MBA Chat — January 09, 2001

MBA Chat — January 09, 2001

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Chat Transcript:
UNC Kenan-Flagler Chat

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:10:56 PM)
First I want to welcome you all to's UNC admissions chat.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:11:05 PM)
I also want to welcome Dean Jim Dean, Associate Dean of the Kenan-Flagler Business School; Sherry Wallace, Director of MBA Admissions; and Rachel Hesser, second-year student and chair of the Admissions Advisory Board. And last but not least, I want to welcome Paul Bodine and Cindy Tokumitsu, two of's editors.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:11:15 PM)
Thanks to everyone for joining.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:11:24 PM)
We encourage dialogue and discussion, but I would like to suggest a structure to make it easier to follow the threads of conversation. So here is the protocol:

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:11:32 PM)
Either a member of the audience or I will post a question. If one of you wants to comment on the current topic, please jump right in. If you have a question or comment on a different topic, please type a "?" and then your question. I and/or other participants will reply. Again, to start discussing a different topic or question, please type "?".

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:11:41 PM)
Final request: We would like to avoid the brief summary of qualifications (or even the long laundry list) followed by the question, "Can I qualify?" Or "What are my chances?" This isn't the forum for that kind of analysis.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:11:59 PM)
Other than that limitation, this is your chance to ask questions about UNC's program and admissions policies. But I would like to take advantage of my position as host and ask the first questions.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:12:16 PM)
Once an application is complete, how is it processed? How many people review it?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:12:40 PM)
Applications will be reviewed by at least two members of the admissions committee.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:12:51 PM)
What if they tie?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:13:04 PM)
In addition to the application reviews, the interviews are often done by a third member of the admissions committee.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:13:32 PM)
Is there one factor that you can point to and say this is the most important part of an applicant's profile?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:13:39 PM)
After the application reads are complete and the interview write up is gathered, then the applicant is presented before the entire committee for discussion and a decision.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:13:58 PM)
How many people are on the committee?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:14:39 PM)
There are about 10 people on our admissions committee. At any given session 6 or 7 are present.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:14:54 PM)
Is there one factor that you can point to and say this is the most important part of an applicant's profile?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:15:14 PM)
We are pleased to have a committee that is comprised of people from a variety of backgrounds.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:15:32 PM)
This way, we know there is a fair "hearing" for all applicants.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:15:46 PM)
What kind of backgrounds?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:16:05 PM)
The most important thing is for the applicant to present himself/herself honestly. After all, it is important that there be a fit.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:16:38 PM)
The next question is for all of you starting with Rachel. If you were to choose 3 attributes you would like to see in K-F students, what would they be?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:16:52 PM)
Several members of the committee have Kenan-Flagler MBAs and others have MBAs from other fine business schools. Some have graduate degrees in other areas, too.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:17:45 PM)
About half the committee has previous corporate work experience.

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 1:18:21 PM)
Attributes we would like to see in KFBS students include being a team player, leadership potential, and highly motivated and proactive.

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:18:54 PM)
Sherry, you mentioned that applicants should present themselves honestly; have there been any cases of fraud in the past?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:19:07 PM)
As admissions director, I must ensure that incoming KFBS MBA students have solid analytic and quantitative ability, strong leadership profiles, and are focused on an end goal.

Leslie (ID=18) (Jan 9, 2001 1:19:24 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:19:34 PM)
In the 2+ years I've been here as AD, I have not witnessed fraud.

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:20:05 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:20:07 PM)
Have you suspected it?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:20:42 PM)
There are times it seems I'm reading essays that sound very much like ones I've read before.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:21:09 PM)
There are times I have read essays and thought that the stories I am reading don't add up.

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:21:21 PM)
Rachel, what's your role in reviewing the applications?

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:21:22 PM)
And I always wonder if the adcoms will have the same reaction.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:21:24 PM)
Also, there are times when certain essays have different flows/writing styles from the rest of the applicant's essays. That always makes you wonder.

