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Hello Dr. Ash,

I wanted to express my gratitude for our insightful Zoom meeting yesterday. It was incredibly helpful to discuss my educational goals and potential pathways with you.

I appreciate you taking the time to follow up with the school links and resources you mentioned during our conversation. Definitely going to check them out! 

Once again, thank you for your time, expertise, and support. I look forward to our continued collaboration as I work towards achieving my academic goals.
Hi Karin, I want to share this great news with you. My target dream school, NYU, accepted me to their Master's in Computer Science program. I am beyond happy. I want to thank you for that initial call we had and the tips you gave me on how to shortlist my schools!
I was accepted by all 4 programs to which I applied in environmental management and sustainable systems.  Your input on my essay was invaluable, and I would gladly recommend you to anyone who asks. I don't think I would've been nearly as competitive if I hadn't worked with you.
Thanks again for everything!
From our first meeting, I was impressed with Michelle's exceptional ability to listen and understand my personal story, which really helped in making my university application stand out.
First, she spent time understanding my personal story and what my goals were, providing a deep dive into the nuances that could make a difference. Second, she explained how the application process works and laid out a clear timeline that helped me stay on track, ensuring I managed every aspect of the complex application efficiently. And finally, when it came to writing the essays, she went beyond basic editing by helping me uncover unique aspects of my experience that I hadn’t thought to emphasize. Her insights were tailored specifically to my needs, making every piece of advice deeply relevant.

Thanks to Michelle, I was accepted into my top-choice university with a significant scholarship.
It's rare to find someone so committed and capable of providing advice that resonates on such a professional level.
Hi Natalie!
I hope you are doing well! I was just thinking about you so thought I would reach out. I wanted to thank you again for all of the support you provided me. I absolutely love USC and couldn't have chosen a better fit for college! It is such a great balance of strong academics and a fun social events! I know I wouldn't be here without your help, so thank you so much again for all of your assistance and guidance. 
Hope we can talk and catch up soon!
I got accepted to the University of Maryland! 
I finally got here! It took 21 applications over the course of 5 years and on the 21st one it finally happened. After being on the waitlist, the two people before me declined and I got in. I cannot believe my luck. I wrote to you before about how much I get along with the professor at UMD so I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. 
I am 100% satisfied and thrilled by this outcome. 

THANK YOU for helping me along this process. 

Esmeralda's support was instrumental in my EMBA application journey, especially given the challenging timeline. With a very busy schedule on my hands, I had limited time for preparation. Esmeralda's professionalism in refining my resume and structuring my essays, along with her clear guidelines and insightful understanding of business school admissions, were crucial. What makes her truly outstanding is her friendly demeanor and her ability to unearth the best in a candidate.

Initially, my application to UC Berkeley didn't go as planned, and I faced rejection. However, with Esmeralda's guidance, I was able to pivot and prepare a new application for Wharton. We worked intensively for just 10 days, a testament to her efficient and effective approach. The result? I got accepted into Wharton. Sharing this success is not just about my achievement but also a tribute to the exceptional coaching I received from Esmeralda.

Hope you're doing well! Just wanted to let you know that I got into Stanford's Masters in Music, Science, and Technology program! I'm super excited! Thank you so much for all the help and support you gave me in the process.
I am writing to share that I have recently committed to Vanderbilt University's Interdisciplinary Graduate Program (IGP) in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences.  I loved the time I spent at Vanderbilt while I visited, and I am extremely happy about their offer as someone applying straight from undergrad. Thank you so much again for all your help with my essays and interviews throughout the process.
I got into HBS!!!
It felt unreal when I saw the decision letter and I had all kinds of mixed emotions as I looked back on this long 14-month application journey. 
Thank you again for your guidance and support -  it was a pleasure working with you and I think you really helped me think more deeply and critically about my experiences.