Carol's clients have been accepted to:


    Grad Schools

    Antioch University, MS Clinical Psych

    Arizona State

    Baylor, PsyD

    Boston College, MSW

    Boston University

    Boston University, MSCI

    Carnegie Mellon, MSIS

    Case Western Reserve University

    Claremont, MA I-O Psychology

    Columbia Univ

    Columbia Univ, MPH

    Columbia Univ, MSW

    Columbia Univ Teacher's College, PhD Behavioral Nutrition

    Dartmouth College, MPH

    Eastern Washington University

    Elmhurst Univ, MA I-O Psychology

    Fordham Univ, MSW

    George Washington, MPH

    Harvard University, Design Engineering

    Hofstra Univ, MA I-O Psychology

    Imperial College London

    Johns Hopkins

    Lincoln Memorial Univ Dr. of OT


    New York Univ

    New York Univ, Interactive Telecom Program

    New York Univ, MSW

    New York Univ, MS Nutrition&Dietetics

    Northwestern, MA Counseling Online

    Northwestern, SLP.D

    Nova Southeastern

    Nova Southeastern, Physician Assistant

    Palo Alto Univ, PhD Clinical Psy

    Rhode Island School of Design, Digital + Media

    Rice Univ

    Rosalind Franklin, Physician Assistant


    Samuel Merritt Univ

    Southern Methodist Univ (SMU)

    St. Louis University

    Tulane Univ, MSW

    Tufts, MS Nutrition + Didactic Dietetics

    UC Berkeley

    UC Santa Barabara

    Univ of Alabama, MS OT

    Univ of Cumberlands, PA

    Univ of Delaware

    Univ of Houston

    Univ of Kansas

    Univ of Michigan

    Univ of New Haven, MA I-O Psychology

    Univ of Pennsylvania M.Ed.

    Univ of San Francisco

    Univ of Southern Mississippi

    Univ of Virginia

    Univ of Washington, MSW

    UT Austin, PhD SW

    Vanderbilt Univ M.Ed.

    Whitworth University

    Yeshiva Univ, MPH


    Cal Poly

    Client Feedback

    I greatly appreciate Ms. Carol's support and dedication even in such a rushed circumstance. And I'm happy to share with you the good news that with her help, I have recently got accepted to the school I applied to!

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