05/14/2002 Chat

Med: AMCAS Chat — May 14, 2002

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Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:17:00 PM)
I’d like to start with a few questions:

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:17:05 PM)
Any comments on last year's AMCAS debacle, or more importantly, are you confident AMCAS will avoid a similar disaster this year?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:17:18 PM)
I am confident that AMCAS will avoid a similar disaster this year. Why? Because it is a PR nightmare for them, and all their constituencies were plenty upset—perhaps the most vocal being the individual medical schools. It turns out that the web-based AMCAS will “go on” as an updated 2003 version, but the verified AMCAS 2003’s will be printed (yes I said printed) and mailed to each medical school in batches. So far, the pdf version of the 2003 instructions, tips for applicants and Application worksheet (see aamc.org/.org/students/amcas/2003.htm) are very helpful—download and print the tips and worksheet; I advise leaving the instructions on your desktop or somewhere you can locate it for easy reference. You should be able to complete the application in 3-4 hours (not counting inputting the essay) and in less time if we have drafted all of your experience sections in advance. Problems solved to date include: 1. “The Issue: The OT Grade 'A' was not entered for 4 of the grading conversion types. As a result

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:17:56 PM)
Did something get cut off?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:18:14 PM)
And... 2. Post-secondary experiences section now permits end-dates to 12/31/03. 3.”The issue: AP credits are not showing up under supplemental hours when the application is previewed on line or when printed. Solution: If a school’s grading system is not on file with AMCAS or if the applicant enters an OT grade other than that referenced in the grading system provided by the school, AMCAS will add the correct AMCAS grade and semester/supplemental hours during Verification.” 4. “The Issue: When running the Audit, you may get a Warning indicator that you have not entered the information required in the GPA section about when you have taken the MCAT and if you plan to take the August MCAT.” Solution: Many applicants return to the MCAT/other test information page thinking they must enter something. The warning just lets you know this field is not complete. Of course, if you have no MCAT or other scores, you cannot complete it—so move on.”

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:19:09 PM)
I think all of the info is here--but may have been reformatted to fit the space

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:19:40 PM)
I think something got cut off after the first line of Issue 1

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:20:09 PM)
 “The Issue: The OT Grade 'A' was not entered for 4 of the grading conversion types. As a result, when the applicants entered their OT Grade 'A' for certain schools, no conversion to AMCAS Grade occurred.

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:20:18 PM)
And something else was cut off in the solution to the Audit warning for Issue 4.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:20:25 PM)
Solution: We inserted records for each of the grading conversion types so that when the Applicant enters 'A' for their OT Grade, the corresponding AMCAS Grade will now be displayed.”

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:20:41 PM)
“The Issue: When running the Audit, you may get a Warning indicator that you have not entered the information required in the GPA section about when you have taken the MCAT and if you plan to take the August MCAT.”

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:20:56 PM)
Solution: Many applicants return to the MCAT/other test information page thinking they must enter something. The warning just lets you know this field is not complete. Of course, if you have no MCAT or other scores, you cannot complete it—so move on.”

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:21:17 PM)
Wow. That's a wonderfully thorough answer.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:21:35 PM)
These seem to be some of the common problems currently--only days into the new 03 cycle

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:21:41 PM)
Not only thorough, but encouraging for applicants.

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:21:46 PM)
How do you advise applicants to best use the experience section on the AMCAS application?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:22:04 PM)
Before the 2002, there were only about 10 lines total to input all honors, jobs, clinical, research and community service experiences—wow, not much! We were using abbreviations and summarizing like mad. Then, last year (2002) AMCAS went 180 degrees the other way—they allowed unlimited numbers of experiences, each classified into one of 13 categories, as to honors, paid employment, research, etc. Some of my Advisees had up to 15 pages just of experiences—especially non-traditional older applicants. Guess what the medical schools did?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:22:21 PM)
They did NOT read all the experiences and rebelled—they lobbied AMCAS to limit the number of experiences this year to 15. OK—that means you must group and prioritize your experiences accordingly. Also, it means that after you select your most important activities (1 or 2 or 3 at most) to discuss in your personal statement, you should use the Experiences section to develop all the other important items you wish Admissions Committees to know about you. In other words, use your space wisely—don’t waste any of it

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:22:26 PM)
They cut the space.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:23:02 PM)
right! it seems to be a human response to the issue of information "overload"

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:23:16 PM)
So the experience section should complement the essay. If a student wants to focus on one experience in the personal comments section, do you recommend that they even mention that experience in the Experience section?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:23:52 PM)
I would agree--don't say the same thing twice--use all your space to complement both experiences and essay

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:24:01 PM)
What are the 3 most important qualities for a pre-med student to have -- and reveal -- in essays and interviews.

