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Chat Transcript:
MBA Admissions Chat with Alex Brown of Wharton and Rod Garcia of MIT

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:02:24 AM)
First I want to welcome Rod Garcia of MIT and Alex Brown of Wharton to our joint chat.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:02:44 AM)
Today, I am not going to lead off with a series of questions. The floor is yours, BUT

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:03:09 AM)
I would like to remind you that if you are posting a new question or not commenting on the topic under discussion, please lead off with a ?

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:03:12 AM)

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:03:33 AM)
Please don't post a summary of your qualifications and ask Rod and Alex if you qualify for their institutions.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:03:37 AM)
and...please keep ?s short!!

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:04:26 AM)
ditto ... or post to

basem (ID=26) (Dec 7, 2000 11:04:34 AM)

Bamboo88 (ID=13) (Dec 7, 2000 11:04:37 AM)
Pardon me. This is my first time.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:04:45 AM)
basem go ahead.

basem (ID=26) (Dec 7, 2000 11:05:13 AM)
I have a question for Alex. I submitted my application late Oct. When should we expect to start getting the 'news'?

guangming (ID=35) (Dec 7, 2000 11:05:22 AM)
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bluemetal2 (ID=30) (Dec 7, 2000 11:05:28 AM)
? hi guys, thanks for being here. Is it already too late to apply for admissions?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:05:37 AM)
Mid Jan at the earliest, we do not release decisions b4 then

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:05:53 AM)

basem (ID=26) (Dec 7, 2000 11:06:03 AM)
So, six more weeks of agony. OK thanks

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:06:26 AM)
Bluemetal2: it's not too late to apply.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:06:36 AM)
I have a question for you: How many of you are in the US or Canada?

guangming (ID=36) (Dec 7, 2000 11:06:41 AM)
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bluemetal2 (ID=30) (Dec 7, 2000 11:06:47 AM)
Thanks guys!!

Bamboo88 (ID=13) (Dec 7, 2000 11:06:50 AM)
I am in US.

bluemetal2 (ID=30) (Dec 7, 2000 11:06:54 AM)
Linda, I am in Pakistan.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:07:17 AM)
bluemetal, you used our discussion board right?

bluemetal2 (ID=30) (Dec 7, 2000 11:07:27 AM)
yep, that's absolutely right Alex.

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 11:07:28 AM)
? Rod: Hi! I wanted to know about Sloan's famed trading room. I will likely have a self-managed track if I make it to your program. What degree of access would I have? Would it differ if I had a Financial Engineering concentration?

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:08:07 AM)
Ashish: you will have access to it. The Trading Room actually doubles as computer lab in the basement of the Sloan School.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:08:11 AM)
While Rod is answering that, I would like to ask how many of you could not attend if this chat were scheduled in the evening hours in the US?

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 11:08:24 AM)
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bluemetal2 (ID=30) (Dec 7, 2000 11:08:38 AM)
I will have a bit of difficulty, but I think I can manage it Linda.

vandana (ID=25) (Dec 7, 2000 11:08:50 AM)
I think so Linda.

basem (ID=26) (Dec 7, 2000 11:08:52 AM)
Linda, I don't think I would. I live in Beirut, Lebanon which means it would me around 3am!!

vandana (ID=25) (Dec 7, 2000 11:08:57 AM)
I am from India.

tazza95 (ID=38) (Dec 7, 2000 11:08:58 AM)
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Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 11:08:58 AM)
I could manage to attend — but just about.

Bamboo88 (ID=13) (Dec 7, 2000 11:09:05 AM)
Linda, I can do better at evening hours. But not after midnight.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:09:24 AM)
I appreciate the feedback. Thank you.

vandana (ID=25) (Dec 7, 2000 11:09:24 AM)
Isn't this time ok for you?

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 11:09:41 AM)
?Has the chat officially started?

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:09:42 AM)
This is fine for us, but normally I schedule chats for after work hours in the US.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:09:55 AM)
I scheduled this one for now so accommodate most of Europe and Asia.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:10:02 AM)
Yes the chat has started.

tazza95 (ID=38) (Dec 7, 2000 11:10:09 AM)
?Alex, the Wharton app specifies that essays are "typically" 3 pages or 1000 words. How closely should we stick to this guideline?

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:10:12 AM)
Any other questions for Rod and Alex?

bluemetal2 (ID=30) (Dec 7, 2000 11:10:12 AM)
? Alex, I previously applied to wharton with just 8 months of post-bac. work experience but was rejected. Now its more than two years. how important is that for a re-app?

Bamboo88 (ID=13) (Dec 7, 2000 11:10:17 AM)
I agree, I need to work actually now. But I will make up the time later.

Matt (ID=22) (Dec 7, 2000 11:10:26 AM)

Joe (ID=15) (Dec 7, 2000 11:10:33 AM)
?Rod or Alex: Is poor writing/editing by a recommender extremely detrimental? How heavily is a recommender's writing/editing weighed against The content of the recommendation?

bluemetal2 (ID=30) (Dec 7, 2000 11:10:37 AM)
Thanks Linda for considering our time zone as well, :)

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:10:49 AM)
T pretty closely ... we do not count words (that's quite boring!!) but use good judgment.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:10:49 AM)
Matt, if your question is for Rod, go ahead.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:11:05 AM)
Let me take Tazza95's question first while Alex tackles the other questions.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:11:10 AM)
J .. we need to understand/comprehend what they are saying.

vandana (ID=25) (Dec 7, 2000 11:11:45 AM)
? Alex: how good do extracurriculars at national or international level — but at school and undergrad college hold an applicant?

Sally (ID=39) (Dec 7, 2000 11:12:01 AM)
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Matt (ID=22) (Dec 7, 2000 11:12:04 AM)
? I am currently in a 3-year rotation-based management development program at a Fortune 500 company. I am spending one year in three different areas of the company, as well as participating in leadership development programs. Are AdComs familiar with these kinds of programs? Do you think my three years in the program itself would be sufficient work experience or would you want to see more work experience in a permanent post-program position?

vandana (ID=25) (Dec 7, 2000 11:12:17 AM)
Alex : mainly in sports, that is.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:12:23 AM)
OK, I am lost!! B experience is important.

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 11:12:29 AM)
?Alex, for Wharton essay, 1000 words or 3 pages are both fine, correct? As long as I keep the essay in three pages although the word is over 1000, I will be fine. Correct?

