What Do Barry's Clients Say About Him?

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    It’s been a long journey Barry, but I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done. I’m happy to announce that I received my first MD acceptance to Central Michigan!!!! We’ll still wait and see if anything happens with XYZ Med School. Thank you again for all your hard work. I wouldn’t have been able to picture myself in this moment without your help.
    Barry's support and guidance in my MPH application process has been invaluable for several reasons. As a corporate professional for many years, I have been away from the academics context for a long time, and Barry helped me understand what the admissions committee might be looking for, and how my materials such as Resume should look like. Given I had done my previous degrees outside the United States, it was also extremely useful to get Barry's thoughts and advice on how academic institutions and their review process might be. Barry's advice around all this gave me tremendous confidence that I was not shooting the dark without context.
    I also appreciate Barry's style of reviewing my preparation. He was subtle at dropping hints to improve my essays and actually making grammatical changes to the sentences without actually changing the entire story or intention I wanted to convey. He also offered advice around extracurriculars and additional experiences that might increase my chances of acceptance at the schools.
    Overall, Barry's support and review gave me the confidence that I was putting my best application forward. In the end, that also secured me acceptances from the majority of the top schools I was targeting, including the Ivy-leagues.
    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know this insanely good news! Thanks again for all of your guidance and mentoring throughout the process. It's been a stressful time, but I can't wait for this next step in my career. I owe this to you, thank you so very much, Barry!  -- Accepted to PhD programs at UCI, USC, AND UCSC

    The medical school application process is long and arduous. However, the expert advice given by Dr. Rothman helped make the experience not only more manageable but also enjoyable. Barry is a true professional and was eager to help me throughout my medical school application journey, as well as accommodate and assuage my mother’s fears about the process. His emailed responses were delivered quickly and he was forthright in his advice to me as a client, which I appreciated very much. He was engaged, thorough in his assistance, and very knowledgeable about the application process.

    As a veteran admissions advisor, Barry knows the pitfalls that many students experience as they navigate the medical school admissions process. His steady guidance was invaluable to me, and I am pleased to say today that I have gained entrance into an excellent medical school. I would give my highest recommendation to Dr. Barry Rothman to assist any applicant to medical school and hope that he will continue his services for many more years! Thank you, Barry!

    When I decided to apply to Ph.D. programs in Biology, I felt lost about how to best complete my applications. I struggled with understanding how to be the best applicant I could and increase my competitiveness. When I figured I might need assistance, I did some google searching and found out about Accepted. While searching their website, I was especially drawn to their services when I came across Dr. Rothman's strong experience and excellent reviews. As a Biology Ph.D. applicant, help from a Biology Ph.D. Professor seemed most appropriate. 
    After reaching out to Dr. Rothman, I was able to have a consultation and discuss my options. Dr. Rothman's confidence and calm nature encouraged me to proceed with purchasing a Ph.D. package for two applications. The package consisted of exactly what was written on the website. The services included in the package were exceptionally helpful in my application process. Furthermore, Dr. Rothman's friendliness, sincere understanding of my family background, and easy availability made him a breeze to work with. Dr. Rothman's help in crafting my writing samples for my applications has been strongly appreciated as it allowed me to easily transition from not knowing where to begin to confidently submit my applications. 
    Dr. Rothman has always been easily accessible in times of worry or searches for advice. When I was able to land an interview at one of the Ph.D. programs, I quickly reached out to Dr. Rothman. Dr. Rothman strongly prepared me within two sessions and made me a confident interviewee.
    I am truly happy I made my decision to work with Dr. Rothman on my applications! 

    I can’t say enough good things about working with Dr. Rothman and Accepted. I was apprehensive about the process of having someone work with me on my application, but with Dr. Rothman’s gentle guidance and critiques, I felt at ease. After my first round of applications, I was then accepted to my top nursing school choice. 

    My deadline for this application had been moved up three months, and I was completely stuck on a few of the essay questions. With only two weeks to go, I was concerned that I had waited too long to ask for help. However, Dr. Rothman’s expertise on pre-nursing programs, the application cycle, and necessary nursing school candidate qualities were crucial. He provided prompts to help spark ideas and looked over my application, noting things I should add to clarify or make my points stronger. His turnaround time with edits and pointers was incredibly fast, especially when he informed me he was technically on vacation but was still working with me early in the mornings. When I told him I was accepted to my top choice, he booked a free Zoom session to congratulate me. Don’t hesitate! Book a session with Dr. Rothman.

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