MBA Chat — November 15, 2000

MBA Chat — November 15, 2000

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Chat Transcript:
Wharton Chat with Alex Brown

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:03:02 PM)
First I want to welcome you all to's Wharton admissions chat.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:03:12 PM)
I also want to welcome Alex Brown, Associate Director of Wharton's Admissions Committee, and in advance, Shana Johnston, a second year student who will join us later this evening. And last but not least, I want to welcome Paul Bodine and Cindy Tokumitsu, two of's editors.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:03:22 PM)
Thanks to everyone for joining.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:03:29 PM)
We encourage dialogue and discussion, but I would like to suggest a structure to make it easier to follow the threads of conversation. So here is the protocol:

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:03:36 PM)
We will post material to the chat. If you have a question on that material, please type a '?' and then your question. I and/or other participants will reply. If one of you wants to comment on the current topic, please jump right in. If you want to start a different topic, please type '?'.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:03:44 PM)
Final request: We would like to avoid the brief summary of qualifications (or even the long laundry list) followed by the question, "Can I qualify?" Or "What are my chances?" This isn't the forum for that kind of question.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:03:53 PM)
Other than that limitation, this is your chance to ask questions about Wharton's program and admissions policies. But I would like to take advantage of my position as host and ask the first questions.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:04:00 PM)
How is an application processed at Wharton?

sequoia3 (ID=140) (Nov 15, 2000 9:04:16 PM)
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alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:04:48 PM)
It is read by a grad assistant... then reviewed by an associate director (like me) then either to committee for further discussion or to the director for final approval.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:05:01 PM)
What are the role and importance of essays and interviews in the process relative to GPA and GMAT?

rick76 (ID=137) (Nov 15, 2000 9:05:45 PM)
Alex, how important are the references related to extracurricular activities?

wendy99 (ID=132) (Nov 15, 2000 9:06:14 PM)
Is it an advantage that the applicant has business background?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:06:16 PM)
gpa and gmat = whether you can handle the curriculum and do well academically (about 60% are admissible here I think) essays, LORs and interview = whether they are admitted (or at least to a large extent.)

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:06:19 PM)
What's your average GMAT?

Ban (ID=141) (Nov 15, 2000 9:06:32 PM)
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alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:06:41 PM)
GMAT = 700

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:06:48 PM)
W no

C21Jwala (ID=126) (Nov 15, 2000 9:06:49 PM)

galovejane (ID=130) (Nov 15, 2000 9:06:53 PM)
?Alex, as the office of admission gave me wrong interview location. I was late for 1 hour for my Wharton Adcom interview. Will this incident put negative effect on my assessment?

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:07:04 PM)
Let's hold the questions for a minute, OK?

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:07:08 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:07:32 PM)
Wharton has historically been friendly to re-applicants. The re-app essay is required, but the other two essays are optional for re-applicants. When should a re-applicant write the other two essays?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:08:35 PM)
we rather they remain optional unless there is REAL improvement in those essays

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:08:50 PM)
This one was submitted by someone who could not attend the chat:

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:09:00 PM)
I read in the application instructions that a third recommendation may be submitted if it will add value. I actually have a third letter that is from someone whom I supervised (my other two letters were my supervisors). I think this letter can provide insight into my leadership and team work skills, but want to get a gauge on how receptive they will be to me sending in three letters.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:09:29 PM)
If you were to choose 3 attributes you would like to see in Wharton students, what would they be?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:09:48 PM)
no problem, as long as it adds a different perspective (ADDS value) probably a good idea to specify in the optional essay which is the third reco

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:10:33 PM)
If you were to choose 3 attributes you would like to see in Wharton students, what would they be?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:10:40 PM)
good citizens, leaders, entrepreneurial spirit (sure there are a couple of others)

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:10:54 PM)
What are they? I'm not real strict about "3"

ian (ID=134) (Nov 15, 2000 9:10:54 PM)
dear alex, I just interviewed at wharton. I have a question about that. my interviewer was a person who had never done any finance, he is a strategy consultant, he knew very little about structured finance that I have done for the last few years, so towards the end of the interview he asked me if can handle the finance classes at wharton!!! I am just wondering how can a person evaluate someone whose work they know so little about? what are your policies regarding those type of grad. assistant interviews?? thanks.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:11:01 PM)
It's your turn now. Please post your questions by typing a "?" and the question.

C21Jwala (ID=126) (Nov 15, 2000 9:11:22 PM)

Ken (ID=123) (Nov 15, 2000 9:11:22 PM)
? Is there any benefit between submitting your application now or in another few weeks? Rumor is that all the sharks apply in the first few weeks.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:11:30 PM)
team skills, communication skills all are somewhat related I think ... and have a reasonable plan (for being in b-school)

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:11:55 PM)
K its a rumor ...

C21Jwala (ID=126) (Nov 15, 2000 9:12:00 PM)
?I applied in late October. Has the review process started and when is the earliest I can expect to hear from Wharton?

galovejane (ID=130) (Nov 15, 2000 9:12:15 PM)
?Alex, as the office of admissions gave me wrong location, I was late for 1 hour for my Wharton Adcom interview. Will it put negative effect on my assessment? Thanks.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:12:17 PM)
apply by mid Jan and you are in great shape I would think ... and likely much later

Ban (ID=141) (Nov 15, 2000 9:12:21 PM)
? When is the best time for re-applicantion?

