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MBA & Entrepreneurship

Are you thinking about applying to an MBA program with an entrepreneurial focus? Do you need help choosing the best MBA programs for entrepreneurs and then optimizing your application for those programs? Would you like to explore the whole “entrepreneurship” thing in general to see if it’s the right path for you?

The resources below address the subject of entrepreneurship and the MBA, and include interviews with entrepreneurs, b-school rankings for entrepreneurship students, tips for applicants to entrepreneurship-focused MBA programs, and more!

  1. Which B-Schools Send the Most Grads into Entrepreneurship?
  2. B-Schools for Entrepreneurs
  3. 7 Tips for MBA Applicants from Family Businesses
  4. Which Schools are Good for PE/VC and VC-Backed Entrepreneurship, podcast episode
  5. Focus on Entrepreneurship at Top B-Schools
  6. Jeff Reid on Entrepreneurship, podcast episode
  7. Dr. Douglas Stayman Shares the Scoop on Cornell Tech NYC, podcast episode

Interviews with Entrepreneurs

  1. MBA Project Search: Matchmaking for MBAs and Businesses, podcast episode
  2. MBAs Across America: The Coolest HBS Internship, podcast episode
  3. Interview with SoFi Co-Founder, Daniel Macklin, podcast episode
  4. Business, Law and Beyond: An Interview with John Engelman, podcast episode
  5. From Luxury Marketing to Entrepreneurship: A Talk with Daria Burke, podcast episode
  6. CommonBond’s Story: A Revolution in Student Loans, podcast episode

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