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MBA Chat — December 13, 2000

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Chat Transcript:
Haas Happening with Cherie Scricca, Haas' Director of Admissions, and Jinny Lee, Second-Year Student at Haas

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:04:00 PM)
First I want to welcome you all to Accepted.com's Haas Happening.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:04:08 PM)
I also want to welcome Cheri Scricca, Director of Admissions and Jinny Lee, second year student and Vice President of Admissions in Haas' student government. And last but not least, I want to welcome Paul Bodine, an Accepted.com's editor.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:04:32 PM)
Thanks to everyone for joining.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:04:40 PM)
We encourage dialogue and discussion, but I would like to suggest a structure to make it easier to follow the threads of conversation. So here is the protocol:

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:04:47 PM)
We will post material to the chat. If you have a question on that material, please type a '?' and then your question. I and/or other participants will reply. If one of you wants to comment on the current topic, please jump right in. If you want to start a different topic, please type '?.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:04:57 PM)
Final request: We would like to avoid the brief summary of qualifications (or even the long laundry list) followed by the question, "Can I qualify?" Or "What are my chances?" This isn't the forum for that kind of analysis.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:05:04 PM)
Other than that limitation, this is your chance to ask questions about Haas' program and admissions policies. But I would like to take advantage of my position as host and ask the first questions.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:05:23 PM)
Cheri and Jinny, once an application is complete, how is it processed? How many people review it?

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:06:00 PM)
Hi Linda, an application is processed by a large staff, and reviewed by at least one.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:06:16 PM)
If it passes the one, what happens to it?

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:06:21 PM)
admissions committee member, but most get at least 2 reads if not 3

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:06:53 PM)
Do you vote or work toward a consensus?

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:07:11 PM)
We each vote, but no decision is reached without a consensus.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:07:18 PM)
What is the role and importance of essays and interviews in the process relative to GPA and GMAT?

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:07:47 PM)
Essays are extremely important in the review process.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:08:00 PM)
The next question is for both of you starting with Jinny. If you were to choose 3 attributes you would like to see in Haas students, what would they be?

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:08:07 PM)
There is not one factor that makes a decision, and we take into consideration all factors in a file.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:08:45 PM)
Interviews at Berkeley are by invitation only, and we use it only if it will influence a final decision.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:09:04 PM)
Are all accepted students interviewed?

cm898 (ID=35) (Dec 13, 2000 10:09:37 PM)
? I am an international student. My TOEFL is just 260 but my GMAT verbal is not so bad(40). I want to know if my GMAT score can compensate my low TOEFL?

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:09:46 PM)
Haas students are extremely collaborative and team-oriented. They are also very intelligent. Finally, the backgrounds are extremely diverse. I have classmates from banking and consulting, as well a number from non-profits, advertising, military.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:09:55 PM)
cm, could you hold your questions for a few minutes?

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:10:33 PM)
In terms of attributes, we would like to see applicants who are resourceful, who have demonstrated professional and personal success, and have demonstrated leadership skills.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:10:58 PM)
Is Hass seeing an increase or decrease in the number of applications since last year and by how much?

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:11:43 PM)
Linda, we only interviewed 11% of the entire applicant pool last year, so no, not all admitted students are interviewed.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:12:05 PM)
Wharton just announced that it is launching a West Coast Program, because according to Wharton's Dean Harker, "We recognize that our faculty and students must be able to work firsthand on the West Coast, and this gives us an historic opportunity to expand our leadership in business education and service in one of the world's most important hubs of technological and economic activity."

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:12:13 PM)
In terms of applications this year, it is too soon to tell for us if our pool is up or down from last year.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:12:18 PM)
What does this announcement say about the value of Haas' location and are you concerned about increased competition?

