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Words are short to express my gratitude for the guidance provided by Alicia throughout my application process for medical school. As I applied, we engaged in thought-provoking conversations and created outlines for my essays, which were helpful in organizing my thoughts. With the creation and implementation of detailed plans with set dates and goals, I was able to submit my primary and secondary applications in a timely manner, without feeling overwhelmed. We also held multiple mock interviews after which I received constructive feedback and tips/tricks to help with public speaking, that I will hold onto for the rest of my professional career.

She has not only provided words of encouragement, but has worked with me tirelessly throughout these months to help achieve my goal [accepted to medical school]. She has truly transformed the obstacle of applying to medical school into an opportunity for personal growth. It was an absolute honor working with Alicia and I will be forever grateful.  - Amanda

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When looking for help with my medical school application, I noticed Alicia has had consistent success with a ~90% acceptance rate, and as I worked with her, I began to see why. She was extremely helpful in developing my ideas and putting them into words. She is a talented writer with in-depth admissions knowledge and she helped bring my writing to the next level. In addition to helping with my application, she was supportive and encouraging throughout this long and stressful application cycle. I am very happy to have worked with Alicia and I am thrilled to enroll in medical school this summer.

- AJ

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Working with Alicia has been nothing short of pleasant. As a reapplicant with competitive stats, I was unsure to why I was not accepted and was beginning to consider off-shore schools. Unsure of where to go, I turned to Accepted to see if I could be helped. I agreed to work with Alicia with my primary and secondary applications. She was professional, punctual, objective, and considerate to my unique circumstances. I ended up receiving many interviews and, with that, multiple offers. I am thankful to have been accepted to my top choice Wayne State School of Medicine! I honestly do not think I could have done it without her guidance. I cannot recommend her more!

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Alicia helped me complete my application for medical school and I am so glad I reached out to her for help. Her editing skills are great and she knows how to make good writing even better. Thank you for your help in achieving my dreams of attending medical school and one day becoming a physician

Best,  Nathaniel

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As an applicant with a low GPA, I knew applying to medical school would be challenging. Alicia was absolutely instrumental in my success of obtaining 9 MD interviews and admission to my top choice. Alicia is very knowledgeable of the entire medical school application process. She was able to answer all of my questions throughout the entire process. As a California resident, I was nervous about not being competitive enough for California schools and out of state schools. However, with her help, I received interview invitations to the University of Southern California, UC Riverside, University of Cincinnati, Oregon Health; Science University, University of Iowa, Rush University, Eastern Virginia Medical School, New York Medical College and Wayne State. I will be attending my top choice medical school! I am so grateful that I had Alicia’s support during this process.

When I was looking into applying to postbaccalaureate programs, I bought Alicia’s book on Amazon. It was very helpful and from there, I knew I wanted to work with her. I worked with Alicia from the beginning of the application process and she helped me every step of the way from offering encouragement and support during my MCAT studying to providing insightful feedback on my personal statement and mock interviews.

I specifically wanted to work with Alicia because she has worked with students with similar academic and personal backgrounds as myself. I graduated college with a low science GPA and spent a few years completing informal postbaccalaureate coursework. Alicia helped me feel confident when explaining my grades when asked about them. She also helped me focus on my positive qualities and experiences, instead of dwelling on my poor grades. I appreciate her empathetic and positive attitude during such a stressful process. She was very understanding and went above and beyond by providing strategies on how to overcome nervousness before my interviews. I also felt well prepared going into all of my interviews because of her helpful feedback after mock interviews.

I definitely recommend Alicia to anyone looking to have a successful application cycle. She has experience working with students from all backgrounds and she knows everything there is to know about the medical school application process. She is very efficient with editing and providing overall and specific feedback. I 10/10 recommend Alicia!

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Alicia has been wonderful and I am so glad that I decided to use Accepted services. 

- Accepted to University of Cincinnati College of Medicine