2004 University of Chicago MBA Admissions Chat

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Chat Transcript:

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 8:57:17 PM)
OK. Let's start.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 8:57:18 PM)
First I want to welcome you all to Accepted.com's University of Chicago admissions chat.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 8:57:31 PM)
I also want to welcome Eddie Pulliam, Chicago's Associate Director of MBA Admissions, who is pinch-hitting today for GoYoshida and Kurt Ahlm who couldn't be here tonight; Julie Morton, Associate Dean, MBA Career Services; Cynthia Cuyjet, Senior Associate Director, MBA Career Services; Martha Farley, Associate Director Career Resource Center; Leson Lee, 2nd year student, Co-Chair of Dean's Student Admissions Committee; and Bridget Daly, 2nd year student, Co-Chair of Dean's Student Admissions Committee .

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 8:57:38 PM)
Thanks to everyone for joining.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 8:58:43 PM)
I would like to start by asking Leson and Bridget to post brief bios so that we can all learn a little about their interests and backgrounds.

brandon (Oct 20, 2003 8:58:58 PM)
When will the 2003 career stats be available?

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:00:10 PM)
Eddie, what's new at Chicago?

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:00:40 PM)
Our stats ARE available! I spoke of the final data at last weekend's preview. What data are you looking for? As of September 30, 87% of the class of 2003 had offers; 85% had an accepted offer. 99% of all those interns who sought an internship landed one.

bridgetdalyGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:00:53 PM)
My bio - I worked in product management for a publishing company as well as a non-profit before I came to the GSB. This summer I worked in marketing for a financial services company.

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:00:58 PM)
Well we just survived Fall Preview. It was great. Interviews, programs and fun!!

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:00:59 PM)
Could you tell us a little about yourself? What you did professionally before GSB and over the summer? And what you intend to do post-MBA?

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:01:21 PM)
Julie, those are very impressive numbers!

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:01:42 PM)
Do you feel that the financial services industry is starting to hire? To what do you attribute those stats?

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:02:02 PM)
We also had a Diversity Weekend Diner with Professor and Mrs. Fogel and information for minority students should they decide to apply.

aynblake (Oct 20, 2003 9:02:10 PM)
If there are any GSB students, could we start by sharing your application experience? Which schools did you apply to/accepted and why did you decide to go to Chicago? What makes Chicago unique compared to other schools?

brandon (Oct 20, 2003 9:02:49 PM)
Thanks Julie, will anything be posted online in detail? breakdown of industry, etc?

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:03:21 PM)
We've definitely seen an up-pick in financial services. Last summer, our interns worked on pitch books and new business development. THIS summer, they worked on live deals; so business is definitely picking up. A lot of students returned from their banking summers with offers in hand, so we've actually seen a drop in presentation attendance... surprising! But many of the 2nd year banker wanna-bes are all set!

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:04:04 PM)
Brandon, we will post all our detailed stats on line -- probably within the next week or so. On campus recruiting started here today -- so we're busy! :-)

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:04:21 PM)
How many applications did Chicago receive last year? How does that figure compare to 2002's and 2001's entering class?

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:04:51 PM)
Were there any particularly strong markets for Chicago grads this past year?

bridgetdalyGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:05:08 PM)
Hi Ayn - I am currently a second year student at the GSB. I was a History major undergrad and had gotten to a level in my career where I was directly working with senior managers and executives. I felt I needed to hone my quantitative skills so I decided to pursue an MBA at Chicago for that reason. Ultimately, I came to Chicago because of the students I met during my application process...

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:05:45 PM)
Last year we received around 3100 applications. A little more than the previous year. I think many schools experienced a drop in applicants.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:05:49 PM)
Bridget what did you do before coming to Chicago?

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:05:59 PM)
Eddie, definitely true.

Nitish (Oct 20, 2003 9:06:21 PM)
If you could be present at any event in time, what would it be and why?

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:06:55 PM)
This year we are expecting a slight increase. There's "buzz" about our new building opening in 2004!

bridgetdalyGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:07:10 PM)
Linda- immediately prior to the GSB I was a program manager at the World Wildlife Fund in DC.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:07:28 PM)
Leson, what did you do prior to coming to GSB and last summer?  What do you want to do post MBA?

LesonLeeGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:07:41 PM)
My bio - I worked in IT consulting with PricewaterhouseCoopers for 4 years.

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:07:43 PM)
Traditionally, Chicago students have been attracted to financial services and consulting. We're delighted that we're seeing an increase in the diversity of student career interest. This past year, we saw a nice up-kick in students interested in marketing and financial roles within a corporation. Also, investment management stayed flat this past year -- not bad for a year where that industry was really hammered.

LesonLeeGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:07:56 PM)
I applied to b-school looking to switch careers. I pursued an internship in Sales and Trading. Secured the internship late January with Deutsche Bank. And I am going back there next year.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:08:15 PM)
Congratulations Leson!

LesonLeeGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:08:17 PM)
I'm really grateful to the Chicago GSB for helping me switch careers.  Especially in this tough economy, I felt the strong alumni base, second years and career services went out of their way to help our class.

vasu (Oct 20, 2003 9:08:35 PM)
In the past year applications, did you see a lot more of IT related students than usual?

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:09:25 PM)
The numbers seem to shift. We have experienced a slight increase in IT applicants.

bridgetdalyGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:09:29 PM)
Nitish- I can't answer your application question but mine was what 3 people you would want to have dinner with... Agatha Christie, Colin Powell and the founder of Walgreen's (whose name escapes me right now).

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:09:55 PM)
Julie that is impressive.

Wildcat fan (Oct 20, 2003 9:10:17 PM)
How is NOT wanting to switch careers viewed, when applying to the Evening/Weekend Programs? An asset, or a liability as far as the admissions process?

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:11:30 PM)
NOT wanting to switch careers isn't a problem. We support what you want to do post-MBA. Our curriculum allows flexibility when choosing your career.

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:11:38 PM)
Yes... several of the major players in this field recruit on campus -- Lilly, Pfizer, Wyeth, to name a few. But I hope students -- and prospective students -- are viewing their job searches as a whole lot wider than simply the companies that come on campus to recruit. We post jobs from companies in the biotech/healthcare fields and we have a lot of alumni in these areas -- so networking opportunities abound.

LesonLeeGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:11:45 PM)
Wildcat fan, I wouldn't worry about how switching careers is viewed by the admissions committee. Please talk about what you feel passionately about doing...Your enthusiasm will definitely come out in the application.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:12:07 PM)
To follow up on wildcat's question, since sometimes career switchers are harder to place post-MBA, has the admissions office changed its view of career changers?

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:12:58 PM)
Leson and Bridget, do you sometimes feel that Chicago's curriculum is too flexible?

vasu (Oct 20, 2003 9:13:06 PM)
Are the full time students treated differently than the Evening/Weekend students when it comes to placement?

Paul_Bodine (Oct 20, 2003 9:13:08 PM)
How many students over the age of 35 does each current class have? What's the admissions committee's biggest concern regarding over-35 applicants?

aynblake (Oct 20, 2003 9:13:56 PM)
Alex Brown said on the Wharton Student2Student forum that attendance on information session has decreased. Have you experience the same? Do you think the number of applications to Chicago will increase?

CindyTokumitsu (Oct 20, 2003 9:14:12 PM)
When you review an application, do you consider whether the applicant will likely rely on recruiters? If they discuss plans for obtaining a position through their own resources, do you view that favorably?

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:14:19 PM)
First, I don't think career switchers  have a tougher time, necessarily, in terms of finding employment... (we don't place people... we help students facilitate their own searches... :-) about 85% of our students are career changers. We think it all boils down to how articulately you can make the case for how your skills transfer from one career to another -- and that's the gist of what we teach.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:14:54 PM)
How do you use the interview in the admissions process?

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:15:14 PM)
There is a small percentage of students who apply that are 35-ish. Your work experience is important. Responsibilities, progression during your career and finally what your career desires are and really how an MBA can help with that decision.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:15:28 PM)
How do you use the interview in the admissions process?

