What Do Barry's Clients Say About Him?

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    Just wanted to share the great news with you that I was accepted to Iowa! I am beyond happy and could not have made it this far without your support. 
    I began working with Dr. Barry Rothman after my unsuccessful first attempt at applying to medical school. Unsure how to best strengthen my case before re-applying, I had an initial call with Dr. Rothman, where he already began giving me targeted feedback on my past application. Through Zoom calls where he asked about my background, motivation for going into medicine, and goals, he gave me tailored advice that would help me grow not only as an applicant, but also a person. Over the past two years, he has helped me select a new clinical job and volunteer position, advised me about the best graduate courses to take, and patiently fielded my questions through Zoom and e-mail. We crafted a list of schools I would apply to, refined multiple drafts of my application and personal statement, and practiced various styles of interviewing. (For example, an admissions counselor recently said I "blew my interview out of the water" - in a good way! Thank you so much for all of the thoughtful practice sessions throughout our preparation.) Above all, Dr. Rothman challenged me to think about who I was, the world around me, and what kind of impact I want to leave behind. I will always be grateful for the personalized, comprehensive guidance Dr. Rothman provided. He was truly committed to my success and well-being, and I am so glad we had the chance to work together before my journey to medical school began. I highly recommend Dr. Rothman for those who want to put their best foot forward under the guidance of a patient, thorough, and kind advisor!
    I am very excited to say that I got accepted into Indiana University's School of Dentistry recently! I want to thank you again for the help and advice that you have given me.
    I read through your edits, and I really like them! Thank you so much for helping me reduce the word count to meet the requirements for my manuscript.
    Dr. Rothman was very helpful in my application process for a masters program and I appreciate it greatly. He was able to walk me through all the steps in a patient and easy to understand way. I needed the most help with my statement of purpose and research abstract and I definitely felt like I could not have written them without Dr. Rothman's help. Even though organic chemistry was not his area of expertise, he was still able to understand my writing and help me improve the written portions. I also really appreciated the prewriting questionnaire he sent, as it was a great way for me to organize my thoughts and essay. Some other parts that he helped with were deciding on programs and asking for recommendation letters. Overall, I Dr. Rothman provided an invaluable amount of help and resources in this process and I would not have gotten to where I am without him. 
    I highly recommend Dr. Rothman!  I got accepted into an AuD program at the school of my choice, thanks to his help!
    As an English learner,  I struggled and was overwhelmed with my essays.  Dr. Rothman took the time to know my background, my culture, my hearing loss and helped me convey these in my essays.  As a result, my essays came out clear, concise, and reader-friendly.  He also assisted me with my resume, advising me on what should be included to make it more polished and professional.
    From the very bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Dr. Rothman!!
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