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I want to work with Carol!
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I want to start by giving an overall review of Carol. She was instrumental in my PA schools applications. She went so far above and beyond to provide me with support during both of my application processes. I hired Carol to edit my essays, but she did so much more than that. She called the programs to which I was applying to obtain more information and save me from seeming like an annoyance to them, she had several lengthy phone conversations with me to discuss my progress, and she made me feel like I was her only client when I know she had many others. On top of that, Carol is hilarious and I loved conversing with her. I did not get accepted to PA after applying for the first time, but that was due to my low GPA, not because of my application. After this cycle of rejection, Carol spent an extensive amount of time coaching me on what I could improve upon, for which I am forever grateful. She taught me so many tips and tricks about the application process that I never would have known had I not sought Accepted's help. Carol enlightened me about so many nuances of my application and of the application process as a whole. Because of Carol's guidance, I was truly proud of the applications I submitted.

On a macro level, Carol's editing is superb. Her cogent advice and her extensive knowledge of the healthcare (med, PA, nursing school) admissions processes lent themselves greatly to my essays. She knew what aspects of my background I should highlight and taught me how to paint a positive light on the less-than-stellar aspects of my application. I would rate her a 10/10. On a micro level, her editing helped me immensely. My writing has a tendency to be verbose and unclear, and Carol helped me to be more concise and to the point. When it comes to cutting down the character count of an essay she is a wizard! Her micro editing was also a 10/10.

The service I have received from Accepted has been exceptional. I would rate it a 10/10 for sure! There were only a few times when Carol was not able to keep to the 2 day turn around commitment, but in those instances she would always communicate with me and let me know when she expected to have it completed.

Carol's ability to give constructive criticism is quite possibly her strongest attribute. She was able to tell me exactly what was wrong without sugar-coating it and I greatly appreciated that. She is direct, yet still polite and considerate, not to mention she has a great sense of humor! She provided support, made her self available for questions or concerns at nearly all hours of the day and evening, and never stopped giving words of encouragement.

The only aspect of Carol/Accepted's service that has room for improvement would be the 2 day turnaround. Carol almost always abided by the 2 day turnaround, but there were a handful of times when it took longer.

On a scale of 0-10 I would absolutely rate Accepted a 10. I have and will continue to recommend Accepted and Carol to people.

- Later Accepted to PA programs at Rosalind Franklin and Nova Southeastern University

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Her editing was great, that was the area I needed the most help with and her edits and suggestions helped me perfect my statement. I had a jumble of words on paper, and she helped me turn it into something I felt confident in submitting.

Carol helped me more than I thought she would. I really appreciate her help. She helped me get admitted to the program.
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I really enjoyed working with my consultant [Carol Drummer] and think she did a great job! As a result of this I have been accepted at Carnegie Mellon University (Master in Information Systems Management - BI and Analytics at Heinz College).

Hope this information helps. Once again, I am very convinced my consultant did help me in forming a convincing story.

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My son was accepted to Cal Poly. We believe the letter you helped him compile was instrumental in this acceptance.

We are celebrating!!!!

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I am beyond thrilled to be in their starting clinical psychology PsyD class. I do not see how I could have possibly enjoyed the success I had without your help. I had the best programs in the US vying for my attention. I know that your help with the SOP put me over the top. Thank you again.
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Dear Ms. Abraham,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Carol for her assistance. Last year, I applied to 6 psychology PhD programs and received no interviews. I came across accepted.com, and decided to investigate. Frankly, I was skeptical. I have multiple degrees and I had never before needed help with my personal statement. I was also reluctant to spend the money - it seemed like a lot. Nevertheless, I decided to plunge forward with accepted.com. I thought of it as an investment - I was spending hundreds of dollars to apply to graduate school, so this seemed like a ridiculous place to draw a financial line. Words cannot express how thankful I am that I made that decision. This year, I applied to 6 PsyD programs and 1 PhD program. I have had 5 PsyD interviews and my PhD interview is next month. I have been offered admittance to two PsyD programs, one of which is one of my very top choices. I am waiting to hear from my other top PsyD choice, with the PhD program in the mix. I have not received decisions from the other schools, but I do not care because my other choices are the best of the best. The difference between last year's and this year's results is simply accepted.com and, particularly, Carol. Her help and guidance with my SOP can not be overestimated. At every school, at least one interviewer has mentioned the strength of my SOP. I am exactly the same candidate I was last year, but my dream schools are interested in me now. I am absolutely over the moon. This was, without a doubt, the best money I could have spent. I am so glad I found accepted.com, and I am so glad that you put me in touch with Carol. Thank you both for EVERYTHING.