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Hi Karin,

I had an interview [Ph.D] with UBC yesterday and just heard from Wharton today that I got an interview with them!!! I'm truly so shocked/nervous/excited ahha. And mostly so grateful for all your support and help!!
Hi Christine,
I just wanted to let you know I was admitted to Penn Law EDII. Thank you so much for all your help along the process.
I wanted to thank you so much for your help, support, guidance, and also for the mentoring on my MBA decision these past months. I think that I would have never archived this if I did not have your help and support, I cannot be thankful enough for all of it. Thank you so much Esmeralda! 

I would like to thank you again for your help, support and kindness. It has been a pleasure working with you. You have truly helped me get oriented in the process and I am sure, thanks to your help, the outcome will be positive. I have been lucky to be assigned your assistance! 

I worked with Esmeralda Cardenal on a couple MBA/MS applications. Having been rejected from a fellowship in the same year, I was worried that I would have the same fate in my graduate applications, so I decided to work with Accepted. Esmeralda was a great fit for me as I was interested in quantitative degrees, and she had a lot of experience. Not only did she help me focus on the most important parts of my story, but she knew which topics would resonate best with different audiences. In times when I was stuck with my writing, she respectfully pushed me to go deeper in my messages, helping me create a very clear and persuading story. This made me believe that she wanted what was best for me, not caring about having to spend a lot of time on my essays, and going back and forth with me more times than I had planned before we had an essay of excellent quality. I especially appreciated this since I had purchased a flat rate package (not charged hourly) and she could have stopped on a previous "good-enough" draft. I also had a mock interview with her, and her advice helped my personality shine through my interview. I believe my acceptance into the program of my dreams would not have been possible without Esmeralda's help. I highly recommend reaching out to Esme and the Accepted team! THANK YOU Esme!

Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for helping me so patiently in drafting all my essays, right till the very last minute! I honestly don't know who else would have helped me write 30+ drafts of the Stanford essay or agreed to edit my HBS essay 5 hours before the deadline!! Or anybody else who is so prompt in their next day turn around commitment. You are amazing!!! Because of you I was able to put my best foot forward - and for that I am extremely grateful.