AshishKaul (ID=133) (Nov 15, 2000 9:12:22 PM)

wendy99 (ID=132) (Nov 15, 2000 9:12:28 PM)
? how important is working experience? Does graduate school count?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:12:34 PM)
C mid jan

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:12:43 PM)
B same as first time app

rick76 (ID=137) (Nov 15, 2000 9:12:46 PM)
? alex, how important are the references related to extracurricular activities?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:13:11 PM)
W we are looking at the outcomes of your experiences and your choices

AshishKaul (ID=133) (Nov 15, 2000 9:13:21 PM)

AshishKaul (ID=133) (Nov 15, 2000 9:13:24 PM)
I have an interview in New Delhi, India on Dec 13. Should I submit my application only after completing the interview? Any particular rationale?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:13:42 PM)
R ALL is important

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:14:06 PM)
Ian, I think Alex missed your question. could you repost it?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:14:06 PM)
A yes after ... and reread your essays b4 submitting etc.

ian (ID=134) (Nov 15, 2000 9:14:10 PM)
? dear alex I forgot to put a ? in front of my question, could you please read it on top? or shall I retype??

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:14:21 PM)
I retype

ian (ID=134) (Nov 15, 2000 9:14:31 PM)

Ken (ID=123) (Nov 15, 2000 9:14:49 PM)
? My GMAT is in 680 but more heavily weighted to the verbal portion — say 90 some for the verbal versus 70 some for the math. However, I believe other factors included in my application compensate for this lower weighting (heavy analytical job responsibilities, good academic record in undergrad., etc.). Would the optional essay be a good place to briefly spell these out? Or should I just assume the admission committee will add all those things up on their own?

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:14:51 PM)
galove can you also repost your question?

galovejane (ID=130) (Nov 15, 2000 9:15:00 PM)

ian (ID=134) (Nov 15, 2000 9:15:10 PM)
? linda can I cut and paste, it does not work from here?

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:15:20 PM)
No. I think you need to retype it. Sorry.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:15:30 PM)
K Don't assume anything... while not making any excuses

ian (ID=134) (Nov 15, 2000 9:15:40 PM)
ok thanks...

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:15:41 PM)
? how do u evaluate different sections of GMAT score? Do you focus more on verbal or math?

wendy99 (ID=132) (Nov 15, 2000 9:15:42 PM)
? what are the strongest areas wharton?

rick76 (ID=137) (Nov 15, 2000 9:15:50 PM)
? Would you prefer work related reference over extracurricular, especially if you are are-applicant and you only ask for one reference?

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:15:52 PM)
? do you pay attention to AWA also?

galovejane (ID=130) (Nov 15, 2000 9:16:03 PM)
?Alex, as office of admissions gave me wrong location info, I was late for 1 hour for my Adcom interview. Will it put negative effect on the assessment of my interview?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:16:10 PM)
H we do look at both the verbal and math section separately and combined

golden (ID=142) (Nov 15, 2000 9:16:12 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:16:22 PM)
I took GMAT last month and scored 730, with verbal 88% and math 97%

elmo (ID=143) (Nov 15, 2000 9:16:33 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:16:38 PM)
? do you have a benchmark for TOEFL?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:16:40 PM)
H for consistency purposes (i.e. poor awa and GREAT essays is not very consistent?)

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:16:57 PM)
My AWA is 5.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:17:20 PM)
H, we look at toefl and the verbal gmat together, no minimums, but average is about 270 (I THINK??)

Ban (ID=141) (Nov 15, 2000 9:17:41 PM)
? Is it a problem to take GMAT too many times?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:17:42 PM)
H don't retake :)

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:17:49 PM)
? My toefl was only 243, cos I was not used to CAT test then

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:17:52 PM)
B no, but its costly :)

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:17:58 PM)
but my GMAT verbal was not that bad

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:18:07 PM)
? will 243 be too low?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:18:23 PM)
H try to get it waived, or retake it ... obviously you can do better?

C21Jwala (ID=126) (Nov 15, 2000 9:18:39 PM)
?Philadelphia is not an entrepreneurial hotbed as is Boston (MIT/Harvard) or CA (Stanford). In order for me to compare W with these schools, can you give me a feel for what % of W students start their own companies within two years of graduating?

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:19:07 PM)
? can fluent English at interview and good GMAT verbal justify a Toefl waive?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:19:26 PM)
C don't know, but its VERY entrepreneurial here, oldest entrepreneurial center I think, great strength in e-commerce and w/ west trek etc. we get access to the hotbeds.

Ken (ID=123) (Nov 15, 2000 9:19:55 PM)
? When is the new facility due to be completed?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:19:59 PM)
H email me later its case by case

Ban (ID=141) (Nov 15, 2000 9:19:59 PM)
? How important is it to keep the 1000 word count in reapplication essay 1?

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:20:20 PM)
? alex may I have your email address please?