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 1:21:48 PM)
Students do not review applications or interview candidates at KFBS,

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:21:58 PM)

Leslie (ID=18) (Jan 9, 2001 1:22:06 PM)
Hello I'm interested in attending UNC next fall and I'm trying to get some insight into that with regards to the student profiles and class composition.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:22:12 PM)
"Adding up" is important. When we see a package that seems to be all over the place, we generally don't rate the candidate very highly.

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 1:22:18 PM)
However, as the Chairperson for the Admissions Advisory Board, I organize several Admission related activities.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:22:40 PM)
Leslie, I'm pleased you are considering us. You need to hurry and get the application in.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:22:46 PM)
For each of you, what do you see as KFBS' strengths?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:23:10 PM)
Our third (of four) deadlines is Jan 12th. This is the last deadline in which candidates have a chance to be considered for merit fellowships.

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:23:12 PM)
Sherry, do you mean that some of the achievements could be exaggerated?

Leslie (ID=18) (Jan 9, 2001 1:23:40 PM)
Thank you Sherry and I look forward to attending.

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 1:23:45 PM)
These activities include providing Student Greeters in the Admissions Office at all times so applicants can talk with students and ask questions. I also arrange for student/applicant lunches and tours of the school. Lastly, I help to coordinate the Welcome Weekend in April for admitted students.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:23:48 PM)
Our final deadline is first week of March, but it's possible that we could be very short on class space by the time we review fourth deadline candidates.

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:24:13 PM)
Linda — I believe we have a unique combination of a very rigorous program and a very supportive culture. Our students and alumni are passionate about the school, and are willing to help the school and one another in a way that I believe is very special.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:24:52 PM)
We know that applicants are presenting themselves in the best light they can. That is expected. Untruths are an issue, however. Generally we can confirm the real situations when we look at the letters of recommendation and [get] feedback from the interview.

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:25:38 PM)
I didn't answer the question before about what we are looking for, but my answer is similar to Rachel's and Sherry's: leadership potential, analytical skills, and interpersonal/communication skills.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:25:46 PM)
Leslie, are there specific questions you'd like to ask about your potential classmates?

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:26:59 PM)
Jim, you and I have corresponded about UNC's strengths. You mentioned that UNC is very strong in marketing, has a lot of high-tech and entrepreneurial input from the surrounding hi-tech community, and is getting more and more recruiters from management consulting firms and investment banks. Do you care to comment further on those developments?

Leslie (ID=18) (Jan 9, 2001 1:27:04 PM)
Sherry, I'm an international applicant so getting transcripts have been tricky? I had a look at UNC online and was immediately impressed with its course outline. Do you plan to add more web-based courses?

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 1:27:28 PM)

Leslie (ID=18) (Jan 9, 2001 1:27:43 PM)
Sherry, how diversified will my class be?

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 1:27:43 PM)
KFBSA application can be downloaded online.

Leslie (ID=18) (Jan 9, 2001 1:28:11 PM)
Thank you Rachel,

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:28:17 PM)
We are located in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, so we are surrounded by and take advantage of relationships with such firms as Nortel, Cisco, Red Hat, IBM, etc...

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:28:52 PM)
In each of the past two incoming classes, the diversity has been evident. About a third female. A third are foreign nationals. Within the US citizen/perm resident population, about 25% are minority (African Amer, Hispan Amer, Asian Amer or Native Amer)

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:28:55 PM)
Also, our Office of Career Services has been working for several years to bring to campus a high percentage of the most desirable recruiters...

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:29:00 PM)
Sherry, are you seeing an increase in applications?

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:29:15 PM)
Such as, Jim?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:29:37 PM)
Applications increased 50% for the class of 2002. So far, we are seeing increases again for spots in the class of 2003

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:29:57 PM)
Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse First Boston, Morgan Stanley, McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Booz Allen, just to name a few.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:30:04 PM)
That's pretty impressive. Are the increases for 2003 similarly eye-popping, Sherry?

