MBA: NYU Stern Chat (Dec. 05, 2001)

MBA: NYU Stern Chat (Dec. 05, 2001)

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Chat Transcript:

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:06:17 PM)
OK. Let's start.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:06:19 PM)
First I want to welcome you all to's Stern Admissions Chat.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:06:28 PM)
I also want to welcome Julia Min, Director of Admissions, and Donald Peele, Laura Parker, and Chui Lee, second-year students at Stern. And last but not least, I want to welcome Cindy Tokumitsu and Cyd Foote, two of's editors.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:06:40 PM)
Donald Peele is a second year MBA candidate at the Stern School of Business at NYU with concentrations in Finance and Economics. Prior to attending Stern, Donald worked in the consulting industry for five years. He plans to join an investment bank after he graduates from Stern in May 2002. Donald has an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:06:48 PM)
Laura Parker, Vice President of Alumni Relations for the Association of Hispanic and Black Business Students, is a 2nd year MBA student majoring in Marketing and Finance. This summer she worked as a Manager in the Strategy Practice of the Media and Entertainment Group at Accenture. Prior to Stern, Laura worked as the West Coast Account Manager for BET, Inc./Vanguarde Media, Inc. She earned her B.A. in English Language and Literature from University of Michigan.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:06:55 PM)
Chui Lee is a second year MBA candidate dual majoring in Management and Finance. Prior to enrolling at Stern, Chui worked as a structural engineer for Bechtel International. After graduation, Chui will be joining A.T. Kearney Southeast Asia where she did her summer internship. Chui has an undergraduate degree from Cornell University.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:07:00 PM)
Thanks to everyone for joining.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:07:06 PM)
We encourage dialogue and discussion, but I would like to suggest a structure to make it easier to follow the threads of conversation. So here is the protocol:

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:07:18 PM)
We will post questions and answers to the chat. If you have a question on that material, please type a "?" and then your question. Our guests, other participants, or I will reply. If one of you wants to comment on the current topic, please jump right in. If you want to start a different topic, please type "?".

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:07:28 PM)
Final request: We would like to avoid the brief summary of qualifications (or even the long laundry list) followed by the question, "Can I qualify?" Or "What are my chances?" This isn't the forum for that kind of analysis.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:07:35 PM)
Other than that limitation, this is your chance to ask questions about Stern's program and admissions policies. But I would like to take advantage of my position as host and ask the first questions.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:07:45 PM)
1. How can I, as an applicant, differentiate myself from other candidates?

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:08:35 PM)
Oops. Looks like Julia got booted. I am sure she will be back in a minute.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:08:45 PM)
I can ask another question of the Stern students.

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:08:58 PM)
that's fine

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:08:59 PM)
If you were to choose 3 attributes you would like to see in Stern students, what would they be?

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:09:05 PM)
Welcome back, Julia.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:09:21 PM)
Thanks, Linda.

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:09:24 PM)
First we need to see a student that takes initiative

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:09:27 PM)
Digichat, our hosting service, sometimes does that.. Sorry.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:09:35 PM)
First and foremost, be yourself!

Bernard (ID=41) (Dec 5, 2001 9:09:53 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:09:53 PM)
You mean you don't want to read what the applicants think you want to read?

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:10:02 PM)
Second I would like to see someone interested in learning from others and third I would like to see someone that understands the importance of working collectively with others - team work is a large part of being a Stern student.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:10:28 PM)
Go ahead Bernard.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:10:38 PM)
Candidates who have traditional business experience worry that they need to be more unique but at the same time nontraditional applications worry that they don't fit the mold, and neither is the case.

Bernard (ID=41) (Dec 5, 2001 9:10:47 PM)
Hi, I have a MD and have a private practice. I am interested in a business education so I can grow my practice and pursue other business interests. I want to gain the business skills, but the degree is secondary. Is there an avenue to study business at Stern without the degree as a goal?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:10:58 PM)
Focus on making your application as strong as it can be in each area.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:11:09 PM)
Now let's let the Stern reps finish their answers to my and Bernard's questions before posting more.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:11:40 PM)
Bernard, you must be a matriculated student to take classes at Stern.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:11:57 PM)
However, you may want to take advantage of executive programs offered.

bigapple (ID=32) (Dec 5, 2001 9:12:07 PM)
?I'd like to ask about the second essay question? what particularly are you looking for in the answer? I don't really quite understand that question. The question is "Write an executive summary of your business plan to present to potential investors."

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:12:14 PM)
Julia, when you talk about making your application as strong as possible in each area, what areas are you referring to?

Bernard (ID=41) (Dec 5, 2001 9:12:22 PM)

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:12:46 PM)
Bigapple, that essay question is a few years old.

Chad123 (ID=48) (Dec 5, 2001 9:12:51 PM)
?-Your first deadline has passed. How much of an increase have you seen compared to previous years?

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:12:57 PM)
?Does Stern follow rolling admission?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:13:04 PM)
What we are looking for is creativity and ideas that you can present.

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:13:30 PM)
MJ, Yes, we're on rolling admissions

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:13:38 PM)
Chad123, we have seen around 30% increase in our first deadline.

gladiator (ID=31) (Dec 5, 2001 9:13:51 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:13:56 PM)
Go ahead G.

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:14:02 PM)
? Is the intake for this year going to be larger as a result?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:14:26 PM)
MJ, we are planning on bringing the same number.

MBA4LIFE (ID=38) (Dec 5, 2001 9:14:33 PM)
?What in your opinion differentiates Stern from other Top 10 schools?

gladiator (ID=31) (Dec 5, 2001 9:15:07 PM)
what is the min work exp (full time/part time ) req in order to apply?

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:15:15 PM)
?Have you noticed a difference in the quality of the applicants?

Yogi (ID=52) (Dec 5, 2001 9:15:19 PM)
I read on your site that you have open house for Part-time MBA program on Wed every week. At this particular open house, do you also talk about the full-time MBA program?

SternMBA2-Donald (ID=46) (Dec 5, 2001 9:15:30 PM)
MBA4Life, being in NYC is an amazing experience as a graduate student -- the professional exposure, the cultural exposure, and the international student body that a school in NYC attracts.

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:15:49 PM)
MJ Its too early to say but we do have many qualified applicants.

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:16:03 PM)

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:16:05 PM)
Gladiator, we would like to see on average a minimum of around 2 years of work experience.