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:12:34 AM)
Tazza95: the page limit is merely a guideline. You can go over by a few hundred words and you won't be penalized. However, submitting three additional pages might be an overkill. I think Wharton will agree with my assessment on this one.

bluemetal2 (ID=30) (Dec 7, 2000 11:12:47 AM)
Alex, u didn't do badly for a guy who's lost, hehe.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:12:56 AM)
G depends how small the type is :)

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:12:59 AM)
GMW: see my reply to Tazza95.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:13:06 AM)
I think Matt is next.

thayertz (ID=12) (Dec 7, 2000 11:13:07 AM)
?Alex, I applied for Wharton 4 years ago when I was in China, Now I have been in US since then. I work for a hotel investment company, do you encourage people like me to reapply as there are lot progress since my last app.? Thanks.

bluemetal2 (ID=30) (Dec 7, 2000 11:13:27 AM)
?Rod, how typical is a candidate who is m/24/Pakistan with good academic credentials and 97% GMAT, etc.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:13:46 AM)
T sure, but you need to understand that yourself ... no guarantees, the admit rate for reapps is higher than first timers.

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 11:13:48 AM)
?Alex, can you tell me some professors in Wharton who are specializing in project financing?

Matt (ID=22) (Dec 7, 2000 11:13:53 AM)
I am currently in a 3-year rotation-based management development program at a Fortune 500 company. I am spending one year in three different areas of the company, as well as participating in leadership development programs. Are you familiar with these kinds of programs? Do you think my three years in the program itself would be sufficient work experience or would you want to see more work experience in a permanent post-program position?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:14:09 AM)
G sorry, our website should have that details.

Bamboo88 (ID=13) (Dec 7, 2000 11:14:14 AM)
?Alex, I have been working with government for two and half years, do you think I will need some private sector working experience before I can apply?

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:14:14 AM)
Matt: if the question is for me, the answer yes. Our range of experience is 1-15 years, so you're within the range.

inthevalley (ID=40) (Dec 7, 2000 11:14:20 AM)
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thayertz (ID=12) (Dec 7, 2000 11:14:39 AM)
Thank you, Alex.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:14:42 AM)
M ... have been able to make a difference, leadership etc??

Matt (ID=22) (Dec 7, 2000 11:14:43 AM)
Thanks, Rod.

Matt (ID=22) (Dec 7, 2000 11:14:51 AM)
Are you familiar with those kinds of programs?

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:15:13 AM)
Rod, bluemetal had a question for you.

bluemetal2 (ID=30) (Dec 7, 2000 11:15:37 AM)
Thanks Linda, you sure got a keen eye on things... appreciate that.

vandana (ID=25) (Dec 7, 2000 11:15:43 AM)
? Alex: see, if all things equal — good gpas, gmat, toefl — what tilts the balance? essays — with experience or interviews?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:16:03 AM)
sas, interview and recs, all VERY important.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:16:16 AM)
I try :-)

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:16:33 AM)
Bluemetal2: very typical profile.

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 11:16:39 AM)
? Rod: What kind of pre-term courses can I undertake, and for what duration? If I am admitted, I would like to take prep courses in Intermediate Calculus & Advanced Statistics. Is that an option?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:16:41 AM)
#s = admissible (about 60%) other stuff determines whether you are admitted (about 14%).

inthevalley (ID=40) (Dec 7, 2000 11:16:56 AM)
?Rod, do most or all applicants who are accepted to Sloan go through an interview?

Bamboo88 (ID=13) (Dec 7, 2000 11:17:08 AM)

basem (ID=26) (Dec 7, 2000 11:17:21 AM)
Alex, I'm not sure I understand your formula. Could you please elaborate?

bluemetal2 (ID=30) (Dec 7, 2000 11:17:39 AM)
? Alex, are u aware of Wharton's association with a South Asian business school during the 70s?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:18:11 AM)
#s = GPA, GMAT etc. will determine whether you are admissible (do well in the classes etc.) but its the other parts of the application that will determine whether you are admitted.

vandana (ID=25) (Dec 7, 2000 11:18:12 AM)
?Alex : but unlike other schools — the interviews are normally encouraged b4 we send the application — which means it's a personality Determination? Would you agree?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:18:29 AM)
B sorry, no, I am relatively new.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:18:36 AM)
Ashish: if you have not had econ, accounting or calculus, then I'd recommend taking these courses since you will use them wherever you end up matriculating. But don't forget the soft skills as well. Most schools will have a behavioral science course, so ask what textbooks they use and read it before starting your program.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:18:40 AM)
basem I think he is saying that about 60% of applicants qualify based on numbers, but that 14% are admitted and that the other stuff determines which of the 60% makes it into the 14%.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:18:46 AM)
Alex correct me if I am wrong.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:19:02 AM)
V yes, IV [interview] b4 sending in your app. So we use the IV much like the essays and recs — ALL very important.

vandana (ID=25) (Dec 7, 2000 11:19:07 AM)
Alex: coz there's no scope for talking specifics.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:19:20 AM)
Linda YEP!

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:19:37 AM)
inthevalley: most will have gone through the process before an offer is made.

vandana (ID=25) (Dec 7, 2000 11:19:39 AM)
Thanks, Alex.

basem (ID=26) (Dec 7, 2000 11:19:57 AM)
Thanks, Linda.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:20:03 AM)
Rod, when MIT interviews, do the interviewers have the rest of the application?

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 11:20:15 AM)
Rod: I have had courses in all of these as I am a business undergraduate. However, would it be possible to take advanced courses in all of these at MIT itself?

bluemetal2 (ID=30) (Dec 7, 2000 11:20:24 AM)
?Rod, I know that admission to MIT is very competitive. If someone has around 2 years of work experience, and that too not in the most high-fi company in the world, is that a drawback?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:20:37 AM)
Rod, shall I answer Linda's ? :)

inthevalley (ID=40) (Dec 7, 2000 11:20:51 AM)
? Rod, thanks, do those interviews generally occur on-campus?

Bamboo88 (ID=13) (Dec 7, 2000 11:21:23 AM)
? Alex: Do you need private sector working experience to apply?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:21:32 AM)
B, no.

genesplicer (ID=31) (Dec 7, 2000 11:21:33 AM)
? Rod and Alex. How are the application numbers this year? Up, down, or the same.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:21:51 AM)
G looks similar, but too early to really tell for us.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:21:56 AM)
You know I think I forgot to acknowledge the presence and welcome the assistance of Paul Bodine and Cindy Tokumitsu, two of's editors, who are joining us today. I really appreciate your coming and apologize for the tardy welcome.

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 11:22:05 AM)
? Alex, do you give interview feedback?

vandana (ID=25) (Dec 7, 2000 11:22:08 AM)
? Alex: Wharton is very competitive internationally (& within US — I would presume) — so would an applicant be judged against her country competition — or would there be some basic profile?

bluemetal2 (ID=30) (Dec 7, 2000 11:22:13 AM)
Hi Paul, Cindy.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:22:15 AM)
I agree with Alex's assessment. We all employ the same philosophy and funny that we even admit the same individuals (or reject them) even if we have different applications or essay questions.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:22:18 AM)
G no, we give general Y deny feedback

cindy tokumitsu (ID=32) (Dec 7, 2000 11:22:21 AM)
Thanks Linda. Great to be here — during the day!

