MBA: Columbia Business School Chat

MBA: Columbia Business School Chat
with Linda Meehan (Oct. 17, 2001)

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Chat Transcript:

CBSHopeful (ID=22) (Oct 17, 2001 9:03:44 PM)
Linda, do you see any increase in the number of applicants this year?

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:03:58 PM)
Hi everyone!

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:04:02 PM)
It really is to early to tell. The attendance at our events is higher for sure.

Sonia Michaels (ID=24) (Oct 17, 2001 9:04:06 PM)
Hi Linda!

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:04:19 PM)
Hi, one and all.

PaulBodine (ID=39) (Oct 17, 2001 9:04:21 PM)
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CBSHopeful (ID=22) (Oct 17, 2001 9:04:27 PM)
Linda, I mailed in the transcripts and applicant fee for ED. Even of 7 days, my status page indicates that application fee is not received, while my transcripts are received. What should I do?

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:04:44 PM)
Let's start.

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:04:51 PM)
First I want to welcome you all to's Columbia admissions chat.

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:04:59 PM)
I also want to welcome Linda Meehan, Assistant Dean and Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at Columbia Business School. And last but not least, I want to welcome Paul Bodine and Sonia Michaels, two of's editors.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:05:02 PM)
You should give a call tomorrow at 9 our time... they should be able to help. 212-854-1961.

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:05:12 PM)
Thanks to everyone for joining.

donia20 (ID=40) (Oct 17, 2001 9:05:20 PM)
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Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:05:23 PM)
We encourage dialogue and discussion, but I would like to suggest a structure to make it easier to follow the threads of conversation. So here is the protocol:

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:05:32 PM)
We will post material to the chat. If you have a question on that material, please type a "?" and then your question. I and/or other participants will reply. If one of you wants to comment on the current topic, please jump right in. If you want to start a different topic, please type "?."

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:05:40 PM)
Final request: We would like to avoid the brief summary of qualifications (or even the long laundry list) followed by the question, "Can I qualify?" Or "What are my chances?" This isn't the forum for that kind of analysis.

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:05:48 PM)
Other than that limitation, this is your chance to ask questions about Columbia's program and admissions policies. But I would like to take advantage of my position as host and ask the first questions.

costplus (ID=41) (Oct 17, 2001 9:06:05 PM)
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Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:06:06 PM)
Is there a difference in the criteria used for Early Decision applicants, regular September applicants, and January applicants? If so, could you summarize the differences?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:07:08 PM)
We use the same criteria for all...however...January is for those students who do not need or want an internship...this would be entrepreneurs, people not changing careers or those with very strong networks so that they do not need or want and internship.

donia20 (ID=40) (Oct 17, 2001 9:07:51 PM)
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donia20 (ID=40) (Oct 17, 2001 9:07:51 PM)
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jeffz (ID=23) (Oct 17, 2001 9:07:57 PM)
?how many people has CBS admitted?? and about how many spots will be left by the end of the year?

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:08:26 PM)
Jeff, could you hold off for just a couple of minutes, please.

jtauber (ID=42) (Oct 17, 2001 9:08:32 PM)
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jtauber (ID=42) (Oct 17, 2001 9:08:39 PM)
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Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:08:48 PM)
Linda, is it easier to be accepted Early Decision or Regular Decision for September?

jason (ID=43) (Oct 17, 2001 9:08:50 PM)
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Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:08:54 PM)
We will be bringing in a class of 485 for September and a class of 185 for January. Since we have only been reading ED's for Sept. and January, we have a far way to go. Last year we accepted 13% of our pool.

Elton (ID=44) (Oct 17, 2001 9:09:11 PM)
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Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:09:47 PM)
If you are a strong candidate, and are committed to attend Columbia, Ed works. There are obviously more spots available when we do ED's than the regular pool.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:10:08 PM)
Sorry for the type o's..

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:10:19 PM)
Thank you. We don't see typos here.

Felix (ID=45) (Oct 17, 2001 9:10:23 PM)
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Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:10:44 PM)
I'm going to open the floor to questions. I may add a few later on. If you are posting a new question, please lead with a '?"

BennieHanna (ID=30) (Oct 17, 2001 9:10:53 PM)
?Is there going to be any effect due to the proposed student visa moratorium?