Chad123 (ID=48) (Dec 5, 2001 9:16:07 PM)
?What can applicants do if they fall within the average for the GMAT, but are below in GPA--such as with a 2.9? I've taken some courses at a local university and attained a 4.0 in some quant-focused that enough?

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:16:08 PM)
Yogi, on Wednesdays we focus on the part-time program; however, there are full-time information sessions Monday through Friday at 4:30 p.m.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:16:15 PM)
Go ahead Abhijit.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:16:25 PM)
Chad123, you are on target.

gladiator (ID=31) (Dec 5, 2001 9:16:32 PM)
J......what is the min work exp required

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:16:45 PM)
Julia, Stern earlier used to have two deadlines, why was that changed to three this year??

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:16:49 PM)
Let's let them catch up.

Jumpy (ID=53) (Dec 5, 2001 9:17:03 PM)
Are there any quota for international students?

Yogi (ID=52) (Dec 5, 2001 9:17:17 PM)
Thanks for the earlier answer; how long is the part-time MBA program?

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:17:25 PM)
Jumpy - there is no quota, but we usually get about 30% international students.

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:17:36 PM)
?Have you seen an increase in the application from international students?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:17:37 PM)
Taking classes will let us know that you are serious about your application process.

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:17:44 PM)
Yogi, the part-time program typically takes 3 years, but you have up to six years to complete the program

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:18:09 PM)
Jain, we have 3 deadlines:

gladiator (ID=31) (Dec 5, 2001 9:18:13 PM)
out of 46% of international students who applied only 15% are admitted compared to 26_32% in Virgina .......WHY?

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:18:13 PM)
Gladiator asked if there is a work experience minimum?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:18:18 PM)
Dec 1 for scholarship consideration

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:18:40 PM)
Work experience minimum is two years.

Jumpy (ID=53) (Dec 5, 2001 9:18:41 PM)
Do you prefer candidates with previous business education to other areas, such as engineering?

Chad123 (ID=48) (Dec 5, 2001 9:18:51 PM)
Is every application read in its entirety or is there a criteria established that only those applicants who "pass" are given a full read through by the admissions committee?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:18:58 PM)
Jan 15 - to be eligible for attend our admitted student day

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:19:03 PM)
Mar 15 is the final deadline

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:19:11 PM)
Jumpy - We want diversity in all areas and look for applicants in all areas

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:19:18 PM)
?Having submitted the application, is there anything else one can do convey his interest in Stern?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:19:21 PM)
Chad123, we look at the ENTIRE application

Praveen (ID=34) (Dec 5, 2001 9:19:30 PM)

hhh (ID=40) (Dec 5, 2001 9:19:37 PM)
Julia, may I apply for both full-time and part-time?

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:19:38 PM)
Go ahead Praveen.

gladiator (ID=31) (Dec 5, 2001 9:19:46 PM)

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:20:02 PM)
hhh - no, unfortunately you cannot apply for both full-time and part-time

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:20:04 PM)
MJ, we will be processing and reading applications as fast we can, so you can sit tight for now.

Praveen (ID=34) (Dec 5, 2001 9:20:09 PM)
Are the chances of getting an admission in MBA reduce as the final dead line approaches?

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:20:10 PM)
The next question is for all of you starting with Donald, Laura, and Chui. If you were to choose 3 attributes you would like to see in Stern students, what would they be?

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:20:30 PM)
Praveen - yes, we look for the quality of the work experience.

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:20:36 PM)

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:20:40 PM)
?Do you consider full time research assistant work as work ex?

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:20:42 PM)
Go ahead Wendy.

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:20:45 PM)
?Julia: sorry if I missed it, but did you say there was a 30% increase in the number of applications this past deadline, and you will be accepting the same number of applicants

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:20:48 PM)
Praveen, no, the chances are not reduced.

DW (ID=55) (Dec 5, 2001 9:20:51 PM)
I submitted my application in mid November, and have yet to receive my password for online application status information.. When can I expect the password?

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:20:57 PM)
MJ - yes that is considered work experience.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:20:59 PM)
Let's give them a moment to catch up.

Praveen (ID=34) (Dec 5, 2001 9:21:00 PM)
Thank you.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:21:04 PM)
Wendy, yes, that is correct.

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:21:26 PM)
DW - call 212-998-0600 and inquire about the status of your application.

Ravi (ID=57) (Dec 5, 2001 9:21:30 PM)
What are your thoughts on the difference in the experience if you went to Stern as an undergraduate - is the instruction much more case/application based as compared to the discipline in Ugrad

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:21:38 PM)

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:21:39 PM)
The three attributes I would like to see are: good attitude, teamwork and enthusiasm for learning

DW (ID=55) (Dec 5, 2001 9:21:46 PM)
Thanks Laura

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:21:49 PM)
DW, you should be receiving your password shortly. If you do not, please contact our office.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:21:54 PM)
Go ahead Wendy.

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:22:11 PM)
?How do you evaluate undergrad from international applicants?

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:22:14 PM)
Is the 30% increase in applications for PT or FT?

SternMBA2-Donald (ID=46) (Dec 5, 2001 9:22:28 PM)
Attributes I'd like to see among my study group members: creative, outgoing, friendly

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:22:39 PM)
Wendy, it is for the FT Fall 2002 class.

Yogi (ID=52) (Dec 5, 2001 9:22:45 PM)
Is part-time program easier to get into than the full-time one

DW (ID=55) (Dec 5, 2001 9:22:47 PM)
I'm sorry if I missed this.. when will interview invitations be extended?

Chad123 (ID=48) (Dec 5, 2001 9:22:49 PM)
?Are applicants at a disadvantage if they did not attend a top 10 undergrad? What about a second tier school?

gladiator (ID=31) (Dec 5, 2001 9:22:51 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:22:53 PM)
Julia, what 3 attributes do you like to see in applicants.

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:22:54 PM)
I think case based vs. lecture based is extremely beneficial because you get to look at companies that you read about every day in the news or that you have heard about all your lives and truly see how they work and how you can apply concepts that you use and learn in business school to see how you can approach and solve problems. I think it is a very effective method of teaching.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:23:03 PM)
Hold on folks. Please give Julia a chance to reply.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:23:16 PM)
MJ, can you clarify if b/t international applicants or international transcripts?

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:23:17 PM)
Gladiator - are you meaning to say Virginia as in Darden?

