You've been invited to interview at a top med school – congratulations! Now it's time for some serious medical school interview prep. If you thought all the hard work was over when you hit "Submit," then think again – the medical school admissions process continues….

Making a good impression via your AMCAS and secondary essays is only half the battle; now you need to wow the admissions board in person. And please don't think about winging it – even the most confident, charming applicants are going to need some medical school interview help. Use the resources below to help you prepare for your med school interview:

  1. How to Nail Your Med School Interviews, a free webinar
  2. 12 Tips for Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Success, a free webinar
  3. The Ultimate Guide to Medical School Interview Success, a free guide
  4. The Do’s And Don’ts Of Med School Interviews, a podcast episode
  5. A Dean's Perspective, a podcast episode
  6. Do I Really Need a Mock Admissions Interview?, a short video
  7. Typical Medical School Interview Questions
  8. The Medical School MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) Day
  9. What the Adcom Looks For During an MMI
  10. 3 Ways to Get in Shape for Your Multiple Mini Interview
  11. How to Ace the MMI Interview
  12. The Medical School Interview: General Preparation
  13. 3 Common Myths About Medical School Interviews
  14. What to do During Your Medical School Interview
  15. The 4 Most Surprising Things You Should Know About Interviewing
  16. The Art Of Interviewing---Are You A “Can” Or A “Cannot”?
  17. Preparing for Your Med School Interview Day
  18. How to Discuss Failure in a Medical School Interview
  19. Ask Away at Your Admissions Interview
  20. Post-Interview Advice for Med School Applicants
  21. Prepare for Interviews with Positive Imagery
  22. The Men’s Guide to Dress for Med School Interview Success
  23. The Woman’s Guide to Dress For Med School Interview Success
  24. What An Interviewer Looks For In Med School Candidates
  25. The Anatomy of a Thank You Email

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