JJ (ID=37) (Oct 17, 2001 9:10:53 PM)
? Hello, Linda(s)! About ED: is the early fee returned or discounted in the tuition?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:11:39 PM)
I wish I knew the answer to that one. We have been in touch with our International Student Office. At present they have said nothing about any changes. I hope that's the way is it.

JerrySz (ID=34) (Oct 17, 2001 9:11:51 PM)
?Linda, post CBS I will join my in-laws business. Is it ok if one of the rec letters come from him?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:12:09 PM)
All deposits are non refundable. However, the deposit goes towards your tuition.

sada (ID=36) (Oct 17, 2001 9:12:11 PM)
?If you cannot decide on an ED applicant, will you reconsider him/her later with regular applicants?

maple (ID=29) (Oct 17, 2001 9:12:39 PM)
? Hi, Linda, will you come to Shanghai for CBS session next month?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:12:41 PM)
Remember that family are usually not the best people to write your letters of recommendations.

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:12:49 PM)
Let's hold the questions for a minute.

jb (ID=17) (Oct 17, 2001 9:12:59 PM)
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costplus (ID=41) (Oct 17, 2001 9:13:00 PM)
?Do you think a current graduate student with previous working experience to be significantly disadvantaged comparing with normal candidates (assuming I provide very reasonable explanations)?

guest (ID=46) (Oct 17, 2001 9:13:07 PM)
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Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:13:15 PM)
We will either admit...or send a later letter to be considered in the later pool or turn down.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:14:04 PM)
No, I don't think they are at a disadvantage. I think it important to remember the burden is on you to tell us how all of it works together towards your future.

jb (ID=47) (Oct 17, 2001 9:14:05 PM)
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Elton (ID=44) (Oct 17, 2001 9:14:14 PM)
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jason (ID=43) (Oct 17, 2001 9:14:15 PM)
?Are early decision applicants candidates for fellowships or are fellowships only used to draw undecided applicants?

Toni (ID=48) (Oct 17, 2001 9:14:34 PM)
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Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:14:55 PM)
If you apply ED and check that you wish to be considered for Fellowship, you will be...however that process goes on later in Feb.

BennieHanna (ID=30) (Oct 17, 2001 9:15:08 PM)
?How long after ED application submission can one expect an interview?

donia20 (ID=40) (Oct 17, 2001 9:15:32 PM)
?Linda, do you weigh the criteria of admission the same each year or does that tend to change a bit as you see different patterns among your applicants, ie. you now accept more people with less work experience

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:15:48 PM)
Once we have reviewed your application, you will be considered for interview. The whole process should be able to be completed within 8 weeks.

maple (ID=29) (Oct 17, 2001 9:15:52 PM)
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Felix (ID=45) (Oct 17, 2001 9:16:07 PM)
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maple (ID=49) (Oct 17, 2001 9:16:09 PM)
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Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:16:43 PM)
The criteria remains the same however the pool differs from year to year. If the pool is stronger, than we will compare your application to the pools.

Toni (ID=48) (Oct 17, 2001 9:16:57 PM)
Is there a bottom limit on the GMAT?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:17:12 PM)
No, we have no bottom limit on the GMAT.

Toni (ID=48) (Oct 17, 2001 9:17:20 PM)
Thank You

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:17:27 PM)
You are welcome.

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:17:29 PM)
If an applicant has a less than desirable GPA and wants to show that he or she can now perform in an academic environment, is the applicant better off taking classes in a traditional school environment or in a distance learning program, where perhaps he or she could take more classes because the program is self-paced?

CBS2004 (ID=32) (Oct 17, 2001 9:17:34 PM)
?Linda Is it a positive sign to receive an interview invitation? And how many do you typically admit from interviewed candidates?

jb (ID=47) (Oct 17, 2001 9:17:59 PM)
How long after an interview should one expect a decision?

BennieHanna (ID=30) (Oct 17, 2001 9:18:02 PM)
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Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:18:18 PM)
Taking additional classes can help along with a very strong GMAT score. Both of these are considered..

costplus (ID=41) (Oct 17, 2001 9:18:26 PM)
?Will you consider visa issue this year in admitting international students?

sada (ID=36) (Oct 17, 2001 9:18:27 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:18:49 PM)
So the venue — distance learning or conventional classroom — is less significant than the effort and the result?

guest (ID=46) (Oct 17, 2001 9:18:53 PM)
Is the number applying CBS decreased after September 11 attack?