Jumpy (ID=53) (Dec 5, 2001 9:23:25 PM)
Will there be any case that a candidate does not need to go thru interview process and be accepted by Stern?

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:23:26 PM)
Gladiator, perhaps you should ask Virginia why they accepted the number they accepted.

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:23:47 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:23:57 PM)
Wendy, please wait a minute.

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:24:09 PM)
?I meant how would you be able to evaluate the depth of the undergrad education itself?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:24:16 PM)
Jumpy, we would like to interview everyone we admit.

Jumpy (ID=53) (Dec 5, 2001 9:24:38 PM)
Thank you, Julia

Blave (ID=60) (Dec 5, 2001 9:24:45 PM)
Hi, I'm late to the chat...and am sure this has been answered...Has Stern seen a dramatic increase in the application submissions for the Dec 1st round one admission?

SternMBA2-Donald (ID=46) (Dec 5, 2001 9:24:54 PM)
Chad123--my fellow classmates are from every school imaginable; you will not be disadvantaged because you did not got to a top 10 under program -- the admissions team is looking for evidence, though, that you were active and successful at your undergrad school.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:24:54 PM)
MJ, we will look at the reputation of the institution, grade progression, program/major taken and the final GPA.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:24:56 PM)
They said 30% this year over last.

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:25:14 PM)

wenlilee (ID=58) (Dec 5, 2001 9:25:15 PM)
is it possible to apply for 2002 spring semester ?

gladiator (ID=31) (Dec 5, 2001 9:25:15 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:25:22 PM)
Wendy, go ahead.

Niyati_Tripathy (ID=63) (Dec 5, 2001 9:25:27 PM)

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:25:28 PM)
Is there an increase in applications from PT applicants?

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:25:34 PM)
?So would coming from a not so well known institution put the candidate at a slight disadvantage?

Blave (ID=60) (Dec 5, 2001 9:25:37 PM)
thanx linda

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:25:40 PM)
Abhijit, please post your question.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:25:48 PM)
you're welcome.

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:26:11 PM)
Gladiator - International students are able to interview with Stern representatives in their region or arrange a phone interview if necessary.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:26:17 PM)
Wenlilee, the deadline was Sept 30. But we are welcome to submit if you would like.

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:26:17 PM)
Wendy - The increase in Spring 2002 applicants was a little over 60%

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:26:21 PM)
Julia, I have an MBA from India, I know that Stern does not encourage people who have an MBA from the USA to try for a second MBA at Stern, what about if one has an MBA from outside the US

Blave (ID=60) (Dec 5, 2001 9:26:37 PM)
I was looking at the program a couple of months ago and noticed a change in the admissions for a dual MBA/MS degree...No longer will people be able to apply through Stern for the MS IS degree...Why the change?

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:26:47 PM)
Thanks Laura

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:27:00 PM)
Abhijit - those with MBAs from outside of US may apply.

Chad123 (ID=48) (Dec 5, 2001 9:27:11 PM)
? Traditionally, how many applicants do you put on the waitlist? Do you expect that number to rise this year due to the 30% rise in applicants?

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:27:12 PM)
Ok, thanks

DW (ID=55) (Dec 5, 2001 9:27:21 PM)
I'm sorry to repost, but I'm starting to get nervous. Have you sent out interview invitations yet?

hhh (ID=40) (Dec 5, 2001 9:27:29 PM)

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:27:46 PM)
DW - did you get the phone number that we posted that you should call? Are you applying full-time or part-time?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:27:59 PM)
Blave - as we represent the MBA program, it is difficult to answer this question but if you can contact us, we can forward you to the right contact person.

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 9:28:03 PM)
hello Julia and thank you for giving us this opportunity. My question is : for example, if someone has a master in political science and a bachelor in Finance and MIS, very good Graduate GPA, Moderate (3.3) for Bachelor. Does his application get valued based on his undergraduate work or mostly his masters? Could you please give me a percentage weight if possible. Thank you

DW (ID=55) (Dec 5, 2001 9:28:13 PM)
Laura- I did get the phone number, I applied full time for fall

jingmu (ID=61) (Dec 5, 2001 9:28:16 PM)
I haven't decided if I'd want to apply for full-time or part-time, can I apply for both and decide later?

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:28:28 PM)
Let's hold the questions for a minute.

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:28:42 PM)
Jingmu - you cannot apply for both full-time and part-time programs at the same time

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:28:43 PM)
Jingmu, the answer to that was posted earlier, no.

Blave (ID=60) (Dec 5, 2001 9:28:54 PM)
thanx Julia

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:28:57 PM)
DW -we are just in the process of reviewing applications for full-time so be sure to call to get your password so you can check your status.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:28:59 PM)
Ben, we do give any % weight to any specific part of our application. We consider the application in its entirety.

wenlilee (ID=58) (Dec 5, 2001 9:29:07 PM)
you mean I can submit the application now?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:29:12 PM)
Ben, sorry, meant to say we do NOT

DW (ID=55) (Dec 5, 2001 9:29:17 PM)
Thanks Laura! I will call tomorrow!

hhh (ID=40) (Dec 5, 2001 9:29:36 PM)
Is there any big increase in international applications?

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:29:38 PM)
?In case I don't get selected for full-time MBA this year and decide to apply to part-time MBA next year, would I be considered as a re-applicant?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:29:43 PM)
Wenlilee, we are still accepting applications for Spring 2002.

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:29:54 PM)

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 9:29:59 PM)
but, is it an advantage to have a master degree when you apply for an MBA?

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:30:01 PM)
Go ahead wendy.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:30:03 PM)
hhh, we are seeing 30% increase overall

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:30:04 PM)
MJ - yes you would be considered a re-ap

Yogi (ID=52) (Dec 5, 2001 9:30:05 PM)
This chat is not very organized. It should be redesigned so that the chat moderator gets all the questions and forwards them to the Guest to answer them. Only those questions and the answers should be posted in the chat.

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:30:15 PM)
Will you increase the number of spots for fall 2002 part -time?

bkbkbk3 (ID=50) (Dec 5, 2001 9:30:23 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:30:26 PM)
Yogi, thanks for your suggestion. I'll look into it.

Chad123 (ID=48) (Dec 5, 2001 9:30:30 PM)
?Traditionally, how many applicants do you put on the waitlist? Do you expect that number to rise this year due to the 30% rise in applicants? Also, what percentage of those students are eventually admitted?

