2004 Cornell Johnson MBA Admissions Chat with Natalie Grinblatt

2004 Cornell Johnson MBA Admissions Chat with Natalie Grinblatt

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Chat Transcript:

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 8:58:55 PM)
First I want to welcome you all to Accepted.com's Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management Admissions Chat.

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 8:59:06 PM)
I also want to welcome Natalie Grinblatt, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at the Johnson Graduate School of Management; Ann Richards, Associate Director of Admissions and Director of Financial Aid; Dick Shafer, Associate Dean for Corporate Relations; Cathy Dove, Associate Dean for the MBA Program and five Johnson students: Erin O'Connell, Marc Smith, Kara Christian, Larry Boyd and Jerome Crochet.

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 8:59:39 PM)
I want to take a minute to provide brief bios for the student reps so you can direct your questions accordingly.

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 8:59:45 PM)
Erin O'Connell, 2-year MBA candidate, attended Lafayette College and majored in Mechanical Engineering as an undergraduate student. Prior to enrollment at the Johnson School, Erin worked for 4 years at Procter & Gamble's largest North American manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania. Erin is pursuing a career in Brand Management and has accepted her full-time marketing offer from the Campbell Soup Company, where she interned this past summer. Johnson School activities include: Admissions Ambassadors, the MBA Golf Invitational, Student Association, Women's Management Council, the Wine Club and the Marketing Association.

Prior to attending Cornell, Marc worked for a small M&A firm in Orange County, CA.  Prior to that he worked at Deutsche Bank in its mortgage-backed securities division.  While at the Johnson School he's been involved in a variety of activities including the Old Ezra Finance Club, Wine Club, Career Assistants and Johnson Admission's Group.  Marc took the Investment Banking Immersion and spent his summer internship in Investment Banking at UBS.  He worked in the Power Group and was involved in three live transactions during his ten weeks.  He will be returning to UBS next summer.  Marc received a BA in English Literature from Pepperdine University.  

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 9:00:07 PM)
Kara Christian is a second year student at the Johnson School. Prior to business school, Kara was a manager in Accenture's Supply Chain Consulting group out of the Boston office. She completed her undergraduate degree at Union College (Schenectady, NY) where she studied Economics and Spanish. Here at the Johnson School, Kara took the Strategic Brand Management immersion and spent her summer as a Marketing Intern with S.C. Johnson working on the Ziploc brand.

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 9:00:16 PM)
Larry Boyd is a second year MBA student at the Johnson School at Cornell University. Larry graduated from Cornell in 1998 with a BA in Economics. Larry was commissioned as an officer in the US Army Signal Corps. He spent four years stationed in Wiesbaden, Germany and spent several months serving on the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Kosovo. This summer, Larry interned at Goldman Sachs and worked in their Futures Resource Group. At business school, he is active in the student government, operations club, consulting club, and the Johnson Admissions Group. Larry also plays ice hockey and sings in the Johnson School co-ed acapella singing group, the Sound Investments. In his spare time, Larry is a teaching assistant for Cornell's Introduction to Wines course and he is running his first marathon this November in New York City.

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 9:00:25 PM)
Pretty impressive bunch here tonight from Johnson!

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 9:00:36 PM)
Thanks to everyone for joining.

Santi (Nov 5, 2003 9:00:53 PM)
Can you explain the steps of applying for an MBA?

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:00:58 PM)
Welcome Everyone! We are delighted with your interest in the Johnson School. Thank you for joining us this evening.

MattDC (Nov 5, 2003 9:01:13 PM)
Thank you for being here.

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 9:01:18 PM)
What's new at Johnson?

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 9:01:52 PM)
What percentage of 2003 grads have jobs at this point? Were there any relatively strong markets for Cornell grads this past year?

Jyothsna (Nov 5, 2003 9:02:01 PM)
Pleasure to be here, thank you.

hydrox (Nov 5, 2003 9:02:07 PM)
I realize the date has already passed, but could you explain a little about the new "priority" deadline this year and how that affects the other admissions rounds?

bornin75 (Nov 5, 2003 9:02:46 PM)
What percentage of interviewees do you typically accept?

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:02:49 PM)
Santi, our application is on www.johnson.cornell.edu. We require the GMAT, TOEFL for non-native speakers, academic record, two letters of recommendation, two essays, and a bunch of questions.

Jon (Nov 5, 2003 9:02:49 PM)
Can you explain what campus life is like?

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:03:08 PM)
Linda- Lots. We have just instituted what we call the Analytical Thinking Thread a part of our Foundations in Leadership program which gives all first years a chance to practice complex problem solving in a real time environment.

Tamer (Nov 5, 2003 9:03:47 PM)
Is work experience a must?

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:03:48 PM)
Bornin75, we asked about 50% of our pool to interview last year. All candidates who are admitted were interviewed.

MattDC (Nov 5, 2003 9:03:49 PM)
Can you please describe the specific park leadership curriculum?

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:03:54 PM)
hydrox, we created the priority round to allow and encourage students to apply and get notified of their decision a little earlier. Applying in the priority round does not obligate an applicant to matriculate with us, although we hope that they will!