PaulBodine (ID=33) (Dec 7, 2000 11:22:24 AM)
Hello everyone!

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 11:22:47 AM)
Cindy: Flower Power!

cindy tokumitsu (ID=32) (Dec 7, 2000 11:22:54 AM)

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:22:57 AM)
V no, no quotas etc.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:23:16 AM)
If there are not quotas, how do you make sure the classes have the diversity that both schools value?

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:23:27 AM)
Genesplicer: based on yesterday's numbers (it was our first deadline), we're down but it's still early to tell.

vandana (ID=25) (Dec 7, 2000 11:23:31 AM)
Exactly, Linda :)

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:24:01 AM)
L, we do that by designing our recruiting program for diversity ... then admit INDIVIDUALS.

thayertz (ID=12) (Dec 7, 2000 11:24:12 AM)
Alex, what would be a time range of working experience for your program?

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 11:24:12 AM)
? Wharton's rolling admission, is early Jan. apply still considered early application?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:24:45 AM)
T 1 to 20 years ...? is, why is now the right time??

Matt (ID=22) (Dec 7, 2000 11:24:55 AM)

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:24:56 AM)
G, absolutely.

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 11:25:04 AM)
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Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:25:28 AM)
Linda: when we interview, we will have the application with us (and we would have already read it too).

thayertz (ID=12) (Dec 7, 2000 11:25:31 AM)
Alex,, would be a disadvantage for people with 10yrs w/e in terms of their age for your program?

cindy tokumitsu (ID=32) (Dec 7, 2000 11:25:36 AM)
? Rod and Alex: How do you view or consider the different types of undergrad programs: arts & sciences, business, engineering? Any preferences?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:25:56 AM)
T NO, the ? is, why is now the right time for you to get the MBA?

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:25:56 AM)
Rod, so questions in the MIT interview will probably draw on the essays and work history, right?

inthevalley (ID=40) (Dec 7, 2000 11:26:13 AM)
?Alex, most schools claim interviewing with an alumni is no disadvantage. Is this true at Wharton? Does the on-campus interviewer sit in on the decision meeting. If so, would this not be considered advantageous to have interviewed on campus?

thayertz (ID=12) (Dec 7, 2000 11:26:42 AM)
Thank u Alex, I got ya.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:26:56 AM)
inthevalley: the interviews occur both on- and off-campus.

Matt (ID=22) (Dec 7, 2000 11:26:58 AM)
? I am thinking about taking the GMAT now (fresh out of school) and applying for business school in two to three years. Will my score be too "old" at that time?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:26:59 AM)
C no preference, we look at the entire package and see Y everything makes sense. We also need to see that candidates are academically prepared, I think MIT and Wharton are two of the most rigorous programs.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:27:01 AM)
I have an interesting perspective on the application process because I see the applications of individuals applying to many different schools. One client, many schools.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:27:21 AM)
M, no.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:27:28 AM)
And, I am frequently struck by the differences in the questions for schools seeming to seek the same type of applicant.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:27:41 AM)
Linda: the interview will definitely revolve around the application and the applicant.

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 11:27:49 AM)
? Alex, how do you evaluate the academic rigor in universities in other countries, for example, China. Do you see the ranking only?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:28:14 AM)
G, we have expertise around the world etc. so no need to worry.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:28:17 AM)
Certainly, Wharton's and MIT's questions are diametric opposites. Can you comment on the goals behind your different questions, particularly the Learning Team question for Wharton and Questions 1&2 for MIT.

morgenn (ID=42) (Dec 7, 2000 11:28:34 AM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:29:19 AM)
LT ? = we value team skills — and teams are a very important part of the MBA experience, so we want to hear the candidates' perspective.

vandana (ID=25) (Dec 7, 2000 11:29:32 AM)
?alex : there's a considerable difference in the GPAs in various Indian unives and even the courses — would there be a Wharton benchmark — esp with regards to the US schools?

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:30:13 AM)
MIT Questions:

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:30:15 AM)
V, don't worry about it, we understand the differences, and if there is a question, we have additional resources to refer to.

thayertz (ID=12) (Dec 7, 2000 11:30:25 AM)
Alex, how important to you when u look at one's GPA from ten years ago?

vandana (ID=25) (Dec 7, 2000 11:30:26 AM)
Thanks, Alex.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:30:37 AM)
Linda: for us the ultimate goal is to get to know the person behind the application. We are not looking for specific answers but how candidates think and feel. We think our essay questions are designed to elicit these things.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:30:47 AM)
Question 1: The goal of the Sloan MBA Program is to prepare graduates to be effective and innovative leaders in the global economy. As technology, innovation, globalization, and entrepreneurial opportunity become more important, managers need to understand how to develop new management models and methods and to make them work. Explain how the MIT Sloan MBA Program's focus on innovation will help you achieve your career goals. Question 2: Describe a situation where you introduced and/or managed change in an organization. Tell us how you influenced others in an organization (business, school, extracurricular activity) and comment on the professional and/or personal attributes you used to do that and how these attributes (and others) might be important to the attainment of your career goals. How do you expect the Sloan School to further the development of these attributes?

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:30:56 AM)
Wharton 2

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:30:58 AM)
2 At Wharton, the Learning Team, which consists of approximately five first-year students, is often assigned group projects and class presentations. Imagine that, one year from now, your Learning Team has a marketing class assignment due at 9:00 a.m. on Monday morning. It is now 10:00 p.m. on Sunday night; time is short, tension builds and your team has reached an impasse. What role would you take in such a situation? How would you enable the team to meet your deadline? (Note: The specific nature of the assignment is not as important here as the team dynamic.) Feel free to draw on previous experience, if applicable, in order to illustrate your approach.

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 11:31:48 AM)
?Alex, how do you select the member of your study group? Can the student have right of choice?

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:31:49 AM)
Rod are you looking for the applicant to relate their work/life experiences to the answers to questions 1 & 2, particularly 1?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:32:22 AM)
G no, random, then we make sure there is an international and female student in each learn team.

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 11:32:37 AM)
? Thanks, Alex.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:32:44 AM)
Linda: yes!

Joe (ID=15) (Dec 7, 2000 11:33:00 AM)
? Rod or Alex: Do you weigh more heavily an applicant's GPA for the last 2 years of undergrad? GPA in the major?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:33:17 AM)
J we look @ everything!