AshishKaul (ID=133) (Nov 15, 2000 9:20:27 PM)
Alex: What are the opportunities for taking courses in Analytic Finance and/or Econometrics?

galovejane (ID=130) (Nov 15, 2000 9:20:43 PM)
Linda, how about my question?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:20:43 PM)
B just use the framework wisely. We don't count words (that's pretty boring) but we look at your judgment and get a sense when an SA is too long?

ian (ID=134) (Nov 15, 2000 9:21:01 PM)
? alex I just interviewed at wharton. my interviewer was a person who had never done any finance, he is a strategy consultant, he knew very little about my work (structured finance) which I have been doing for a few years now, and probably had no idea about my future plans (totally different field). So towards the end of the interview he asked me if I can handle the finance classes at wharton!!! I am just wondering how can a person evaluate someone whose work they know so little about? he probably thinks I cannot handle wharton only because our fields were so very different! What are your policies regarding this type of grad. assistant interviews? thanks.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:21:13 PM)
A check our curriculum on our website.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:21:21 PM)
Alex, galove asked about a situation where he received the wrong location to his interview and consequently was an hour late. He wants to know if that will be held against him.

rick76 (ID=137) (Nov 15, 2000 9:21:35 PM)
? Alex, do you value work references more than extracurricular, especially if you are a re-applicant?

galovejane (ID=130) (Nov 15, 2000 9:21:56 PM)
thanks, linda

Ban (ID=141) (Nov 15, 2000 9:22:49 PM)
? To address my weakness in 1st application and to update new development, I think I probably need to rewrite many stuff in my essay, what strategy should I take in repeating old information (while keeping the 3 page length)?

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:23:17 PM)
? how important is community services/personal background? Do you prefer seeing sth. other than professional experiences?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:23:26 PM)
GA email me ( I our interviewers come from many backgrounds and we do not try to match people up. I think they do a good job of getting to the real issues, and sometimes that means asking a reasonably basic (to the interviewee) question. Hope it did not offend

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:24:19 PM)
R use xc reference as an optional reference I think

cindy tokumitsu (ID=129) (Nov 15, 2000 9:24:29 PM)
? This on behalf of a client: Is it always better to have an interview if possible? What weight is placed on the interview relative to the essays and recs?

rick76 (ID=137) (Nov 15, 2000 9:24:31 PM)
If I worked with lots of volunteers, would a reference from a fellow volunteer be of any value?

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:24:34 PM)
? i'm in Pittsburgh but won't be able to drive over for an interview, do you have and alumni here in pitt?

Ken (ID=123) (Nov 15, 2000 9:24:54 PM)
? I already visited Wharton, however Wharton is visiting my country through an MBA fair. Are these MBA fairs just information sessions or do they present opportunities to make an impression on the admissions staff?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:24:57 PM)
H VERY important, we want to know who YOU are, what's important to YOU, and how you may make wharton better for being here, what are you passionate about??

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:25:17 PM)
H yes, try the website.

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:25:18 PM)
Thx, alex

ian (ID=134) (Nov 15, 2000 9:25:26 PM)
? alex, did you ask me to email you? is that addressed to me?

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:25:29 PM)
I'll try the interview page.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:25:40 PM)
Ian, I think it was for you and galove.

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:25:45 PM)
And, thank you for the email address.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:25:54 PM)
K just fairs no matter if you attend

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:26:08 PM)
I yes 4 U2

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:26:43 PM)
? will it be a disadvantage when I generally work quite independently?

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:26:47 PM)
Alex, Cindy asked about the relative importance of the interviews vis a vis the essays and recs. Is it always a good idea to interview?

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:26:55 PM)
? I mean not much team playing background.

ian (ID=134) (Nov 15, 2000 9:26:57 PM)
? alex thanks, how do you view a re-applicant taking a class in finance to show one's eagerness??

galovejane (ID=130) (Nov 15, 2000 9:27:14 PM)
?Alex, when Wharton starts to review applications?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:27:35 PM)
YES, interview PLEASE three all important and should be used to convince us to admit.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:27:46 PM)
G now :)

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:28:00 PM)
I fine, hope you benefited from it.

wendy99 (ID=132) (Nov 15, 2000 9:28:11 PM)
? What percentage of wharton students have a science or engineering background?

galovejane (ID=130) (Nov 15, 2000 9:28:30 PM)
thank, Alex

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:28:43 PM)
? how do you evaluate an independent worker's team-playing spirit?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:28:43 PM)
W don't know, but we publish the info on our website?

wendy99 (ID=132) (Nov 15, 2000 9:29:00 PM)
I'll check

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:29:01 PM)
wendy I think you can visit the class profile page

sequoia3 (ID=140) (Nov 15, 2000 9:29:09 PM)
? Is the on-campus [interview] valuable more valuable/impressive than a local one (with an alumnus, I presume)? I live ~2000 mi from Philly...

