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Michelle Stockman View Michelle Stockman's Bio
Michelle was very helpful and she brought in a lot of valuable feedback and insight throughout the process. Her comments were very precise in terms of what she expected and the areas that she wanted the applicant to dig in more. It was definitely great working with her.
Michelle Stockman View Michelle Stockman's Bio
Thanks for the edits. I went ahead and submitted the application.
I want to thank you for all the help and the valuable feedback and insight that you brought throughout the process. It has been a pleasure and it was definitely great working with you.
Esmeralda Cardenal View Esmeralda Cardenal's Bio
I wouldn't have been able to manage any of this without your constant support and guidance! I still can't believe it!
I can't stress enough how much I appreciate you replying to my last minute queries, keeping me focused through the application process and keeping me calm through the stressful rejections. Thank you so much for the extra hours you put in and the extra interview prep session to NYU. Through all of this, you have been the best counselor one could hope for and I know I wouldn't have been able to manage without you. Thank you so so much!

- Accepted to NYU Stern

Esmeralda Cardenal View Esmeralda Cardenal's Bio
I appreciate all the work Esmeralda put in to push me forward. It wouldn't have been possible without all her support.

- Accepted to New York Stern

Alicia Nimonkar View Alicia Nimonkar's Bio

Alicia was a huge help to me when I was applying to Physician Assistant programs. She helped me completely reconstruct my personal statement and made me standout from other applicants. She also helped me edit every experience box with a great formula that highlighted the significance of each experience. Alicia was very efficient, the turn around time was generally one day. I felt very confident that my application was well polished after her suggestions and revisions.

I got into my first choice PA program, and I have to thank Alicia for her help in getting me there! --- KF