Joe (ID=15) (Dec 7, 2000 11:33:41 AM)
Thanks, Alex.

vandana (ID=25) (Dec 7, 2000 11:33:53 AM)
?Alex : I am interviewing with the wharton Adcom on the 14th in India — but I am sort of at a loss — since I am not sure what the interview w/o the app is designed to elicit?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:34:32 AM)
V if you have prepared your app ... you will be well prepared for the interview, enjoy it and be passionate about your issues etc.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:34:32 AM)
Joe: actually it everything. But it's also your major, your degree, the level/quality/reputation of school, your marks/grades, progression, etc.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:35:30 AM)
Vandana, we have an MBA Interview Feedback Database, which might help you (in addition to following Alex' advice). It is at /mba and then look for the menu item. I don't remember the exact URL.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:35:41 AM)
It contains feedback, sample questions, and interview tips.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:35:47 AM)
L, I wonder if I am in it :(

vandana (ID=25) (Dec 7, 2000 11:35:47 AM)
? Alex: thanks Alex.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:35:57 AM)
And let me add to what Alex said — not only should you show passion but also hunger and drive.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:35:59 AM)
Have you provided feedback?

vandana (ID=25) (Dec 7, 2000 11:36:06 AM)
Thanks, Linda.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:36:15 AM)
Those are the qualities you want to see in the essays too, right?

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 11:36:26 AM)
? Alex, how do you do the reading assignment of applicant's essays? Say, if I interview with you is you definitely going to read my essays?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:36:31 AM)
L, don't they evaluate us??

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:36:47 AM)
G no, its random and unlikely.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:36:48 AM)
Relax, not by name. :-)

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:36:53 AM)
You'll have to visit it and see.

evank (ID=43) (Dec 7, 2000 11:37:00 AM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:37:01 AM)
... on PR I have been killed :)

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 11:37:07 AM)
Thanks, Alex.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:37:25 AM)
Actually I think you have done an excellent job there.

Tiffany (ID=44) (Dec 7, 2000 11:37:29 AM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

basem (ID=26) (Dec 7, 2000 11:37:31 AM)
Alex, could you tell us a bit more how the adcom reaches a decision? How many people read the application, etc?

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:37:32 AM)
And much appreciated by most, but a few idiots.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:37:44 AM)
... but my interview style has been slammed!!

PaulBodine (ID=33) (Dec 7, 2000 11:37:46 AM)
The URL for our interview database is

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:37:54 AM)
Can't have it all. ;-)

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:38:05 AM)
Thanks, Paul.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:38:14 AM)
B, at least 3 people ... thorough review!!

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 11:38:43 AM)
Alex, where 3 people come from?

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:38:45 AM)
Actually, Alex is one of the nicest guys around. Some people just can't seem to relate to others.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:38:57 AM)
cheers Rod :)

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:39:07 AM)
What do you think are the unique strengths of your two schools?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:39:10 AM)
G, 3 people review an app.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:39:27 AM)
4 Wharton its scale and scope I think.

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 11:39:35 AM)
? Alex: Would u like to offer your comments on how your program differs from Chicago's, with regards to a person who wishes to study finance & economics at great depth?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:39:51 AM)
...don't like to compare schools, sorry.

thayertz (ID=12) (Dec 7, 2000 11:39:55 AM)
Alex, What do u think when people characterize ur program as a specialization vs generalization. How much u weight applicants' general management experience?

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:40:28 AM)
What's the difference between scale and scope?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:40:45 AM)
T we offer many specializations, so the depth and breadth is what makes wharton attractive I think.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:41:09 AM)
L sorry, how about depth and breadth?

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:41:18 AM)
I like that better.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:41:22 AM)
Rod do you want to comment?

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:41:40 AM)
Sorry, comment on what?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:41:47 AM)
Y MIT :)

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:41:50 AM)
What do you think is MIT's unique strength?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:42:00 AM)
Do you want me to!

Tiffany (ID=44) (Dec 7, 2000 11:42:03 AM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

Tiffany (ID=44) (Dec 7, 2000 11:42:03 AM)
(This user has moved to MBA Admissions) (IP = )

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:42:05 AM)
Alex, you must spend a lot of time on IM!

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:42:10 AM)
Yes while I compose my notes.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:42:21 AM)
L, never.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:42:40 AM)
I used to host chats about 4 years ago, so used to this medium

thayertz (ID=12) (Dec 7, 2000 11:42:42 AM)
Alex, So one should emphasize more on their financial managerial experience in their app.?

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 11:42:48 AM)
? Alex and Rod, giving applicants with less w/e and those with longer w/e, shall applicants with longer w/e be more specific on their short-term and long-term goal?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:42:59 AM)
T no, unless that is what you want to do??

evank (ID=43) (Dec 7, 2000 11:43:15 AM)
? Alex do you think that during the interview we have to have an exact career plan after we graduate from school and know what industry we want to enter?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:43:26 AM)
G we are interested in goals, despite the length of w/e.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:43:37 AM)
e, it helps.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:43:43 AM)
My experience is that specific goals are important for all applicants.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:43:55 AM)
Especially for Wharton.

thayertz (ID=12) (Dec 7, 2000 11:44:17 AM)
Alex, Would be an advantage when one has more financial managerial w/e?

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 11:44:38 AM)
Alex, you mean that quality of w/e is more important than quantity.

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 11:44:41 AM)
Thanks, Alex and Linda.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:44:46 AM)
Linda, we're part of MIT and very proud of MIT. There's something about MIT that is hard to describe. It's not the infrastructure, not technology but the people: the faculty, the students, the administrators. People at MIT stay and don't leave. My predecessor worked for MIT for 50 years before retiring.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:44:48 AM)
You're welcome.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:44:57 AM)

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:45:08 AM)
Could you describe that something?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:45:55 AM)
G YES, its what you got out of your experiences.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:46:00 AM)
I guess you just wrote that it is difficult to describe, so if this isn't the forum, that's OK.

cindy tokumitsu (ID=32) (Dec 7, 2000 11:46:24 AM)
?Rod, among my MBA clients to top schools, the percentage of female applicants to MIT seems far lower than to other schools (not that my client pool is necessarily representative). Is this an issue in Sloan admissions; do you seek to recruit women?

gt (ID=45) (Dec 7, 2000 11:46:34 AM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

reddy (ID=46) (Dec 7, 2000 11:46:36 AM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:46:41 AM)
One really has to visit our school to experience what I'm saying. And I will encourage everyone not just to visit us but to visit other schools as well.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:46:44 AM)
T only if that is in sync w/ goals etc.

vandana (ID=25) (Dec 7, 2000 11:47:05 AM)
? Alex : what if the specifics of how you are going to achieve your exact career goals — like you know what career course & where you want to go — but not the exact technical details — how does that rate?

thayertz (ID=12) (Dec 7, 2000 11:47:05 AM)
Thank u, Alex.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:47:17 AM)
I agree w/ Rod, a visit can be very valuable, if not, interface with alums etc.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:47:53 AM)
V no problem, just allow us to understand your thought process, and how our MBA fits.

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 11:48:27 AM)
Rod & Alex, to set your future plan, it's a little bit to specify industry coz the business pattern always change, will it be OK?