C21Jwala (ID=126) (Nov 15, 2000 9:29:09 PM)
? Many schools play up the fact that they are small schools (though I personally think a larger school offers opportunities to meet a larger set of diverse people). Have you found any disadvantages of being a big school?

wendy99 (ID=132) (Nov 15, 2000 9:29:10 PM)
thanks happy

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:29:12 PM)
happy, you can also look for non-professional examples of team experience.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:29:19 PM)
H try to think of other examples if that's the case? Relate the second SA question to an experience

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:29:22 PM)
For instance sport or community service, musical bands, etc.

ian (ID=134) (Nov 15, 2000 9:29:33 PM)
? what percent of incoming class constitutes re-applicants??

sequoia3 (ID=140) (Nov 15, 2000 9:29:33 PM)
on-campus interview, that is

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:29:41 PM)
good point, linda, thx

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:29:55 PM)
C NO, honestly, in this case big IS good

Ban (ID=141) (Nov 15, 2000 9:29:56 PM)
? In re-applicant, I need to readdress the weakness ie to rewrite many staff again, also to put in new development, what strategy I should take? Kind of worried about getting too Long?

Ken (ID=123) (Nov 15, 2000 9:29:58 PM)
? Alex I have read a few of your chats in various rooms — Thank you they are very informative. If you have a GMAT that is in the range but as said before more verbally focused I have often seen your response to be take the GMAT again or take a math course. However, I believe that other pieces in my file outweigh that issue. Is it basically the admission committee feeling that you should just fix any problem (i.e retake gmat, etc.) Or can those things make up for the difference.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:30:09 PM)
Let's hold the questions and let Alex catch up.

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:30:35 PM)
yeah, sorry for our bombing questions

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:30:42 PM)
B as long as your essay is well structured, then if it is longer, that is fine, but don't start repeating stuff etc.

Ban (ID=141) (Nov 15, 2000 9:31:18 PM)
? Don't I need to rewrite old info to give them new light?

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:31:29 PM)
Sequoia asked about the importance of interviewing on campus if you don't live near Philly.

Dong (ID=145) (Nov 15, 2000 9:31:40 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

MBA2003 (ID=144) (Nov 15, 2000 9:31:47 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

elmo (ID=143) (Nov 15, 2000 9:31:51 PM)
If you are on a limited schedule for an on-campus Wharton interview, what would you recommend seeing or doing aside from the interview, assuming you could only choose one (i.e., class, student lunch etc.)?

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:31:59 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:32:04 PM)
K be careful, we deal with strong applicant pools all around, the balance of your app needs to be such that all round you are strong. Y is the math score weaker?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:32:12 PM)
Hey shana

edward (ID=139) (Nov 15, 2000 9:32:23 PM)
? alex, What are waived the application fee?

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:32:25 PM)
Welcome, Shana Johnston, second year student at Wharton.

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:32:36 PM)
hi, shana

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:32:36 PM)
Hi Alex, sorry I'm late — my telecom discussion group ran late this evening.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:32:45 PM)
E go to classes, lunch with students, info session, Thursday = pub night @ 4:30

AshishKaul (ID=133) (Nov 15, 2000 9:32:48 PM)
Hey Shana!

Ken (ID=123) (Nov 15, 2000 9:32:49 PM)
?Math is 75% verbal is 93% total 690 — finance/acct background

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:32:57 PM)
K NO problem

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:32:58 PM)
Shana, how do you see the classes? Is it very competitive?

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:33:18 PM)
Or amiable?

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:33:22 PM)
Each cohort is fairly different, but overall the class environ is not very competitive.

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:33:31 PM)

Ken (ID=123) (Nov 15, 2000 9:33:37 PM)
Thanks alex

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:33:38 PM)
?how big is the cohort?

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:33:42 PM)
Students are very willing to help each other out — whether in class or out.

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:33:47 PM)
?how many hours do you study each week?

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:33:51 PM)
Cohort is usually 60 to 65 students.

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:34:02 PM)
Depends on the week!

rick76 (ID=137) (Nov 15, 2000 9:34:03 PM)
? Alex, is it negative for re-applicants to apply in late November / early December?

C21Jwala (ID=126) (Nov 15, 2000 9:34:04 PM)
?Shana, can you please update us on your background... thanks!

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:34:06 PM)
? that's a big cohort

Ban (ID=141) (Nov 15, 2000 9:34:10 PM)
? How is wharton good for social enterprise career?

wendy99 (ID=132) (Nov 15, 2000 9:34:12 PM)
?My AWA is only 4.5, is it too low?

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:34:33 PM)
:My background: liberal arts women's college, invest banking for a 1 1/2 years, corp dev for an insurance co

ian (ID=134) (Nov 15, 2000 9:34:44 PM)
? alex, what percentage of incoming class is re-applicants?

golden (ID=142) (Nov 15, 2000 9:35:00 PM)
?alex, under what circumstances is adcom interested in the 3rd letter of rec? I have 2 from supervisors at different jobs, thinking of submitting a 3rd from someone who reported to me. What do you think?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:35:11 PM)
I 10% admit rate is 21%

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:35:21 PM)
The skills you learn at Wharton are great for running any enterprise — and NPOs are desperately in need of good mgmt.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:35:45 PM)
G no problem, does it add value (your call) and specify in the opt essay which is which.

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:35:48 PM)
? shanon sorry but what's NPO?

