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In this issue of Odds 'N Ends

In this issue of Odds 'N Ends

September 2013 | Volume 16 Issue 9

What's New at Accepted.com

New Updated Website and Features

Accepted.com has been upgraded!

Check out our sleeker, more mobile-friendly and easier to navigate site to find the info you’re looking for to get accepted.

We’ve made a lot of changes, but some qualities of Accepted.com are classic and timeless. These features will always remain

Enjoy your new browsing experiences and email onlinesupport@accepted.com with any feedback, suggestions, and comments. 

Why Does Your Essay Need to Fit through the Funnel?

Find out on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET, when you join us at our new webinar, The MBA Essay Editing Funnel.

In this presentation, Linda Abraham, founder of Accepted.com, will teach you how to critically examine the structure and details of your MBA essay so you’re left with a final product you’re proud to share with top b-school admissions committees.

Register now to reserve your spot for The MBA Essay Editing Funnel!

Polish Your Application Essays with this NEW Tool…

…It’s our newest special report, Maximize Your MBA Application: 5 Tips for Succinct Essays, a guide that will walk you through the numerous ways you can trim and chisel your way-too-long essay into the short, concise answer that the adcoms are looking for.

It may not be easy to squeeze all your brilliant experiences and ideas into a short answer, but we assure you, it can be done. The admissions readers want to be dazzled, not bored with a never-ending essay. Learn how to write a focused, persuasive MBA essay without hitting those word and character limits.

Download Maximize Your MBA Application: 5 Tips for Succinct Essays, the tool that will help you edit and polish your essays into a tight, complete little package! 

Is Stanford GSB Calling Your Name?

Learn how to get Stanford’s attention by following the comprehensive advice in Steer Your Way to a Stanford MBA, an on-demand webinar that we just posted to our site for anytime viewing.

The webinar aired live last month and was a huge success, so if you missed it or if you attended and would like to review, then you’ll want to tune in to the online recording for not-to-be-missed guidance on snagging that Stanford acceptance.

Don’t you want to make sure you’re approaching Stanford’s application properly? View Steer Your Way to a Stanford MBA now!

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Blog Posts Of Interest

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Admissions Tip
4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your LORs

You may be tempted to shrug off your letters of recommendation until the last minute, thinking (erroneously) that if the rest of your application is impressive, then a letter of rec won't really do much to influence the adcom readers.

Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t neglect your LORs:

  1. LORs affirm what you've already claimed about yourself in your essays. Adcom readers will more likely believe that you are an awesome candidate when they read about your qualifications from a third party.
  2. They leave room for discussion of additional accomplishments and skills. You may not have gotten a chance to talk about a certain element of your leadership experience in your essays. You can (and should) mention to your recommender that you'd like for him to elaborate on that.
  3. They offer a platform for combating a weakness in your profile. If you didn't score quite so high on the verbal section of the SAT/GRE/GMAT/LSAT/MCAT, you should find a recommender who will be able to talk up your verbal skills.
  4. A strong LOR can tip the scales in your favor if the adcoms are looking at two (or more) otherwise equally competitive applicants. Wouldn't you choose the applicant that's got a team of professionals vouching for her?

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Wrap Up

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