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:30:35 PM)
Ben - as we said it is your entire profile.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:30:37 PM)
Of course then, participants complain if their questions aren't posted.

Ravi (ID=57) (Dec 5, 2001 9:30:45 PM)
Question -

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:30:49 PM)
Wendy - we anticipate the number of spots remaining the same

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:30:52 PM)
Ravi, please wait a second.

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:30:59 PM)
thanks Chui

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:31:15 PM)

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:31:23 PM)
Chad123, the number on the WL depends on the pool of applicants and it is too early to tell.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:31:27 PM)
Ok. Ravi.

Blave (ID=60) (Dec 5, 2001 9:31:27 PM)
With the recent events of September 11th and the close proximity that some of the buildings were to downtown, has security at these facilities been increased?

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:31:31 PM)
and Abhijit.

Niyati_Tripathy (ID=63) (Dec 5, 2001 9:31:33 PM)

bkbkbk3 (ID=50) (Dec 5, 2001 9:31:35 PM)

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:31:36 PM)
?Have you noticed an increase in the number of part-time applicants as well?

gladiator (ID=31) (Dec 5, 2001 9:32:07 PM)

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:32:13 PM)
MJ - for the spring 2002 or fall

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:32:20 PM)
Approx. how many MBA Full Time students does Stern accept for the Spring Semester?

bkbkbk3 (ID=50) (Dec 5, 2001 9:32:28 PM)
?Does the Stern Admin committee look at re-apps any differently (read disadvantage)?

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:32:28 PM)
Fall 2002

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:32:37 PM)
Please hold your questions for the moment.

gladiator (ID=31) (Dec 5, 2001 9:32:39 PM)

SternMBA2-Donald (ID=46) (Dec 5, 2001 9:32:47 PM)
Blave--security has tightened at all NYU facilities. Whereas Stern was "open" to all visitors without presentation of ID prior to 9/11, now all entrants to Stern must present an ID to pass security. Still a very active building, though!

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:32:55 PM)
Abhijit - we don't accept full-time students in the spring - only in the fall.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:33:03 PM)
Bkbkbk3 - we consider the re-applicants the same as other applicants.

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:33:04 PM)
Ok, thanks.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:33:07 PM)
OK. Niyati and BKBKBK3

bkbkbk3 (ID=50) (Dec 5, 2001 9:33:13 PM)
thanks Julia

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:33:14 PM)
Gladiator - can you take your caps lock off - you're yelling at us!!:)

gladiator (ID=31) (Dec 5, 2001 9:33:28 PM)

Niyati_Tripathy (ID=63) (Dec 5, 2001 9:33:29 PM)
Hi Linda, Laura, and Donald. What is the acceptance ratio of applicants from India - Accepted Vs Total Applicants? Are there some general guidelines for applicants from India - applicants who come from a entrepreneurial background in IT sector?

Blave (ID=60) (Dec 5, 2001 9:33:32 PM)
Thanx Donald

Niyati_Tripathy (ID=63) (Dec 5, 2001 9:33:41 PM)
Thanks Linda

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:34:06 PM)
?To Laura...I was inquiring for Fall 2002 session?

DW (ID=55) (Dec 5, 2001 9:34:23 PM)
With the increase in applicants do you plan to interview off-campus or by phone interviews?

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:34:27 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:34:31 PM)
Go ahead Wendy.

bkbkbk3 (ID=50) (Dec 5, 2001 9:34:39 PM)

wenlilee (ID=58) (Dec 5, 2001 9:34:39 PM)
Julia I don't have GMAT score , I have GRE score.  Is that OK?

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 9:34:42 PM)
I am in the process of thinking about pursuing a masters degree for one year, just to strengthen my credentials and make up for my undergrad moderate records (GPA 3.3) before I apply for my MBA after 3 years of work experience.  I am 24 now. Would you advise such strategy?

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:34:50 PM)
Would no promotions in 3 yrs be a big disadvantage?

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:34:53 PM)
MJ - the deadline isn't until May, so we haven't even begun to receive applications for it, to be honest.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:35:00 PM)
Niyati, the acceptance ratio was about 20% for last year.

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:35:00 PM)
wenlilee - you do need the GMAT in order to complete your application

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:35:01 PM)
I meant May 15

Ravi Anand (ID=57) (Dec 5, 2001 9:35:17 PM)

hhh (ID=40) (Dec 5, 2001 9:35:22 PM)
I am holding h1 visa now. If I get a green card, will it increase my chance a lot?

SternMBA2-Donald (ID=46) (Dec 5, 2001 9:35:22 PM)
DW--all domestic applicants invited for interview come to Stern for an in-person meeting

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:35:22 PM)
Go ahead Ravi.

Ravi Anand (ID=57) (Dec 5, 2001 9:35:26 PM)
do you see many undergrad NYU stern alums coming back for the MBA? Also, I am retaking the GMAT, work constraints have limited my ability to devote time, can I submit new scores later - I have already submitted app.

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:35:31 PM)
Guys... Linda had asked us not to ask the "laundry list" questions stating our qualifications and then asking about our chances....

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:35:39 PM)
?Have you started sending out invitations for interviews?

Niyati_Tripathy (ID=63) (Dec 5, 2001 9:35:40 PM)
Thanks Julia. Could not see you earlier and hence no address.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:35:44 PM)

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:35:51 PM)
hhh, your visa status will not affect how we evaluate your application.

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:36:01 PM)
MJ - we've just started sending out invitations to interview and the process will continue into late spring

hhh (ID=40) (Dec 5, 2001 9:36:04 PM)
Thanks Julia

gladiator (ID=31) (Dec 5, 2001 9:36:12 PM)
can I send my gmat scores before filling the application

Blave (ID=60) (Dec 5, 2001 9:36:16 PM)
This goes out to all the current Stern MBA'ers...How has the recent downturn in the economy affected your internship and job prospects? I know my company has laid off a ton of people and have not been looking to hire undergrads or MBA's for the past 6 months...Has it been easy to get a job/internship?

SMHK (ID=65) (Dec 5, 2001 9:36:22 PM)
?Does a nationally recognized 3 year undergraduate degree coupled with a year long Post Graduate diploma from India satisfy the minimum requisite? Most other business schools are ok with it but I understand that this may not be so with NYU?