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:36:04 PM)
Non profit organization (sorry - acronyms are part of the MBA territory)

sequoia3 (ID=140) (Nov 15, 2000 9:36:14 PM)
? alex, what constitutes a too-lopsided GMAT? e.g., would you recommend taking it again if the breakout was 85% quant & 98% verbal? Also, any thoughts on the interview locale question? (is on-campus viewed more favorably if applicant is far away?)

edward (ID=139) (Nov 15, 2000 9:36:17 PM)
?math is 99% verbal is 64% total 700 — real estate background

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:36:18 PM)
thx shaon

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:36:45 PM)
E depends on the IV and essay style etc.

ian (ID=134) (Nov 15, 2000 9:37:15 PM)
? dear alex, thank you so much, it was great talking to you. cheers.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:37:17 PM)
S both above 80% is great?? don't worry where you IV

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:37:23 PM)
Remember: we really want to stay away from my GMAT is X, GPA is Y, and WE =Z.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:37:41 PM)
wow, cool experience Z ?? :)

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:37:59 PM)
Work experience.

ian (ID=134) (Nov 15, 2000 9:38:06 PM)
Thanks for hosting, Linda, bye everyone.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:38:18 PM)
Bye Ian. Thanks for coming.

Ken (ID=123) (Nov 15, 2000 9:38:18 PM)
? Shana — question about the campus. Seems that Learning Teams meet more in city center then on campus due to the facility situation? Do you think this detracts from the "team environment? Do you think that the new facility will fix this issue? When is it scheduled for completion.

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:38:19 PM)
Have a good one.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:38:20 PM)
Questions for Shana, she's REALLY busy :)

xy31 (ID=122) (Nov 15, 2000 9:38:34 PM)
?alex, Is international work experience a big plus (Japan, England, Germany) or do you consider such things prerequisites?

edward (ID=139) (Nov 15, 2000 9:38:39 PM)
?alex, sorry what's IV?

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:38:44 PM)

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:38:50 PM)
The new facility will definitely help — it's scheduled to be open for the class of 2003.

jeremy (ID=147) (Nov 15, 2000 9:38:57 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:38:59 PM)
That's you folks.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:39:01 PM)
IV = interview... adcomm acronym:)

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:39:33 PM)
On the other hand, teams meet wherever — center city is a popular location because so many students live in that neighborhood, and team mtgs are usually outside of class time.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:40:04 PM)
sdjohnston, what are the qualities that you think define Wharton students or perhaps unite them?

Troubleshooter (ID=148) (Nov 15, 2000 9:40:09 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

wendy99 (ID=132) (Nov 15, 2000 9:40:20 PM)
? alex could you give us an example: a case of a very successful applicant?

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:40:26 PM)
"regular, really smart people"

Ken (ID=123) (Nov 15, 2000 9:40:31 PM)
? Shana — what do you think makes Wharton special compared to other top ten schools?

Ban (ID=141) (Nov 15, 2000 9:40:41 PM)
? What strategy to take in addressing question raised during feedback? Write with the thought of addressing the issues or put down the question and answer them?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:40:43 PM)
W Shana :)

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:40:44 PM)
yWG over other top 10?

AshishKaul (ID=133) (Nov 15, 2000 9:40:49 PM)
? Shana: What opportunities are available to take quant prep courses (Calculus, etc.) before starting the session?

rick76 (ID=137) (Nov 15, 2000 9:40:54 PM)
Alex, what are your tips for the re-applicants? Is applying in Novemeber / December late for re-applicants? How much should you focus on extra-curriculars if you were considered unidimensional in your first application? Thanks.

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:41:02 PM)
Teamwork — and a lack of competitiveness among students.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:41:22 PM)
I heard yesterday from a member of the class of 2002 at Wharton.

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:41:23 PM)
alex — can you take the Preterm question — and I'll keep working on "defining the students"?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:41:27 PM)
B the thought, don't be too explicit.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:41:35 PM)
He said he is working quite hard, but loving it. He is very happy he isn't at HBS.

elmo (ID=143) (Nov 15, 2000 9:41:41 PM)
Shana, what clubs or organizations are you a part of?

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:42:03 PM)
Generally the students are trying to help each other succeed — whether in class or out — not trying to compete against each other.

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:42:23 PM)
clubs: Women in Business, telecom group, tech club, rowing team,

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:42:33 PM)
I'm lost! R, focus on the issues raised, but do not neglect traditional issues

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:42:49 PM)
and Say Yes to Education — an inner city tutoring service for high school kids.

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:43:12 PM)
shanon that's interesting experience — the teaching thing

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:43:23 PM)
BTW, I interned at Sprint this summer and have accepted to return to their gen'l mgmt program full time.

C21Jwala (ID=126) (Nov 15, 2000 9:43:32 PM)
? Shana, I've probably seen your pic on a Say Yes to Education noticeboard at W!

xy31 (ID=122) (Nov 15, 2000 9:43:33 PM)
? alex, Do you consider international work experience a plus (U.S., Japan, England, Germany) or are such things prerequisites?

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:43:42 PM)
Yeah — Say Yes works with Upward Bound, a really cool org!

rick76 (ID=137) (Nov 15, 2000 9:43:54 PM)
Thanks Alex. By traditional, you mean that question asked or the Wharton values?

