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    I worked with Barry on my application to a Post Bacc program. As a result of his guidance and hard work, I am currently in the program of my choosing and well on my way to applying to becoming a non traditional medical school applicant! As a “career changer”, the prospect of entering the medical field is intimidating and unfamiliar. I have no family or friends that work in medicine. The daunting application process certainly doesn’t help. Barry served as an invaluable resource for me. He was able to demystify what post bacc programs appreciate in their applicants and identify what attributes made me competitive. He is also an excellent writer which was SO HELPFUL. I gave him about 5 pages worth of nonsense stream of consciousness which he somehow managed to magically turn it into a concise (yet compelling) personal statement. I am extremely grateful that I took the leap and made the investment as I know I would not have been in this program if it weren’t for him.

    Barry is compassionate, insightful, diligent, and just generally a very pleasant person. You will love him! And the difference he will make to your application, and ultimately your future, is priceless. - Anna

    Working with Dr. Rothman was instrumental to my success during my PhD interviews. We began to work together with limited time, just a few days before my interviews were scheduled, and Dr. Rothman was very flexible in working around my tight timeline. I also began the process low on confidence and high on anxiety: The pandemic had cut short my research experience, which anyone applying to PhD programs knows is typically the most important element of your application.

    Dr. Rothman is not only highly knowledgeable about the application process in general but is also himself a trained biomedical researcher. He knew exactly what kinds of questions I was likely to be asked, and his scientific background allowed him to probe expertly into my research interests.

    During our first meeting, he was able to quickly identify where my preparation was lacking, and which areas my interviewers were likely to focus on. He pushed me to better understand the broader narratives and goals of the projects I was involved in rather than simply my individual role within those projects. He also reminded me to always slow down and breathe!

    With Dr. Rothman’s help, I had just enough time to complete my preparation and I entered my interviews calm and confident. I was admitted to my top choice PhD program.

    I contacted Accepted looking specifically for essay help. I knew that I was capable of writing an essay, but
    I would have focused it on my dedication to the program and the work that I have done to get to this point
    in my life. I would have come across as a one-dimensional person that may have been ready for graduate
    school but didn’t have much else to offer the program.

    Accepted matched me with an Accepted mentor, Dr. Barry Rothman, who was in the same field that I was
    applying to. Barry was able to ask directed questions to help me discover my own well-roundedness and
    helped me craft essays that reflected my non-program related interests. Barry’s experience allowed him
    to reveal information about me that was weaved into my essays without coming across as jarring or

    During the writing process, Barry’s comments and edits were not Barry inserting his own voice into my
    work but instead they were a guiding hand that allowed me to see where I could improve my own work.
    These comments and edits were suggestions that I could take or not take, since it was my own work, and
    I controlled the final outcome. I was accepted into the one PhD program to which I had applied.
    Barry and the Accepted team were very responsive and friendly. Barry truly cared about my success and I
    think that I made a friend along the way.

    Hello Barry, I hope you are doing well! I wanted to let you know .... I was accepted to UCLA, USC, UOP, and OHSU [dental schools].  I have been very torn between deciding on a school, as those were all my top choices....Thank you for all your help, I truly couldn't have done it without you.

    Hi Barry,

    I got accepted to NYU dental! Still waiting on XXX, but got my first acceptance!

    I wanted to take the time to thank you for all of your help, guidance and support. I know I was kind of an “under dog” but together we put together a solid application and made it happen! I cannot thank you enough. I would love to schedule some time to just meet and thank you over zoom if you ever get time.

    I’m still in shock. I wasn’t expecting to hear back for a while but i am so excited!

    Hi Barry,
    I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how my interview at Penn went last Friday. I felt very confident coming out of it and received strong, positive feedback from my interviewers.
    Your advice ... was very helpful and I think a big reason why my faculty interview went so well.
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