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:49:00 AM)
Actually the percentage of female applicants is comparable to our peer schools. It's not an issue (yet) but we work with schools, such as Wharton, etc., to get more women to apply to business schools.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:49:03 AM)
G give us a sense of your decision making process NOW, I want to know it makes sense.

thayertz (ID=12) (Dec 7, 2000 11:49:22 AM)
Alex, When I reapply, how much will you look at the one from 4 years ago?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:49:37 AM)
I agree w/ Rod, we are all working hard to increase the pool of female applicants.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:49:48 AM)
Alex, are you seeing an increase or decrease in the number of applications your are receiving in comparison with last year?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:50:13 AM)
T we don't ... you should complete a new app since it is more than 2 years old. You should reference you applied 4 years ago.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:50:29 AM)
Gas: has your questions been answered by Alex? If not, can you be more specific?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:50:36 AM)
L too early for us to tell accurately, looks on par 'though.

tazza95 (ID=47) (Dec 7, 2000 11:50:42 AM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:50:54 AM)
Linda: same for us. Still early to tell.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:51:18 AM)
Any questions?

vandana (ID=49) (Dec 7, 2000 11:51:29 AM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 11:51:38 AM)
Alex, while working in traditional industry, I'm very interested in High-tech but not sure what's going on with it, you may see so many dotcom went bankrupted.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:51:55 AM)
G and your ?

vandana (ID=49) (Dec 7, 2000 11:51:56 AM)
sorry — got disconnected.

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 11:51:57 AM)
? Rod: Is Sloan going to be recruiting in India for Fall '01?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:52:20 AM)
G, I have interviewed a few x dotcom people!

PaulBodine (ID=33) (Dec 7, 2000 11:52:24 AM)
Rod, should applicants answer your optional / supplemental question in essay form or should it be more of a list?

thayertz (ID=12) (Dec 7, 2000 11:52:26 AM)
Alex, since I want to be more focused on the recent changes, should I still present sth. from last app. 4yrs ago?

inthevalley (ID=40) (Dec 7, 2000 11:52:29 AM)
? Alex and Rod, are you seeing many apps this year from dot-commers?

tazza95 (ID=47) (Dec 7, 2000 11:52:46 AM)
? Sorry. My connection died earlier. Re evaluators, don't all of them evaluate candidates in the top one or two categories as applicants are only going to pick people who will say good things. How do you distinguish outstanding candidates from those whose evaluators overrate them???

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 11:52:50 AM)
alex, how is your feeling?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:52:56 AM)
T perhaps reflect on your growth since and how your goals may have changed etc.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:52:58 AM)
Ashish: unfortunately not since we have a small staff (4 admissions officers) and we can't cover the globe unfortunately.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:53:19 AM)
G ? is what did they learn from their experience.

gt (ID=45) (Dec 7, 2000 11:53:38 AM)
?Alex, I am international applicant. I took GMAT at the end of Nov. the official score will arrive to me at mid January. must I wait that late to send the whole package to Wharton? do not take unofficial score for reference?

thayertz (ID=12) (Dec 7, 2000 11:53:43 AM)
Thank u Alex.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:54:13 AM)
G no, don't wait, send a photocopy of your unofficial score with your app.

gt (ID=45) (Dec 7, 2000 11:54:30 AM)

inthevalley (ID=40) (Dec 7, 2000 11:54:41 AM)
?tazza, I honestly think that a real evaluation will not have all exceptionals, I would wonder if the evaluator honestly filled out the boxes. There are obviously strong candidates, but everyone has got weaknesses... just my 2 cents... what do you think Alex, Rod?

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 11:54:44 AM)
Rod: Our loss.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:54:56 AM)
Paul: you mean the required optional/supplemental question? It's an inside joke that Alex can relate to. The answer is it doesn't matter whether it's listed or even in an essay form. I was talking to a colleague this morning about how she reviews resumes: from bottom up i.e., she looks at extras/community first before where they work or where they went to school.

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 11:55:26 AM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 11:55:29 AM)
Sorry for my abrupt exit and re-entry.

PaulBodine (ID=33) (Dec 7, 2000 11:55:33 AM)

vandana (ID=49) (Dec 7, 2000 11:55:52 AM)
? rod; what did she say?

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 11:55:57 AM)
? Alex and Rod, can I send my application first and then request ETS to send the official GMAT and Toefl score?( I can include the examinee copy in the application package).

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:56:14 AM)
I we have a weakness ? on the rec, it better be answered!! and hopefully you are working on your weakness!!

vandana (ID=49) (Dec 7, 2000 11:56:17 AM)
? Rod; what was the answer?

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:56:20 AM)
Ashish: a friend invited me to a wedding in Pakistan next month. Not sure however if I can make it since it is so far. I travel half as much as flight attendants do.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:56:30 AM)
Tazza95 had an interesting question on the evaluation of evaluations.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:56:37 AM)
G yes, as long as you include photo copies in the app.

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 11:56:51 AM)
?alex, sorry to bother you again. This is about the waiver of TOEFL that I asked about earlier. I am sorry I missed your answer.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 11:56:55 AM)
Since most recommenders recommend the applicants, how do you distinguish. What makes a "good" recommendation?

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 11:57:23 AM)
?Thanks, Alex. Great! Is this a commonly accepted practice?

vandana (ID=49) (Dec 7, 2000 11:57:29 AM)
?Alex: when we talk about the achievements — if it's at an international or national level — would you want to see photocopies of evidence?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:57:31 AM)
B... request the waiver in the optional essay.

evank (ID=43) (Dec 7, 2000 11:57:46 AM)
Rod — When looking at GPA do you look closer at the last 2 years of college than you do at the first two.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:57:53 AM)
L depth and insight ... I have read the essays, now I want to learn more!!

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 11:58:05 AM)
Rod: It sure is! How about a streaming video webcast of the wedding? No need to leave home!

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:58:11 AM)
Vandana: what my colleague was implying was that how important it is to list and not to neglect including your extracurriculars, leadership experiences, languages, clubs, etc. in your resume or application.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:58:12 AM)
V don't need evidence, we trust U!

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 11:58:13 AM)
Rod, do visit Pakistan. u'll be very welcome.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:58:59 AM)
Bluemetal: only if there's a wedding. I heard weddings take a week long!

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 11:59:00 AM)
Alex & Rod. I have set my life-long goals, will it be redundantly claimed?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:59:20 AM)
g ?????????????

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 11:59:20 AM)
? Alex, I left my resume with Adcom interviewer. Does this mean that my resume will become part of the application package or it just serves the purpose of interview?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 11:59:39 AM)
G no, just for the interviewer

vandana (ID=49) (Dec 7, 2000 11:59:48 AM)
? rod/Alex: I agree — but while making my resume I realized that I was repeating the same info more than once — so was like uhhmmmm...

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 11:59:52 AM)
Thanks, alex.

