Consultant Profile: Madeleine Wang

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I am a former banker and management consultant with MBA admissions committee experience at Wharton. That is a brief summary of my background, but I know how important it is to convey much more than the broad strokes of your resume in an MBA application. You should provide color and depth as to who you are, share what makes you unique and exceptional, articulate your goals and interest in the school with passion, and come across as personable. It can be tricky to do it all, and to do it eloquently and concisely. Let me help you put together a STELLAR application. 

I want to work with Madeleine!

I know what it feels like. I have had firsthand experience with the somewhat daunting task of applying to multiple business schools while working full time, and I know what it takes to get admitted into a top program. I graduated from Stanford with a BA in Economics, and received an MBA from Wharton as a Palmer Scholar.

In addition, I have had firsthand experience as an admissions committee member and as an admissions interviewer. While at Wharton, I was selected to work as a graduate assistant on the admissions committee, and in this role I reviewed hundreds of applications. Post-MBA, I served as an alumna interviewer for several years. I have gained insight into what top MBA programs are looking for as they build a class, what mistakes applicants make, and how you can stand out from the competition.

I also have deep experience in the business world. Over my 20+ year professional career, I have worked in finance and strategy roles at Morgan Stanley, Bear Stearns, McKinsey, Bain, Wells Fargo and Union Bank, both in the US and Asia, and in roles ranging from analyst through senior vice president. Along the way, I have had the opportunity to mentor many pre-MBA candidates. I would discuss business school options with them, advise on and help edit essays, write recommendation letters, conduct mock interviews and generally act as a coach and sounding board through the entire application process. I thoroughly enjoy helping candidates craft their unique stories, and am adept at drawing great essays out of professional and non-professional experiences. And no matter where you are in the process, I have found that it always helps to have a fresh set of eyes reviewing your essays, ideally highly experienced eyes.

Business school will be an enriching, rewarding and fun couple of years with lifelong benefits, and will be well worth the effort of completing the rigorous application process. It would be my pleasure to help you achieve your business school goals!