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:30:04 PM)
Jim, are we seeing the back to consulting, back to banking phenomenon at KFBS?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:30:15 PM)
We have only 2 deadlines tallied at this point, and the first two deadlines usually comprise about 30 to 40% of the total applications we will receive.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:30:45 PM)
Are they running similar to last year or ahead? Your numbers are particularly impressive, because of course many schools reported a drop [last year].

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:30:48 PM)
It's hard to tell on the admissions side, but that could be part of our increase in apps. However, we started to see increased apps even before the world turned around last spring.

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 1:30:55 PM)
First year of school, students are assigned to a team. This team is very diverse with men, female, and international students. You work together the whole year on all assigned team project. Functional backgrounds for team members are also very diverse from marketing, finance, to entrepreneurs.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:31:13 PM)
It's too early to predict how much the percent increase will be. Right now , it's up about 15%. The third deadline will be the most telling period since it is our largest volume deadline.

Leslie (ID=18) (Jan 9, 2001 1:31:14 PM)
Sherry, do recruiters support such a diverse class, with such a high international population?

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:31:22 PM)
I think we are seeing the back to banking etc. much more on the career services side.

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:31:52 PM)
i.e., are a lot of students reverting to 'traditional recruiters' and steering clear of dotcoms?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:32:27 PM)
Leslie, we are pleased that our international students are getting very favorable interest from the recruiters. While it is true that some companies do not hire foreign nationals, we are finding more and more who will.

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:32:35 PM)
Pezdood — to some extent, although there is a considerable amount of interest in e-commerce work in larger firms. The dotcoms are only the tip of the iceberg for e-commerce placements.

bluemetal (ID=19) (Jan 9, 2001 1:32:48 PM)
?which major offered by KF is the most popular with the recruiters?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:33:00 PM)
Our office of career services has done an excellent job of educating many of our top employers on the relative ease of hiring foreign nationals.

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 1:33:41 PM)
My friends are getting jobs in all the functional areas from I-Banking, Marketing, Consulting, etc.

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:33:49 PM)
Bluemetal — our biggest groups from a hiring standpoint are management consulting, marketing, and corporate finance.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:34:07 PM)
Are you putting more people on the wait-list this year than in previous years? Those notoriously unreliable message boards seem to imply a lot of applicants are being wait-listed at UNC.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:34:08 PM)
With that said, I do want to stress that it is a bit more difficult for international students seeking employment in the U.S. than it is for domestic students. English language skills must be very strong in order for you to be successful. You also must do your homework and prepare well for the interviews.

bluemetal (ID=19) (Jan 9, 2001 1:34:14 PM)
Thanks, Rachel and Jim.

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:34:43 PM)
We also have a fair number of people going into high-tech firms, in various functions, e.g. marketing, finance. HP, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, and many others along these lines are popular.

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:34:53 PM)
Thanks, Jim.

bluemetal (ID=19) (Jan 9, 2001 1:34:54 PM)
Do you have very strict toefl requirements of foreign students?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:35:16 PM)
Three years ago, international students were about 20% of the UNC MBA class. Now that we are at almost a third international, we have not seen a rise in the percentage of international students without job placements upon graduation.

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:35:35 PM)
Sherry, what is that percentage?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:35:42 PM)
TOEFL is important. We expect to see 600 total with 60 in each section on the paper test.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:35:49 PM)
I am inferring that there while students are still interested in e-commerce and high tech there is somewhat less interest in the brand new start-up. Am I correct?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:35:58 PM)
On the computer test, we look for 250 with 25 in each section.

Leslie (ID=18) (Jan 9, 2001 1:35:58 PM)
Sherry, Is it the same for internships? P.S. I speak English fluently, so I'm OK there.

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:36:27 PM)
Linda — yes, but this phenomenon was never as big as some of the business magazines said it was.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:36:51 PM)
I need to check the percentage — I think it is around 3%, but I'm not positive. I do know that the percentage is the same for intl and domestic students.