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:44:11 PM)
Let's hold the questions for Alex for the moment.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:44:25 PM)
X ... depends what you got out of the experiences, but as a general rule, probably ... much experience, whether domestic or overseas has global elements nowadays.

Ban (ID=141) (Nov 15, 2000 9:44:41 PM)
? I have a difficulty in answering why wharton for Social enterprise, appreciate any insight?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:44:47 PM)
R sure, just don't overlook other stuff (i.e. over compensate)

C21Jwala (ID=126) (Nov 15, 2000 9:45:00 PM)
? After the BW #1 ranking, do u expect more applicants/higher GMATs than previous years?

galovejane (ID=130) (Nov 15, 2000 9:45:07 PM)
?Alex, how Adcom value e-commerce experience?

Alison CJ (ID=149) (Nov 15, 2000 9:45:14 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:45:19 PM)
I have classmates who ran non-profits before coming, did SPIF over the summer and are interested in non-profits after.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:45:27 PM)
C, not necessarily more, but we will see, probably a strong pool 'though

MBA2003 (ID=144) (Nov 15, 2000 9:45:28 PM)
? Alex: for re-applicants, do you suggest scheduling another interview? If so, is this OK with the same alumn as last year?

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:45:38 PM)
SPIF is a fund where the first year's commit 2% of their summer salary to support classmates taking unpaid positions for the summer.

Ken (ID=123) (Nov 15, 2000 9:45:39 PM)
? Shana — What do you think makes Wharton special, aside from great rankings, compared to to other top 10 schools?

AshishKaul (ID=133) (Nov 15, 2000 9:45:53 PM)
? Shana/Alex: Could you take the pre-term question please?

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:45:59 PM)
Is Wharton lowering its experience requirement? If so, how much work experience does Wharton want to see in its applicants?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:46:35 PM)
re: ecommerce experience, tell us what you learnt from it ... golden rule, what are the outcomes of your experience that you can build from ... many apps this year from the .com "melt down" I think.

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:46:45 PM)
K — people — it's clich, but I think my classmates and profs make this a great place. Sitting in class listening to someone talk re: running their own biz before school can't be matched.

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:47:06 PM)
And then, if I have more questions, they are willing to talk outside of class a well and help me out.

Troubleshooter (ID=148) (Nov 15, 2000 9:47:16 PM)
? to alex: if someone's gpa is not glorious, how do you like to see that made up for in an application??

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:47:51 PM)
Preterm: is a series of lectures before classes start in September to help students w/non-quant bkgds prepare for classes.

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:47:55 PM)
It includes stats, finance, calculus overview, acctg, and intro econ.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:47:58 PM)
L we focus on "richness" of experience, rather than number of years... and I think that we are likely to see people with "less years" of experience that are ready based on additional work people seem to be getting these days.

edward (ID=139) (Nov 15, 2000 9:48:00 PM)
? What are valued the Wharton alumni recommendation support my application?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:48:07 PM)
T, take classes now.

AshishKaul (ID=133) (Nov 15, 2000 9:48:23 PM)
Shana: Thanks!

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:48:41 PM)
E only if it has real depth and insight ... they can help address fit, but don't compromise quality for an alum you vaguely know.

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:48:42 PM)
Preterm is also a GREAT social opp to meet your classmate before the insanity of classes starts.

C21Jwala (ID=126) (Nov 15, 2000 9:49:14 PM)
Thank you everyone. Gotta leave now. Bye!

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:50:08 PM)
Any questions?

Ban (ID=141) (Nov 15, 2000 9:50:12 PM)
? What are the key things a re-applicant should pay attention to?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:50:42 PM)
B issues from the feedback ... and how you have developed since the first app (i.e. Y you were better off waiting!) (ID=138) (Nov 15, 2000 9:51:22 PM)
A client told me that a Wharton interviewer told him that the typical re-app essay is 4 to 5 pages. Is this true? Thanks

Troubleshooter (ID=148) (Nov 15, 2000 9:51:25 PM)
? to alex: if someone's gpa is not glorious, how do you like to see that MADE UP for in an application??

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:51:44 PM)
P no, used to be when others were that long I suppose

MBA2003 (ID=144) (Nov 15, 2000 9:51:46 PM)
? Shana: you addressed what makes Wharton unique. Could you address more specifically what makes Wharton stand out from HBS and Stanford? Thanks.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:51:46 PM)
T. I think he answered that above: Take classes now. :-)

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:51:56 PM)
T take some classes!!

Ban (ID=141) (Nov 15, 2000 9:52:02 PM)
? I am thinking of rewriting essay 3, same staff different insight, what do you think?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:52:26 PM)
B also add what you have been doing since?????????????????

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:52:38 PM)
M: Not necessarily — I haven't experienced them. But I can say, the admin/faculty here seem to be incredibly open to innovation and student input into changing things that students don't like.

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:52:43 PM)
? do you wanna see essay 3 addressing professional achievement or what?

