Consultant Profile: Michelle Stockman


About Me: Professional journalist, former Columbia Business School admissions insider, and experienced MBA admissions consultant.

My journey into admissions: After a grueling round of interviews, writing an essay on Milton that stood out from thousands of others, and networking lunches with alums and VIPs -- I’d done it – earned a full scholarship to a private university. I packed my bags and left my native New York State for the Rocky Mountains where I earned my BA in history at Brigham Young University.

I want to work with Michelle!

I went on to work in telecommunications and corporate training and eventually landed a job at the Columbia Business School Admissions office in New York. At CBS, I gained an inside perspective on the art and science of admissions while coordinating prospective student interviews and evaluating MBA hopefuls. Having read through stacks and stacks of applications and interview feedback forms, I learned what will make an admissions committee take notice—and what will not.

Risks taken: I applied what I learned to advance my own career. Friends who admired my writing and multimedia skills urged me to apply to Columbia’s journalism program, one of the most respected in the nation. For the second time in my life, a few essays and networking sessions proved the keys to an exciting future. I got in! But how to support myself while transitioning into such a risky business? I decided to combine my admissions experience with my composition skills to help others succeed as I had by joining Accepted in 2007.

Sweet rewards: As an admissions consultant I’ve coached dozens of applicants from all over the world to gain acceptance to top MBA programs like Columbia, Wharton, Chicago, Harvard, Cornell, NYU, Michigan, Northwestern, Dartmouth, Yale, UVa, and Georgetown. My clients and I work closely, translating their triumphs, their struggles, and the facts and figures from their lives into compelling narratives. My business experience helps me translate jargon into prose, and my experience abroad helps me translate across cultures from East to West. Often clients are surprised by what we uncover that makes them stand out from the pack. I love getting to know them and helping them achieve their goals, but the moment I love the best is that phone call or email to say, “I’m in!”

Paralleling my clients’ successes, I’ve kept up a steady clip as a journalist. I moved from freelance work in India and New York into a staff position at Agence France Presse in Washington. Next, I moved to Pakistan where I worked as CNN's correspondent on live television and wrote for Deutsche Welle. Currently, my family and I live in Germany, and I've returned to admission consulting. With work and relatives from California to New York to Berlin to Karachi -- I'm used to living across time zones!

The bottom line: As a journalist and an admissions consultant, I have both the insider knowledge of admissions and years of experience in shaping narratives that can propel you to the front of the pack. Put my perspective and experience to work for you.