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:36:51 PM)
Except for a very few schools, only about 5-10 percent of graduates go in this direction.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:37:10 PM)
Are you putting more people on the wait-list this year than in previous years? Those notoriously unreliable message boards imply a lot of applicants are being wait-listed at UNC.

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:37:18 PM)
Thanks Sherry, a ballpark figure is ok.

Sara (ID=20) (Jan 9, 2001 1:37:23 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

bluemetal (ID=19) (Jan 9, 2001 1:37:25 PM)
I am not worried by the score requirement Sherry, its just that my TOEFL expired last August. The score was a decent 660 and I don't want to retake it.

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 1:37:54 PM)
If anyone has a specific interest in Marketing, I am pursuing a Brand Management career and can answer specific questions regarding that.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:37:54 PM)
I understand that international students tend to have more options for full-time employment than they have for internships. That is because hiring organizations often do not have as many internship opportunities to offer (especially consulting firms).

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:38:15 PM)
99% of our domestic students have offers within three months after graduation. 96% of our international students do.

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:38:32 PM)
Thanks, Jim.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:38:39 PM)
Rachel, did you have an internship over the summer? If so where?

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 1:38:59 PM)
Yes. I interned at Nabisco over the summer.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:39:09 PM)
I'm sorry that TOEFL expired on you. Unfortunately, we do need a valid score in order to consider an applicant for admission.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:39:18 PM)
Did most of your classmates who wanted internships have them?

bluemetal (ID=19) (Jan 9, 2001 1:39:33 PM)
Is there any way of waiving that requirement?

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 1:39:39 PM)
Yes. Everyone who wanted an internship got one.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:39:41 PM)
100% of the students seeking internships have been placed over the past 2 seasons.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:40:11 PM)
Do you have a job already or are you in the midst of the job search?

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:40:13 PM)
Sherry, is it true that a lot more students are waitlisted this year than last year? And, if so, why do you think that is?

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 1:40:31 PM)
Career services does an excellent job of getting companies to recruit on campus. Companies come visit to give presentations about 1 month after the program begins. Interviews for internships begin in January.

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:40:41 PM)
You might be interested in knowing that 70% of our students get job offers based on their internships, and about half accept them.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:40:42 PM)
Actually, I don't think we waitlisted as many applicants this year as we did same deadline last year.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:41:00 PM)
False rumors again on the message board!

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:41:04 PM)
We have only issued one round of decisions at this point. Our second deadline decisions will be mailed on Jan 26.

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:41:06 PM)

Leslie (ID=18) (Jan 9, 2001 1:41:19 PM)
Hello Sherry, what is the average GMAT score for your present class?

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:41:25 PM)
Guess you can't believe everything you read on the Internet.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:41:44 PM)
I realize that being waitlisted is very frustrating for candidates. Still, it means their candidacy is still alive.

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 1:41:51 PM)
The class of 2002 had a GMAT score of 666.

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:41:52 PM)
For international students are the decisions going out by DHL?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:42:07 PM)
Kenan-Flagler has one of the smallest class sizes among top b-schools — about 260 students.

bluemetal (ID=19) (Jan 9, 2001 1:42:17 PM)
In terms of work experience, how much is quality of work important compared to number of years?

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:42:23 PM)
True Linda

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:42:27 PM)
Because of our small size, we simply cannot offer as many invitations as can larger programs.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:42:40 PM)
This is why many outstanding candidates will be denied.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:43:13 PM)
Is K-F lowering the work experience requirement? If so, what kind of experience does UNC want to see?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:43:14 PM)
Quality of work experience is as important as number of years. In fact, it is more important to have RESULTS in your career to date.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:43:48 PM)
We have no plans to lower the work experience — it's always a function of the applicant pool.

Leslie (ID=18) (Jan 9, 2001 1:44:02 PM)
Thanks Rachel, what was your work history prior to your brand mgt career?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:44:14 PM)
This is the one thing I wish I could make all applicants understand: they are not competing against some existing bar. They are competing against a pool.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:44:35 PM)
The pool changes every year. Applicants that were most competitive two years ago are not in the top ranks this year.