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 11:59:52 AM)
Rod, they sure do, but the best parts are the initial ones, it gets a bit boring towards the very end. not for the bride and groom of course :0

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 11:59:54 AM)
Were there any questions I did not answer?

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 12:00:10 PM)
? Rod: I believe MIT is the only institution to have a wireless LAN in place. How is it going? Any updates?

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 12:00:16 PM)
Going back to the recs. Many recommenders don't want to fill out a form for every school? If a recommender writes a letter of recommendation for the candidate and doesn't fill out the form, does that reflect negatively on the candidate?

evank (ID=43) (Dec 7, 2000 12:00:37 PM)
? Rod When you look at GPA do you focus more on the last 2 years of undergrad than you

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 12:00:39 PM)
Rod, Alex, do you have time for a few more questions?

vandana (ID=49) (Dec 7, 2000 12:00:56 PM)
?Rod/Alex: would a same adcom person read all the details — resume — essays & the apps as well?

vandana (ID=49) (Dec 7, 2000 12:01:11 PM)
so that he gets a good overview of the applicant?

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:01:14 PM)
?guys, can u give a ROUGH estimate of a typical candidate's chances if he/she applies now compared to the application in the first/early round?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:01:14 PM)
L YES, make sure they fill out the form, and attached a letter answering the questions, but that letter can also address other schools questions (at least for us) DON'T not address one of our questions 'though!!

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:01:20 PM)
I can stay for another half hour. If these guys across the globe can, I'd do it.

inthevalley (ID=40) (Dec 7, 2000 12:01:28 PM)
?Alex, you may have missed my earlier question, is it beneficial to interview on campus so the interviewer can sit in on the decision?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:01:39 PM)
...I can stay... just have to play another CD!

Java (ID=51) (Dec 7, 2000 12:01:49 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 12:01:55 PM)
OK, a few more questions...

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:02:21 PM)
Thanks, Rod Garcia — u guys are all heart!

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 12:02:23 PM)
That's the beauty of the web — Breaks down boundaries — Of all kinds.

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 12:02:26 PM)
? Rod, can I send my application kit ( with examinee copy of Toefl and GMAT) first and ask ETS to send the offical GMAT and Toefl later?

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:02:28 PM)
Ashish: other schools have them too and they're great. You can surf the web or check your e-mail in the plaza outside the Sloan Building provided it's 70 degrees outside.

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:02:34 PM)
Which CD by the way would that be, Alex?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:02:34 PM)
I NO, interview where and who it is convenient ALL interviews carry = weight, and to be honest, if they didn't., I don't think our alums (who are busy people) would interview!!

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:02:46 PM)
The Doors!

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 12:03:02 PM)
And I thought it was classical!

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:03:28 PM)
... I am going to make a request of everyone here if that is OK??

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 12:03:33 PM)

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:03:35 PM)
Evank: scroll up (someone has asked the question already).

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:03:36 PM)
I can see that you have an eye for the classics. Maybe if I wrote that I was a relative of the Doors it would help ...

vandana (ID=49) (Dec 7, 2000 12:03:38 PM)

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:04:03 PM)
Now you got my attention too.

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 12:04:10 PM)
Alex, How about a recommender write a general LOR addressing most of your questions not all?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:04:12 PM)
I would like everyone to check out pose your questions and email what you think, we are beta testing it my email is

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:04:26 PM)
G ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

basem (ID=26) (Dec 7, 2000 12:04:32 PM)
Will do.

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 12:04:38 PM)
I will do.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 12:04:47 PM)
Will do.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:04:55 PM)

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 12:04:55 PM)
Alex, Thanks!

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:05:01 PM)
OK back to ?s

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:05:07 PM)
Will it be as fun as the PR board, Alex?

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 12:05:10 PM)
Rod: The wireless LAN, the trading room, the Fin.Engg. & Self-managed tracks are part of my attraction to Sloan. Besides the fact that it's part of MIT!

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:05:14 PM)
R :):)

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 12:05:16 PM)
Better, no criticism allowed!

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:05:39 PM)
L NO criticism allowed, its student run!!

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:05:47 PM)
... and anonymous.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 12:05:48 PM)
oh, oh.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 12:05:54 PM)
You're in trouble!

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:05:55 PM)
Ashish: good luck and all the best to you. I hope to get a chance to meet you.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:06:29 PM)
L :)

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:06:38 PM)
? just a silly question. Can I post my basic info and ask for a gut feel evaluation?

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 12:06:46 PM)
Sorry, we are trying to avoid that.

basem (ID=26) (Dec 7, 2000 12:07:00 PM)
Clown, ball, butterfly. What happening alex?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:07:10 PM)
B it's no good, it takes us a lot to evaluate ppl, so doing what you propose could create bad advise!!

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:07:23 PM)
... many personalities

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 12:07:29 PM)
Alex, My recommender already finished letter and sealed it, how can I do if they don't answer all the questions?

basem (ID=26) (Dec 7, 2000 12:07:31 PM)
I see.

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:07:32 PM)
Thanks, Alex, I knew it was a silly question.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:07:40 PM)
G trust them!

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 12:07:49 PM)

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:08:03 PM)
Some would say!

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 12:08:05 PM)
Rod: Thanks a lot. I hope to get a chance to meet you too. I am still waiting for my recos to come in so I can send in my application. I already managed to miss the Dec1/6 deadline! Great going! I have sent in my scores long back.

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:08:07 PM)
Not Dr. J and Mr. H I hope.

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 12:08:21 PM)
Better watch out for that new board!

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:08:35 PM)
OK ... seriously ... ?s

Linda Abraham (ID=34) (Dec 7, 2000 12:08:42 PM)
Yes, any more questions?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:09:12 PM)
Or should I go to the...

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:09:13 PM)
? alex and rod, the second round of applications ends round about Jan.1 while the first ends around Nov.1. If a guy had the same credentials, would he have better chances in round 1?

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:09:21 PM)
Ashish: send them anyway and we will try to read your application as best as we can.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:09:28 PM)
B, no rounds @ wharton.

vandana (ID=49) (Dec 7, 2000 12:09:34 PM)
No — not from me — but you've all been very helpful — Alex, Linda & Rod.

tazza95 (ID=47) (Dec 7, 2000 12:09:41 PM)
?Don't think we really covered the issue of evaluators who overrate and how you distinguish them from tough but fair evaluators.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:10:04 PM)
Bluemetal: no difference for us since half of our admits come from the first round and the other half come from the second.

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 12:10:06 PM)
? Alex, is there any word limit for work history in the application kit? Do you prefer longer one or shorter one?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:10:20 PM)
T, its depth and insight from their comments.

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 12:10:29 PM)
Alex, what should I do if recommender missed sth but sealed the letter?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:10:44 PM)
G, not too brief nor long!!

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 12:10:55 PM)
Rod: Will do. Hope to get my reco in in about 4 days. Will send in the package ASAP.

tazza95 (ID=47) (Dec 7, 2000 12:10:57 PM)
Thanks. Are you on the beers already?? I thought it was pretty early in the states!!!!