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:24:13 PM)
Mine is not going to reference it too much... I have 2-3 specific stories from my childhood and working with patients. i.e. not dealing with Post Sec Exp at all. Is that bad?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:24:47 PM)
hmmm...if something is terribly important, it should go into both sections if you don't have too many experiences...but if you have 40 experiences, then something must go

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:25:03 PM)
A good question! Research from a recent AAMC interview of 171 faculty, residents and students at 21 US medical schools suggest that there are 10 key categories of behavior most associated with likely successful performance in medical school and residency (Etienne and Julian, 2002): www.aamcd.org/data/aid/aibissues/aibvol1_no4.pdf I will select 3 to address here—but will be happy to discuss any others with applicants also

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:25:24 PM)
1. Empathetic and listening skills when interacting with patients and their families. Translates: have developed active listening skills as pre-med.  2. Good knowledge of the profession (this one is not treated separately in this list—but I know it is crucial). Does this mean you must have 1 or 2 years of clinical experience in a hospital? Does this mean you must have shadowed a physician? Does this mean you need a specific number of hours in clinical experience?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:25:53 PM)
NO!! What it means is that you must have a high quality of clinical experience where you have interacted with practicing physicians long enough to have asked hard questions like what “What do you love about being a doctor?” What do you hate about being a doctor?” If you could do it over again, would you be a doctor?” “Why?” And, you must have an excellent sense of what you believe the doctor-patient interactions should be like—observe “good and bad” interactions so you can discuss them. All of this experience is so you will be able to form your own sense of what it will be like for YOU to practice medicine---you should be able to speak/write knowledgably about your future!

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:26:09 PM)
3. Mentoring skills. Be able to demonstrate that you have mentored others. A Mentor supports others in their dreams and goals. They provide some of the tools to get there. This can be done with peers, those older or younger than oneself and in an academic or personal setting.

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:26:59 PM)
Dr. Lewis, does "leadership" fall under the mentoring heading, or is it another item on the list, but one that you chose not to mention?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:27:52 PM)
Actually, leadership is not mentioned in this list--it would certainly be an important characteristic to look for in applicants by admissions committees, though other characteristics listed include an active role in helping to shape one's own learning

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:28:26 PM)
That is interesting, because it is always something mentioned in interviews, books, etc. and it certainly is something that helps applicants.

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:28:48 PM)
If premeds are taking their MCAT for the second time in August because they aren't satisfied with their previous score, when should they submit their application such that they get it in as early as possible but ensure that the second MCAT is available?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:28:53 PM)
of course--admissions committees look for leaders...

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:29:14 PM)
Many medical schools will send out secondaries/supplemental applications upon receipt of your AMCAS with or without MCAT scores—most of these are private medical schools. But, if you begin to complete and submit secondaries as they arrive, and complete your file as early as possible with as many schools as possible (perhaps still waiting for the release of the August MCAT scores in mid-October), you will be as ahead of the game as it is possible for you! So, don’t wait. If you can submit/certify your AMCAS in middle June after receipt of April MCAT scores and you mark that you will be taking the August 2002 exam, submit it! There is no down side to this behavior unless you have not proofed your application carefully or not done a complete and accurate job of inputting your information.

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:29:21 PM)
Hopeful, had you taken the MCAT previously?

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:29:25 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:30:11 PM)
Some don't want to submit early because they fear the schools will make decision based on the first MCAT without even seeing the second one.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:30:13 PM)
Did you know that you can buy the "early online score release for April MCATs--should be available about June 7

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:30:29 PM)
oh, I didn't.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:30:36 PM)
Apparently they will cost $15 from AAMC

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:30:40 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:30:41 PM)
That's worth it!

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:30:44 PM)

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:31:14 PM)
Then, once you see your April scores, you can make an informed choice about whether or not to release them and to take the August exam

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:31:36 PM)
I always like to be an informed consumer!

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:31:42 PM)
To summarize, you recommend that August MCAT test takers submit before they take the test, regardless of whether they already took the test.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:32:28 PM)
hmmm... if they took the April exam and have some idea of scores, but feel they can improve, then submit early

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:32:29 PM)
Definitely pays to get that score early. It can also help an applicant decide which schools to apply to.