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 1:44:42 PM)
Leslie — I was a commercial banker for 6 years at First Chicago now Bank One. I was a finance major in undergrad.

bluemetal (ID=19) (Jan 9, 2001 1:44:48 PM)
Int'l students like me cannot visit the campus because of job and financial constraints? What do you recommend we use as the source of info?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:45:06 PM)
So far, it appears that the depth of applicants in the pool is such that we will once again have a class with 4 1/2 to 5 years of experience on average.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:45:30 PM)
Do you see the average GMAT going up this year?

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:45:31 PM)
Rachel, how do you find brand management as opposed to commercial banking?

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:45:38 PM)
Bluemetal — I assume you have already see our brochure, and been to our websites, including the MBA Scorecard site?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:45:49 PM)
Our Web site has a tremendous amount of information. Check out and

Leslie (ID=18) (Jan 9, 2001 1:46:10 PM)
Rachel how come the career change? why not investment mgt?

bluemetal (ID=19) (Jan 9, 2001 1:46:15 PM)
You're right, Jim!

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:46:24 PM)
I believe the GMAT will rise again this year. Again, it will be a by product of the applicant pool. We have higher GMAT applicants competing for spots in the class.

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:46:49 PM)
Bluemetal — than participating in this discussion is a great next step. We are happy to answer any questions you have...

bluemetal (ID=19) (Jan 9, 2001 1:46:53 PM)
But there can really be no substitute of actually talking to a student or visiting the campus.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:47:01 PM)
Rachel is a student.

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 1:47:31 PM)
I love it. As a brand manager, you are responsible for growing the revenues of the product. You get to work with all areas of the company from operations, R&D, creative services, etc. It is a career that allows for a great blend of using creative and analytical skills.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:47:36 PM)
Our students, too, are excellent sources of information and program insight. Email if you'd like us to put you in touch with a few students. Please give us a profile of the type of student you seek.

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:47:39 PM)
We are thinking of putting student videos on our website, to address this issue.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:48:35 PM)
That email address is Sorry I typed it incorrectly before.

Leslie (ID=18) (Jan 9, 2001 1:48:52 PM)
Where did you undergrad Rachel?

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:48:53 PM)
Rachel, people say brand management is fun but doesn't pay as well as consulting or investment banking? How do you rate that statement?

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:49:05 PM)
We also have visited MBA forums and held receptions in many areas of the world this year, and will do so again next year.

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 1:49:22 PM)
The school has a a group of international and domestic students who are more than happy to answer applicant questions.

bluemetal (ID=19) (Jan 9, 2001 1:49:57 PM)
Any chance of you visiting Pakistan ? :)

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 1:50:13 PM)
The Admissions Advisory Board helps to ensure that we coordinate getting a student who has similar career and personal interests as the applicant who has questions.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:50:48 PM)
How are re-applicants evaluated? Are they at a disadvantage? Advantage? Will the previous app also be considered, especially if the applicant applied more than two years earlier or was previously wait-listed?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:51:01 PM)
We have not visited Pakistan this past season. We do have an admissions director who is the "region manager" for Pakistan. We also have several Pakistani students. Please email for additional info.

Leslie (ID=18) (Jan 9, 2001 1:51:20 PM)
Sherry, applicants GPA is an important factor in admission I'd imagine? How do you equate the quality of undergrad degree vs. a US [degree]? What about professional qualification such as the ACCA?

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:51:42 PM)
Jim, there seems to be an emphasis on raising the avg. GMAT in KFBS's scorecard. Is that a byproduct of the rise in GMAT scores or a goal the school hopes to achieve? And if it's the latter, why is that important?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:51:57 PM)
Past academic importance is certainly a big part of the admission decision.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:52:17 PM)
We do not attempt to translate non-U.S. grades into the tradtional U.S. 4.0 system.

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:52:44 PM)
It's both. The premise of the Scorecard is that, if we want to be among the world's best business schools, we need to be among the best in the quality of students, the quality of education, career success, and reputation/ranking...