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:14:11 PM)
I believe that Haas has some very unique things to offer an MBA candidate that other schools cannot. One of the key reasons I chose Haas was its very small and intimate size, thus reflecting in the community. I am not sure how large the Wharton West program will be. Additionally, Haas has an incredibly established alumni base in the area because this business school has been here for so long. We have great contacts in the Bay Area that have been developed over the years.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:14:43 PM)
We have always believed that our location is a benefit, and are pleased that others are beginning to recognize what we have known all along! I expect there will be some competition from the new Wharton programs.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:14:55 PM)
Obviously, based on the announcement, Wharton is acknowledging the advantages of your location. Imitation is the most sincere...

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:15:13 PM)
It's your turn now. Please post your questions by typing a '?' and the question.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:15:26 PM)
cm898 had a ?

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:16:22 PM)
Jinny, how many students are in your class?

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:16:45 PM)
There are 240 students in each class. We are 1/3 international and 1/3 women.

traderrrr (ID=34) (Dec 13, 2000 10:16:55 PM)
?Hi Cherie - Could you highlight some of the things that Laura Tyson has done since coming on board that will materially effect a prospective students' experience at Haas?

vish (ID=28) (Dec 13, 2000 10:17:20 PM)
? do you penalize applicants for taking GMAT more than once or, you consider the highest score?

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:18:13 PM)
We give the applicants the benefit of the doubt and consider the highest score. However, we do see all GMAT scores.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:18:37 PM)
traderrrr....Dean Tyson has done a remarkable job of continuing to strengthen our ties with industry and government leaders. Many student endeavors have resulted from these efforts.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:18:46 PM)
Jinny, I know you are VP of Admissions for the student government. What is your (and other students') role in the admissions process?

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:19:13 PM)
I am essentially the student liaison between the current students, the admissions office, and the prospective applicant pool.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:19:35 PM)
I coordinate, with a team of student called the Haas Visitation Program, a campus visitation program.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:19:47 PM)
Do you actually review applications?

vish (ID=28) (Dec 13, 2000 10:19:51 PM)
I heard that unlike other schools Haas does not involve current students in application process. Is this correct?

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:20:07 PM)
I also correspond with prospective and admitted applicants with any and all questions that they have.

traderrrr (ID=34) (Dec 13, 2000 10:20:24 PM)
?Jinny - if I may ask, where else were you considering and why did you choose Haas?

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:20:43 PM)
I do not read applications, but I do conduct interviews. Student input in interviewing process is very important to the admissions office. We are very thoroughly trained to take on this massive responsibility.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:20:53 PM)
vish...you are correct. At the moment students are not involved in the review of applications, however, they are intimately involved with our interview program. In fact, students at Haas conduct most of the interviews of applicants.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:21:49 PM)
traderrrr, I was considering 2 other programs - Kellogg and Fuqua. I chose Haas for 3 key reasons. I like the intimate environment, I wanted to be the Bay Area, and the overall general management degree that Haas has to offer was superior in the areas that I wanted to round my business skills in.

traderrrr (ID=34) (Dec 13, 2000 10:22:21 PM)
Thanks — helpful info

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:22:22 PM)
Another one of my deliverables as VP Admissions is to plan and execute our "sell weekends" for admitted applicants in the spring semester.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:22:38 PM)
Jinny, what were the area that you were particularly interested in?

Duncan (ID=29) (Dec 13, 2000 10:22:42 PM)
?Over the past four years Haas has fell consistently in BW's MBA poll, from 13 to 16 and finally to 18 this year. What is the schools opinion on this situation and do you feel it's justified? Thanks!

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:22:48 PM)
Haas is also very into the personal touch. I try to ensure that all admits are called by one of my classmates.