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:36:31 PM)
Ravi - we don't see a disproportionate amount of NYU undergrads - this program is so competitive, and diverse and so many people want to be in New York you are truly competing with students from across the country. NYU undergrads don't get preferential treatment:)

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:36:32 PM)
Let's hold the questions and give them a chance to respond.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:37:04 PM)
gladiator, we recommend that you send in a completed application packet -including gmat scores - however you can have the ETS send it to us electronically.

SternMBA2-Donald (ID=46) (Dec 5, 2001 9:37:07 PM)
SMHK--you need to check the website, as requirements vary from country to country

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:37:12 PM)
?Do you keep track of school visits and hold them as indicators of the applicant's commitment?

bkbkbk3 (ID=50) (Dec 5, 2001 9:37:27 PM)
?What typically do you look for when an applicant is waitlisted then reapplies the following year?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:37:47 PM)
MJ, yes, we do note campus and class visits

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:38:07 PM)
Blave - all industries are undergoing a challenging period currently, but the the recruiting process at Stern is well and active. Stern's proximity to the financial industry and our reputation with companies gives us an advantage in these times

Blave (ID=60) (Dec 5, 2001 9:38:33 PM)
thanx chui

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:38:35 PM)
Letters of rec. Do you expect busy recommenders to fill out your specific form? Do you look negatively on letters sent by the recommender to all the schools an applicant is applying to and merely attached to your form?

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 9:38:37 PM)
do international student get valued with the same pool as domestic students?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:38:39 PM)
bkbkbk3 we look for any improvements or progressions from the previous year's applicantion.

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:38:57 PM)
What particularly are you looking for in a PT applicant's career?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:39:00 PM)
Linda, we would prefer that recs use our form,

hhh (ID=40) (Dec 5, 2001 9:39:05 PM)
I mean if I got green card, am I an international or domestic group?

gladiator (ID=31) (Dec 5, 2001 9:39:10 PM)
so Julia can ets send it to NYU by Feb....and I will be sending my application only by July

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:39:20 PM)
however, we will accept others as well as applicants who can't control this

jumpy (ID=71) (Dec 5, 2001 9:39:28 PM)
If an applicant cannot make it to the campus and class visits, will that put him/her at a disadvantage?

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:39:31 PM)
Ben - speaking as another international student, it does not matter if you're applying from overseas or domestically. All applicants are assessed equally

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:39:35 PM)
hhh - if you get a green card you are considered domestic

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:39:57 PM)
gladiator you can have ets send it to us but we cannot review your application until it is complete.

gladiator (ID=31) (Dec 5, 2001 9:40:11 PM)
thank u

KrispyKreme (ID=72) (Dec 5, 2001 9:40:14 PM)
What is the typical turnaround time after an application is received?

hhh (ID=40) (Dec 5, 2001 9:40:15 PM)

SternMBA2-Donald (ID=46) (Dec 5, 2001 9:40:27 PM)
Jumpy--it does not. The campus and class visits are intended to give you the greatest exposure to Stern and students. We understand that not all students can make it to NYC.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:40:41 PM)
KrispyKreme - you can expect an answer in about 8 weeks

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:40:41 PM)
?To Laura.  If one is in the process of obtaining a green card, he would be no longer on any visa. Would that person be considered domestic as well?

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 9:40:43 PM)
what is the average age for MBA candidates in Stern?

SternMBA2-Donald (ID=46) (Dec 5, 2001 9:41:00 PM)
Ben average age is 27

KrispyKreme (ID=72) (Dec 5, 2001 9:41:02 PM)
Thank you Julia

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:41:11 PM)
until you get the green card you are still considered international MJ -

wenlilee (ID=58) (Dec 5, 2001 9:41:22 PM)
Julia but I want focus on your EMT program, I worked for TV production companies for six years in Taiwan. now I am in NY , could I make a appointment with your department to get more information?

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:41:30 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:41:38 PM)
Go ahead abhijit.

gladiator (ID=31) (Dec 5, 2001 9:41:40 PM)
other than merit based scholarship and loan there some other kind of financial assistance for international students...l

KrispyKreme (ID=72) (Dec 5, 2001 9:41:45 PM)
What proportion of applicants are likely to get interview invitations?

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:41:51 PM)
Are there any opportunities between 15th December and 15th January to visit the Stern campus and attend classes?

gladiator (ID=31) (Dec 5, 2001 9:41:54 PM)
like working as a teaching assistant

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 9:42:13 PM)
I am not sure if this is a good question? but what is the range for the age?

Niyati_Tripathy (ID=63) (Dec 5, 2001 9:42:15 PM)

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:42:15 PM)
gladiator - there are donor scholarships in the second year and teaching assistant positions available

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:42:23 PM)
Let's hold questions for a moment.

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:42:25 PM)
Wenlilee - you should visit the EMT website and if you get a chance to come to campus you should definitely stop by one of the EMT classes - I take those courses and it is really a tremendous opportunity and experience.

SternMBA2-Donald (ID=46) (Dec 5, 2001 9:42:26 PM)
KrispyKreme--about a third of the applicants get an interview invitation

KrispyKreme (ID=72) (Dec 5, 2001 9:42:39 PM)
Thanks Donald

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:42:43 PM)
Abhijit_Jain - classes are actually not in session during that time

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:42:47 PM)
Niyati, please post your question

jumpy (ID=71) (Dec 5, 2001 9:43:05 PM)
Please forgive me for trying to clarify myself. Do you keep track of a perspective student's number of campus or class visits? If so, why do you keep track of the number of visits?

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:43:09 PM)
Ben - the range is approximately between 23 to 32

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:43:13 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:43:19 PM)
Go ahead Wendy.

Niyati_Tripathy (ID=63) (Dec 5, 2001 9:43:22 PM)
I applied in the first round and I got a password to use the Stern site for info today. Since it is going to take around 8 weeks for the final answer, what is a tentative time to expect a call for interview?

Ravi Anand (ID=57) (Dec 5, 2001 9:43:25 PM)

KrispyKreme (ID=72) (Dec 5, 2001 9:43:29 PM)
Are admissions offered without interviews in some cases?

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:43:31 PM)
If I don't get an interview, does it mean my chance is bad?

Niyati_Tripathy (ID=63) (Dec 5, 2001 9:43:32 PM)
Thanks Linda

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:43:33 PM)
Let's wait.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:43:43 PM)
Ravi and Wendy, you're next.

