MBA Chat — November 6, 2000

MBA Chat — November 6, 2000

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Chat Transcript:
MIT MBA Admissions Chat with Rod Garcia, Jon McLaughlin, and Brian Zabin

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:01:04 PM)
First I want to welcome you all to's MIT admissions chat.

PaulBodine@accepted (ID=49) (Nov 6, 2000 10:01:07 PM)
Hello everyone!

a2m (ID=48) (Nov 6, 2000 10:01:08 PM)
Hi, Paul

a2m (ID=48) (Nov 6, 2000 10:01:15 PM)
Hi, Linda

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:01:15 PM)
I also want to welcome Rod Garcia, Director of MBA Admissions, Jon McLaughlin, a member of the admissions committee, and Brian Zabin, second year student and head of the Sloan Ambassadors program. And last but not least, I want to welcome Paul Bodine and Cindy Tokumitsu, two of's editors.

ilovemit (ID=46) (Nov 6, 2000 10:01:19 PM)
Hi Paul

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:01:26 PM)
Thanks to everyone for joining.

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:01:32 PM)
Hello and welcome everyone.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:01:40 PM)
We encourage dialogue and discussion, but I would like to suggest a structure to make it easier to follow the threads of conversation. So here is the protocol:

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:01:48 PM)
We will post material to the chat. If you have a question on that material, please type a '?' and then your question. I and/or other participants will reply. If one of you wants to comment on the current topic, please jump right in. If you want to start a different topic, please type '?'.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:01:56 PM)
Final request: We would like to avoid the brief summary of qualifications (or even the long laundry list) followed by the question, "Can I qualify?" Or "What are my chances?" This isn't the forum for that kind of analysis.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:02:03 PM)
Other than that limitation, this is your chance to ask questions about Sloan's program and admissions policies. But I would like to take advantage of my position as host and ask the first questions.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:02:16 PM)
Once an application is complete, how is it processed? How many people review it? What is the role and importance of essays and interviews in the process relative to GPA and GMAT?

boderek (ID=50) (Nov 6, 2000 10:02:33 PM)
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cv (ID=51) (Nov 6, 2000 10:02:47 PM)
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Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:03:20 PM)
The application is reviewed by three people, a first and second reader and often an interviewer.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:04:02 PM)
Could you comment on the importance of GPA/GMAT versus essays, interviews?

mitwannabe (ID=52) (Nov 6, 2000 10:04:14 PM)
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Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:04:23 PM)
Essays and interviews are critical, remember that everyone out there has great scores, grades and experiences. What counts after a certain point is the way of presenting that experience.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:04:38 PM)
The next question is for all of you starting with Brian. If you were to choose 3 attributes you would like to see in Sloan students, what would they be?

a2m (ID=48) (Nov 6, 2000 10:05:03 PM)
? I notice that in the cover letter, Admin office give detail on how to write it. Should I follow that?

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:05:18 PM)
Can you hold your questions for a few minutes?

a2m (ID=48) (Nov 6, 2000 10:05:24 PM)

cv (ID=51) (Nov 6, 2000 10:05:35 PM)
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cv (ID=51) (Nov 6, 2000 10:05:35 PM)
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Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:05:41 PM)
Thanks, but you can go first when we start taking questions from the floor. :-)

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:06:14 PM)
Brian, are you there?

lamkityin (ID=35) (Nov 6, 2000 10:06:18 PM)
? which takes more weight , GPA/GMAT?

Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 10:06:36 PM)
Leadership, play well with others (we are very team focused), desire to make an impact

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:06:37 PM)
Let's hold questions for just a couple of minutes, OK?

lamkityin (ID=35) (Nov 6, 2000 10:06:48 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:06:50 PM)
Jon, what would you say?

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:08:15 PM)
we actually did an in house survey of the staff on this question. the most popular words were entrepreneurial, friendly and enthusiastic. I'd add to that that a sense of relish for the experience is key — we want people who challenge you and make you enjoy it.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:08:18 PM)
Rod, and you?

magic (ID=53) (Nov 6, 2000 10:08:30 PM)
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magic (ID=53) (Nov 6, 2000 10:09:09 PM)

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:09:17 PM)
I have actually talked this over with Brian and Jon this evening and three things came out of that conversation. In brief, the qualities that we want in our students are self driven, passionate, and hungry.

magic (ID=53) (Nov 6, 2000 10:09:17 PM)
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magic (ID=53) (Nov 6, 2000 10:09:17 PM)
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Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:09:25 PM)
Is Sloan lowering the work experience requirement? If so, what kind of experience does MIT want to see?

magic (ID=53) (Nov 6, 2000 10:10:36 PM)
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magic (ID=53) (Nov 6, 2000 10:10:36 PM)
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Al (ID=54) (Nov 6, 2000 10:11:22 PM)
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Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:11:24 PM)
We do not have minimum work experience requirement. But we do value the strengths gained through work experience.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:11:34 PM)
Older applicants (>30) sometimes feel that they have a harder time getting accepted. What can the 30+ crowd do to increase their chances of admission?

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:12:20 PM)
Actually older or more experienced applicants comprised nearly a quarter of our class.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:12:39 PM)
So I guess MIT is "older friendly."

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:12:48 PM)
How are re-applicants evaluated? Are they at a disadvantage? Advantage? Will the previous app also be considered, especially if the applicant applied more than two years earlier?