LChiang (ID=36) (Dec 13, 2000 10:23:22 PM)
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Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:24:09 PM)
I am interested in marketing. I was a consultant at Ernst & Young (now Cap Gemini) in SF before and I focused in supply chain management. I have a strong operations background, but had very little exposure to marketing. I want to take the skills I have developed at Haas and take them to marketing. I also am interested in a company will continue to train and develop me.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:24:15 PM)
Duncan... Dean Tyson had a very pointed and detailed response to the BW rankings. You can visit our website at www.haas.berkeley.edu for a copy of her response.

vish (ID=28) (Dec 13, 2000 10:24:40 PM)
? what are your biggest competitors in terms of business schools

stuffy (ID=33) (Dec 13, 2000 10:25:07 PM)
? I'm a permanent resident of the US, but I'm from Asia. I recognized that Haas reviews applications by country basis. Is my application reviewed as domestic or international? When can I expect to hear the decision? I'm guessing that if I'm a domestic applicant, I hear early. If I'm an international, I have to wait until May or so?

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:25:23 PM)
vish, if you define competitors as programs that we "lose" admits to — they are Stanford, Kellogg, Anderson, Wharton.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:25:46 PM)
We know that the rankings are quite biased in terms of size, geography, and desire of students to pursue certain types of employment. We certainly do not believe that our program continues to suffer or "drop" in any significant way.

Duncan (ID=29) (Dec 13, 2000 10:26:10 PM)
Thanks cherie!

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:26:24 PM)
In terms of Haas' programs — I'm not talking about size, atmosphere or locations — what do you believe are Haas greatest strengths?

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:26:43 PM)
stuffy, this year, international students are reviewed with the domestic pool. So if you apply by the January 15 deadline, you will hear in April. We do review by country, but within the round. If you apply in the last round (in March), you will have to wait till May.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:27:17 PM)
Haas' offers an overall general management degree. Our greatest strengths and focus are in technology, entrepreneurship, and global management.

traderrrr (ID=34) (Dec 13, 2000 10:27:24 PM)
?Has the fall in rankings affected the school's ability to recruit from the best consulting firms in any way?

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:28:04 PM)
We have a great program called International Business Development, where you taking a class on how to consult internationally, and the course comes to fruition with a 3-week project during the summer between your first and second year. It's a fabulous opportunity.

TL (ID=38) (Dec 13, 2000 10:28:13 PM)
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LChiang (ID=36) (Dec 13, 2000 10:28:16 PM)
Thanks for holding this Live Chat session to take questions. My question is regarding the short answer section of the application. What do you consider an appropriate length for the responses, and what do you look for in terms of content? They seem a little off-beat when compared to other applications I've looked at.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:28:28 PM)
traderrr... not at all! In fact, consulting seems to be among the most popular areas for applicants before joining Haas, and also after graduation.

stuffy (ID=33) (Dec 13, 2000 10:28:57 PM)
Thank you Jinny! I applied by the first deadline, so I expect to hear the decision sooner.

traderrrr (ID=34) (Dec 13, 2000 10:28:57 PM)
Gotcha — thanks!

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:29:01 PM)
We also have very strong programs in marketing, real estate, non-profit, and health management.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:29:02 PM)
Jinny, that does sound like a fabulous opportunity.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:29:14 PM)
One of the coolest things about Haas

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:29:32 PM)
is that we don't expect anyone to "major" or concentrate in anything,

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:29:58 PM)
So everyone designs their own programs beyond basic prerequisites?

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:30:00 PM)
and once you finished the core curriculum, you can take whatever interests you. Some people take all marketing, some diversify their curriculum across the board.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:30:10 PM)
LChiang... short answer responses can be whatever length you feel is necessary to answer the question without providing us with an essay. Some folks provide a couple of words or phrases while others submit a paragraph... it is up to you! I'm glad you have noticed a difference in our application from other schools applications.

vish (ID=28) (Dec 13, 2000 10:30:16 PM)
? I am not sure whether any of you will be able to answer this. But, anyways. Haas has evening MBA which can be completed in 2.5 years. I was wondering what do you see as advantage of the full-time program over evening program?

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:30:22 PM)
Yes, Linda, it's up the student to take the courses that feel will round them out the best.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:31:27 PM)
Entrepreneurship is really hot today. What are Haas' programs geared to the future entrepreneur?