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:15:44 PM)
Vasu, part-time/evening/weekend students have an entirely separate career services office. Our hunch is that those students have more experience than the full time MBA students and so their career stuff is handled out of the same office that works with alumni.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:15:56 PM)
Bridget and Leson, what do you like best and least about Chicago (excluding the weather.)?

bridgetdalyGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:16:38 PM)
Re: flexibility of curriculum. I don't think it is too flexible. GSB students are very diverse with different skills and strengths. The flexibility has allowed me to design a curriculum that addresses my needs. It lets me challenge myself and build on skills that I already have. Sometimes I feel like I don't have enough time here to take all the classes I want to but I guess that is not necessarily a downside.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:16:58 PM)
Doesn't sound like a downside to me.

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:17:13 PM)
When we conduct our on campus information, we generally have a good population. We have experienced some smaller audiences at some of our receptions.

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:17:16 PM)
Cindy, I can't answer your question from an admissions perspective, but I can tell you that on campus recruiting is just one, fairly small, part of how MBA career services helps students in their job searches. We expect all students to use their own networks, the schools network, and each others networks in finding a job.

bostonapp (Oct 20, 2003 9:17:51 PM)
The Chicago MBA is known as being intense academically; is this reputation accurate? Do you think it is any more intense than other programs?

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:18:42 PM)
When reviewing an applicant's interview report we usually look for at least 3 things: Academic background, professional experience and a familiarity with Chicago's program and how it "fits" into your career plans vs. another school.

LesonLeeGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:19:26 PM)
Bostonapp, I think the Chicago MBA is very challenging...especially since you're also focusing on job searching, but I think it's a good thing...I wouldn't want to be in an environment were the classes were a breeze.  That said, I don't think the classes are impossible...and nearly all classes have group work which makes the class more enjoyable.

Wildcat fan (Oct 20, 2003 9:19:44 PM)
Do you find that GSB courses are graded on a strict curve, e.g. 30% A/35% B/ 35% C? Or could 50-75% of a given class receive A?  A's provided their work warrants it?

ahwei (Oct 20, 2003 9:20:23 PM)
How do you compare Chicago GSB's strength in entrepreneurship with the other top MBA programs?

bridgetdalyGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:20:56 PM)
Re: what I like best about GSB; I have met some of the most amazing people here. I love the fact that I can discuss with and learn from these people and most importantly I feel like I also have something to offer. I like the give and take of the group work. Dislike, right now I feel like the classroom and study areas are too small. Sometimes when I am on campus all day I feel cramped. The good news is that the new building (and lots more space) will be open next fall.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:21:43 PM)
Is there an advantage to applying in different rounds? Do you accept more people first round than second, second than third?

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:21:51 PM)
Many of our students are interested in entrepreneurial ventures -- and there are several lab classes here that give students hands on experience. Many of those labs turn into full time jobs for students.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:23:04 PM)
What is a common mistake applicants make in their applications?

bridgetdalyGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:23:06 PM)
Wildcat - the courses are graded on a curve (3.25). That being said, it is up to the professors whether they apply the curve across all their sections and whether they curve individual assignments or the overall course grade.

LesonLeeGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:23:27 PM)
Ahwei - we have a very strong entrepreneurship program - some classes include Entrepreneurial Finance, New Venture Strategy, Commercializing Innovation, and New Venture Challenge.  The classes are taught by professors who also have the experience...one of our professors used to be an accomplished venture capitalist.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:23:55 PM)
For Cynthia, Julie, and Martha; has Chicago changed its recruiting program in response to the drop in employment and if so how?

vasu (Oct 20, 2003 9:24:00 PM)
What does the Admissions Committee look for in the Application Essays ?

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:24:13 PM)
We really don't have a quota when filling our positions during any of the application rounds. The quality of the application is our goal when choosing admits. Round 2 is historically the biggest round! The 3rd round is usually the toughest to apply to. Fewer seats and the profile starts to take shape after the 2nd round.

Paul_Bodine (Oct 20, 2003 9:24:42 PM)
What's the one thing you would tell female applicant concerned about her safety on Chicago's campus?