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 9:43:47 PM)
what about the average work experience and also the range?

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:44:05 PM)
Jumpy - it isn't so much that we "keep track" but we update your information so we can send our relevant info - we also like to see candidates that are enthusiastic and interested in our school in particular. It shows commitment and sincere interest.

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:44:05 PM)
Ben - average work experience is 4.7 years with the range from 2 to 8

Ravi Anand (ID=57) (Dec 5, 2001 9:44:09 PM)
Question re Venture Capital/private equity as a potential career route - is any out there that can comment on the schools focus on this area, i.e. recruiting? coursework? potential student fund? clubs?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:44:14 PM)
Niyati, it may take up to 8 weeks for an invitation (but we are working as hard as we can) as I know that you are anxious

Niyati_Tripathy (ID=63) (Dec 5, 2001 9:44:38 PM)
Julia Thanks very much once again. :-)

jumpy (ID=71) (Dec 5, 2001 9:44:40 PM)
Thank you. Laura

SMHK (ID=65) (Dec 5, 2001 9:44:46 PM)
?The website states that to qualify we require a graduate degree or its foreign equivalent. However, a visiting adcom member to my city told me that a 3-year degree and a post-graduate diploma is not recognized. Is it possible to clear up the confusion.

KrispyKreme (ID=72) (Dec 5, 2001 9:44:52 PM)
Are all admitted students interviewed without exception

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:44:54 PM)
Wendy did you post?

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:45:17 PM)
Linda: yes, I asked if I don't get an interview, does it mean I am likely to be rejected

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:45:19 PM)

SternMBA2-Donald (ID=46) (Dec 5, 2001 9:45:21 PM)
KrispyKreme--only under very special circumstances is admission made without a personal interview -- and even in those circumstances at minimum a phone interview is required.

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 9:45:30 PM)
do you offer a master in mathematical finance?

KrispyKreme (ID=72) (Dec 5, 2001 9:45:31 PM)
Thanks Donald

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:45:35 PM)
Ravi - We have several alums that are entrepreneurs and we have courses in financing businesses and VC - because we are in New York there are also opportunities to intern with VCs and we have them speak in our classes. I know an alum that has a Venture Capital firm and he actually got funding through a fellow classmate!

wenlilee (ID=58) (Dec 5, 2001 9:45:38 PM)
I have visited the EMT website last week, so Julia, do you suggest me to meet with the director of EMT program or dean of MBA?

jumpy (ID=71) (Dec 5, 2001 9:45:38 PM)
How do you schedule a class or campus visit?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:45:40 PM)
SMHK we are looking for US UG equivalent. Please refer to our web site for further clarification on your country or just give us a call.

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:45:48 PM)
Wendy - not necessarily - we continue to send out invitations to interview until late spring

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:46:01 PM)

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:46:07 PM)
jumpy - you can come to our Information session Mon-Thu at 4:30 .

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:46:11 PM)
Chui: I haven't applied yet.

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:46:11 PM)
Wenlilee - you can email the head of the department - his email would be listed on our website and he can respond to your questions.

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:46:24 PM)
?Can I request an interview?

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:46:27 PM)
? When do classes restart in January?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:46:27 PM)
Class visits are not available again until Feb and you can reserve by calling our office (212) 998-0600

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:46:36 PM)
Chui: but thanks for the answer

KrispyKreme (ID=72) (Dec 5, 2001 9:46:43 PM)
Are interview invitations and admissions made on a rolling basis within each deadline?

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:46:44 PM)
Abhijit_Jain - classes restart on January 29th

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:46:46 PM)
Mj - interviews are by invitation only

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:46:56 PM)

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:47:07 PM)
?Could you shed more light on the admission process: how many times is the application read, by whom etc.?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:47:14 PM)
Krispykreme - it is rolling

KrispyKreme (ID=72) (Dec 5, 2001 9:47:25 PM)

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:47:29 PM)
Ravi - to join or to dance at?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:47:56 PM)
MJ - we evaluate each application thoroughly - at least 2-3 reads.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:48:14 PM)
Julia, is the decision made by a committee, 2 out of three?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:48:29 PM)
Linda, it is by the committee

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 9:48:29 PM)
do you have the% of MBA students who already have a master? I

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:48:55 PM)

KrispyKreme (ID=72) (Dec 5, 2001 9:48:57 PM)
Although it is a well-rounded application that matters, are there any specific strengths you look for in candidates/attach a lot of importance to?

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:48:59 PM)
Ben - it's approximately 20%

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:49:04 PM)
?Does a master's show that the candidate can undergo higher education?

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:49:07 PM)
What do you think is the best and most distinctive aspect of the Stern experience? What do you think it needs to improve or what is it working to improve?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:49:24 PM)
krispykreme - we look for strength in all areas - there is no one area that weighs more than the other

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:49:26 PM)
Wendy, please wait one moment.

jumpy (ID=71) (Dec 5, 2001 9:49:31 PM)
How many percentage of the students have Ph.D.?

Ravi Anand (ID=57) (Dec 5, 2001 9:49:35 PM)
Laura - student organizations that focus on vc, investment analysis?

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 9:49:58 PM)
sorry I know it is hard, but could you give me the percentage of Master holders admission rate?

SternMBA2-Donald (ID=46) (Dec 5, 2001 9:50:31 PM)
MJ, not necessarily -- it depends how well the applicant did in the Masters program and how the overall application looks.

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:50:51 PM)
I think that one of the best aspects of Stern is the people - both the professors and the students. The professors are very dedicated to teaching and are passionate about the work. The student body is extremely diverse and bring their different experiences into the classroom.

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:51:10 PM)
Ravi - we have several clubs that focus on Entrepreneurship, Investing, Finance - there actually too many to name - you should check out the website and look at the roster of cubs - each club in turn has its own website

Ravi Anand (ID=57) (Dec 5, 2001 9:51:24 PM)

KrispyKreme (ID=72) (Dec 5, 2001 9:51:27 PM)
Would you be able to give some numbers of first round applications please?

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:51:42 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:51:48 PM)
Chui, thanks. Any others.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:51:51 PM)
Wendy, please go ahead.

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:51:53 PM)
How many PT spots will you have for fall 2002?

wenlilee (ID=58) (Dec 5, 2001 9:52:00 PM)
thank you Laura

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:52:04 PM)
Linda - what needs to be improved? I wish we had more computers and faster connections. Also more help finding apartments for people relocating to New York

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:52:13 PM)
KK, they said earlier they had a 30% increase.