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:32:25 PM)
vish, the evening program at Haas is great. I have taken classes with the evening students. However, the disadvantage, in my opinion, is the opportunity to really network with your classmates and get the collegial feel that you get in the full-time program. Haas students take on many leadership roles and with a full-time job, it's very difficult to get that "full" experience as an MBA if you are going part-time. That all having been said, the evening program is excellent — they are required to fulfill the same requirements.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:33:23 PM)
How are re-applicants evaluated? Are they at a disadvantage? Advantage? Will the previous app also be considered, especially if the applicant applied more than two years earlier?

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:33:47 PM)
Entrepreneurship is great at Haas. We have 2 student-run business plan competitions in the spring. That gives the students a real chance to show their entrepreneurial spirit. In addition, we have a few strong courses in the area. One other strength is that we have access to and proximity to some of the finest venture capitalists in the world here.

traderrrr (ID=34) (Dec 13, 2000 10:33:58 PM)
?With the consulting firms that recruit on campus, do they mostly recruit for West Coast opportunities, or for East Coast opportunities as well??

vish (ID=28) (Dec 13, 2000 10:34:02 PM)
Jinny. But, considering the evening program offers the same degree in 2.5 years, wouldn't it dilute the full-time program's ranking or admissions?

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:34:28 PM)
Entrepreneurship at Haas has been known to be a "team sport". There is an atmosphere here of exploring all of the skills, philosophies, and ideas of entrepreneurship and how one can apply this to more traditional thinking and ways of doing business.

Duncan (ID=29) (Dec 13, 2000 10:34:38 PM)
?Expanding on Linda's question, are students that were waitlisted and then denied, given any advantage in the reapplication?

LChiang (ID=36) (Dec 13, 2000 10:35:22 PM)
Cherie, Thanks for your response. Do you think you could give a little hint as to what you are trying to find out from those short questions? I feel that I could answer them directly, but without explanation I fear that I might miss the point of the question altogether. I hope that I don't appear to need to much hand-holding, but those questions are truly unique.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:35:43 PM)
traderrr, I have several classmates with offers from consulting firms. Most of them are taking offers with the SF offices. They have the opportunity to take consulting jobs on the east coast or overseas, but many of them choose to stay here. Consulting firms are looking for talent, so they will place you where you want, assuming you have the skills that they are looking for.

traderrrr (ID=34) (Dec 13, 2000 10:36:12 PM)
Again — very helpful Jinny — thanks.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:36:25 PM)
Linda... in terms of re-applicants, the committee is concerned with finding substantive change from the applicant's prior application. Typically, we do not encourage people to reapply right away. Rather they should wait at least two years to reapply. We keep files on hand for two years, thus if someone re-applys within that time frame we will see their original application as well. I should note that we do not view multiple reapplications as something positive.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:37:02 PM)
vish, I don't think that the evening program dilutes admissions. In fact, admissions to the full-time program is more competitive that the evening program.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:37:16 PM)
I assume you also don't view re-applicants who do not show substantive growth in a positive light.

vish (ID=28) (Dec 13, 2000 10:37:24 PM)
Thanks, jinny,

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:37:45 PM)
Duncan....the simple and straightforward answer to your question is no. That being said, if you were on the waitlist that means that there were significant factors that were attractive to us.

stuffy (ID=33) (Dec 13, 2000 10:38:17 PM)
? How do you treat wait list?

traderrrr (ID=34) (Dec 13, 2000 10:38:57 PM)
?Jinny — can you outline a "typical" student for us (i.e. where do they live at Haas, do they have a car, how much socializing do they have time for, etc.)??