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:33:17 PM)
Do you guys suggest I send them manuscripts/abstracts that have been published?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:33:23 PM)
if they did not take the April exam and august is their first exam, you are applying "blind"...but there is no downside other than applying to the wrong schools for submitting before you see your scores

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:33:31 PM)
and at what point do I do that?

Shlomo (ID=17) (May 14, 2002 9:33:57 PM)

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:34:01 PM)
when you have secondary applications, then you can submit abstracts and articles

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:34:07 PM)

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:34:10 PM)
thank you

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:34:27 PM)
you are welcome

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:34:29 PM)
Anything August MCAT takers can do to jumpstart the process?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:34:42 PM)
Get your transcripts submitted now --make sure that you include your spring grades if you need to show upward trends or improvement and you know spring grades are excellent. Get your essay drafted now—it takes time to write this very difficult essay all about YOU. Most applicants indicate it is the most trying part of the process because no one has a truly objective view of themselves and establishing a tone for the essay that reflects your attitudes and “philosophy” is downright hard!

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:35:12 PM)
It's hard for everyone to write about themselves.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:35:36 PM)
Right--so sometimes getting an outside perspective is helpful

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:35:45 PM)
I've asked my questions. HH, do you have any questions for us?

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:36:03 PM)
Gosh...LOL...tons but unfortunately none of them may help you guys. Most of my questions go along the lines of "what are my chances?"

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:36:28 PM)
Are you a Wash state resident?

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:36:32 PM)
Since no one else is here (Cindy and Paul are Accepted.com editors), you go ahead.

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:36:32 PM)

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:36:57 PM)
Oh, I didn't know they were editors. Hi guys.

cindy tokumitsu (ID=14) (May 14, 2002 9:37:05 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:37:08 PM)

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:37:15 PM)
Dr. Lewis--I have not done well in my earlier 1.5 years of college.

Paul Bodine (ID=15) (May 14, 2002 9:37:30 PM)

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:37:34 PM)
Gen Chem grades range from 2.8 to 3.4

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:37:37 PM)
OK--I would go into the admissions office and talk directly with the Director of Admissions before submitting just to get a sense of how you will fare there

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:37:59 PM)
I asked them if I would even get to the interview stage and they did say I would.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:38:16 PM)
Then, I would also apply to schools which value your research and bicultural background

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:38:35 PM)
I have been looking into schools lately. Don't have them all picked out yet.

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:38:55 PM)
HH, do you mean your freshman/sophomore years?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:38:55 PM)
You will have a better idea once you see your April scores

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:39:02 PM)
Yes. That's what I mean.

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:39:10 PM)
However, I do have a good upward trend. 4.0's in Organic Chem and Biochem and upper level classes.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:39:45 PM)
Upward trends are good!! wow--UD sciences including organic and bio chemm with A's is great!

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:39:59 PM)
It's just that they are not "credit heavy" classes. A Biochem class may be 3 credits.....but Gen Chem is worth 5.

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:40:10 PM)
Therefore, my CUM GPA and SCI GPA are so low. No matter how well I did, the amount of credits didn't make up the earlier grades.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:40:43 PM)
Well, it is ok and appropriate to point out your upward trend and what happened in your early years--can do this in your essay

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:40:46 PM)
Have you taken any post-bac classes?

Shlomo (ID=18) (May 14, 2002 9:40:49 PM)
? Do you give special consideration to certain majors

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:40:56 PM)
I did take an EMT class worth 8 credits. Got a 3.8 in that.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:41:37 PM)
Shlomo--what do you mean by "certain majors"?

Shlomo (ID=18) (May 14, 2002 9:41:59 PM)
For example is a biology major preferred? or would a poet get the same consideration

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:42:33 PM)
It is best to select a major by 2 criteria: what subject YOU enjoy most---no one makes you study for it. And, if you don't go to medical school for some reason, you can take that major and use it for something you will enjoy

Shlomo (ID=18) (May 14, 2002 9:43:12 PM)
oh, I think I'll stay away from poetry then :)

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:43:26 PM)
Also, don't non-science majors actually have a higher acceptance rate?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:43:38 PM)
Poets may even get more consideration since they are following their hearts (same with physics or literature) outside of the "normal" premed area

Shlomo (ID=18) (May 14, 2002 9:43:56 PM)
oh wow, I would have thought it was the opposite

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:44:12 PM)
Yes--the stats show high acceptance for non-science majors or interdisciplinary majors

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:44:27 PM)
they even tend to do better on MCATs (esp Verbal)

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:44:56 PM)
True. And they show a breadth and diversity of interest that science majors tend to lack.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:44:58 PM)
In fact, I helped develop an interdisciplinary major where were select bio, chem and a non-science like art or communicative disorders. They cannot overcome very low GPA and MCATs, but indeed you must have them and they can certainly make you shine

Shlomo (ID=18) (May 14, 2002 9:45:23 PM)
? One other question, how much does extracurricular activities help? Such as athletic, or possibly academic competition?