Wildcat fan (Oct 20, 2003 9:26:01 PM)
When seeking letters of recommendation, should we make a particular effort to obtain recommendations from GSB alumni?

vasu (Oct 20, 2003 9:26:21 PM)
Is it true that not many Female MBAs are successful in the Financial industry?

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:26:28 PM)
Vasu, creativity!! How do you differentiate yourself from others. What do you know about the GSB? Are you sure the curriculum will give you what you need for the next step? A few of our questions are designed to get a "picture" of you.

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:26:58 PM)
We haven't changed our recruiting program per se -- we continue to run a robust on campus recruiting program and we continue to encourage students to look for jobs in a variety of ways. We host about 7,000 interviews on campus per year and our job postings are up 57% over last year. Nonetheless, we are seeing a fundamental shift in how companies source talent. They are no longer relying on on campus recruiting primarily but instead are looking to a variety of means to source talent. There is also more, just in terms of  time, in hiring.  So our programming is happening throughout the year and is very targeted -- resume writing and interviewing, to be sure, but also how to leave a compelling voicemail and how to structure your target list.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:26:58 PM)
Indeed, Chicago's essays require the most creativity of any school's essays.

bridgetdalyGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:27:08 PM)
The U of C is a very safe place. Hyde Park is one of the lowest crime areas in the city and the campus and surrounding areas are patrolled by both the U of C police and the Chicago police. that being said, Chicago is a big urban city and all students need to be aware of what is going on around them.

CindyTokumitsu (Oct 20, 2003 9:27:53 PM)
How do you review the applications of reapplicants -- do you read the first application again along with the new one?

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:27:58 PM)
So there are fewer on-campus interviews, but still a lot of jobs. Right Julie?

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:28:18 PM)
In terms of safety -- I have a 2 year old son and I am planning on moving down here. I wouldn't do that if I didn't feel safe. It's a big city -- you have to be careful anywhere.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:28:22 PM)
What is Chicago doing to combat the impression that the MBA simply doesn't pay off, especially for international applicants?

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:28:44 PM)
LOR's from GSB alumni are encouraged if you actually "know" the alum and he/she knows something about the quality of work that you do. True, having gone through the program gives them a good perspective but we are really concerned with your contributions to the classroom/community. If they can speak to that, loud and clear, they are good tools for support.

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:28:51 PM)
Actually Linda, we have about the same number of companies coming on campus to interview, but they are actually hosting MORE interviews this year than last.

LesonLeeGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:29:01 PM)
Common mistake in application? I think a common mistake is to not clearly answer why you want an MBA and why you want to come to the GSB.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:29:15 PM)
Julie, that's great. I'm getting a different message from other schools and sources.

bridgetdalyGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:29:29 PM)
Re; applications, if you are funny, make us laugh, if you are passionate about something let us know... we want to get a picture of where you see your life going, something we can't get from a resume or a test score.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:29:34 PM)
Leson, why did you choose to go to the GSB over other programs?

sara (Oct 20, 2003 9:30:22 PM)
Is there a minimum amount of full time work experience needed when applying?

bostonapp (Oct 20, 2003 9:30:47 PM)
Any thoughts on Chicago's finance program, in particular what differentiates it from other school's programs?

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:30:51 PM)
Vasu, I am not familiar with that point. I think for lifestyle reasons some women (and men!) opt not to go the investment banking route, but I don't have numbers on women who want that career and aren't successful at it.

ahwei (Oct 20, 2003 9:30:51 PM)
Or a preferred minimum amount of full time work experience?

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:32:02 PM)
When re-applying we do read the first application again. We look for changes in your career goals, new responsibilities at work, new jobs, etc. We also look at the LOR's to see what's different about you.

LesonLeeGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:32:27 PM)
Linda, living in Chicago, I knew many students who were currently enrolled at the GSB...I think that made an impression on me. I thought the students I knew were smart, friendly and highly motivated...

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:32:32 PM)
Does a different goal raise questions in your mind, Eddie?

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:33:19 PM)
I think there was a recent Forbes survey that showed a couple of schools where, from an ROI  perspective, the MBA -- at least at Chicago! -- really did pay off! That being said, I think international students face an especially tough situation. Depending on where they are from, it may be hard for them to go home and work and pay back US dollar loans.  It's also getting harder for non-US work authorized students to find permit work here -- especially since 9/11, the US government has enforced the visa process more rigorously.

LesonLeeGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:33:37 PM)
I would highly recommend that perspective students talk to current students especially by visiting the school and spending a day at the school. A prospective student can learn a lot about the school that he/she can't get from brochures or a website.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:33:50 PM)
Good advice.

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:34:06 PM)
There are no "cut-offs" when looking at work experience. On average most students have about 3 years. That is extremely important when involved with discussion on cases and responding to those cases with your own personal experiences.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:34:13 PM)
Julie, so you see a perpetual problem as opposed to a real ROI problem.

Paul_Bodine (Oct 20, 2003 9:34:26 PM)
Suppose an applicant knows a prominent GSB alumni who would like to put a good word in for the applicant but is NOT writing one of her letters of recommendation; can the alumni call or email the admissions committee?

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:35:01 PM)
Thanks Leson.

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:35:07 PM)
Linda, I am not even sure there is a perceived problem. Do you hear that this is a real issue in students' minds?

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:35:49 PM)
Linda, when looking at a shift in goals I try to understand how big a shift it is and is it realistic.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:36:06 PM)
Julie, I don't think it is a problem in students' minds, but I think it is a problem in prospects minds, and I think that is why many schools are experiencing lower attendance at receptions and why many had fewer applications last year.

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:37:23 PM)
We do acknowledge any contact from alums. Once again, we do hope the alum knows something about your professional attributes or if he/she REALLY feels you can succeed in the GSB community.

sara (Oct 20, 2003 9:37:26 PM)
How do you use the letter of recommendation in the admissions process?

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:37:34 PM)
Interesting. I think that also might translate into the people who DO apply to business schools being much more targeted and focused about what they hope to achieve by getting an MBA.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:37:49 PM)
Julie, that is quite possible too.

MarthaFarleyGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:38:02 PM)
In terms of the ROI question, GSB MBA graduates have historically seen a very positive return on their investment over the course of their careers. Taking a long-term view of the issue yields a very different perspective.

bostonapp (Oct 20, 2003 9:38:07 PM)
I have heard that LEAD is important at Chicago; can you provide some additional information on exactly what it is?

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:38:32 PM)
Thanks Martha and Julie.

ahwei (Oct 20, 2003 9:38:40 PM)
Do you usually read the additional recommendation letter?

bridgetdalyGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:38:57 PM)
I want to second Leson's suggestion that people interested in the GSB should visit the school. I was so excited to apply to Chicago after I came and met the current students and sat in on classes.

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:39:11 PM)
LOR's give us a variety of information about how you work with others, leadership, motivation and problem solving ability. Your skill set at work can be very valuable to your peers in a classroom setting.  We only ask for 2 recommendations for first timers. If you re-apply only 1 is required. Keep in mind that several LOR's can become repetitive and not shed any new information about you.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:40:29 PM)
When you review an application (essays, interview report, recommendations -- the whole thing), what 3 qualities do you hope to see in them?

LesonLeeGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:40:53 PM)
bostonapp, LEAD is a leadership class that you take with 60 other students...it is taught by 6-8 second years...It is a helpful class for 3 hours during the fall quarter every week. It's a great opportunity to meet people and solidify friendships early on.

ahwei (Oct 20, 2003 9:41:37 PM)
Any illustration on the philanthropic essay question? Are there a whole lot of GSB alum actively involved with philanthropic careers?

bridgetdalyGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:41:47 PM)
LEAD is the only required class at the GSB. Students take the class in cohort groups at the beginning of their first quarter (actually starting spring orientation). The class focuses on some of the softer (yet extremely important) skills that are needed to be a good manager.  Some LEAD modules include effective meeting management, negotiations, presentation skills, and team building.

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:42:12 PM)
There are few things we hope to find when reviewing an app: creativity, honesty and clarity when describing career goals and how the GSB MBA can help!

Edward (Oct 20, 2003 9:42:18 PM)
How do you view career changers?