BennieHanna (ID=50) (Oct 17, 2001 9:18:55 PM)
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Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:19:02 PM)
We interview those whom we accept, and those that are denied. However, it means we have questions and are indeed interested in your application.

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:19:03 PM)
Let's hold the questions again for a minute.

Toni (ID=48) (Oct 17, 2001 9:19:07 PM)
What could you suggest to someone applying to Columbia about the application process, Things to keep in mind!?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:19:33 PM)
It is too early to know if they are up or down.

donia20 (ID=40) (Oct 17, 2001 9:19:36 PM)
?Can strong GPA neutralize a low GMAT score

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:20:50 PM)
Answer the questions we ask, make sure you spell check and remember to proof read what you have written. Make sure your references to your school is to Columbia, not some of the other schools you may apply to...Also take the time to think about what you write and don't just feed us back the information you read in our literature.

CBSHopeful (ID=22) (Oct 17, 2001 9:20:58 PM)
?there is a question on whether the candidate visited CBS. how does this weigh into the decision process?

JerrySz (ID=34) (Oct 17, 2001 9:21:32 PM)
?I guess if you were to apply for the J-term by 11/1 you'll get an answer within 3 weeks?

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:21:36 PM)
Sada, you can post your question.

guest (ID=46) (Oct 17, 2001 9:22:01 PM)
How much does AWA weigh in the application?

costplus (ID=41) (Oct 17, 2001 9:22:06 PM)
?Did you see any pattern that admits coming from some countries, for example India and China, have a much higher than average GMAT?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:22:08 PM)
A strong GPA can indeed help to strengthen a low GMAT. However, it is the whole application we are evaluating not just your scores.

Leon (ID=33) (Oct 17, 2001 9:22:12 PM)
?I understand that most interviews are conducted with alumni and if so, what material does the interview receive from your office? Thank you!

sada (ID=36) (Oct 17, 2001 9:22:15 PM)
?I would like to schedule a class visit, is there any class that you would recommend that would give me a real taste of what to expect at Columbia

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:22:49 PM)
We do see some countries with higher score than other countries. Yes, India and China almost always have high scores.

maple (ID=49) (Oct 17, 2001 9:23:07 PM)
? Linda, will you come to Shanghai this Nov? and will we have chance for interview during your visit?

hlong22 (ID=51) (Oct 17, 2001 9:23:18 PM)
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Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:23:42 PM)
The interviewer receives a list of questions to ask. They will fill them out and rank the question. At times they will receive specific questions we want answered after reading your application.

costplus (ID=41) (Oct 17, 2001 9:24:20 PM)
?Will you consider visa issue this year in admitting international students?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:24:24 PM)
I will not be traveling to China this year. Sid Jackson, my Associate Director will be there. You may contact him directly and see if he is able to schedule an interview with you.

CBS2004 (ID=32) (Oct 17, 2001 9:25:01 PM)
?Linda, I am an naturalized American citizen and received all of my post-secondary education here in U.S. Will I be considered a international applicant or domestic? thanks

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:25:20 PM)
At this point in time Visas are not expected to be a problem, therefore we will not be making any changes in our admissions practices. If however, this were to change we would indeed have to change the timing of the admission.

hlong22 (ID=51) (Oct 17, 2001 9:25:37 PM)
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Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:25:45 PM)
You will be considered a domestic applicant

JJ (ID=37) (Oct 17, 2001 9:25:49 PM)
? Linda: before I send my application, I'm considering retaking the GMAT. Do you consider significant an improvement in the GMAT from 680 to 710? Or should I devote more time in the essays?

maple (ID=49) (Oct 17, 2001 9:26:18 PM)
? Thanks Linda. And what is the chance if waitlisted last year and apply ED this year?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:26:22 PM)
You currently have a 710? If so I would concentrate on the rest of your application.

sada (ID=36) (Oct 17, 2001 9:26:29 PM)
?linda, any suggestions on choosing a class to sit in?

Toni (ID=48) (Oct 17, 2001 9:26:48 PM)
Does it help being from a country where Columbia Business School does not have students from?

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:26:56 PM)
I think he currently has a 680 and is wondering if raising it to a 710 will materially improve his chances.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:26:59 PM)
Obviously we are delighted you have decided to reapply and that you want to be at Columbia. However, it will indeed depend on your application.

