There are many factors that contribute to choosing the best MBA program for you, including career resources, curriculum, location, and fit (among many others). The resources below will guide you through the research stage of the MBA admissions process. The first section offers advice on how to determine which MBA programs are best for you while the second section focuses on the importance of b-school visits.

Probing the MBA Programs

  1. Best MBA Programs: A Guide to Selecting the Right One, a free guide
  2. Get Accepted to Harvard Business School, a free webinar
  3. Get Accepted to Stanford GSB, a free webinar
  4. Get Accepted to Wharton, a free webinar
  5. Get Accepted to Chicago Booth, a free webinar
  6. How to Get Accepted to Columbia Business School, a free webinar
  7. Business School Selectivity Index [Can I Get Into My Dream School?]
  8. 3 Ways to Determine Which B-Schools are a Good Fit for You
  9. 5 Tips to Assess Your MBA Profile
  10. How Important are MBA Rankings?
  11. The 5 Main MBA Options: The Pros and Cons of Each
  12. 4 Ways You Should NOT Use the MBA Rankings
  13. Top-10 MBA or Nothing: MBA Myth Busting
  14. 7 Ways to Distinguish Between Similar MBA Programs
  15. Narrowing Down Your B-School Options
  16. Tips for Applying to Part-time MBA Programs
  17. Interested in a Career in Hospitality?
  18. MBA Admissions Tip: How Many Schools?
  19. MBA Application Planning: Program Research Phase
  20. Should You Apply to a Safety School?

B-School Visits

  1. MBA Fairs: Advancing Your MBA Ambitions, a special guide
  2. Top 6 Tips for Visiting Business Schools
  3. MBA Visits, Fairs, Receptions: 5 Simple Steps to Make Them Productive

  4. MBA School Visits: Start Off Right

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