KrispyKreme (ID=72) (Dec 5, 2001 9:52:23 PM)
Thanks Linda

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:52:28 PM)
Wendy - we anticipate about 350 for next fall's part-time class

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:52:35 PM)
thanks Chui

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:53:09 PM)
? Thanks Laura, is anything being done to improve these facilities?

Praveen (ID=34) (Dec 5, 2001 9:53:12 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:53:17 PM)
Go ahead Praveen.

jumpy (ID=71) (Dec 5, 2001 9:53:28 PM)

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:53:35 PM)
Yes - the one thing I think is very good about Stern is how quickly it responds to student requests.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:53:36 PM)
Let's wait a minute.

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 9:53:42 PM)
is there a minimum GPA requirement?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:53:56 PM)
Ben, there is not a minimum GPA

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:54:03 PM)
Go ahead Jumpy.

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 9:54:05 PM)
what is the average and the range?

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:54:08 PM)
And then let's wait.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:54:23 PM)
Ben, avg is 3.4 and the range is 2.8 to 3.8

Praveen (ID=34) (Dec 5, 2001 9:54:28 PM)
I just wanted things to settle down a little bit. Earlier Julia said that the chances of applicants on second

Praveen (ID=34) (Dec 5, 2001 9:54:51 PM)
sorry! I did not finish the question...

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 9:54:56 PM)
do you have many students from Morocco?

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:55:11 PM)

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 9:55:19 PM)
Ben - no, we currently do not have any students from Morocco, but we have students from over 55 other countries.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:55:34 PM)
Wendy, please post your questions.

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:55:37 PM)
Can you talk abut what you look for in a PT applicant's career?

jumpy (ID=79) (Dec 5, 2001 9:55:38 PM)

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:56:04 PM)
Wendy, we look for the progression, promotion and the level of responsibility

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:56:16 PM)

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 9:56:22 PM)
what is the average GMAT, and also the range?

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:56:31 PM)

jumpy (ID=79) (Dec 5, 2001 9:56:33 PM)
What percentage of this year's applicants hold an advanced degree?

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:56:35 PM)
thanks Julia

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:56:36 PM)
Ben, avg is 689 and range is 640-740

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:56:43 PM)
Jumpy - about 20%

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 9:56:48 PM)
Thank you Laura

Praveen (ID=34) (Dec 5, 2001 9:56:55 PM)
? What percentage of students from each submission deadline is admitted?

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:57:05 PM)
?is 640-740 the complete range?

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:57:16 PM)
MJ - it is the 80% range

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 9:57:24 PM)
Praveen, we do rolling admission so it is difficult to breakdown as in rounds

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:57:31 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:57:38 PM)
Go ahead Abhijit.

Praveen (ID=34) (Dec 5, 2001 9:57:43 PM)
I am sorry! What is rolling admission?

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:57:46 PM)
Could you tell us Stern's strengths compared to Columbia Univ. Business School

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 9:58:08 PM)
how do you value work experience? is based on the company or the industry?

dong (ID=76) (Dec 5, 2001 9:58:31 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:58:40 PM)
Let's wait a minute.

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 9:58:44 PM)
Abhijit - it depends on what you're looking for and where you fit in - I strongly encourage you to visit the campus because that is the best indicator of where you will be happiest.

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 9:59:10 PM)
Ok, thanks

SternMBA2-Donald (ID=46) (Dec 5, 2001 9:59:26 PM)
Ben--we absolutely value work experience based upon industry, applicant's position, and the quality of the work experience.

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 9:59:38 PM)

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 9:59:52 PM)
?Do you consciously look for diversity or is that just an after-effect?

dong (ID=76) (Dec 5, 2001 9:59:53 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:59:53 PM)
I also want to add from my perspective, that applicants who can visit a campus and do so, have a much clearer idea of why they want to attend that school. It comes through in their essays and interviews. Obviously, that reality makes life tougher for international applicants, but it is my experience.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 9:59:59 PM)
Dong , go ahead

Niyati_Tripathy (ID=63) (Dec 5, 2001 10:00:12 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 10:00:20 PM)
Let's wait a minute.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 10:00:22 PM)
MJ, we do look for diversity in all areas

Niyati_Tripathy (ID=63) (Dec 5, 2001 10:01:17 PM)
Linda - Do I?

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 10:01:23 PM)
Go ahead.

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 10:01:32 PM)
if that the case, I feel that international students are at a disadvantage, because promotion in other countries (for example Morocco) is not based on how hard you work, but mostly age. If you are young, you just have to wait a longer time, so do you take that into consideration?

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 10:01:40 PM)
Wendy you too can post.

Niyati_Tripathy (ID=63) (Dec 5, 2001 10:01:40 PM)
Julia - Have there been any efforts to have in house programs to encourage entrepreneurs on campus - the way H/S/W have initiated Entrepreneurs In Residence (EIR) and Incubators? What has been the commercial impact of business plan competitions if any?

Niyati_Tripathy (ID=63) (Dec 5, 2001 10:02:09 PM)
if an = if any :-) Typos galore

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 10:02:27 PM)
Ben someone in Morocco may be disadvantaged in that regard and at an advantage because the school will recognize that you may add diversity to your class.

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 10:02:56 PM)
?The loans for international students appear on the lower side as opposed to full tuition loans by some univs. Would that change soon?

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 10:02:59 PM)
Thank you linda.

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 10:02:59 PM)

Praveen (ID=34) (Dec 5, 2001 10:02:59 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 10:03:05 PM)
Hold on folks.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 10:03:45 PM)
MJ - we are not expecting any changes shortly

boxster (ID=78) (Dec 5, 2001 10:03:50 PM)
How do you value volunteer experience

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 10:04:16 PM)
Boxster - we like well rounded people with diverse experience

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 10:04:24 PM)
Wendy and Praveen you can post, but I assume that Julia is busy answering Niyati's questions.

Praveen (ID=34) (Dec 5, 2001 10:04:26 PM)
Could someone give me a tip on what rolling admission is?

SternMBA2-Donald (ID=46) (Dec 5, 2001 10:04:31 PM)
Ben, it is an overall review of your work experience. If you feel you are at a disadvantage due to a particular custom in the country in which you work, you should explain it to the admissions committee in your application. They appreciate learning about the different experiences of the applicant pool.