CBSHopeful (ID=22) (Oct 17, 2001 9:27:14 PM)
? Linda, how about the question on whether the applicant attended an information session. does this weigh in the decision process?

JJ (ID=37) (Oct 17, 2001 9:27:17 PM)
No. But I guess its the maximum I can do. Do you think its worth the efforts?

jb (ID=47) (Oct 17, 2001 9:27:27 PM)
How long after the interview review is submitted should one receive a decision? Thank you.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:27:27 PM)
No, if you come to the office we will give you a list and you may select what is available at the time you wish.

dnt_guy (ID=28) (Oct 17, 2001 9:27:56 PM)
? Linda, can you provide some guidance on what is an acceptable length for the reapplication essay?

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:28:07 PM)
Sada, I would suggest classes that match your interests.

maple (ID=49) (Oct 17, 2001 9:28:08 PM)
? Linda, can you tell me how many CBS alumni in China?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:28:15 PM)
Having an interest in the school is good. Having knowledge of the program and the experience means that you are not only interested but informed. We want interested and informed students.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:28:57 PM)
I do not believe we limit you. I think you need to think about what you want to say and say it in a clear concise manner.

JerrySz (ID=34) (Oct 17, 2001 9:29:21 PM)
Sada, I sat in on a strategy class led by Prof Hambrick, I was great

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:29:42 PM)
I am not sure of the total number in China but I know it is many. If you send an e mail to our they will find out for you.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:30:02 PM)
Hambrick is super but so are most...

BennieHanna (ID=50) (Oct 17, 2001 9:30:08 PM)
?Do the requirements for Dual degree majors overlap at all? or do you have to complete both individually?

CBS2004 (ID=32) (Oct 17, 2001 9:31:01 PM)
?Linda, one last question from me. Assuming I receive an interview and the interview goes very well, what do you think my chance of getting admitted? Can you explain a little bit what a great interview will help me getting admitted?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:31:05 PM)
Generally speaking you take the core in both schools and the electives in one. Law works a little different. The rule of thumb is that you will do both degrees in one year less than doing both

sada (ID=36) (Oct 17, 2001 9:31:39 PM)
?is it true that you can take a couple of courses in SIPA and make it count towards your MBA?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:32:33 PM)
Can't answer the first part but can the second...treat the interview as if you were interviewing for a prepared, do not ask questions you can find in the literature, present yourself well and use the experience to tell us what you may have forgotten in your application. Talk to the alum and find out about their experience...

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:33:07 PM)
You may cross register in any of the Graduate Programs if you have the prerequisites...two of these class may go towards your MBA.

costplus (ID=41) (Oct 17, 2001 9:33:18 PM)
?Do you have some idea about Chinese admits' average GMAT, 720, 730? (sorry for the obsession).

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:33:35 PM)
You may also want to visit the MBA Interview Feedback Database, which has feedback from previous interviews,

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:33:40 PM)
We haven't read enough of either January or September to answer that for this year.

JJ (ID=37) (Oct 17, 2001 9:33:43 PM)
? Linda: I should have written more clearly - I've got a 680 and my essays almost done. However I think I can improve my score to reach 710. Do you think its going to be really different? Or should I devote my time to the essays?

hlong2004 (ID=52) (Oct 17, 2001 9:34:12 PM)
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hlong2004 (ID=52) (Oct 17, 2001 9:34:39 PM)
thank you

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:34:59 PM)
I can't make that decision for you. The 680 falls in the middle of the 80% range. The farther from the average or the top the less your comfort level should be...however we admit a number of 680''s in the range.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:35:06 PM)
You are welcome.

maple (ID=49) (Oct 17, 2001 9:35:08 PM)
? Linda, and what if overseas applicants can not travel to NY to dig more from the school? How can they show their interest for the school?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:36:07 PM)
You may have an opportunity to can do it there... you can seek out some of our alumni and speak with may communicate with some of our current students...

donia20 (ID=40) (Oct 17, 2001 9:36:30 PM)
?Linda, is it wise to try to explain a general problem with standardize test taking in an essay, for an applicant that has proven academic abilities elsewhere.

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:36:58 PM)
You can also demonstrate fit and interest through your essays and interviews.

BennieHanna (ID=50) (Oct 17, 2001 9:37:22 PM)
?Are MBA/MSeng common applicants for CBS? Seems like MBA/JD is more popular....