Troubleshooter (ID=148) (Nov 15, 2000 9:52:43 PM)
I see. sorry missed that one.

rick76 (ID=137) (Nov 15, 2000 9:52:47 PM)
? Alex, what if your feedback said that you were one dimensional. Should you ignore work experience (what have you been doing?)

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:52:54 PM)
B, I assume that would partially depend on whether you have had a significant personal achievement in the last year.

Ban (ID=141) (Nov 15, 2000 9:52:59 PM)
Thanks, Alex.

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:53:15 PM)
Also, I feel that everyone at Wharton is really down to earth and real — there's very little arrogance or conceitedness.

sequoia3 (ID=140) (Nov 15, 2000 9:53:16 PM)
? re: alumni interviews: hypothetically, if one were paired with an alum s/he knew from a prior experience, could s/he request a different interviewer?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:53:20 PM)
H what has affected you most... prof or personal, but changed YOU most significantly?

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:53:23 PM)
? linda you mean we'd better use recent achievement?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:53:42 PM)
S yes, don't IV w/ someone you know?

xy31 (ID=122) (Nov 15, 2000 9:53:44 PM)
? alex, how would you convince someone to go to W rather than Stanford (if accepted at both that is)?

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:54:08 PM)
Well, I think the focus of the re-applicant will be on the last year, but if over the last year your view of previous accomplishments has changed, I guess you could also right about that.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:54:20 PM)
X don't convince, educate on our opportunities... depth and breadth etc.

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:54:30 PM)
x: I'd say meet the students at both and see where you feel most comfortable — my sense is they are very different cultures.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:54:38 PM)
Alex, correct me if I'm wrong, but the re-app wants to show that he/she is a better applicant than last time. The re-app should add value to what was submitted the year ] before.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:55:01 PM)
L sure, and probably present issues better.

xy31 (ID=122) (Nov 15, 2000 9:55:05 PM)
thx a & s

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:55:07 PM)
Shana, how are the cultures different?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:55:16 PM)
... and apply earlier :) if it was late etc.

Ban (ID=141) (Nov 15, 2000 9:55:28 PM)
? Alex, you mentioned that unless with real improvement, keep the essay as optional, do you think if I could give more insight to the same work, does it worth rewriting (of cause with latest new development)?

MBA2003 (ID=144) (Nov 15, 2000 9:55:55 PM)
? Shana: are you suggesting arrogance at one of the other schools!!?

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:56:11 PM)
Due to the larger class, I'd say that W has more types of exper — and people. Also, W is not as focused on the Bay Area — if solely driven by location.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:56:14 PM)
Only if you are from BW. :-)

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:56:33 PM)
B assume we read your new app, the feedback you received, and the write-ups from the previous app... we MAY review PARTS of the first app, but don't assume much more.

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 9:56:33 PM)
MBA: No — just that W students seem to be lacking in it. (ID=138) (Nov 15, 2000 9:56:45 PM)
What percentage of Wharton students typically were Wharton undergrads?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:56:58 PM)
P don't know, sorry.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:57:28 PM)
P but don't believe the myth that we don't like them :) (ID=138) (Nov 15, 2000 9:57:39 PM)

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:58:06 PM)
How long is the admission process? 4 weeks?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:58:19 PM)
H 8 weeks

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 9:58:31 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 9:58:41 PM)
A few more questions...

elmo (ID=143) (Nov 15, 2000 9:58:43 PM)
alex, you have all the answers: who will win the election? :)

Alison CJ (ID=149) (Nov 15, 2000 9:58:53 PM)
?With regard to your essay Q2 (Learning Team) — a different kind of question from most — what kinds of responses have your read that you have found INEFFECTIVE?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:59:03 PM)
... that would be telling :)

Troubleshooter (ID=148) (Nov 15, 2000 9:59:03 PM)
? alex, how is the reapplication read, together with the old one or on it's own, just the reapp essay???

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:59:20 PM)
A no examples, no insights blah blah

rick76 (ID=137) (Nov 15, 2000 9:59:40 PM)
? Alex, under work history, should you write responsibilities or accomplishments or both?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 9:59:44 PM)
T already answered (ID=138) (Nov 15, 2000 9:59:53 PM)
Is part of the reason Wharton essay 2 is phrased as a scenario is to elicit creative responses?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 10:00:00 PM)
R both

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 10:00:04 PM)
? What application goes directly for admission? What goes for further discussion?

rick76 (ID=137) (Nov 15, 2000 10:00:19 PM)
Thanks Alex

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 10:00:21 PM)
P we see both, but personal examples are best I think.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 10:00:36 PM)
H ones we cannot figure out :)

Ken (ID=123) (Nov 15, 2000 10:00:56 PM)
? Can we also add a resume to the file to supplement the work experience sections?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 10:01:18 PM)
K sure, as supplemental material, not to replace!

sequoia3 (ID=140) (Nov 15, 2000 10:01:57 PM)
? speaking of adding a resume, is it OK to add an "extended" resume (i.e., more than one-pager — more like a CV)?

galovejane (ID=130) (Nov 15, 2000 10:02:05 PM)
?Alex, the supplemental resume can be more than 1 page?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 10:02:11 PM)
Shana, I really appreciate your help, I owe you LUNCH :)

rick76 (ID=137) (Nov 15, 2000 10:02:11 PM)
Alex, Is there a need for cover letter describing professional and extracurricular highlights?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 10:02:25 PM)
R no, that's what SAs are for!