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:52:45 PM)
Because we have our directors broken out into regions, we each learn a lot about the respective academic systems and grading in our regions.

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 1:53:04 PM)
Pezpod — While it is true that in general brand management doesn't pay as well. My compensation offers are still over 6 figures in total when looking at salary, bonuses, additional perks. Additionally, the type of compensation you are offered depends on the company you are interviewing with. All the top Brand Companies have very competitive offers. Most of the top brand companies recruit on campus at KFBS.

Leslie (ID=18) (Jan 9, 2001 1:53:16 PM)
How does that translation in the 4.0 system work?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:53:25 PM)
We will evaluate your credentials based on your country's own system. We do expect the equivalent of a U.S. 4-yr bachelor's degree.

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:53:28 PM)
GMAT is only one of the many attributes we look at. We have students with a wide range of GMAT scores, but it is a reliable common denominator among people with vary different backgrounds.

bluemetal (ID=19) (Jan 9, 2001 1:54:12 PM)
From what you said early on, its already too late to apply.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:54:30 PM)
Whenever you see the UNC GPA average, please know that is is only the average of students attending U.S. Schools who reported grades in the 4.0 system. That is about 60% of the students.

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:54:37 PM)
There is a misconception on the Business Week website postings that GMAT scores figure in BW rankings. They do not.

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:55:04 PM)
Jim, I've just been building a scorecard myself and I know it's difficult to have a goal that can not be quantified somehow. And the GMAT (and maybe the GPA) are the only aspects of an application that can be quantified.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:55:18 PM)
I think they figure in US News rankings.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:55:34 PM)
It's not too late. We have the Jan 12th deadline — you have to have materials postmarked (or e-submitted) by that date. This is the last deadline for merit fellowship consideration. We will still have the fourth and final deadline in early May.

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:55:47 PM)
At the individual level, you are right. But we also track our percentages of international students, students from various areas of the US, minority students, etc.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:56:07 PM)
As I said before, space will be tight in the last deadline, but we will certainly make some admits then (just not as many as we will make from the third (Jan 12) deadline)

Leslie (ID=18) (Jan 9, 2001 1:56:11 PM)
How do the other 40% figure into the grading? Or, are they simply not reported in the averages?

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 1:56:12 PM)
Do you consider applications on a rolling basis with a round or only after each submission deadline?

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 1:56:32 PM)
Linda — yes they do figure in US News rankings in a minor way. The explanations for how all of the rankings are done can be found on the MBA Scorecard in the Reputation and Rankings section.

bluemetal (ID=19) (Jan 9, 2001 1:57:07 PM)
Do you need just the electronic application submitted by the deadline or the mail-in materials as well?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:57:36 PM)
We don't arbitrarily attempt to translate grades to the 4.0 system so we don't report them. I' m sure if it were possible to arrive at an acceptable translation system, our average GPA would increase!

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 1:58:12 PM)
Rachel, when you interned with Nabisco, did you work with interns from other top b-schools? How did they compare?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:58:17 PM)
I think other schools may attempt to translate those grades, but we don't think it is a good idea since there are no generally accepted standards for translating the grades.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 1:59:11 PM)
We review applications continuously, but we generally do not issue decisions on a rolling basis. We follow the dates we promise per deadline.

bluemetal (ID=19) (Jan 9, 2001 1:59:18 PM)
How do you consider someone who already has an MBA?

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 2:00:06 PM)
I worked with interns from Wharton, Kellogg, NYU, Duke, Cornell, Michigan. I found that I was just as or more prepared for my internship than they were.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 2:00:08 PM)
We have found that when we "roll" decisions, it causes more chaos than our office can handle. If one person hears that someone else got a decision and they did not, they call the office confused.

kr1 (ID=21) (Jan 9, 2001 2:00:10 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

cindy tokumitsu (ID=16) (Jan 9, 2001 2:00:15 PM)
Sherry, Jim, Rachel, Thank you — I enjoyed your comments and learned a lot about KF and its admissions process. Best wishes to the applicants!

