Med School, Residency and Fellowship Essay Tips

There are three steps to creating a winning med school, residency, or fellowship application essay or personal statement:

  1. Choose compelling essay topics, ones that will answer the essay question, if there is one, and provide the most room for you to highlight your best qualities and experiences;
  2. Compose the essay, transforming all your thoughts and ideas into words; and
  3. Embark on the editing and proofreading stage in which you'll clarify and clean up your writing so that it sparkles.

The resources below provide practical tips on each of these critical steps:

Writing Your Essays

  1. Essays that Stick, an on-demand webinar.
  2. From Example to Exemplary, a special report.
  3. 7 Signs an Experience Belongs in Your Application Essay, a video.
  4. How to Write a Med School Personal Statement that Captures Your Best Qualities
  5. Ten Tips to Get You Through the Application Season
  6. How to Get Started on Your Personal Statement with One Easy Technique
  7. 6 Tips for Getting Started on Your Application Essays
  8. The Miraculous 15-Minute ROUGH, ROUGH Draft
  9. First Drafts of Personal Statements: Let Yourself Go
  10. Writing a Catchy Opening Line
  11. Writing A Lead That Pops
  12. What Should I Write About? Making a Difference
  13. 5 Reasons Why Med Applicants Should Volunteer
  14. 4 Ways to Show How You’ll Contribute in the Future
  15. Athletic Appeal in Admissions
  16. The Common Thread
  17. Where’s the Poetry? The Secret Ingredient in Your Graduate Application Essays
  18. What is Passion in Admissions?
  19. How Personal is Too Personal
  20. 4 Application Strategy Tips: Stand Out AND Fit In
  21. 3 Tips for Showing Strengths in Your Application Essays
  22. Five Keys to Concreteness
  23. Why Use an Admissions Consultant?

Editing Your Essays

  1. 5 Fatal Flaws, a special report.
  2. Yikes! My Essay is Too Long
  3. Resourceful Essay Recycling
  4. How to Manage Word Limits and Deadlines
  5. Scale Back on Clichés
  6. Metaphors in Your Personal Statement or Application Essay
  7. Writing Techniques From a Pro
  8. Write Positive for Power and Clarity in Your Writing
  9. Generic-Itis Prevention
  10. A Six-Item Checklist before Hitting “Submit”
  11. Resilience: Moving On

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