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:39:47 PM)
LC, the short answers are interesting, huh? The admissions office does not provide guidelines on that section because they are interested in seeing how you want to tackle them. Just for reference, some people answer with a couple of words and some people answer with a couple of paragraphs. My advise is to answer them like you were talking to a friend. The admissions committee just wants to get to know you as a person.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:39:56 PM)
Stuffy... very carefully! We review the waitlist several times throughout the cycle. When you are on the waitlist your file is considered active so you are able to submit additional materials if you like until such time as you receive a final decision. We also invite waitlisted candidates to interview if they want.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:40:26 PM)
traderrr, the typical Haas student lives either in the East Bay (Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, Albany) or in the city (SF).

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:40:31 PM)
Cherie, what kinds of material would you encourage a wait-listed applicant to submit?

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:40:37 PM)
Most people have cars, but people can get away without them.

LChiang (ID=36) (Dec 13, 2000 10:40:39 PM)
Thanks Jinny.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:41:00 PM)
We are on campus quite a bit, but there is plenty of time for fun.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:41:36 PM)
Linda... waitlisted students can submit anything, as long as it is in writing! Typically we get additional letters of recommendation, updates on what someone has been doing since they first applied, any updates to their professional lives or work situations, etc.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:41:54 PM)
In fact, Haas student have a lot of fun. We really take advantage of living in the Bay Area. We are 2-3 hours from Tahoe, really close to the ocean, wine country, and SF. We also do a lot of fun things locally. We also try to integrate students in the social setting.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:42:15 PM)
The cost of living here is high (as it is in NY). People do end up renting places together.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:42:23 PM)
Are applicants with more than ten years of work experience evaluated differently?

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:43:25 PM)
The Haas community is very much like a family, but there is room for a non-MBA life as well. I have many classmates with families, outside interests, pre-Haas friends.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:43:53 PM)
Linda...no. We look for the same things in applicants regardless of the years of work experience they may have. We want to see signs of increasing responsibility, evidence of leadership, and how the efforts of that person have made a difference to the position they hold or the company or organization they work for.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:44:59 PM)
What about the applicant with less than two years of full-time work experience?

traderrrr (ID=34) (Dec 13, 2000 10:45:32 PM)
It seems that Anderson and Haas have some of the same very positive attributes (entrepreneurial, tech focused, global, great climate/area). This being the case, how else might you differentiate yourselves vs. Anderson??

stuffy (ID=33) (Dec 13, 2000 10:45:50 PM)
Good question.

TL (ID=38) (Dec 13, 2000 10:46:24 PM)
How diverse is the student body at Haas? Is there a minority presence?

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:46:35 PM)
Linda... every year we get applicants with less than two years of experience, and they are reviewed with the same rigor as someone with more years of experience.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:47:23 PM)
TL... the student body is one third international, one third female, and almost a third ethnic minority.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:48:04 PM)
The ethnic minority stats are in relation to the domestic pool. They are extremely diverse in background, education, professional goals.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:49:06 PM)
traderrr, Anderson is a great program. Obviously, the location is a big difference. Also, the size of their program is slightly larger. There are different opportunities for involvement at the school, as well as for your career. Anderson has a great culture, like I think Haas does. There seems to me (and I don't know for sure) that Haas students are more focused on technology. Anderson has great access to entertainment industries, and they probably take advantage of that for class projects, etc... Students at Haas really take advantage of the network here and do "field" projects with companies that located within 50 miles of us.

PaulBodineAccepted.com (ID=32) (Dec 13, 2000 10:49:49 PM)
If an applicant honestly doesn't know what his/her career goals are and states three possible post-MBA options in the essays--none in much detail — is that taken at face value or do really expect them to have thought out a more focused goal?

traderrrr (ID=34) (Dec 13, 2000 10:51:28 PM)
?Is there any advantage in applying earlier within a round? Or, are all applications reviewed in a batch process round by round?

