip: BE YOURSELF!
  22. MBA Essays: You've Got Options!
  23. When the MBA Optional Essay is No Longer Optional
  24. Approaching the "Wild Card" Essay Questions
  25. 3 Tips for Showing Strengths in Your Application Essays

General MBA Essay Guidance

  1. 5 Fatal Flaws: Eliminate the 5 Most Common Flaws in Your MBA Application, a free guide
  2. Twelve Terrific Tips for MBA Applicants, a free guide
  3. From Example to Exemplary, a free guide
  4. 5 Ways to Make B-Schools LOVE You, a free webinar
  5. Roadmap to Bold and Brilliant Essays, a free webinar
  6. Essays that Stick, a free webinar
  7. 6 Tips for Answering MBA Video Essay Questions
  8. 5 Steps to Becoming Your Target B-School’s Valentine
  9. Solving the Puzzle
  10. Recipe for Disaster
  11. Do's and Don'ts
  12. Steve Jobs: 4 Lessons for MBA Applicants
  13. Making Your MBA Essays Do "Double Duty"
  14. Application Essays: A Balancing Act
  15. Essay Writing Tips from Genghis Khan
  16. What Should I Write About? Making a Difference
  17. Write Positive for Power and Clarity
  18. 4 Application Strategy Tips: Stand Out AND Fit In
  19. 4 Qualities Top MBA Programs Seek
  20. Generic-itis Prevention
  21. I’m About to Make Your Day…
  22. Being Yourself
  23. I'm Smart, Really I Am! How to Prove Character Traits in Essays
  24. Five Keys to Concreteness
  25. How to Give Your Application as Much Weight as Possible
  26. What is Passion in Admissions?
  27. How Personal is Too Personal?
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