Troubleshooter (ID=148) (Nov 15, 2000 10:02:27 PM)
? alex, you mean you might not read the last essay an applicant wrote??

Troubleshooter (ID=148) (Nov 15, 2000 10:02:47 PM)
essays, i.e.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 10:03:04 PM)
S don't complicate things Shana, NOON is GREAT!!

MBA2003 (ID=144) (Nov 15, 2000 10:03:17 PM)
] ? Alex, do you recommend re-applicants to interview again and if so, can that be with the same alumn as before?

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 10:03:18 PM)
T ????????????????

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 10:03:28 PM)
Any last questions for me?

Ken (ID=123) (Nov 15, 2000 10:03:29 PM)
Alex and Shana thanks for your time. Linda thanks for setting it up. This was very informative.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 10:03:36 PM)
M YES, IV again, better someone else.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 10:03:46 PM)
You're very welcome. Let's take two more questions.

sequoia3 (ID=140) (Nov 15, 2000 10:03:47 PM)
? (ahem) is a more-than-one-page resume acceptable as supplement (more like a CV)?

Ban (ID=141) (Nov 15, 2000 10:04:03 PM)
?Linda, when can we get the transcript?

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 10:04:14 PM)
No promises, but I hope in about a week.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 10:04:27 PM)
S sure, but don't complicate your info

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 10:04:28 PM)
Columbia's is up.

sdjohnston (ID=146) (Nov 15, 2000 10:04:36 PM)
Thanks all — good luck.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 10:04:43 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 10:04:43 PM)
Thank you very much for coming!

sequoia3 (ID=140) (Nov 15, 2000 10:04:50 PM)
mil gracias everyone — esp, Linda, Alex, Shana...

rick76 (ID=137) (Nov 15, 2000 10:04:50 PM)
Alex, what are the grounds for TOEFL waiver? Is a masters degree from a US university sufficient? Plus 7 years work experience? (ID=138) (Nov 15, 2000 10:04:51 PM)
Thanks Wharton!

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 10:04:57 PM)
Thank you again all for participating this evening. Special thanks to Alex and Shana for joining us this evening and to Paul Bodine and Cindy Tokumitsu for their assistance.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 10:05:03 PM)
R YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 10:05:04 PM)
thank you

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 10:05:08 PM)
We look forward to seeing you at future chats:

Troubleshooter (ID=148) (Nov 15, 2000 10:05:09 PM)
Thank you all.

Ban (ID=141) (Nov 15, 2000 10:05:11 PM)

sequoia3 (ID=140) (Nov 15, 2000 10:05:18 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 10:05:20 PM)
December 7, 2000, Alex Brown, Associate Director of Admissions for Wharton, and Rod Garcia, Director of MBA Admissions at Sloan, will join us at 8:00 AM Pacific Time (11:00 AM Eastern Time, 6:00 PM GMT) Please note that time. The "AM" is not an error. As always, we welcome New World residents, but have timed this chat to make it easy for residents of the Old World to participate.

cindy tokumitsu (ID=129) (Nov 15, 2000 10:05:20 PM)
Thank you Alex and Shana and Linda; good luck all!

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 10:05:22 PM)
Always happy to help.

rick76 (ID=137) (Nov 15, 2000 10:05:23 PM)
Thanks a lot Alex and everyone else.

galovejane (ID=130) (Nov 15, 2000 10:05:27 PM)
Thanks Alex

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 10:05:30 PM)
Good luck! Good night.

edward (ID=139) (Nov 15, 2000 10:05:38 PM)
Thank you all.

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 10:05:38 PM)

Troubleshooter (ID=148) (Nov 15, 2000 10:05:52 PM)
Any one staying here??

edward (ID=139) (Nov 15, 2000 10:05:55 PM)

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 10:06:09 PM)
T I have flu, any last ?s

Alison CJ (ID=149) (Nov 15, 2000 10:06:28 PM)
Thanks and good night.

happy (ID=135) (Nov 15, 2000 10:06:36 PM)
Oh, do take care

Troubleshooter (ID=148) (Nov 15, 2000 10:06:42 PM)
Squeeze lemons in a jug, fill that with water and just drink that none other...

galovejane (ID=150) (Nov 15, 2000 10:06:47 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

elmo (ID=143) (Nov 15, 2000 10:06:53 PM)

Troubleshooter (ID=148) (Nov 15, 2000 10:06:57 PM)
Flu will fly...

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 10:06:58 PM)
Sorry to hear you're sick. Double thanks.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 10:07:09 PM)
Will do, cheers and night all...

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 10:07:10 PM)
The wonders of the Internet. Didn't even know.

Linda Abraham (ID=128) (Nov 15, 2000 10:07:15 PM)
Good night.

alex@wharton (ID=131) (Nov 15, 2000 10:07:16 PM)

MBA2003 (ID=144) (Nov 15, 2000 10:07:22 PM)
Thanks to all.