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:37:24 PM)
Lots of people explain they don't test well so we hear it all the time. My advice is to get on with it and use other examples of your academic abilities.

jeffz (ID=23) (Oct 17, 2001 9:37:44 PM)
? Linda, How do u consider AWA ? any bottom limit?

donia20 (ID=40) (Oct 17, 2001 9:37:54 PM)

maple (ID=49) (Oct 17, 2001 9:37:57 PM)
Thanks, I already sent in my application for Ed, last year I was waitlisted without an interview.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:37:58 PM)
This year we have more JD's and then SIPA year who knows?

hlong2004 (ID=52) (Oct 17, 2001 9:38:13 PM)
hi, Linda. What traditionally has been the success rate for the ED. Do you typically see tougher competition in the ED round?? Thanks!

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:38:22 PM)
We don't put limits on any of them...we use them all to explain the profile.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:38:34 PM)
Good luck Maple.

sada (ID=36) (Oct 17, 2001 9:38:55 PM)
?If I am interested in a MBA/SIPA dual degree, can I apply to SIPA next year?

CBSHopeful (ID=22) (Oct 17, 2001 9:39:03 PM)
? how do you view experience as a Graduate Research Assistant? can this offset my fewer years of work experience?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:39:18 PM)
It's hard to say. We don't really track them...because some years there are far more than other years. This year it looks like ED's are up. If they are good...we will take them.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:39:48 PM)
You may apply at the same time or you can apply as long as you have not gone more than 1/2 the way through the other program.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:40:10 PM)
It depends on how your research work fits together or not with what's next.

PaulBodine (ID=39) (Oct 17, 2001 9:40:12 PM)
What percentage of your students are using the MBA to make a career change?

CBSHopeful (ID=22) (Oct 17, 2001 9:40:32 PM)
thank you

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:40:43 PM)
I don't know the actual number of career changers but I know it's over 1/2.

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:40:50 PM)
Does the GMAT score have an impact on financial aid awards?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:40:52 PM)

PaulBodine (ID=39) (Oct 17, 2001 9:40:58 PM)

JJ (ID=37) (Oct 17, 2001 9:41:06 PM)
? Linda: last question: If I apply in the normal way now, am I going to be evaluated with the ED applicants?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:41:12 PM)
GMAT scores are part of the criteria for merit based Fellowships.

maple (ID=49) (Oct 17, 2001 9:42:02 PM)
? Linda, honestly, is there any quota for any specific country?

Leon (ID=33) (Oct 17, 2001 9:42:12 PM)
?Generally are ED admits at the higher end of CBS's middle 80% range? Thank you!

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:42:33 PM)
No, if you apply regular decision you will not be read with the Ed's. You will be read later in the process...and have until April 20th to deposit. ED is for those who know where they want to be...that's why they deposit within two weeks of the date of the letter. We will hold that spot for them.

costplus (ID=41) (Oct 17, 2001 9:42:58 PM)
?Can a 20 hours/week (4 hours/day) teaching assistant position be counted as working experience?

JJ (ID=37) (Oct 17, 2001 9:43:01 PM)
Thanks a lot, Linda!

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:43:37 PM)
All I can tell you is that they are within the range. If the scores were all that it was about then I would say yes...but it doesn't work that way. We are looking for strong candidates...focus, leadership, ability to take risks, active and interesting.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:43:50 PM)
You are welcome...hope to see your application.

hlong2004 (ID=52) (Oct 17, 2001 9:44:01 PM)
Hi, Linda, do you happen to know the average GMAT score for class 2003?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:44:18 PM)
Our range was 660-750.

BennieHanna (ID=50) (Oct 17, 2001 9:44:20 PM)
?Are the applications read by a committee or individually?

sada (ID=36) (Oct 17, 2001 9:44:50 PM)
?what do you think are some of the misconceptions applicants have about CBS?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:44:59 PM)
They are first read by individuals, two a possible interview and then me. If we all don't agree then by committee.

chis (ID=53) (Oct 17, 2001 9:45:13 PM)
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Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:45:17 PM)
I would rather ask you what you hear?

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:45:50 PM)
One rumor I've heard is that CBS is focused on the GMAT in admissions.

sada (ID=36) (Oct 17, 2001 9:46:07 PM)
I would like that :)

donia20 (ID=40) (Oct 17, 2001 9:46:11 PM)
Yep that's the one I heard

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:46:18 PM)
I hear that about all the top schools, don't you? Just look at all of the top schools and their scores.

