Barry's clients have been accepted to:

    Medical Schools

    Alabama College of Osteo Med (ACOM)

    Chicago Medical at Rosalind Franklin

    Creighton Univ School of Medicine

    Geisinger Commonwealth SOM


    Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine

    Kent State University

    Midwestern Univ

    New York Univ College of Dentistry

    New York Medical College

    Ohio State Univ

    Oregon Health and Science (Dental)

    Philadelphia College of Osteo Medicine

    Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

    Salus University - Optometry

    SUNY Downstate

    Tex College of Osteo Medicine (TCOM)

    UCLA Dental

    Univ of Arizona

    Univ of Central Florida COM

    Univ of Colorado

    Univ of Illinois

    Univ of Kentucky

    Univ of Miami (Miller)

    Univ of Pacific (Dental)

    Univ of Vermont

    Univ of Washington

    USC Dental

    Virginia Commonwealth University

    Virginia Tech Carilion SOM

    Washington State Univ

    Western Univ of Health Sciences

    Grad Schools

    Boston Univ, MS Bioengineering

    Boston Univ, PhD BME

    Bryn Mawr. Post-bacc med

    Case Western, MS Applied Anatomy

    Colorado Univ, DNP

    Columbia Univ

    Columbia Univ, MA Biotech

    Columbia Univ, MS Direct Entry NP

    Columbia Univ, PhD Molec Bio

    Cornell Univ College of Veterinary Medicine

    Drexel Univ, DPMS

    Drexel Univ, MCPHS-Worcester

    Drexel Univ, MSN

    Duke, PhD BME

    Duke,Women’s Health Nurse Prac (MSN)

    Georgetown, MS, Clinical Nurse Leader

    George Washington, MS Bioinformatics

    Goucher, Post-bacc med


    Harvard, MPH

    Johns Hopkins, MPH

    Johns Hopkins, PhD BME

    Johns Hopkins, PostBac

    Lake Erie (LECOM) Pharm

    Long Island University (LIU), Psy.D.

    Loyola Univ, MAMS

    New York Univ

    New York Univ, MS Bioengineering

    New York Univ, MS Bioinformatics

    Northeastern Univ, MS Bioinformatics

    Nova Scotia University, MPH

    Ohio State, MS FST

    Oxford, MSc

    Polytechnique de Montreal, MS Chem Engineering

    SFSU MS in Biology

    St. John's Univ, MS Physician Assistant

    SUNY Downstate, PhD in Public Health


    Temple, Post-Bacc

    UC Berkeley, PhD

    UC Davis

    UC Irvine, PhD BME



    UCSD, Post-bacc med

    UCSF, PhD Biology

    Univ of Illinois, MS Med Biotech

    Univ of Miami

    Univ of Michigan

    Univ of Michigan, MPH

    Univ of North Carolina, MPH

    Univ of Pennsylvania, DNP

    Univ of Pennsylvania, PostBac

    Univ of South Carolina

    Univ of Southern California

    Univ of Texas

    Univ of Washington

    Univ of Washington, MS Nutrition

    Univ of Washington, PhD

    Vanderbilt Univ, PMHNP

    Western Univ, MS PAS

    Client Feedback

    I decided to apply to graduate school from a fairly non-traditional background. I had limited research experience, and had pursued seemingly disparate professional endeavors after college. I was nervous about constructing a narrative for my graduate school applications. Dr. Rothman,  through phone calls and Skype interviews, got to know me as a person. He guided my writing process in a way that allowed me to write an effective personal statement that still felt like my own story. He helped me translate my experiences into a linear and coherent story. Barry is approachable, detailed, and quick to respond. He instilled in me the confidence I needed to successfully apply to graduate school. I am going to one of my top two programs and I couldn’t be more excited!

    - Accepted to Columbia University PhD program

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