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:13:40 PM)
To follow that — the key for any applicant with considerable experience is to answer the question "why now" and specifically, "why us". Applicants who are considering an mba to help a career switch — and these applicants tend to be more experienced — need to ask this carefully.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:13:53 PM)
Thank you.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:13:56 PM)
Brian, I understand that you came to MIT from the Marine Corps. I could ask you how it compares, but I won't. ;-) What advice can you give service people who want to go from the military to b-school? to MIT?

cho11 (ID=55) (Nov 6, 2000 10:14:14 PM)
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mark (ID=56) (Nov 6, 2000 10:15:38 PM)
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Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:15:40 PM)
I like to look at the applicant's previous file to see the development — but not everyone here agrees!

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:15:51 PM)
Regarding re-applicants, we review them with a clean slate. The reason why we require re-applicants to submit their materials during the first round is we do not want space to be an issue when reviewing files again.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:15:57 PM)
Are re-applicants at an advantage or disadvantage?

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:16:10 PM)
It seems neutral.

magic (ID=57) (Nov 6, 2000 10:16:42 PM)
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Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 10:16:57 PM)
I think the key to having a great experience at business school (which I have) is to understand how your skills can impact the school's community, while also understanding how the skills and experiences of your classmates can impact your own development. Military experience is a wonderful precursor to business school, it develops leadership and communications skill.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:17:46 PM)
It's your turn now. Please post your questions by typing a "?" and the question. a2m and lamkityin, please post your questions.

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:17:58 PM)
I think most admissions officers would agree, with the caveat that you need to demonstrate understanding of different environs.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:18:20 PM)
The military would help that, especially if combined with some civilian experience.

Fortes (ID=40) (Nov 6, 2000 10:18:22 PM)
?Building upon the re-applicant issue? Would applicants that were previously waitlisted be looked at any differently?

lamkityin (ID=35) (Nov 6, 2000 10:18:49 PM)
? which weighs more, GPA/GMAT?

ilovemit (ID=46) (Nov 6, 2000 10:18:56 PM)
?I'm a re-app. Is cover letter the only place I can show my progress since last application? You know, the other 2 essay questions are optional.

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:19:34 PM)
Let me answer Fortes first. Give me a minute or two to type my response.

lamkityin (ID=35) (Nov 6, 2000 10:19:36 PM)
?could CFA and CPA qualifications offset low GPA?

eltuti (ID=36) (Nov 6, 2000 10:19:37 PM)
?The relationship between essays+interview VS GPA/GMAT was not clear to me.

a2m (ID=48) (Nov 6, 2000 10:19:42 PM)
? I notice that Admin give instruction on how to write cover letter. Should we follow exactly ?

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:19:49 PM)
Let's hold the questions for a minute.

cnbright (ID=37) (Nov 6, 2000 10:20:41 PM)
? What is the percentage of accepted last year who falls in age between 30 - 35? Do you have loose criteria on their GMAT?

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:20:48 PM)
As with all re-applicants, we will take a close look at them and give them every consideration. If space is the only issue, we will most definitely favor the re-applicant whether they were waitlisted or not.

magic (ID=57) (Nov 6, 2000 10:21:41 PM)
I am a re-applicant. How much attention shall be paid to my previous application as opposed to my new application?

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:21:49 PM)
Lamkityin: both GPA and GMAT are viewed equally. Both of them comprise half of our decision.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:21:49 PM)
lamkityin asked about the relative weight of the GPA/GMAT and if a CFA or CPA could offset a low GPA.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:21:59 PM)

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:22:03 PM)
ilovemit — any time you have an opportunity to redo an essay I would do it. It can't hurt, and it should be informed by your extra experience and — hopefully — insight.

boderek (ID=50) (Nov 6, 2000 10:22:20 PM)
? In addition to the focused tracks, does Sloan still allow students to design their own programs?

sequoia3 (ID=43) (Nov 6, 2000 10:22:43 PM)
? Re: employment history: If an employment departure was marked by a termination that was not a primary (or secondary) cause of the departure — i.e., it merely coincided with a departure/resignation already in process — must one mention termination as a/the reason for leaving?

How negative is the impact of something like that if disclosed? Could it torpedo an otherwise outstanding application?

lamkityin (ID=35) (Nov 6, 2000 10:23:13 PM)
?CFA and CPA qualifications can't offset a low gpa, right?

a2m (ID=48) (Nov 6, 2000 10:23:18 PM)
If I apply for the first round, approximately when should I get an invitation for interview if I am luck enough?

magic (ID=57) (Nov 6, 2000 10:23:30 PM)
? How do you look at a great GPA (3.9) from a college that you have probably not heard of?

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:23:31 PM)
let's hold the questions for a minute.

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:23:34 PM)
Lamkityin: give me a minute to compose my thoughts.

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:23:45 PM)
eltuti — academics form 1/2 the criteria, and essays, interviews form the other half.

Dong Lin (ID=58) (Nov 6, 2000 10:24:11 PM)
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Al (ID=54) (Nov 6, 2000 10:24:32 PM)
What are the positives and negatives about MIT's e-biz track? How has it been received thus far? What are recruiters saying about it?

Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 10:24:46 PM)
Great question boderek — Sloan students can choose not to pick a specific track and can enter the "self-managed track". About 25% of students end up in self managed tracks.

cho11 (ID=55) (Nov 6, 2000 10:24:52 PM)
?is there gonna be a negative impact for int' student to use the polish up service like For ex. their essays look terrific but the awa(gmat) look terrible.

Dwayne_Kennemore (ID=44) (Nov 6, 2000 10:24:53 PM)
Jon, if academics are 50% and essays and interviews are the other 50%, what role do references play?

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:25:16 PM)
Lamkityin: your CFA or CPA will be taken into consideration but undergraduate academics still play a part in the admissions process.