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:51:37 PM)
Paul... we expect people to change their professional careers and goals. What we are concerned with in the application process is that they have put some thought into professional focus and that an MBA makes sense in the accomplishment of professional goals in light of an applicant's past professional experience.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:53:03 PM)
traderrr, we encourage people to apply in the first or second round. The last round is fine too, but it really depends on the quality of the applicant pool in the first 2 rounds. Applying earlier in the round does not mean you will hear earlier.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:53:38 PM)
Any questions...

traderrrr (ID=34) (Dec 13, 2000 10:53:44 PM)
?Gotcha Jinny. But just for clarification, are they reviewed on a rolling basis within a single round?

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 10:54:13 PM)
traderrr, yes, they are. So if you apply for the January deadline, you MIGHT hear in February or you may hear in April.

leetatho (ID=39) (Dec 13, 2000 10:54:31 PM)
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stuffy (ID=33) (Dec 13, 2000 10:54:58 PM)
Do you put certain number of applicants on the wait list from the earlier rounds just to see how the later rounds' applicant pools are?

LChiang (ID=36) (Dec 13, 2000 10:55:13 PM)
Cherie, In your response to Paul's question, you seem to imply that one's future professional goal must be related to one previous work experience. Does this mean that you do not look favorably upon candidates who wish to use the MBA experience to forge a new career direction?

gmw (ID=40) (Dec 13, 2000 10:55:34 PM)
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stuffy (ID=33) (Dec 13, 2000 10:55:47 PM)
In other words, there is no advantage of applying early round?

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:55:50 PM)
stuffy... as a matter of practice, no. We waitlist an applicant from any round when we are interested in the applicant, but they are not as strong as admitted candidates in review at that time.

stuffy (ID=33) (Dec 13, 2000 10:57:16 PM)
Thank you!

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:57:23 PM)
LChiang... no, that is not what I meant. We always have students who are interested in pursuing an MBA to make a career change. My comments are related to focus, and being able to articulate why an MBA is important to your career at this point in time.

LChiang (ID=36) (Dec 13, 2000 10:57:43 PM)
Excellent. Thank you very much Cherie.

vish (ID=28) (Dec 13, 2000 10:58:17 PM)
Thanks Linda for hosting this very helpful chat.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 10:58:29 PM)
More questions...

traderrrr (ID=34) (Dec 13, 2000 10:58:34 PM)
?Ranking are only so important; and I know that there are several reasons why the rankings might be what they are? However, directionally, which way do you expect to go in the next edition — and by how much? I know this is a hard question to answer, but any color would be very helpful to many of us?

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 10:59:09 PM)
traderrrr... we always look up!

gmw (ID=40) (Dec 13, 2000 10:59:23 PM)
?For applicants with more than 9 years w/e, how can approach regarding long-term and short-term goal?

PaulBodineAccepted.com (ID=32) (Dec 13, 2000 10:59:25 PM)
For the record, Laura Tyson noted that there is apparently a BW bias against west coast and smaller programs.

stuffy (ID=33) (Dec 13, 2000 11:00:06 PM)
? Is full-time MBA applicant of last year considered re-applicant when he/she applies to part-time MBA?

traderrrr (ID=34) (Dec 13, 2000 11:00:14 PM)
Thanks Cherie — that's the spirit. I'm sure it will go up. It's a great program.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 11:00:38 PM)
gmw... it is important to put into context how the MBA can help you to achieve your long term goals. The context of past experience should help you to do this.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 11:00:50 PM)
traderrr, Haas will not necessarily change its philosophy and its structure to satisfy what the major publications are looking for in rankings. That being said, the rankings so highlight what areas could be improved upon, and if the Haas administration and students agree, there is always efforts made to implement the right changes.

gmw (ID=40) (Dec 13, 2000 11:00:55 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 11:01:04 PM)
I always tell our clients that the MBA is a bridge between where you have been and where you are going.

leetatho (ID=39) (Dec 13, 2000 11:01:22 PM)
Cherie, I read in the papers today regarding a Wharton Executive program in the west coast. Any thoughts?