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:46:29 PM)
Again, I think they really distinguish people with the same qualifying scores.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:46:35 PM)
athletics in particular show discipline, hard work ethic, focus, team work...

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:46:39 PM)
They frequently make the difference between acceptance and rejection.

Shlomo (ID=18) (May 14, 2002 9:46:50 PM)
Yes, but they're quite time consuming

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:46:51 PM)

Shlomo (ID=18) (May 14, 2002 9:46:59 PM)
taking time away from studies

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:47:28 PM)
right again--so it is then a balance of class work, working for pay, community service, clinical experience, athletics...

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:47:41 PM)
That's why pre-meds are so busy!

Shlomo (ID=18) (May 14, 2002 9:47:49 PM)
No fooling!

cindy tokumitsu (ID=14) (May 14, 2002 9:47:49 PM)
I have to log off now; thank you, Dr. Lewis; good night, Linda and Paul, and good luck, Shlomo and HH!

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:47:53 PM)
No grass growing under their feet!

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:47:58 PM)
Thanks Cindy. Goodnight.

Shlomo (ID=18) (May 14, 2002 9:48:13 PM)
Thanks for your help dr. Lewis

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:48:14 PM)
You are welcome--good night

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:48:16 PM)
HH, are you feeling a little better about your chances?

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:48:23 PM)
not really.

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:48:27 PM)

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:48:33 PM)
It's ok. I suppose it's just normal.

Shlomo (ID=18) (May 14, 2002 9:48:37 PM)
? Oh one last question, how different are the Med Schools

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:49:00 PM)
Dr. Lewis, if HH does well on the MCAT, will that compensate for the low initial GPA?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:49:06 PM)
shlomo--medical schools are VERY different--read their mission statements

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:49:41 PM)
the MCAT is the "big adjuster"...it certainly can help significantly with chances

Shlomo (ID=18) (May 14, 2002 9:49:41 PM)

Shlomo (ID=18) (May 14, 2002 9:49:45 PM)
thanks again

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:50:05 PM)
Especially in light of an upward GPA trend, right?

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:50:06 PM)
with a 3.35 from UW, how much would I ideally *need* to have to be called competitive?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:50:22 PM)
shlomo, the schools each have a different personality--it shows in their curriculum, their facilities, their administrators,..

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:50:50 PM)
And is a 3.35 from UW even respectable relative to other schools? Do alumni tend to be favored more at state schools?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:50:58 PM)
UW requires pretty high #s--I would guess 11-12's

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:51:07 PM)
Yes. Tens at least.

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:51:28 PM)
HH, can you afford to go out of state?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:51:40 PM)
no--alumni are not a big deal at public schools--more of a factor at private schools

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:51:40 PM)
Well...not really. But if I have to, I will.

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:51:45 PM)
What MCAT scores do you anticipate?

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:51:53 PM)
about 28. That's a conservative guess.

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:52:18 PM)
Do you have any idea what kind of medicine you want to practice?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:52:18 PM)
HH--I really think leaving one's home state is a plus--it is a growing experience

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:52:48 PM)
Yes, I agree Dr. Lewis. I also have a fiance in state who would have a hard time moving....so I am a bit more anxious about getting into the UW.

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:52:57 PM)

Paul Bodine (ID=15) (May 14, 2002 9:53:08 PM)
Dr. Lewis, what's the best book by a doctor on being or becoming a doctor that you've ever read?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:53:51 PM)
Wow--the question about books is a tough one--I really like The Scalpel and The Silver Bear by the first Navajo woman surgeon--Lori Arviso Alvord and Think Big by Ben Carson--pediatric neurosurgeon at Hopkins

Paul Bodine (ID=15) (May 14, 2002 9:54:30 PM)
Interesting, thanks.

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:55:27 PM)
Dr. Lewis, could you recommend a few schools that HH can consider and investigate further, based on her current stats and interest in OB-GYN?