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:25:39 PM)
sequoia — tough to answer that honestly, I think you need to be clear with yourself why the ending, and be prepared to defend it. It will all depend how you make your case.

lamkityin (ID=35) (Nov 6, 2000 10:25:56 PM)
?in your words, GPA lower than 3 will not be accepted, right?

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:26:22 PM)
cho11 — the negative impact would be from the terrible gmat.

lamkityin (ID=35) (Nov 6, 2000 10:26:26 PM)
(This user is now known as debbielam)

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:26:39 PM)
a2m: interviews for the first round will most likely take place during the end of January and beginning of February.

magic (ID=57) (Nov 6, 2000 10:27:10 PM)
How do you look at a great GPA from a no-name school?

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:27:27 PM)
Dwayne K — good point. should have included references in there and they are important, but we don't look at them as stand alones since now we are at several stages of subjectivity.

a2m (ID=48) (Nov 6, 2000 10:27:30 PM)
A lot of people apply for b-school with graduate degree. Is graduate degree an advantage or disadvantage (applicant might be older with graduate degree)?

cho11 (ID=55) (Nov 6, 2000 10:27:36 PM)
?if during that period, I'm not in the States. What should I do?

cnbright (ID=37) (Nov 6, 2000 10:27:38 PM)
? How do you define the job category who is working as financial advisor ( both internal and external clients) in an industry company? a consulting company or an industry?

Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 10:27:49 PM)
On tracks — I currently serve on one of the student steering committee members for the SMAC (Strategic Management and Consulting) Track: the requirements for tracks are limited and leave plenty of room for various classes. Think of tracks more as academic and practice interest and experience groups rather than majors.

cv (ID=51) (Nov 6, 2000 10:28:31 PM)
What is the criteria for an interview invitation?

Vitriol (ID=39) (Nov 6, 2000 10:28:43 PM)
? How do you evaluate academic results from foreigners, for whom there may not be GPA or even ranking sometimes, just grades?

boderek (ID=50) (Nov 6, 2000 10:28:44 PM)
Thanks, Brian. Another academic question for you - ? How would you describe the grading system at Sloan? (e.g. Forced curve, etc.)

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:29:07 PM)
Magic: A good GPA from an unknown school will not hurt you.

cho11 (ID=55) (Nov 6, 2000 10:29:13 PM)
?if we don't get invited interview... is it a negative sign?

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:29:31 PM)
Al asked about the e-biz track. Could one of you comment on how it has been received by students and recruiters?

Fortes (ID=40) (Nov 6, 2000 10:29:33 PM)
On an older applicant (32) would a average scores GMAT 670 and GPA 3.1 (a lot stronger in major) be looked at critically or would strong work experience and recommenders be looked at more since it's more recent?

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:29:44 PM)
Let's hold the questions one minute.

Al (ID=54) (Nov 6, 2000 10:30:14 PM)
Thanks Linda

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:30:26 PM)
You're welcome.

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:30:41 PM)
cho11: We'll have more details about interviews when you submit your application.

eltuti (ID=59) (Nov 6, 2000 10:30:53 PM)
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debbielam (ID=35) (Nov 6, 2000 10:30:57 PM)
?any benchmark for GPA, say 3?

Dong Lin (ID=58) (Nov 6, 2000 10:31:13 PM)
what is percentage of student who are currently enrolled in the e-biz program?

Dwayne_Kennemore (ID=44) (Nov 6, 2000 10:31:37 PM)
?I attended the MIT On The Road alumni meeting this weekend in Chicago, and saw truly great things going on at the Institute — including Professor Epstein's dime-sized jet engine! I see enormous potential for interdisciplinary studies at Sloan (i.e., for students who may be interested in marketing such a product). Are such avenues currently open to the Sloan students?

cnbright (ID=37) (Nov 6, 2000 10:31:39 PM)
? How do you evaluate the academic strength of a school in Asia when you calculate the GPA? Do you look into the official ranking by that country? What if there is no ranking available?

Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 10:31:46 PM)
a2m — unofficial student view — as a student, I think that various backgrounds really do make the student body more interesting. That said, the key thing to think through is why Sloan, why now. I think a solid answer to this question will really help you (and schools) make decisions during this process.

cv (ID=51) (Nov 6, 2000 10:32:08 PM)
With the recent downturn in the ipo ,market and .coms are you seeing lesser interest in e-biz track?

sachin (ID=60) (Nov 6, 2000 10:32:10 PM)
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magic (ID=57) (Nov 6, 2000 10:32:17 PM)
Rod, I did my undergrad from outside the country. Do you have an international office which ranks the schools?

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:32:29 PM)
cv — to get an interview you need to be in the mix of people we are considering admitting. In other words, we use the interview as both a final screen and to answer any doubts that arise from the app — and we do read the file beforehand.

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:32:45 PM)
Vitriol: we have in-house experts who are familiar with foreign education system. I myself was trained and educated abroad and have lived in Europe, Far East and North America.

Vitriol (ID=39) (Nov 6, 2000 10:32:58 PM)
Thanks Rod

magic (ID=57) (Nov 6, 2000 10:33:47 PM)
So Jon, does that mean if you are not interviewed, you are out of luck?

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:33:56 PM)
Magic: we are familiar with the best schools abroad since the best students apply to us.

Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 10:34:06 PM)
boderek — you'll here this at most schools, and for the most part I think it is true. Grading is not very hard at any business school. B's are easy to get, C's and A's are much harder. Grades won't effect your future much, but what you learn and how you develop will. Very few recruiting companies ask about grades.

