Consultant Profile: Dr. Rebecca Blustein


My love of the written word has taken me many places—from Russia, where I participated in a student journalism exchange program as editor of UCLA’s Jewish Student magazine, to Ireland, where I earned a Master’s degree in Irish literature. It also led me to Los Angeles (still a curious thing in my mind!), where I earned both my B.A. and Ph.D. at UCLA, studying English and Comparative Literature.

I want to work with Rebecca!

As a Student Affairs Officer at UCLA’s Scholarship Resource Center from 2004-2008, and at Accepted since then, I’ve seen what distinguishes successful applicants from the rest, and I’ve gained expertise in a number of areas:

- I have extensive experience working closely with Master’s and PhD applicants, helping them to articulate their research interests and goals.

My clients have been accepted—frequently with funding—at top PhD programs in fields ranging from the humanities to engineering, including: English; Comparative Lit; German; Psychology (including Clinical, Counseling, and Social Psych programs); Chemistry; Physics; Computer Science; Bioinformatics; Engineering (including chem, biomed, and other subfields); Business; and others. My clients have been accepted to Master’s programs in dozens of fields across all disciplines, from STEM fields, to the humanities, to professional fields, to the arts. A very brief sampling: Speech Therapy; Public Health; Computer Science; Engineering; Accounting; Religious Studies; English; Psychology; Media Studies; Biology; Education; Social Work; Public Policy. If you’re preparing for the Master’s or PhD application process, I would be happy to speak with you.

- I’ve worked with numerous medical and dental school applicants, assisting with application strategy, personal statements, and supporting documents.

- I enjoy strategizing with residency and fellowship applicants, helping them communicate their skills and the mature decision-making process that has led them to their specialty. In addition, I’ve gained understanding of the unique pressures facing international medical graduates as they navigate the residency match.

- I’ve helped hundreds of students craft winning applications for funding, for everything from university-based essay prizes and teaching assistantships to prestigious international awards such as the Fulbright. I’m also able to provide advice on how to identify funding opportunities.

I’ve worked with students whose primary distinction from other applicants is the depth of their commitment to a particular interest or cause; some whose life stories read like a Hollywood action script, filled with international intrigue and close shaves; and some whose stories would more closely resemble tragedies, were it not for the promise, optimism, and success of the determined individual sitting across the table from me.

I take pleasure in helping my students both strengthen their application essays and become stronger writers. My experiences at the Scholarship Center, teaching composition courses at UCLA, and working with applicants at Accepted have shown me that everyone has something to say, a story to tell, something significant to add to the conversation in his or her discipline.

As an admissions consultant and writing coach, I see my role as enabling applicants to voice that contribution as clearly and elegantly as possible. I look forward to working with you!