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:55:47 PM)
good question Linda.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:55:52 PM)
HH--if you have an interest in OB-gyn, get significant and meaningful clinical experience for example at Planned Parenthood schools...

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:55:53 PM)
Thank you.

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:56:11 PM)
I worked at an OB/Gyn clinic for 3 years

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:56:19 PM)
What did you do?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:56:32 PM)
I really like MCP Hahnemann--was the first women's medical schools and has been coed now for 30 years

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:56:34 PM)
specifically--worked with reproductive endocrinologists with couples that were infertile. I did clinical research.

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:56:59 PM)
definitely sounds relevant.

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:57:07 PM)
Did patient evaluations...helped with paps...blood draws...vitals...patient history...medication dispensing....check for contraindications in their medications

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:57:32 PM)
you may wish to consider Finch Chicago Medical school also--they have a large patient population

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:57:39 PM)
yes, I am applying there. Also to MCPH and NY Med

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 9:58:03 PM)
Where else are you planning to apply?

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:58:12 PM)
George WA, Oregon--OHSU, Mayo (out of my league, but I have to try since I like their program)

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:58:46 PM)
excellent choice--GW--they are also very clinically oriented--I currently have 4 alumni attending and 3 on the waitlist for this year

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:59:01 PM)
U of Miami (may have a "contact" there), and of course, UW.

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:59:20 PM)

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 9:59:28 PM)
Oregon--doesn't take many non-residents unless they are older with LOTS of "life experiences" usually

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 9:59:43 PM)
yes, I read about that too.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 10:00:03 PM)
U Miami is private and takes a fair number of non-residents

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 10:00:09 PM)
Yes. 33 percent.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 10:00:18 PM)
Med college Wisconsin is also a good choice

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 10:00:28 PM)
I have to look into MCW and USC today.

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 10:00:36 PM)
I pick two schools to look at each day.

Paul Bodine (ID=15) (May 14, 2002 10:00:43 PM)
Dr. Lewis, are there certain types of applicants that you recommend apply Early Decision?

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 10:01:20 PM)
Creighton U treats their students well and Boston U has interesting research opportunities

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 10:01:49 PM)
Early decision: you really need to have a very specific focus to fit this group--for example

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 10:01:56 PM)
Boston U doesn't have too much primary care focus though, but I will look into it.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 10:02:18 PM)
I had an older student (white male) who had spent time on a remote island; he was a computer programmer, and he wanted to attend U New Mexico--UNM does not take non-residents...hardly ever. So, this student spent several summers working on Indian reservation hospitals doing computer programming and working with doctors. He met with docs and got great letters. And, he applied early decision...and got in...a California resident!

Paul Bodine (ID=15) (May 14, 2002 10:04:09 PM)
Interesting! Thank you.

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 10:04:17 PM)
That's a great story. He was really focused on his goal.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 10:04:42 PM)
exactly--you need to be very focused and a great match for EDP

Paul Bodine (ID=15) (May 14, 2002 10:04:50 PM)
I see, thanks.

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 10:05:15 PM)
Dr Lewis, thank you for your good advice.

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 10:05:20 PM)
Thanks again to everyone for participating this evening. Special thanks to Dr. Lewis for her invaluable insights and to Paul Bodine for his help.

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 10:05:23 PM)
You will see me again if you have another chat session.

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 10:05:35 PM)
Stay tuned for upcoming medical school admissions chats. We have tentatively scheduled secondary essay chats in July and may have other guests before then. Check the Web site or Accepted.com Odd ’N Ends for details. Alternatively, send an e-mail to moremedchat@accepted.com and you will receive e-mail announcements of pre-med chats.

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 10:05:35 PM)
Goodnight all. Be well.

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 10:05:42 PM)
We look forward to seeing you again.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 10:05:53 PM)
HH--good luck and don't be afraid to apply to a series of schools--including those you really want to attend!

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 10:05:58 PM)
Have a very good evening! Good luck with your applications!

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 10:06:03 PM)
Thanks. Bye guys.

Paul Bodine (ID=15) (May 14, 2002 10:06:08 PM)
Good luck Hopeful!

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 10:06:11 PM)

Hopeful_Healer (ID=13) (May 14, 2002 10:06:14 PM)
Thanks Paul. You too. bye.

drlewis (ID=11) (May 14, 2002 10:06:16 PM)
Good night and thanks for the great questions!

Linda Abraham (ID=16) (May 14, 2002 10:06:24 PM)
Good night.

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