Aki (ID=41) (Nov 6, 2000 10:34:10 PM)
? Your websites states that an additional essay for re-applicants is not required. Is there REALLY ever a time that you would recommend a re-applicant not write any essays?

eltuti (ID=59) (Nov 6, 2000 10:34:11 PM)
?On the NPVD track. How biased is towards ebusiness. Overlaps with ecommerce track

cv (ID=51) (Nov 6, 2000 10:34:20 PM)
Thanks Jon

magic (ID=57) (Nov 6, 2000 10:34:47 PM)
thanks Rod

boderek (ID=50) (Nov 6, 2000 10:34:50 PM)
Thanks, Brian.

Vitriol (ID=39) (Nov 6, 2000 10:34:58 PM)
? Does the school reveal GPA or grades to potential employers?

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:35:06 PM)
Dong Lin asked about the % of students in the e-biz track.

cnbright (ID=37) (Nov 6, 2000 10:35:10 PM)
? Question of the average GPA of MIT published by Businessweek, do you only include U.S. students? Or those of the international students included?

Dong Lin (ID=58) (Nov 6, 2000 10:35:16 PM)
thanks linda.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:35:22 PM)
you're welcome.

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:35:40 PM)
magic — probably, but maybe not--we wait list people and we also occasionally hold decisions until later. We don't like to but it is not unheard of.

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:35:46 PM)
Dwayne: Brian Zabin will respond to your question in a few minutes.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:35:55 PM)
It's a good one.

sequoia3 (ID=43) (Nov 6, 2000 10:36:16 PM)
Jon McL (and/or Rod): are you saying that the "ancillary termination" MUST be disclosed, and that how it is defended will determine the degree to which it affects an application? Or simply that one should be prepared to defend the departure whether "it" is disclosed or not? In the former case, is being "young and stupid" adequate explanation?

ilovemit (ID=46) (Nov 6, 2000 10:36:16 PM)
?Could you give any advice about the way to write a cover letter? Should we exactly follow the instructions?

magic (ID=57) (Nov 6, 2000 10:36:22 PM)
Aki, I think Jon mentioned that you should redo your essays whenever you can. Correct me if I am wrong, Jon.

Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 10:36:33 PM)
cv — this is an issue the students speak about a lot. The ebusiness track remains very popular, because I think it is well grounded in strong theory (not magazine article strategy). That said, there is a new spin on entrepreneurship at business schools — just as with VCs, people are now starting to look at the real drivers and potential of startups and the new economy.

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:36:55 PM)
cnbright: the published GPA is only for graduates of U.S. institutions since we do not require international graduates to report their GPA.

Vitriol (ID=39) (Nov 6, 2000 10:37:15 PM)
? With the risk of being controversial: what quotas do u use for your classroom mix? nationalities, background, work exp, etc. (I'm sure your answer is going to start with "We don t use any quotas.." :-)

cnbright (ID=37) (Nov 6, 2000 10:37:18 PM)
? Thanks, Rod.

cv (ID=51) (Nov 6, 2000 10:37:28 PM)
Thanks Brian!!

sachin (ID=60) (Nov 6, 2000 10:38:16 PM)
Which management track would be most suitable for me if I am considering a VC career right out of school?

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:38:33 PM)
sequia3 — I've heard worse. But I think this is not the kind of question I can effectively address without specifics, and this is not the forum to introduce them.

cho11 (ID=55) (Nov 6, 2000 10:38:37 PM)
? is there any difference between men and women applicants For example, concern about aging for women

Fortes (ID=40) (Nov 6, 2000 10:38:38 PM)
?Would students from regions outside of MASS be at an advantage in order to add diversity?

sequoia3 (ID=43) (Nov 6, 2000 10:38:58 PM)
Fair enough — thanks anyway.

magic (ID=57) (Nov 6, 2000 10:39:17 PM)
? Can you comment on how you would approach the first essay question. Should we focus on innovation, or should the essay be divided equally among global, innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology?

Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 10:39:24 PM)
Dwayne — there is a lot of interaction between Sloan and the MIT community at large. For instance many of the 50K companies comprise business school students and engineering / science students at MIT. We also have a great connection with the MediaLab. I think being part of MIT is a unique aspect of Sloan.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:39:40 PM)
Could you address Vitriol's question about percentage goals for different profiles, otherwise known as quotas?

Vitriol (ID=39) (Nov 6, 2000 10:39:53 PM)
thanks Linda

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:40:15 PM)
seq3 — no problem

cv (ID=51) (Nov 6, 2000 10:40:43 PM)
What kind of MIT community support is available for a "mom" student?

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:40:48 PM)
cho11 — absolutely not

a2m (ID=48) (Nov 6, 2000 10:40:59 PM)
?Actually I want to ask whether [you] prefer admitting female applicant? It seems to me that recently top b-schools try to recruit more female students. I notice the percentage of female admitted is at least 2 times higher than male applicants.

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:41:07 PM)
Vitriol: You're absolutely right to assume that we do not use quotas. What are your concerns about nationalities, background or work experience?

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:41:20 PM)
Rod is writing his response now.

cnbright (ID=37) (Nov 6, 2000 10:41:21 PM)
? Which industry shall I be categorized: consulting or industry — I am working on a financial services company under a manufacturing corp.? We serve both company client and third party client.

gmatbrat (ID=61) (Nov 6, 2000 10:41:59 PM)
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Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 10:42:13 PM)
eltuti — the question about NPVD is a common one. NPVD is not the ebusiness track. Obviously ebusiness is a key topic in business these days, but the NPVD track focuses on many other issues in innovation and new ventures.

boderek (ID=50) (Nov 6, 2000 10:43:12 PM)
? The application has a very open-ended description of the supplemental information section. Is this different from other school's additional information where you address academic shortcomings, special circumstances, etc. What do you suggest to include in this section?