CBSHopeful (ID=22) (Oct 17, 2001 9:46:21 PM)
I would like that :-)

CBS2004 (ID=32) (Oct 17, 2001 9:46:46 PM)
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maple (ID=49) (Oct 17, 2001 9:46:49 PM)
? Linda, is there any impact to CBS campus by 911 tragedy?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:47:02 PM)
You all should remember that an application is first read on it's own merit and then by pool in which they have applied.

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:47:08 PM)
I think that a brief look at the stats would disabuse anyone of the notion that CBS is more focused on GMAT than any other top school, but the rumor mill that I read says different.

CCPP (ID=54) (Oct 17, 2001 9:47:14 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP =

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:48:15 PM)
The impact is probably noticed everywhere. We are located at the opposite end of the City so nothing physical. Students at Columbia are an amazing community and have come together to assist others as well as themselves deal with this.

costplus (ID=41) (Oct 17, 2001 9:48:25 PM)
?Sorry. Can a 20 hours/week (4 hours/day) teaching assistant position be counted to working experience?

PaulBodine (ID=39) (Oct 17, 2001 9:48:25 PM)
Is an applicant who says in his/her essays that he/she is considering two distinctly different post-MBA career paths at any kind of a disadvantage?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:49:04 PM)
Yes, but how it will contribute to your future goals is what is important.

maple (ID=49) (Oct 17, 2001 9:49:39 PM)
? Do you think the education and the placement also be affected by the tragedy?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:49:41 PM)
Yes, we want to have an idea if what you want to do is realistic, and that we may be able to help you reach your goals.

hlong2004 (ID=52) (Oct 17, 2001 9:50:22 PM)
Hi, Linda. How are applicants with a non-traditional background viewed in the admission process? or what % of the CBS student body has a non-traditional business background..

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:50:39 PM)
What is a non-traditional background?

hlong2004 (ID=52) (Oct 17, 2001 9:51:21 PM)
such as scientist, writer, journalist, etc....

chis (ID=53) (Oct 17, 2001 9:51:38 PM)
? Hi Linda, The CBS website says that the school is strong in entrepreneurship. Could you please give me some info. about how the school is good in this area ?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:51:43 PM)
I want to address the GMAT thing again. I think Columbia's Admissions Office talks to more applicants over the course of the application than most. We try and offer good advise and guidance to those who ask. If asked about retaking or not...we will tell people they need to make the decision...however, look at the range and see where your comfort level sits..if not well then maybe you should retake. Many other schools don't address the issue.

guest (ID=46) (Oct 17, 2001 9:52:01 PM)
Linda, how many percent of your students are admitted without interview?

Leon (ID=33) (Oct 17, 2001 9:52:30 PM)
?Does the amount of time it takes to hear whether you are invited to interview considered a good or bad sign?

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 9:52:39 PM)
That's possible. Thanks for addressing the question, because it's something that pops up frequently, and it's not born out by facts or experience.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:53:08 PM)
We now have a wonderful Center for Entrepreneurship at Columbia. The center was endowed by Gene Lang one of our alumni. For further information you may want to attend Information Forum where Prof. Murray Low will speak. You may call our office or the Center for further information.

dnt_guy (ID=28) (Oct 17, 2001 9:54:08 PM)
should a reapplicant with a reasonably strong 2nd application expect a second interview, assuming the first interview was less than stellar?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:54:41 PM)
No, you will hear when the application has been reviewed. If you application is sent on line completed is should take less, if sent in part on line and part by paper it will take longer, and if on paper it will take even longer. Remember if they come in near a deadline with hundreds of others it will take longer. It's the processing that takes the most time.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:55:28 PM)
It will depend on what think when we read your reapplication. If the interview wasn't great but your reapp is then yes, we may re interview.

dnt_guy (ID=28) (Oct 17, 2001 9:55:58 PM)

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:56:07 PM)
your welcome

sada (ID=36) (Oct 17, 2001 9:56:13 PM)
?if I use the online transcript form, how do I send an explanation for the grading system?

