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I want to work with Alicia!
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I don't know if you remember me, but I am a student who you helped prepare for medical school interviews. I wanted to let you know that I was accepted into 9 medical schools in total, and that I am currently deciding between Yale, Northwestern, Mt. Sinai, NYU and UNC.

I feel so very grateful for all the help you have given me. Just having a chance to practice helped me an incredible amount. I was so nervous at the beginning of interview season and practicing with you really helped me get my nerves out of the way and really just focus on saying what I wanted to say. I will definitely let other people I know who are applying to medical school know how awesome your advice was.

Thank you!
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I had a great experience working with Alicia! Her guidance helped me navigate smoothly through the medical school application process. Even for some difficult to answer secondary application questions, I did not struggle. Her tips for interview preparation were awesome! 


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I hope all is well. It's been too long and I just wanted to update you on my med school application process. I'm extremely happy to tell you that I was accepted at three schools and decided to attend Northwestern University. I interviewed at all three schools back in October and was very surprised to hear back within two weeks of being there. Now comes the challenging part of finding a place to live in Chicago.

In addition, I wanted to thank you for your guidance and advice during this whole application process. You were so positive and encouraging that I never doubted I would be in the position I am today. I really appreciate your understanding and hard work. Thank you so much!

Best regards,
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It was wonderful working with you as well and you have been an inspiration and so helpful in more ways than you know. -- Aaron
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Alicia was an amazing advisor and tremendous help for my medical school application process. Her knowledge and skills are above par and she truly wants all her clients to succeed. She was very supportive and helped me discover my strengths and passion for medicine. I never thought I would be so happy and proud of my personal statement! I cannot thank Alicia enough for her help and guidance. I am accepted!

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Without Alicia Nimonkar and her invaluable help, I am positive I would not have gotten into medical school. She was there to assist me in every step of the application process. Alicia was not only friendly, supportive and encouraging, but also brought out my creative side. When it came to my essays, Alicia asked thought provoking questions that guided me through the writing process. When prepping for interviews, Alicia gave awesome feedback regarding my replies to mock questions.

I couldn’t have done it with you Alicia! Thank you!!