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:43:59 PM)
a2m — we do actively recruit underrepresented populations, but all applicants go through the same process. There is a myth out there that great applicants lose spots to underrepresented groups, this is not true.

Dwayne_Kennemore (ID=44) (Nov 6, 2000 10:44:09 PM)
?One Sloan student I spoke with mentioned a new Financial Technology track. Now, I'm familiar from my own research about Dr. Lo's Financial Engineering Lab, but I've not read anything about Financial TECHNOLOGY. What is the difference?

ilovemit (ID=46) (Nov 6, 2000 10:45:00 PM)
?Is essay #2(understanding of "innovation") basically the same as #3(how you managed a change)? Isn't "innovation" about "change"?

eltuti (ID=62) (Nov 6, 2000 10:45:37 PM)
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a2m (ID=48) (Nov 6, 2000 10:45:40 PM)
Thanks Jon. But I am just talking about the statistical data published by Business Week.

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:45:43 PM)
cnbright: it doesn't matter which industry you check. We use it for reporting and not for admissions purposes.

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:45:57 PM)
bodererek — good question, and we know its hard to figure out what we mean. We want to give you a forum to cover anything you feel would help you, but did not fit in to the format of the ap; so I guess we encourage you to use it.

Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 10:46:10 PM)
cv — I am a "dad" student for a very active 3 year old. I can honestly say that families are welcome and involved at Sloan. There are many programs for families: SOS (Spouses of Sloan) and kids programs that periodically hold events. As an aside, having a family makes Sloan more enjoyable because it helps you keep everything (grades, recruiting, stress, etc) in perspective. This applies to any activity actually.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:46:19 PM)
In case some of you don't have the questions memorized, here they are:

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:46:22 PM)
Question 1: The goal of the Sloan MBA Program is to prepare graduates to be effective and innovative leaders in the global economy. As technology, innovation, globalization, and entrepreneurial opportunity become more important, managers need to understand how to develop new management models and methods and to make them work. Explain how the MIT Sloan MBA Program's focus on innovation will help you achieve your career goals. Question 2: Describe a situation where you introduced and/or managed change in an organization. Tell us how you influenced others in an organization (business, school, extracurricular activity) and comment on the professional and/or personal attributes you used to do that and how these attributes (and others) might be important to the attainment of your career goals. How do you expect the Sloan School to further the development of these attributes?

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:46:37 PM)
a2m — what does the data say about us?

cv (ID=51) (Nov 6, 2000 10:46:55 PM)
Thank you Brian

cnbright (ID=37) (Nov 6, 2000 10:47:25 PM)
? Thanks, Rod. But in your knowledge, which industry shall I click?

boderek (ID=50) (Nov 6, 2000 10:47:29 PM)
Thanks, Jon. I guess it's really an open forum for that question. I would imagine brevity is still important though, right?

cho11 (ID=55) (Nov 6, 2000 10:48:05 PM)
?do we require to submit the supplement information or just encourage?

eltuti (ID=62) (Nov 6, 2000 10:48:19 PM)
Sorry I cannot see the answers to my questions. I was forced out. Were they answered?

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:48:24 PM)
Dwayne and ilovemit: Brian will respond to your questions.

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:48:33 PM)
boderek — well put

macky (ID=63) (Nov 6, 2000 10:48:41 PM)
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boderek (ID=50) (Nov 6, 2000 10:48:53 PM)
? Rod & Jon — Can you talk about some of the unique programs at Sloan? (MIT Sloan Challenge, MIT 50K Entrepreneurship Competition, project TEAM initiative.) How do you think these programs reflect the culture of the school?

Vitriol (ID=39) (Nov 6, 2000 10:48:55 PM)
?ROD: what I mean about quotas is that even though you say you don't have any, there must be a time when you have to balance certain types of profiles. I am sure a huge number of applicants for instance are Asian or Indians, come from consulting, investment banking, etc. How do you factor that in?

magic (ID=57) (Nov 6, 2000 10:49:42 PM)
Rod, are there some specific things that you would like to see in the cover letter?

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:49:44 PM)
cho11 — it is not required, and we do think our format covers a lot, so you are not at a disadvantage if you don't use it. We want you to use the section if it helps you, just don't pad.

cnbright (ID=37) (Nov 6, 2000 10:49:48 PM)
? Brian, do you belong to the > 30 group?

Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 10:49:50 PM)
Dwayne — I have not heard anything about that, but please feel free to email me at with your email, and I will try to find out from some of my friends in the Financial Engineering Track.

cho11 (ID=55) (Nov 6, 2000 10:50:10 PM)
?I really have no time to visit school in fall... Is it ok to do it in Spring? Do I have a chance to drop by and talk with adcom or everyone is busy review applications?

a2m (ID=48) (Nov 6, 2000 10:50:35 PM)
It says NA. Other top schools, wharton-31%; Kellogg-31%; Duke-35%; all above the average acceptance rate. It makes me feel unfair.

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:51:28 PM)
cnbright: your industry is manufacturing and your job function is finance. I believe our application asks for the industry.

ping (ID=64) (Nov 6, 2000 10:51:56 PM)
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Vitriol (ID=39) (Nov 6, 2000 10:51:59 PM)
? I read on your website: "MIT and Harvard students also have reciprocal cross-registration privileges which include Harvard Business School, the Kennedy School of Government, and other graduate schools." What does that mean exactly? Do you have exchange classes with HBS and other grad schools around?