jeffz (ID=23) (Oct 17, 2001 9:56:18 PM)
Can I send transcript and recommendations by mail and the rest on line?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:56:34 PM)
you can do it through your optional essay

maple (ID=49) (Oct 17, 2001 9:56:50 PM)
? Linda, in which field do you think Columbia should improve most?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:57:31 PM)
Yes, you can send them in mail and on line. Whatever you send in the mail should be listed on the outside of the envelope saying you have applied on line. Inside you should include your login and password.

jeffz (ID=23) (Oct 17, 2001 9:58:02 PM)
thanks a lot

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 9:58:31 PM)
It's so hard to pin point where we could improve. Thing

dnt_guy (ID=28) (Oct 17, 2001 9:59:23 PM)
to build on jeffz's point, i understand the mailed materials must be received in conjunction with the online material to be considered complete? for example, the mailed materials must be in by Nov 1 as well as the online portion to be ED. Is this correct?

tom123 (ID=55) (Oct 17, 2001 9:59:39 PM)
(This user has entered MBA Admissions) (IP =

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 10:00:13 PM)
Things have been moving forward in so many areas such as the facilities, the course work, teaching...probably the thing that would make all our lives easier would be the housing. we are able to house almost all of our international student, and students coming from the coast etc. However, housing for those living in the area is not available through Columbia Housing.

Toni (ID=48) (Oct 17, 2001 10:00:31 PM)
Linda, are extracurricular activities and a job during college to pay for tuition taken in consideration when evaluating someone for admission?

CBSHopeful (ID=22) (Oct 17, 2001 10:00:40 PM)
? I submitted my application. I have a percentage system in my Univ, and I stand in the top 2% in class. I did not know how to convert this to GPA, and so compared it with the first ranker and gave a conservative estimate. Is this fine? I have a 4.0 grad GPA from a US Univ. Will this offset any confusion there. Thanks.

chis (ID=53) (Oct 17, 2001 10:00:52 PM)
? Who should write my recommendations letters if I am working at my own business, could it be my partner and one of my clients????

CCPP (ID=54) (Oct 17, 2001 10:01:16 PM)
?Linda, what kind of questions should I expect in an interview? and does a interview is tailored to the specific applicant?

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 10:01:18 PM)
Yes, we look not only at your grades in undergrad but what else you were doing with your time. We also consider the degree of difficulty of the class which you took

maple (ID=49) (Oct 17, 2001 10:01:28 PM)
It is wonderful. I never expect that and thought that I can only live in the city.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 10:01:38 PM)
It can be your partner, a client, or your banker.

Toni (ID=48) (Oct 17, 2001 10:01:53 PM)
Thank You

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 10:01:55 PM)
I think I answered the one of the interview earlier.

chis (ID=53) (Oct 17, 2001 10:01:58 PM)

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 10:02:38 PM)
your welcome

CBSHopeful (ID=22) (Oct 17, 2001 10:02:45 PM)
? Linda, could you please answer my question above. Thanks

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 10:02:58 PM)
I'm sorry which one?

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 10:03:01 PM)
CCPP you can see Linda's response when the transcript is posted.

maple (ID=49) (Oct 17, 2001 10:03:05 PM)
Thanks Linda, I will try to contact Sid Jackson to see if he can interview me in Shanghai.

jeffz (ID=23) (Oct 17, 2001 10:03:06 PM)
? Linda, what will you look into carefully if the applicant has an engineer background?

Leon (ID=33) (Oct 17, 2001 10:03:14 PM)
?What is the most common mistake applicants typically make with regard to the essays? Thank you!

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 10:03:22 PM)
Let's hold th equestions.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 10:03:59 PM)
What we are interested in with all applicants is what they have done and how that links to what they would like to do...what skills have they and how will help them attain their goals

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 10:04:15 PM)
They answer questions from another school.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 10:04:54 PM)
We have time for another one?

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 10:05:06 PM)
It's OK with me if it's OK with you.

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 10:05:12 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 10:05:12 PM)
I know it's getting late on the east coast.

guest (ID=46) (Oct 17, 2001 10:05:22 PM)
Linda, could you please tell us that how many percent of your students are admitted without interview?

jb (ID=47) (Oct 17, 2001 10:05:34 PM)
How typical are the applications that answer questions from another school? That seems to be very careless.

hlong2004 (ID=52) (Oct 17, 2001 10:05:38 PM)
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Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 10:05:52 PM)
Well, let's see how good you are. 85% of the class was interviewed.

