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    Alicia has been very caring and attentive in helping me get into medical school. I could not have done it without her. She is a great spirit to work with.

    Working with Alicia was nothing short of amazing! Her professionalism, positive attitude, and extensive knowledge of the admissions process made her an absolute pleasure to work with! She was always ready to offer constructive feedback and words of encouragement during my application cycle to ensure I gained the self-confidence to succeed! Alicia knew how highlight my accomplishments at every stage of the admissions process which made me shine as an applicant! I’m proud to say Alicia helped me obtain multiple acceptances and an acceptance to my top program!

    I had an outstanding experience with Alicia. When I was deciding which consulting company to go with, Alicia easily stood out to me as the best in the business during our initial phone call. She helped me every step of the way, including my primary application and personal statement, secondary applications, and both traditional and MMI mock interviews. She took the time to get to know me as a person as well as a medical school candidate, and she helped me highlight the best aspects of my activities, personal story, and narrative for wanting to become a physician. She was honest, concise, and personable. Additionally, Alicia helped me improve my writing and interviewing skills, and these new tools have helped me not only get accepted to medical school, but I have also received interviews and job offers to every job I have applied for since working with her. After two previously unsuccessful application cycles, I was able to receive interviews at Wayne State, Wake Forest, University of Minnesota, Drexel University, and Rosalind-Franklin University within the first 3 months of the application cycle, and I was recently accepted at Wake Forest! In addition to Alicia helping me reach my ultimate goal of an acceptance, I am confident that the communication, writing, and interviewing skills I learned from her will last a lifetime. I would give my most unreserved recommendation of Alicia as a consultant to anyone. She is truly the best there is! - Jack

    Words are short to express my gratitude for the guidance provided by Alicia throughout my application process for medical school. As I applied, we engaged in thought-provoking conversations and created outlines for my essays, which were helpful in organizing my thoughts. With the creation and implementation of detailed plans with set dates and goals, I was able to submit my primary and secondary applications in a timely manner, without feeling overwhelmed. We also held multiple mock interviews after which I received constructive feedback and tips/tricks to help with public speaking, that I will hold onto for the rest of my professional career. She has not only provided words of encouragement, but has worked with me tirelessly throughout these months to help achieve my goal [accepted to medical school]. She has truly transformed the obstacle of applying to medical school into an opportunity for personal growth. It was an absolute honor working with Alicia and I will be forever grateful.

    - Amanda

    Without Alicia Nimonkar and her invaluable help, I am positive I would not have gotten into medical school. She was there to assist me in every step of the application process. Alicia was not only friendly, supportive and encouraging, but also brought out my creative side. When it came to my essays, Alicia asked thought provoking questions that guided me through the writing process. When prepping for interviews, Alicia gave awesome feedback regarding my replies to mock questions.

    I couldn’t have done it with you Alicia! Thank you!! 


    Alicia was an amazing advisor and tremendous help for my medical school application process. Her knowledge and skills are above par and she truly wants all her clients to succeed. She was very supportive and helped me discover my strengths and passion for medicine. I never thought I would be so happy and proud of my personal statement! I cannot thank Alicia enough for her help and guidance. I am accepted!

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