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:11:01 PM)
Gas: no big deal, just seal it but don't read it.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:11:02 PM)
G, just assume they didn't.

aaa (ID=53) (Dec 7, 2000 12:11:38 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 12:11:51 PM)
Never too early to start drinking. *Pun intended*

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:12:06 PM)
Wow the host has left, now your serious ?s!!!

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 12:12:07 PM)
Alex, because my recommender is very busy and I gut-feel he will miss sth.

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:12:16 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:12:22 PM)
Sorry about that.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:12:25 PM)
G everyone is busy, don't worry about it.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:12:28 PM)
I'll join Alex as well.

aaa (ID=53) (Dec 7, 2000 12:12:43 PM)
Did any of you write essays for MBA?

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:12:46 PM)
?essays can be evaluated by Linda before coming to u. Is that a positive or a negative. No offense to u of course, Linda you're a great help.

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 12:12:53 PM)
Thanks, Alex!

aaa (ID=53) (Dec 7, 2000 12:13:33 PM)
Where can I find examples of good MBA essays?

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 12:13:57 PM)
The best essays are written by the person himself/herself with a lot of introspection.

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:14:10 PM)
Ashish, I couldn't agree with you more about he importance of introspection.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:14:10 PM)
To be honest I have never seen SAs and consciously known who has evaluated them, so I cannot comment!! I do recommend ppl have others read them to get feedback.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:14:29 PM)
A you are ABSOLUTELY right

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:14:29 PM)
aaa, there are a number of samples on the Web site.

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:14:33 PM)
?alex and rod, the biggest question from me yet. over here, most bachelors degrees are two years followed by masters of two years. does that put me at a disadvantage, e.g. I did B.Com. and then MBA.

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 12:14:38 PM)
Linda: Not to harm your business or anything!

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 12:14:42 PM)

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 12:14:45 PM)
Alex, Should I apply my own story to the essays?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:14:47 PM)
B, no.

aaa (ID=53) (Dec 7, 2000 12:15:00 PM)
Are those essays free?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:15:09 PM)
G yes, examples are good things I think.

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:15:17 PM)
Ashish, don't laugh, I really agree. I don't care who evaluates them. If the applicants has not reflected seriously on his/her goals, etc. we can't do much, besides ask thought-provoking questions and ultimately edit what comes back.

edward_zhou (ID=55) (Dec 7, 2000 12:15:31 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:15:36 PM)
Bluemetal: you won't be at a disadvantage and you won't be at an advantage either.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:15:48 PM)
R cheers :)

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:15:53 PM)
The sample essays are available on the Web site at no charge.

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:15:59 PM)
?to build upon that q., the highest grade in B.Com. here is 1st division which is given if someone gets 60% or more. I got a first division but the %age isn't that impressive. How do u measure these things, Rod, Alex?

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 12:16:08 PM)
Linda: That is true. You can only fine-tune, not overhaul. *bad comparison*

aaa (ID=53) (Dec 7, 2000 12:16:20 PM)
Did any of you guys wrote your essays yet?

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:16:26 PM)
It's fine. I think you made a valuable point.

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 12:17:27 PM)
Alex, In the rolling basis application, how do your deal with those possible but not sure? turn down or consider in the later consideration

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 12:17:29 PM)
?Alex, I have two bachelors degrees, one B.S. and one B.A. Did different time with different school. Can I put my second B.A. in the column of graduate degree or ...? Do I have to explain why I attend two school for bachelor degree?

edward_zhou (ID=55) (Dec 7, 2000 12:17:38 PM)
?Alex Brown, what if the registrar refused to stamp the transcript request form?

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:17:44 PM)
Bluemetal: I need to see your app though. We need to know the quality of the school, what degree program you pursued, etc. We do have a person (a former director of Admissions) who has been reading applications for over 25 years and she's quite an expert. The best, I would say.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:18:02 PM)
G, we make decisions as apps come in ... under unusual circumstances we may wait list a few.

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:18:09 PM)
Thanks, Rod.

cindy tokumitsu (ID=32) (Dec 7, 2000 12:18:43 PM)
Thank you, Rod and Alex. Good luck to everyone with their apps!

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:18:49 PM)
E just have something sent, we know some have real difficulty sending EXACTLY as we ask for materials!

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:18:50 PM)
By any chance, have u heard of a university in Karachi, Pakistan by the name "Institute of Business Administration" or IBA for short.

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 12:19:07 PM)
Alex, usually how many wait list you put in one year?

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:19:15 PM)
Isn't there an MIT School of Management somewhere too?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:19:21 PM)
B ... someone in our office will be familiar ... I am focused on Europe.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:19:46 PM)
G don't know, maybe a couple of hundred throughout the year.

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:20:06 PM)
I am sure there is Rod. I heard of a MIT College somewhere in Pakistan.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:20:38 PM)
Anyone NOT asked a ?

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 12:20:55 PM)
? I have two bachelor degrees. one B.S. and one B.A. did different time (5 years in between) and with different school. Can I regard my second B.A. as graduate study? Do I have to explain why I go to two schools?

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:21:04 PM)
Rod and Alex, how do you view applicants currently enrolled in an MBA program that they are unhappy with? How do you view applicants who already have an MBA from another institution?

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 12:21:07 PM)
Who is missing all the action in Florida?

aa2 (ID=56) (Dec 7, 2000 12:21:11 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:21:23 PM)
G no, and yes, we need to Y behind ALL your major decisions.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:21:42 PM)
L, yes we do.

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 12:21:44 PM)
Thanks, Alex.

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:22:00 PM)
Thanks linda, cause I already have an MBA degree.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:22:08 PM)
Linda: we rarely get these applicants. I know of a case where someone was pursuing an MBA on a part-time basis and applied to our program. This is a different case.

edward_zhou (ID=55) (Dec 7, 2000 12:22:20 PM)
?alex, the number of applicants dropped last application season, what is the reason? School specific or just as any other schools?

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:22:21 PM)
And we admitted him.

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:22:24 PM)
Are these applicants at a disadvantage?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:23:11 PM)
E I have a couple of answers for that ... one is better self selection on candidates part (quality did improve) and the other is .com (and now they are applying!!!!!!!!!)

thayertz (ID=12) (Dec 7, 2000 12:23:12 PM)
Alex, Can someone @ ur part-time program transfer to ur full time program?

maple (ID=57) (Dec 7, 2000 12:23:18 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:23:35 PM)
T NO, since we do not have a pt program!

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:23:42 PM)
Linda: neither. These applicants need to understand however that when admitted to Sloan, they cannot transfer credits or waive out of courses. They have to do the full two-year program to earn the degree.

