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We bet you're thinking, "Well they sound good, but what do their clients say?" Do Accepted's consultants really improve client essays and boost their chances of acceptance?

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Christie St-John View Christie St-John's Bio

I just wanted to personally reach out and say that I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to connect with Dr. Christie St-John yesterday.

She has a phenomenal personality and she provided great insight into the overall MBA application process and mindset required to be successful from initial application to post matriculation.

I want to ensure you know I give her an 11 out of 10 for the outstanding consultation yesterday!

Esmeralda Cardenal View Esmeralda Cardenal's Bio

As most candidates would only submit their reviews for the consultants only if they are admitted to B- school, I want to write this review before I even get a decision from the schools I applied. I was a round 2 applicant for one of the M7 MBA programs earlier this month.

I have to say my profile would have been half as effective if it was not for Esmeralda Cardenal from Accepted.com. Like me, I am sure all of you had your own unique powerful story. But without proper guidance your story would not be presented through the right channels. This is where Esme comes in. She made an huge impact on how I presented my case through the application.

During the application process unexpected things come up, especially during a pandemic ~Personal obligations, work commitments etc. On such unfortunate circumstances Esme went above and beyond to help me, sometimes even on weekends and Holiday weekends.

I strongly recommend her to anyone who does not know where to start with the application process. Or if you need put your best profile forward to B-School.

Jennifer Bloom View Jennifer Bloom's Bio

Hi Jennifer, Happy 2021 to you! Hope you’re well. Just wanted to let you know I got an admit from INSEAD - thank you for helping me through what was a very tedious INSEAD application process!!

Really grateful for your help. I learned a lot about myself as well as I prepared for the application, which I am quite sure I wouldn’t have been able to secure an offer without your close support and guidance. A big thank you to you (:

Christe St-John View Christe St-John's Bio


Hope you are well.

Good news, I was accepted into Penn State’s part time program. Thanks for all your help

Christie St-John View Christie St-John's Bio

I’d like to thank you for all your efforts and time spent on helping my case, no doubt I wouldn’t be able to complete my applications with your guidance!

Esmeralda Cardenal View Esmeralda Cardenal's Bio

Esme - wanted to let you know that I submitted my application last night and your assistance made a huge difference over the course of the application process. I truly think my profile was elevated due to your guidance. I am aware that your clients typically send you a review 'only' if they are admitted, but in such a competitive MBA selection process, it undervalues the work you do to help clients. If there is a certain platform you would like me to submit a review, please let me know and I would love to tell future applicants the impact you had on my profile. I truly appreciate you going above and beyond to help me out. (even on weekends!)