Fortes (ID=40) (Nov 6, 2000 10:52:40 PM)
?When looking at how one's GMAT/GPA will be considered, is it best feel that if you fall in the schools 80% middle range you will not be looked down upon. i.e., if you are in the middle 80, you will be seriously considered and then the other factors will be looked at or is it a situation where if you fall in the lower side of the middle 80, say a 670 you are already working an up hill battle?

Dwayne_Kennemore (ID=44) (Nov 6, 2000 10:52:45 PM)
Good question, Vitriol. I've often wondered about the MIT-Harvard connection myself.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:53:05 PM)
boderek asked about Sloan's special programs and how they reflect the school's culture. Could you comment?

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:53:31 PM)
a2m — averages are what you end up with, they don't describe the process. I think it is as fair as we can possibly make it.

eltuti (ID=62) (Nov 6, 2000 10:54:02 PM)

aki (ID=65) (Nov 6, 2000 10:54:03 PM)
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cnbright (ID=37) (Nov 6, 2000 10:54:04 PM)
? Which has a better chance to be admitted: an international vs. U.S. who belongs to the 30 - 35 group? Considering other criteria equal?

cv (ID=51) (Nov 6, 2000 10:54:07 PM)
?Rod: What is one thing that makes MIT standout among the top 10 b-schools?

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:54:09 PM)
Hi again.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:54:12 PM)
Did you get booted off?

Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 10:54:14 PM)
ilovemit — you hit on a key academic discussion. There is a distinct relationship between innovation and change. I think the innovation (in technology, process) etc is a force that transforms businesses and industries, but people must manage and lead the changes associated with those innovations.

eltuti (ID=62) (Nov 6, 2000 10:55:09 PM)
I am getting booted off very often.

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:55:11 PM)
Vitriol: A high proportion of our students are also Asians and Indians coming from consulting, investment banking, etc.

ilovemit (ID=46) (Nov 6, 2000 10:55:52 PM)
Brian, thank you very much. I think it's well said.

cho11 (ID=55) (Nov 6, 2000 10:56:01 PM)
?does another master degree make any different in the adcom's view

Vitriol (ID=39) (Nov 6, 2000 10:56:07 PM)
Thanks Rod

Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 10:56:39 PM)
cnbright — I do not fall in the over 30 group, but quite honestly, the over 30 group is not a distinct student segment. You do not stand out one way or the other based on age.

hirony (ID=66) (Nov 6, 2000 10:57:05 PM)
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Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 10:57:06 PM)
Vitriol and Dwayne: I'll have an answer for you in a minute about Harvard-MIT.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:57:06 PM)
I'm sorry about the sudden departures. You might want to call Digichat at (352)333-3160 and ask what you can do.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 10:57:22 PM)
It might be something with your system.

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 10:57:32 PM)
fortes — I'm not sure the numbers are exactly right, but your general idea is accurate. Keep in mind we are talking about 1/2 the criteria here, so other strengths can bring up a weakness. The converse is also true, people with 720s and 3.9s get rejected at top schools all the time.

Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 10:57:52 PM)
ilovemit — thanks for the compliment, but I can't take full credit, I took a great class on innovation last semester with Professor Eric Von Hippel.

cnbright (ID=37) (Nov 6, 2000 10:58:13 PM)
? Thanks, Brian. By saying " Not a distinct student segment", you mean there are fewer students above 30?

roark (ID=67) (Nov 6, 2000 10:59:01 PM)
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eltuti (ID=62) (Nov 6, 2000 11:00:36 PM)

Fortes (ID=40) (Nov 6, 2000 11:00:37 PM)
To Linda or anyone with an opinion:? When one reads in business week how female applicants and underrepresented minority acceptance rates are almost twice the average at some schools, how does the school justify this? I understand that schools go out and try to encourage both groups to apply and I feel this is a great thing. However on the basis of fairness shouldn't one's qualifications be the only consideration once someone has applied? Isn't is prejudice anytime you are choosing one group over another based on something beside the qualifications? Maybe I'm just missing something. Business week did not list a breakdown of the admitted students in each category for MIT, but I would be interested in the general opinion on the subject.

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 11:00:57 PM)
cv: what makes us stand out? We're part of MIT and are proud of it. We're selective but we take risks. And we have a great community of students, faculty and administrators. You should come and see for yourself.

Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 11:01:03 PM)
cnbright — sorry I was not clear. The 7 years of experience and above comprises 25% of our student body, my point was that students are recognized by their interests, experiences, and ideas — age does not affect people's perceptions of you.

cv (ID=51) (Nov 6, 2000 11:01:48 PM)
?With MIT's emphasis in technology will a technology background add any value to the class?

cnbright (ID=37) (Nov 6, 2000 11:02:02 PM)
? Thanks a lot, Brian. That helps a lot.

cv (ID=51) (Nov 6, 2000 11:02:36 PM)
Thanks Rod!!

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 11:02:45 PM)
fortes — Without addressing the broader challenge of your question — we do not lose good applicants because of preconceived notions.

ilovemit (ID=46) (Nov 6, 2000 11:02:46 PM)
I was about to ask cv's question — technology.

aki (ID=65) (Nov 6, 2000 11:02:52 PM)
I agree with rod. I met a lot of alum at an "evening with Sloan" and everybody is really excited about MIT. The chances MIT takes and the personal atmosphere at Sloan.

cho11 (ID=55) (Nov 6, 2000 11:03:01 PM)
?Sloan is very well-known about academic focus/ theory etc.