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 11:01:46 PM)
Linda... I would agree, but applicants should also articulate what they know the benefits of such a program to be.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 11:01:48 PM)
It is a means to an end.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 11:02:53 PM)
leetatho... this question was addressed earlier in the discussion. We are glad that they are seeing the benefits of the west coast!

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 11:02:56 PM)
I agree with you there. When applicants write a generic answer for "Why this program" and merely change the names of the schools, they are wasting their and your time.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 11:03:48 PM)
Linda... and most admissions committee members are able to pick up on this, and as a result it never serves the applicant well.

gmw (ID=40) (Dec 13, 2000 11:04:10 PM)
? Do you offer any loan program for int'l students requiring no-co-signer this year?

leetatho (ID=39) (Dec 13, 2000 11:04:40 PM)

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 11:04:45 PM)
gmw... yes, this year we have such a program, and we are currently in negotiations with lenders and the university for such a program next year.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 11:04:59 PM)
leetatho... no problem.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 11:05:37 PM)
Let's have our last questions of the evening.

traderrrr (ID=34) (Dec 13, 2000 11:05:51 PM)
?How many students choose to study abroad?

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 11:06:10 PM)
traderrr, Not as many as you would think.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 11:06:18 PM)

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 11:06:29 PM)
In my class, about 10 people are abroad right now.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 11:06:45 PM)
The reason that so few go abroad is that there are other ways to get international exposure.

stuffy (ID=33) (Dec 13, 2000 11:06:55 PM)
If students have enough international experience, there would not be urgent necessity there... I'd think.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 11:07:01 PM)
We have this International Business Program I referred to earlier,

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 11:07:08 PM)
which sounded great.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 11:07:16 PM)
we also have 2 winter break trips — one to Asia and one to South America.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 11:07:26 PM)
Also, many of my classmates did their summer internships overseas.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 11:07:42 PM)
People really love it here and they love the community. It's hard to leave it for 1/4 of the experience.

leetatho (ID=39) (Dec 13, 2000 11:08:04 PM)
cherie, given the recent birth of the MFE program (tho it's been on the curriculum of Berkeley for a long time), do you envision incorporating subjects of the MFE into the FT/PT program (similar to MIT) thanks in advance.

traderrrr (ID=34) (Dec 13, 2000 11:08:25 PM)
That makes perfect sense — thanks. All of the info tonight has been extremely helpful!!!

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 11:09:05 PM)
OK. Last questions.

cherie scricca (ID=30) (Dec 13, 2000 11:09:12 PM)
leetatho... it is possible to take MFE classes as part of your MBA study. In addition, we are working toward full approval of a joint MBA/MFE program which may be of interest to you.

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 11:09:13 PM)
singular. "-)

LChiang (ID=41) (Dec 13, 2000 11:09:15 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 11:09:49 PM)
Thank you again all for participating this evening. Special thanks to Cheri and Jinny for joining us this evening and to Paul Bodine for his assistance.

leetatho (ID=39) (Dec 13, 2000 11:09:55 PM)
It would be perfect if the joint program is also available PT. Thanks.

Jinny Lee (ID=31) (Dec 13, 2000 11:10:03 PM)
If any of you are interested in visiting us, please do so. The Haas Visitation Program is a resource here that is extremely helpful. You can email them at hvp@haas.berkeley.edu. They will coordinate your campus visit for you once we start back up in Janaury. The first day to visit us is Janaury 22.

PaulBodineAccepted.com (ID=32) (Dec 13, 2000 11:10:15 PM)
Thanks Haas Admissions!

gmw (ID=40) (Dec 13, 2000 11:10:33 PM)
Thank you all.

stuffy (ID=33) (Dec 13, 2000 11:10:37 PM)
Linda, Cherie, Jinny, Paul and everyone, thank you very much. It was very informative!

Linda Abraham (ID=27) (Dec 13, 2000 11:10:38 PM)
We look forward to seeing you at future chats. Please check the Accepted.com Web site for the dates or subscribe to Odds 'N Ends and receive notification automatically.