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"My experience working with Alicia was amazing! She was knowledgeable and guided me through all steps of the process. The turn around time for editing my secondaries was very short and allowed me to really push ahead in having my applications out earlier. Alicia's input for my essays was invaluable. I loved that she forced me to really brainstorm and structure my essays with my own ideas. Collaborating through Google Docs in real time made the process of writing the essays much more efficient and really allowed me to explore my full potential to send to schools. The interview prep was important because it opened my eyes to the types of questions that could be asked and really prepared me to respond to those questions in a way that would demonstrate my best qualities. I would highly recommend using Alicia for the application process!"

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I had a wonderful experience working with accepted.com and especially Alicia. I thank accepted.com for guiding me through the application process to Med-school.
 --Smita, Accepted to Louisville Medical School
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I was accepted to the University of Toledo this week [mid-October], which means next year I will definitely be attending medical school! I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my application, I feel like your edits and guidance really helped strengthen my application.

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Hi Alicia,

Just wanted to drop a note and say thanks again for all of your assistance. All of my interviews thus far have gone great!

And as of today, I was accepted to Kentucky!

I highly recommend your services.

- Accepted to Kentucky

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It is one of the best decisions I made. After editing my essay a million times, I was not giving life to my story or explaining how or why I wanted to be a dentist. With my consultant, Alicia, she helped me focus on the details needed to explain all the relevant points required and my final draft looked exactly how I wanted it to be, a perfect one! You can never go wrong by choosing accepted.com.
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Alicia was a excellent editor; she was able to bring my personal statement to the next level. She was very kind, encouraging, and I would recommend her to family members and close friends for help with their personal statements.