Cindy tokumitsu (ID=47) (Nov 6, 2000 11:03:04 PM)
Brian, Rod, Jon — thanks for an enlightening chat! Good luck to all the participants!

cho11 (ID=55) (Nov 6, 2000 11:03:18 PM)
How about other skills i.e., communication skills?

Fortes (ID=40) (Nov 6, 2000 11:03:42 PM)
Jon-are you saying a 670 would not be considered lower side? Sorry. Just want some clarification... thanks!!!

boderek (ID=50) (Nov 6, 2000 11:03:55 PM)
Fortes: I think your comment can be said for many things that involve a selection process; jobs, college, MBA, scholarships, etc. It's a tough question, just look at the politics with affirmative action.

eltuti (ID=62) (Nov 6, 2000 11:03:57 PM)
Fortes — That is a huge discussion... interested on that

Dwayne_Kennemore (ID=44) (Nov 6, 2000 11:04:28 PM)
Fortes, in my view (and I can only speak for myself), there is a disagreement in the academic community re what constitutes "qualifications" for admission. Everybody knows that the GMAT is not an intelligence test, nor are grades. Life experiences and challenges — which are more or less unquantifiable — must be mixed into the admission calculus; that is why admissions people will without equivocation tell you, "There is no magic admissions formula."  Just my opinion.

cnbright (ID=37) (Nov 6, 2000 11:04:47 PM)
? Who has a better chance : an international applicant over 30 vs. a U.S. applicant, other criteria are equal? Do you have fewer applicants ( I mean applicants) who are between 30 -35?

Vitriol (ID=39) (Nov 6, 2000 11:05:20 PM)
? Are you still working on the question about the MIT-HBS relationship?

Al (ID=54) (Nov 6, 2000 11:05:22 PM)
Hey Fortes...diversity is a qualification in and of itself. Who wants to got to a school that is not reflective of our diverse landscape. The world is getting smaller... only the diverse will survive.

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 11:05:29 PM)
fortes — 670 is a good score, but your gpa will influence how much weight that has. Is it a 670 with a 2.9 or a 670 with a 3.8?

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 11:05:57 PM)
Only those able to handle diversity will survive.

boderek (ID=50) (Nov 6, 2000 11:06:27 PM)
Linda: Very well said.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 11:06:27 PM)
Which is probably why the schools seek diverse qualifications and student bodies.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 11:06:44 PM)

cv (ID=51) (Nov 6, 2000 11:06:44 PM)
Fortes: The diversity and perspectives that female students bring to the class/school are significant.

Vitriol (ID=39) (Nov 6, 2000 11:06:46 PM)
Diverse is just a question of viewpoint.

Al (ID=54) (Nov 6, 2000 11:06:50 PM)
Yes, that is what I meant to say.. thanks again Linda!

Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 11:06:59 PM)
cv — MIT as a community definitely emphasizes technology (that is a great advantage of Sloan), but by no means does that mean that those with or without technology backgrounds don't add value. On technology, straight tech skills are valuable, but we more focus on the business and transformational impact of technology. In these discussions all backgrounds provide interesting input.

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 11:07:30 PM)
cnbright — this question belies the importance of the essays/interview/recs. I can honestly say there is not enough info now to answer.

boderek (ID=50) (Nov 6, 2000 11:07:42 PM)
? Brian — At one point, admission requires an undergraduate education with calculus and economic theory. I haven't seen this anywhere this year, but I've read that it used to be a requirement. Any comments?

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 11:07:43 PM)
This has been a great chat (from my perspective) but it is 11:00 PM in Boston, and I think we need to end at 11:15 PM Eastern Time.

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 11:08:00 PM)
Before we sign off, all of us at Sloan wish everyone the best of luck this year. If there are any questions that are unanswered or if there is anything that is bothering you, feel free to send me an e-mail at Please keep your questions from one — to two sentences.

Vitriol (ID=39) (Nov 6, 2000 11:08:04 PM)
? how does the school foster exchanges and interactions between biz school students and science majors (CS, math, etc.)?

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 11:08:07 PM)
Perhaps Rod, we can do this again? In the meantime, we can go on for a few minutes.

PaulBodine@accepted (ID=49) (Nov 6, 2000 11:08:35 PM)
Three cheers for the MIT admissions team ...

eltuti (ID=68) (Nov 6, 2000 11:08:35 PM)
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Vitriol (ID=39) (Nov 6, 2000 11:08:55 PM)
Thanks a bunch for your time and [responsiveness]!

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 11:08:55 PM)
Linda: I'd be happy to do this again with the help of Brian and Jon. We'll stick around for a few minutes.

Al (ID=54) (Nov 6, 2000 11:09:05 PM)
Thanks all.. for a great chat!

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 11:09:09 PM)
Brian is still tacking the Harvard MIT relationship.

sequoia3 (ID=43) (Nov 6, 2000 11:09:09 PM)
Rod (and/or Jon), is email (to you) an appropriate venue for the type of question I posed here? Thanks again.

cnbright (ID=37) (Nov 6, 2000 11:09:10 PM)
? Do you have statistics for the applicants categorized by age group? Actually I am looking for a school that offers diversity but it also is a catch 22. In fairness shouldn't it be more reflective of the applicant pool? You are right and I would not want to go to a school that only offers people of a similar background or interest. However diversity should be addressed by getting all groups to apply, not by using a different bar to measure different groups. That is no better than giving favoritism to a majority. There is nothing racist or sexist meant in my post. I am just asking if it is ever right to judge people differently?

Dong Lin (ID=58) (Nov 6, 2000 11:09:13 PM)
Thanks Rod, John and Brian.

Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 11:09:24 PM)
Vitriol — Students at MIT and Harvard can bid for classes at the other institutions. These classes count toward your credit requirement.

eltuti (ID=68) (Nov 6, 2000 11:09:28 PM)
Thanks for your time MIT ad.

Vitriol (ID=39) (Nov 6, 2000 11:09:48 PM)
Thanks, Brian.

Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 11:09:56 PM)
cho 11 — your answer is coming in a minute.

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 11:10:08 PM)
Fortes: I appreciate your questions and I hope we were able to address some of your concerns.

Fortes (ID=40) (Nov 6, 2000 11:10:13 PM)
Jon it is a 670 with a 3.1 cumulative. A 3.85 in last two years and a 2.5 in some early community college work.

magic (ID=57) (Nov 6, 2000 11:10:16 PM)
? Rod, can you please comment on the cover letter, especially for the re-applicants Also, where else in the application can we talk about the changes in the last one year?

Fortes (ID=40) (Nov 6, 2000 11:10:32 PM)
You were and thank you for your time!

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 11:10:47 PM)
boderek — there is no absolute calc and econ requirement although we have to be satisfied as to your quant ability, and we have a pre-term as a refresher. Applicants have often supplemented an undergrad ed weak in quant with a post school course.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 11:11:24 PM)
One last question.

Dwayne_Kennemore (ID=44) (Nov 6, 2000 11:11:25 PM)
Yes, thanks! I know you are all very busy and it is thoughtful for you to have taken some of your personal time to spend answering our questions.

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 11:11:52 PM)
Magic: the cover letter is your one opportunity to sell yourself to the committee. Put all of your arguments here. Although I do not recommend submitting a three-page cover letter, do not let space limitation compromise your ideas. Remember, communicate your passion, drive and hunger.

Vitriol (ID=39) (Nov 6, 2000 11:11:56 PM)
? How is the food at the cafeteria? (just kidding!)

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 11:12:16 PM)
Vitriol: after 12 years at MIT, it tastes awful.

Vitriol (ID=39) (Nov 6, 2000 11:12:23 PM)

cnbright (ID=37) (Nov 6, 2000 11:12:32 PM)
? Do you have the statistics categorized by age regarding the applicants last year?

cho11 (ID=55) (Nov 6, 2000 11:12:48 PM)
I' waiting Brian 8 )

magic (ID=57) (Nov 6, 2000 11:13:06 PM)
Thanks, Rod.

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 11:13:21 PM)
cnbright: we have stats on experience but not age. Remember it is illegal to discriminate on the basis on age, gender, etc.

Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 11:13:34 PM)
cho 11 — on communication skills, all first years take a very interactive class in management communications that focuses on writing and speaking skills. Communication is a critical component of being a business leader, and we work on developing those skills. Student tip here: the interview is a great chance to show us your comfort with interpersonal communications.

Jon McLaughlin (Sloan Admissions) (ID=32) (Nov 6, 2000 11:13:44 PM)
fortes — that data does not take you out of the mix. See how you are already creating your case? The gpa increased the last two years, why? what does that say about you, how can you get that across. Please don't answer now, but on the ap, and don't be discouraged.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 11:13:58 PM)
Thank you again all for participating this evening. Special thanks to Rod, Jon, and Brian for joining us this evening and to Paul Bodine and Cindy Tokumitsu for their assistance.

cnbright (ID=37) (Nov 6, 2000 11:14:07 PM)
? Thanks, Rod. I mean applicants not accepted applicants?

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 11:14:11 PM)
We look forward to seeing you at future chats:

cv (ID=51) (Nov 6, 2000 11:14:15 PM)
Thank you all fo this reat chat!!

sequoia3 (ID=43) (Nov 6, 2000 11:14:20 PM)
Thanks all around.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 11:14:20 PM)
November 15 Alex Brown, Associate Director of Admissions for Wharton, will join us at 6:00 PM Pacific Time, that's one hour earlier than this evening's chat.

Vitriol (ID=39) (Nov 6, 2000 11:14:22 PM)
Thanks to the MIT folks and to the team at accepted!

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 11:14:29 PM)
cn: send me an e-mail.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 11:14:32 PM)
Finally, I would also really appreciate feedback from all of you on tonight's chat. Please send your comments, criticisms, and suggestions for future chats to

Rod Garcia (Sloan Admissions) (ID=29) (Nov 6, 2000 11:14:34 PM)
Good night, everyone.

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 11:14:41 PM)
Have a very good evening! Good luck with your applications!

eltuti (ID=68) (Nov 6, 2000 11:14:44 PM)
Thanks, Linda.

magic (ID=57) (Nov 6, 2000 11:14:46 PM)
Thank you so much Rod, John and Brian.

cho11 (ID=55) (Nov 6, 2000 11:14:47 PM)
nite nite... thanx again

Fortes (ID=40) (Nov 6, 2000 11:14:48 PM)
Thanks Jon. I have thought MIT out of my league based solely on those stats. Otherwise my profile looks great and I'm very interested in the program! Thanks again!!!

Brian Zabin (2nd Year Sloan MBA) (ID=42) (Nov 6, 2000 11:14:49 PM)
All — thanks for your questions. If you are interested in coming to Sloan for a visit, please come and visit. We would love to speak with you in person. Bye!

cnbright (ID=37) (Nov 6, 2000 11:14:51 PM)
Thanks. Good night!

Linda Abraham (ID=45) (Nov 6, 2000 11:14:54 PM)
You're very welcome.

Fortes (ID=40) (Nov 6, 2000 11:15:00 PM)

Dwayne_Kennemore (ID=44) (Nov 6, 2000 11:15:31 PM)
Hope to see you in Cambridge. Goodbye for now!