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:24:13 PM)
So they are evaluated without prejudice; they simply need to complete the full program?

thayertz (ID=12) (Dec 7, 2000 12:24:14 PM)
Alex, Sorry, weekend executive program I mean.

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 12:24:24 PM)
? Alex, do you keep the resume received during the interview?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:24:25 PM)
... for us, students can replace courses with advanced courses if they test our of courses.

edward_zhou (ID=55) (Dec 7, 2000 12:24:31 PM)
Alex, can you tell at this moment if the number of application will go up, flat or drop again (which is better for me)?

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:24:39 PM)
Alex, you're really having fun with the icons!

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:24:50 PM)
T, I don't think so.

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:25:13 PM)
I would have no problems in completing a full MBA at MIT cause I have four years of college education, 2 of MBA included. so for all practical purposes I have an equivalent of a US bachelors degree.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:25:14 PM)
Now, I am in my interviewing mode (kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:25:38 PM)
B, for us U would.

edward_zhou (ID=55) (Dec 7, 2000 12:25:42 PM)
?alex, how much weight does the interview for internationals??

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:25:54 PM)
E, they are very important.

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 12:26:06 PM)
? Alex, do u keep the resume received during the interview?

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:26:09 PM)
Thanks Alex, u say nice things but u don't look too nice.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:26:13 PM)
Edward: apps in full-time programs are predicted to be flat or down. Not true though with part-time programs.

edward_zhou (ID=55) (Dec 7, 2000 12:26:21 PM)
?Alex, are they make or break?

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 12:26:29 PM)
Alex, for language or communication reason?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:26:29 PM)
G no! B :(

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:27:04 PM)
I can vouch that Alex is a great guy.

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:27:04 PM)
hehehe, just the icon not u, I mean looks can be deceiving.

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 12:27:14 PM)
? You mean you will throw away the resume after the interview?

basem (ID=26) (Dec 7, 2000 12:27:20 PM)
He's also on the adcom, rod :)

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:27:21 PM)
E and G consider them like your essays, any part of your app could conceivably considered make or break. I always tell ppl, the weakest part of your app is the most important part!

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:27:28 PM)
Well now that u have had some beer, Rod, everybody would seem nice to u :)

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:27:49 PM)
... I am also a little ugly :)

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:27:59 PM)
G, yes.

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:28:03 PM)
Hope you have some beer before you starting reviewing apps. :-)

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:28:08 PM)
Alex: tell them what you're passionate about.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:28:24 PM)
R, aside from beer!

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 12:28:27 PM)
Rod: I would be surprised if app numbers are down — Considering the rankings jump, the slowing economy, and the dot-com bubble burst. Law schools may definitely suffer! (Thanks to Florida)

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:28:30 PM)

edward_zhou (ID=55) (Dec 7, 2000 12:28:56 PM)
?alex, will the recommender hurts my chance if his letter doesn't answer all the questions?

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:29:00 PM)
Florida is a full-employment act for lawyers. If it has any impact, it will increase apps to law school.

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:29:27 PM)
OK. One more question.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:29:28 PM)
I am passionate about our product and our industry ... candidates have GREAT opportunities these days with the paradigm shifting economy, being in Bschool is a great place to be right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:29:37 PM)
Ashish: based on GMAT scores sent to us, I think it's down.

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 12:29:39 PM)
Linda: It's like thanking "Ally Mc Beal" for rises, and "The Practice" for drops!

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:29:49 PM)
? what does reapplying to a school after two years signify passion about it?

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:29:58 PM)
Alex: no I mean horses.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:30:12 PM)
OK, so my other passions!! ...

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:30:49 PM)
B. Think of the MBA as a means to an end. If you are going to forego two years of income, move to another place/continent, you have to feel pretty strongly about something. Convey it.

vandana (ID=49) (Dec 7, 2000 12:31:11 PM)
Linda — u hit the bull's eye.

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:31:13 PM)
And I forgot tuition!

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:31:29 PM)
...never worry about the cost!!

edward_zhou (ID=55) (Dec 7, 2000 12:31:36 PM)
?Alex, will Wharton give decision over the web?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:31:43 PM)
E yes, ONLY the web.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:32:00 PM)
I think we've overstayed our welcome. Good luck, everyone and look forward to your apps. If there are any unanswered questions, send them to me via e-mail ( Thanks, Linda, for hosting this chat session. I really enjoyed it.

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 12:32:08 PM)
Alex, can a Wharton student get some discount ticket of 76's match?

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:32:29 PM)
G don't know, but they are doing OK this year!!

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 12:32:31 PM)
I understand Wharton has a loan tie-up with Citi — As Bob Alig put it: "If u can get in to Wharton, you can afford to go to Wharton"

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:32:35 PM)
I want to thank you all for coming. Special thanks to Rod Garcia of MIT and Alex Brown of Wharton. Thanks again to Cindy, who had to leave, and Paul Bodine,'s editors, who helped out today.

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 12:32:36 PM)
Thanks, rod.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:32:40 PM)
A, yes.

thayertz (ID=12) (Dec 7, 2000 12:32:41 PM)
Thank you all.

edward_zhou (ID=55) (Dec 7, 2000 12:32:50 PM)
Thanks, Alex.

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:32:50 PM)
Good luck to you all in your application!

basem (ID=26) (Dec 7, 2000 12:32:53 PM)
Thanks guys.

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:32:54 PM)
Thanks Alex, Rod, as we say in Pakistan "Khuda Hafiz" — May God be with you, and "shukriya" Thank you.

gas (ID=41) (Dec 7, 2000 12:32:59 PM)
Thanks to all.

PaulBodine (ID=33) (Dec 7, 2000 12:32:59 PM)
Thanks Rod and Alex! Good luck everyone!

edward_zhou (ID=55) (Dec 7, 2000 12:33:00 PM)
Thank you, Linda.

alexbr@wharton (ID=24) (Dec 7, 2000 12:33:06 PM)
Thanks and checkout and ask more ?s!!

vandana (ID=49) (Dec 7, 2000 12:33:10 PM)
Thanks everyone.

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:33:11 PM)
You're welcome.

vandana (ID=49) (Dec 7, 2000 12:33:13 PM)

Java (ID=51) (Dec 7, 2000 12:33:13 PM)
Thanx all!

bluemetal (ID=50) (Dec 7, 2000 12:33:16 PM)
And thank you our beloved host, Linda.

Rod Garcia (MIT Sloan) (ID=20) (Dec 7, 2000 12:33:19 PM)
Thanks all and good luck to everyone.

Ashish_Kaul_India (ID=29) (Dec 7, 2000 12:33:20 PM)
Thanks Linda, Rod & Alex. Great interaction.

guangmingwang(gmw) (ID=37) (Dec 7, 2000 12:33:29 PM)
Thanks, everyone.

Linda Abraham (ID=54) (Dec 7, 2000 12:33:29 PM)
Any feedback is very much appreciated to