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 10:04:34 PM)
Generally speaking what are the qualities you look for in a recommendation?

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 10:04:49 PM)
Praveen - rolling admissions means that we review applications in the order in which they are received

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 10:04:53 PM)
Niyati - we have developed a co-major in entrepreneurial studies specifically with the purpose of helping many people gain the knowledge and insight they need to pursue their own businesses. This program is very good and constantly improving. During any given week there is at least one event or one speaker or brown bag lunch with someone from an entrepreneurial venture and Stern is constantly strengthening ties with alums and the community to grow these relationships. It is a great environment if that is your interest.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 10:05:19 PM)
Wendy we would like a rec who can speak of your abilities currently and how well they know you as an employee and a person

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 10:05:34 PM)
thanks Julia

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 10:05:34 PM)
Dong, did you post your question?

dong (ID=76) (Dec 5, 2001 10:05:50 PM)
I own a company. How do you value my work experience? I found it is a little bit hard to find the right person to write me a recommendation.

Praveen (ID=34) (Dec 5, 2001 10:05:55 PM)
Thank you Chui

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 10:06:22 PM)
Dong - we recommend having your clients

Niyati_Tripathy (ID=63) (Dec 5, 2001 10:06:33 PM)
Thanks Laura. It sure is interesting. Don't want to sell myself but I have created a few millions in business. Though my question was more specific to any success stories on campus.

Ben (ID=56) (Dec 5, 2001 10:06:39 PM)
so when someone applies from a country that is not represented yet in school? does it mean an advantage?

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 10:06:40 PM)
or anyone who can speak to your leadership and other abilities

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 10:07:07 PM)
Niyati - there are so man successful alums and success stories. Bloomberg is one...

Niyati_Tripathy (ID=63) (Dec 5, 2001 10:07:30 PM)
I see. Thanks once again Laura.

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 10:07:36 PM)
Ben - while we value diversity, we are looking for strength in the applicant. There is no advantage or disadvantage.

hhh (ID=84) (Dec 5, 2001 10:07:51 PM)
Julia , is changing 4 to 5 jobs in 5 years too often?

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 10:08:18 PM)
hhh - you should explain what your motivation was for moving on to a new position and growth in our decisions.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 10:08:51 PM)
We'll take 3 more questions.

mtm34 (ID=66) (Dec 5, 2001 10:09:03 PM)
if a student intends to pursue classes on weekends in the PT program, should that be indicated in the optional essay, or taken care of after a decision is made?

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 10:09:17 PM)
What was the number of applications for spring 2002?

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 10:09:33 PM)
PT applications

cindy tokumitsu (ID=45) (Dec 5, 2001 10:09:43 PM)
Thank you, Julia, Laura, Chui, and Donald from NYU, for a very informative session. And good luck to all the applicants!

Blave (ID=60) (Dec 5, 2001 10:09:51 PM)
What's the typical day like for a Stern MBA student?

chinling (ID=85) (Dec 5, 2001 10:09:59 PM)
is there concentration in the MBA program at Stern

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 10:09:59 PM)
mtm34 - this can be taken care of after the decision is made. Keep in mind too, that in order to get your entire degree on weekends, you have to major in Finance and begin in the fall. However, any part-time student can take some classes on the weekends.

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 10:10:04 PM)
That's it for questions.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 10:10:04 PM)
wendy, we had around 500

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 10:10:12 PM)
thanks Julia

Niyati_Tripathy (ID=63) (Dec 5, 2001 10:10:14 PM)
Thanks Linda, Julia, Laura, Chui, and Donald. Thanks and best wishes to all.

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 10:10:30 PM)
Blave - the typical day for me is going to class, holding office hours for the class I TA

dong (ID=76) (Dec 5, 2001 10:10:32 PM)
Thanks Linda

wendy (ID=54) (Dec 5, 2001 10:10:35 PM)
Thanks Linda, Julia, Laura, Chui and Donald.

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 10:10:41 PM)
Thank you everyone

mtm34 (ID=66) (Dec 5, 2001 10:10:42 PM)
Chui - thanks

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 10:10:44 PM)
Also meeting with 1st years to help them prepare for interviews

Blave (ID=60) (Dec 5, 2001 10:10:48 PM)
thanks....time flew!

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 10:10:55 PM)
Thank you again all for participating this evening. Special thanks to Julia, Donald, Laura, and Chiu for joining us this evening and to Cindy Tokumitsu and Cyd Foote for their assistance.

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 10:10:55 PM)
And meeting with classmates on group projects

sternmba_Chui (ID=43) (Dec 5, 2001 10:10:56 PM)
Chinling - there are majors, co-majors and curriculum initiatives. Look on the website for more detailed info.

Ravi Anand (ID=57) (Dec 5, 2001 10:10:57 PM)
Thanks all!

potter (ID=59) (Dec 5, 2001 10:11:00 PM)
Thanks all

Abhijit_Jain (ID=37) (Dec 5, 2001 10:11:04 PM)
Thanks all

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 10:11:07 PM)
We look forward to seeing you at future chats. Here is a list of currently scheduled chats:

sternmba-laura (ID=42) (Dec 5, 2001 10:11:08 PM)
and then if I have any time, I do some studying:)

chinling (ID=85) (Dec 5, 2001 10:11:14 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 10:11:16 PM)
December 10: Consortium; December 18: Tuck; January 7: Wharton; January 16: Darden; January 22: McCombs

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 10:11:24 PM)
Please check for exact times and details.

Praveen (ID=34) (Dec 5, 2001 10:11:27 PM)
Thanks a lot for taking time to answer all our questions.

Cydney Foote (ID=33) (Dec 5, 2001 10:11:28 PM)
Thank you for all the insights about Stern. Good night!

MJ (ID=30) (Dec 5, 2001 10:11:30 PM)
Thanks. Hope to see me helping this forum as a Stern insider next year!!!

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 10:11:33 PM)
Have a very good evening! Good luck with your applications!

nyc2314 (ID=67) (Dec 5, 2001 10:11:42 PM)

SternAdcomm-Julia (ID=51) (Dec 5, 2001 10:11:45 PM)
Thank you Linda for this oppty

Linda Abraham (ID=36) (Dec 5, 2001 10:12:01)
You're most welcome.