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:42:54 PM)
Recruiters tell us that LEAD is very important to them, especially for students without much pre-business school management experience; it's great groundwork for being an effective manager, negotiator, leader.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:43:30 PM)
How does GSB do in placement in Silicon Valley?

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:43:41 PM)
Edward, we were talking before about career changers -- about 85% of the students who are here now are seeking to change careers -- and they are successful!

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:43:56 PM)
Spending money on a philanthropic organization is a very interesting process. How you respond to that will give some insight into what type of person you are. Many of our alumni are quite generous when making those decisions.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:44:32 PM)
That's actually much higher than among MBA's overall, Julie. I was just reading an article in the GMAC magazine that said that overall close to 50% of applicants are career-changers.

Paul_Bodine (Oct 20, 2003 9:44:43 PM)
Who are some of the professors who are most popular this year -- and why?

sara (Oct 20, 2003 9:44:58 PM)
What happens if you go over the word limit?

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:45:30 PM)
Actually, to be more accurate it was close to 50% of MBA students, not just applicants.

bostonapp (Oct 20, 2003 9:45:35 PM)
Is there any disadvantage to interviewing with an alum off-campus?

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:45:56 PM)
A few words over the limit isn't frowned upon. Sometimes less is more!

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:46:03 PM)

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:46:30 PM)
What is the housing situation like close to GSB?

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:46:41 PM)
We've certainly seen a drop in the number of students interested in heading to the west coast -- this past year it was about 10%. Students continue to be interested in jobs in the high tech industry.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:47:08 PM)
Julie, so are they looking at high-tech on the east coast and in the Chicago area?

Edward (Oct 20, 2003 9:47:12 PM)
What kind of positions do the graduates take in high tech industry?

LesonLeeGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:47:15 PM)
Bostonapp, there is no disadvantage to interviewing with an alum off-campus...however, one benefit of interviewing on campus is that you get to visit the school, sit in on a class, have a lunch with student, and go on the campus tour.  Chicago's Visit Program is great in that it is completely student-led and the prospective student can get to meet at least 8 people on a given day through the scheduled events such as lunch with current students, information session, campus tour and class visit.

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:47:47 PM)
There is no added leverage when interviewing with an alum. ALL interviews hold the same weight. We do feel if you interview off campus you don't get to see the environment you'll be living in for 2 years. That's all.

CynthiaCuyjetGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:48:02 PM)
Bostonapp, networking is critically important in the job search - so interviewing with the alum is off-campus is certainly a positive step.

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:48:33 PM)
Sure -- the tech industry drew about 8% of our students last year. There is a huge variety of roles -- finance, marketing, project management, to name a few.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:49:08 PM)
Are you seeing any pick up in consulting?

ahwei (Oct 20, 2003 9:49:10 PM)
Do those students in the Visit Program contribute opinions to the committee?

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:49:37 PM)
Do students have a decision-making role in admissions?

bridgetdalyGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:49:48 PM)
Paul- I am in two "popular classes:" Corporate Finance with Marciano and Macro with Hueizenga. I think these courses are popular because of the teaching style of the professors. They are smart and witty and make students think for themselves. They are also really good at putting their course material into the real world. Hueizenga has also been teaching Macro at the GSB for 23 years!

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:50:07 PM)
Linda, absolutely. Last spring, some of the big consultancies came back to us and said they had under hired -- their business was picking up so quickly, they didn't have enough staff. This year, they are recruiting much more than last year.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:50:36 PM)
Marciano must have been teaching for a long time too. I remember reading some of his stuff when I was in b-school and I got my degree in 1979!

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:50:44 PM)
Students who are part of DSAC (Deans Student Admission Committee) help read applications and interview. They do play a part in the process.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:51:02 PM)
Julie, that is wonderful news, I'm sure!

Edward (Oct 20, 2003 9:52:19 PM)
Thank you Julie. We know that Chicago students are strong competitors for jobs in financial industry. How are they doing in strategic consulting, etc?

JulieMortonGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:53:28 PM)
Very well. traditionally, investment banking and consulting are the 2 biggest hires. This past year, in part due to the market, consulting was the top hirer, corporate finance was #2 and banking was third.

bridgetdalyGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:54:12 PM)
Ahwei- The students on DSAC do have a say (they read applications and interview students) but they are also available to answer questions "off-line" in forums like the information session and student lunches that interested students can attend during their campus visits.

ahwei (Oct 20, 2003 9:55:21 PM)
What do you like the most about GSB?

LesonLeeGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:55:23 PM)
Ahwei, the campus visit program is meant to be very informal...It is for prospective students to ask all the questions they want. They will not be evaluated on the quality of their questions!

Paul_Bodine (Oct 20, 2003 9:55:24 PM)
So, as far as the GSB is concerned, the recession is definitely over?

CindyTokumitsu (Oct 20, 2003 9:55:43 PM)
What do you suggest for wait-listed applicants who want to attend Chicago -- how should they approach the situation? Do you like to see additional recommendations, update letters?

Julie Morton GSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:56:26 PM)
Oh Paul, I wish my crystal ball was that clear... we're seeing a definite up pick in the market, which is great news.

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:57:11 PM)
If placed on the waitlist you can call for feedback. A staff member is assigned to your file and will give you information/steps on how you might strengthen your application. It's really a useful tool.

CindyTokumitsu (Oct 20, 2003 9:57:39 PM)
Thanks, Eddie, that's great.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 9:57:40 PM)
It is. Actually, Chicago has one of the most humane and helpful waitlist processes.

Paul_Bodine (Oct 20, 2003 9:57:47 PM)
Wow, that's helpful...

bridgetdalyGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:58:08 PM)
ahwei- I feel like there is a support system here, the students, the professors, the career services staff, etc. are all committed to each other and to the school. It really is a community. That is important no matter what school you are looking at... you are going to spend two intense years in school, you have to feel like you fit in the community/environment.

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:58:09 PM)
Thanks Cindy.

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 9:58:27 PM)
Thanks Paul.

ahwei (Oct 20, 2003 9:58:38 PM)
Thank you, Bridget. I feel it.

Edward (Oct 20, 2003 9:58:44 PM)
What percentage of students on the waitlist actually get admitted?

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 10:00:18 PM)
We look forward to seeing you at future chats. Here is a list of currently scheduled chats:

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 10:00:25 PM)
Unfortunately that's a number we don't release! The number of applicants varies from year to year according to the number of applications received. You are not ranked on the waitlist and we do make offers from every round from the waitlist.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 10:00:38 PM)
UT - Oct. 27 Cornell - Nov. 3 CMU -- Nov. 11 MIT - Nov. 20

0Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 10:01:35 PM)
Please check http://www.accepted.com/chat/schedule.htm#mba for exact times and details.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 10:01:51 PM)
Thank you again all for participating this evening. Special thanks to Eddie, Julie, Cynthia, Martha, Leson, and Bridget for joining us this evening.

Linda Abraham (Oct 20, 2003 10:02:09 PM)
Thanks also to Paul Bodine and Cindy Tokumitus, Accepted.com editors for helping out this evening.

bridgetdalyGSB (Oct 20, 2003 10:02:19 PM)
Thanks everyone!

Paul_Bodine (Oct 20, 2003 10:02:21 PM)
Thanks Chicago!

CynthiaCuyjetGSB (Oct 20, 2003 10:02:33 PM)
Our pleasure!

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 10:02:33 PM)
No, thank you!

Edward (Oct 20, 2003 10:02:35 PM)
Thank you guys.

CindyTokumitsu (Oct 20, 2003 10:02:40 PM)
Thank you, everyone from GSB, for an informative chat. Good luck to the applicants!

vasu (Oct 20, 2003 10:03:38 PM)
Thanks for answering our questions, thank you.

bridgetdalyGSB (Oct 20, 2003 10:04:13 PM)
If anyone has any further questions for students please, send an e-mail to askastudent@gsb.uchicago.edu

EddiePulliamGSB (Oct 20, 2003 10:05:08 PM)
Please feel free to call the GSB Admissions Office if you feel you'd like further information concerning admissions!

LesonLeeGSB (Oct 20, 2003 10:05:42 PM)
Please check our website if you are interested in a campus visit. http://gsb.uchicago.edu/dynamic.asp?nNodeID=838