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 2:00:30 PM)
Cindy, you are very welcome.

Leslie (ID=22) (Jan 9, 2001 2:00:36 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 2:00:46 PM)
Welcome back, Leslie.

Leslie (ID=22) (Jan 9, 2001 2:01:02 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 2:01:19 PM)
We have been chatting for about an hour, and I think have had excellent questions and insightful answers, but I would like to limit the chat to 3 more questions because our guests have to get back to work.

bluemetal (ID=19) (Jan 9, 2001 2:01:35 PM)
How do you consider someone who already has an MBA?

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 2:01:52 PM)
If any of you want to get in touch with me with further questions, I can be reached at

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 2:01:59 PM)
If an applicant previously has earned an MBA, we look at the case on an individual basis. Sometimes, the former MBA experience is deemed to be too close to what we offer, and we do not consider the applicant for admission. Other times, the programs are distinctive enough that we will consider them for admission.

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 2:02:16 PM)
Feel free to contact me directly at

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 2:02:47 PM)
Do you send the applications responses out to international students by DHL?

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 2:02:56 PM)
I'd like to know how prospective applicants currently get their information about the schools to which they apply.

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 2:03:03 PM)
kr1 you came in right at the end; do you have any questions we can answer?

Leslie (ID=22) (Jan 9, 2001 2:03:26 PM)
Sherry, that would be via the net.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 2:03:27 PM)
We send admit letters via air courier services. We do not air courier the deny or waitlist letters.

bluemetal (ID=23) (Jan 9, 2001 2:03:45 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP = )

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 2:03:54 PM)

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 2:03:59 PM)
Thanks, Leslie. Please let us know if there is information you need that you are unable to find.

kr1 (ID=21) (Jan 9, 2001 2:04:01 PM)

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 2:04:11 PM)
You're welcome!

bluemetal (ID=23) (Jan 9, 2001 2:04:15 PM)
Thanks Sherry, Jim, and Rachel.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 2:04:25 PM)
Let's wait for kr1's questions.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 2:04:34 PM)
My pleasure, bluemetal.

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 2:04:48 PM)
I guess we scared him off...

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 2:04:59 PM)
Guess so.

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 2:05:04 PM)
Thanks Sherry, Jim and Rachel. Good to talk to all of you.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 2:05:05 PM)
He's off to work on his application (or her).

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 2:05:07 PM)
Thank you again all for participating this evening. Special thanks to Jim, Sherry, and Rachel for joining us this evening and to Paul Bodine and Cindy Tokumitsu for their assistance.

Jim Dean Assoc Dean (ID=15) (Jan 9, 2001 2:05:18 PM)
Thanks to Linda for giving us this opportunity.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 2:05:19 PM)
Good luck with your applications.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 2:05:24 PM)
You're very welcome.

bluemetal (ID=23) (Jan 9, 2001 2:05:25 PM)
Thanks Paul, Cindy, and Linda too. (ID=9) (Jan 9, 2001 2:05:28 PM)
Thank you UNC. Very impressive!

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 2:05:36 PM)
This was a most informative chat.

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 2:05:50 PM)
We appreciate the opportunity to talk about our program. Take care, all of you.

Rachel Hesser KFBS Student (ID=14) (Jan 9, 2001 2:05:58 PM)

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 2:06:00 PM)
Good bye.

Linda Abraham (ID=11) (Jan 9, 2001 2:06:02 PM)
Thank you again.

pezdood (ID=12) (Jan 9, 2001 2:06:04 PM)

Leslie (ID=22) (Jan 9, 2001 2:06:08 PM)
Thanks, Sherry. I will keep in touch as this is my first visit to the site and stumbled onto the chat so there's more I'd like to discuss. But another time. Thanks again everyone.

bluemetal (ID=23) (Jan 9, 2001 2:06:10 PM)

Sherry Wallace (ID=13) (Jan 9, 2001 2:06:38 PM)
Leslie, email me at I will direct you to the proper person in our office.