CBSHopeful (ID=22) (Oct 17, 2001 10:06:12 PM)
? Linda, could you please answer my question on conversion of percentages to GPA above? Thanks

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 10:06:14 PM)
More typical than you think.

guest (ID=46) (Oct 17, 2001 10:06:20 PM)

jb (ID=47) (Oct 17, 2001 10:06:37 PM)
What percentage of applicants are interviewed?

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 10:06:38 PM)
Thank you again all for participating this evening. Special thanks to Linda Meehan for her joining us and to Paul Bodine and Sonia Michaels for their assistance.

costplus (ID=41) (Oct 17, 2001 10:06:44 PM)
Thank you, good night everyone.

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 10:06:47 PM)
We look forward to seeing you at future chats:

BennieHanna (ID=50) (Oct 17, 2001 10:06:48 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 10:06:55 PM)
Haas Happenings with Admissions Co-Director Pete Johnson and Haas second-year student, Jen Nelson on October 23 at 6:00 PM Pacific Time (7:00 PM Mountain Time; 8:00 PM Central Time; 9:00 PM EST.

PaulBodine (ID=39) (Oct 17, 2001 10:06:55 PM)
Thank you, Linda and Linda.

sada (ID=36) (Oct 17, 2001 10:06:56 PM)
Thanks to all of you for arranging this

jeffz (ID=23) (Oct 17, 2001 10:06:56 PM)
Thanks Linda

Sonia Michaels (ID=24) (Oct 17, 2001 10:06:57 PM)
Thanks, Linda and Linda!

costplus (ID=41) (Oct 17, 2001 10:07:00 PM)
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Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 10:07:04 PM)
Anderson Admission with Linda Baldwin, Andersons's Director of Admissions, on November 26, 2001 6:00 PM PST US (7:00 PM Mountain Time; 8:00 PM Central Time; 9:00 PM EST)

jb (ID=47) (Oct 17, 2001 10:07:04 PM)
thank you

JJ (ID=37) (Oct 17, 2001 10:07:04 PM)
Thanks all! It was great!

chis (ID=53) (Oct 17, 2001 10:07:08 PM)
Thank you Lindas

donia20 (ID=40) (Oct 17, 2001 10:07:10 PM)
Thank you

CBSHopeful (ID=22) (Oct 17, 2001 10:07:12 PM)
good all of you. Thanks Linda!

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 10:07:12 PM)
We have admissions chats with other schools also in the works, but have not yet nailed down dates. If you would like to be notified of future chats, please e-mail

maple (ID=49) (Oct 17, 2001 10:07:16 PM)
Thank you lindas. Good night

Leon (ID=33) (Oct 17, 2001 10:07:18 PM)
Thank you Linda and Linda!!

sada (ID=36) (Oct 17, 2001 10:07:19 PM)
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Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 10:07:19 PM)
Finally, I would also really appreciate feedback from all of you on tonight's chat. Please send your comments, criticisms, and suggestions for future chats to

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 10:07:20 PM)
Sorry I didn't see the question about conversions. But, if you are from an international program you will most likely be unable to convert. You just need to include the grading system.

donia20 (ID=40) (Oct 17, 2001 10:07:31 PM)
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Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 10:07:39 PM)
You're all most welcome.

Linda Abraham (ID=38) (Oct 17, 2001 10:07:40 PM)
Have a very good evening! Good luck with your applications!

markc96 (ID=27) (Oct 17, 2001 10:07:48 PM)
thanks Linda! me--> hungry bear in the west coast! Time for Taco Bell!

Linda Meehan (ID=35) (Oct 17, 2001 10:07:54 PM)
Good night and thank you all for your interest.

maple (ID=49) (Oct 17, 2001 10:08:01 PM)
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chis (ID=53) (Oct 17, 2001 10:08:10 PM)
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dnt_guy (ID=28) (Oct 17, 2001 10:08:12 PM)
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BennieHanna (ID=50) (Oct 17, 2001 10:08:13 PM)
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Leon (ID=33) (Oct 17, 2001 10:08:15 PM)
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CCPP (ID=54) (Oct 17, 2001 10:08:15 PM)
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jeffz (ID=23) (Oct 17, 2001 10:08:15 PM)
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guest (ID=46) (Oct 17, 2001 10:08:16 PM)
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CBSHopeful (ID=22) (Oct 17, 2001 10:08:19 PM)
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