Decisions, decisions: You may get accepted. You may get rejected. Either way, you need to answer one question: "Now what?"

Are you interested in learning the different options you have for moving forward after receiving that dreaded ding? Or the desired multiple acceptances? Do you know how to ensure any business school decision becomes a positive learning and growth experience?

The following resources will help you deal with the desired and the dreaded, and then arm you with winning strategies to move forward constructively.


  1. 4 To-Do’s for Accepted Applicants, a video.
  2. Multiple Acceptances: Win-Win Situation
  3. Multiple Acceptances and Waitlisted
  4. Acceptances With and Without $$$
  5. MBA Choices: Dream School vs. Scholarship School?
  6. Accepted: Now What?


  1. Take 2: How to Reapply Right to Business School Webinar, an on-demand webinar.
  2. Create a Better Sequel: How to Reapply Right to Business School, an ebook.
  3. Four Reasons for Rejection, a video.
  4. 4 Reasons You Got Dinged (And What You Can Do About It)
  5. The MBA Admissions Directors’ Recipe for Rejection
  6. Rejected MBA’s: Now What?
  7. Dealing with Rejection
  8. Acceptance, Rejection, Deferral
  9. Reject Rejection!
  10. Taming Grad School Application Jitters
  11. Thoughts for Rejected Applicants
  12. It's Not Fair! How to Deal with Dings

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