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:04:01 PM)
Tamer, while most of our students do have prior work experience (98%), there are some who do not. They do have outstanding academic records and achievements. 

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:04:34 PM)
Linda - at the end of September we had 85 percent of our 2003 people with jobs - in major sectors including financial services and marketing.

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 9:04:40 PM)
Dick, how does the Analytical Thinking Thread work?

Tony (Nov 5, 2003 9:05:02 PM)
Hi Natalie. I am a TMO (twelve month option) applicant for 04. When we met in LA last week, you recommend me to contact a professor who specializes in technology management. Could you please give me the name again? Thanks!

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:05:02 PM)
Jon - Life at the Johnson School is great. The school has a close knit community. Lots of clubs, fun social events both on and off campus. Because of the size, you get to know your classmates very well!  Outside of class... Ithaca offers great restaurants, outdoor activities (skiing, sailing, golf, etc... ). 

sharat (Nov 5, 2003 9:05:07 PM)
How long can we expect the interview invites to go out until for the priority round applicants?

Tracy (Nov 5, 2003 9:05:16 PM)
Can you please describe the interview process?

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:05:53 PM)
Bornin75, the number of interviewed students who are admitted varies from year to year, but roughly 50% of the applicants who are interviewed are offered admission to our program.

CathyDoveCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:06:13 PM)
Linda - the Analytical Thinking Thread is part of our Foundations in Leadership which begins at orientation. It goes through the fall semester and includes small group sessions with key faculty and administrators. Students practice their analytical thinking, presentation and leadership skills.

Jon (Nov 5, 2003 9:06:19 PM)
Are there studying abroad opportunities?

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 9:06:30 PM)
Hi, in terms of recommendations, is it okay to have one of your recommenders be someone who knows you very well, but whom you worked with about 4 years ago?

CathyDoveCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:06:32 PM)
Tony - you should contact Professor Dan Huttenlocher.

Jin Wung (Nov 5, 2003 9:07:10 PM)
Will it be possible to admitted without an interview?

Guest (Nov 5, 2003 9:07:17 PM)

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:07:19 PM)
MattDC- Park program components are based on Cornell's leadership model and include a major team project in the Ithaca community, The Foundations in Leadership program includes a 3 day personal assessment program with 360 feedback, self assessment instruments, a simulation and feedback, a series of Leadership Skills Programs, a personal leadership plan and a course focusing on follow-up. There is also lots of peer feedback based on teamwork in classes, clubs and projects.

tyrone (Nov 5, 2003 9:07:24 PM)
How do you choose the students that manage the Cayuga fund? Can anyone be involved?

ErinO'connellCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:07:25 PM)
Jin Wung - unfortunately it's not possible to be admitted without an interview.

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:07:28 PM)
Sharat, invitations to interview go out throughout the round and in typically large rounds, we are often still inviting applicants to interview until a day or two before the notification date.

hydrox (Nov 5, 2003 9:07:32 PM)
Ann, thank you. One more quick question- on the online application we are to specify which round we are applying for, and the options number 1-4. Is the priority deadline number one?

Santi (Nov 5, 2003 9:07:41 PM)
Can you mention some of the possible job recruiters after the MBA?

Tony (Nov 5, 2003 9:07:47 PM)
Thank you, Cathy!

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:07:48 PM)
MBA05-- Ideally, the recommender should be current, but if you use the 4 year old recommender, explain it in your optional essay.

CindyTokumitsu (Nov 5, 2003 9:08:23 PM)
Cornell has such great academic resources across the board -- can Johnson MBA students take a certain number of courses in other schools (law, economics, labor relations, etc,) for credit?

LarryBoydCORNELL (Nov 5, 2003 9:08:25 PM)
Jon - There are many opportunities to study abroad. Past students have studied in Australia, Switzerland to name a few.

MattDC (Nov 5, 2003 9:08:33 PM)
Thanks Dick. That's exactly what I wanted to know.

bornin75 (Nov 5, 2003 9:09:06 PM)
How much should one plan on spending per month for a nice/clean apartment (I'm married)?

MarcSmithCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:09:15 PM)
Tyrone-there is an application process for the Cayuga Fund. Demand varies from year to year, but it's a great opportunity for students interested in investment management. The funds managers approximate $3 million in assets and is run by 20-24 student managers each year. Students cover individual sectors and make recommendations as to which stocks to buy or short.

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:09:20 PM)
Tracy -- Interviews are by invitation only, and all admitted students MUST interview. When students come on campus to interview, the process is pretty straight forward. The admissions committee looks for motivated leaders with great work experience and vision!

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:09:29 PM)
Hydrox - There should be a "P" for priority round in the pull down list. Last year it wasn't on our application, but it's there this year.

soniaming (Nov 5, 2003 9:09:33 PM)
Can you tell us a little bit about the interview process and tips on how to prepare for them? Thanks

RahulRaina (Nov 5, 2003 9:09:40 PM)
What types of qualities or traits stand out the most in the Johnson student body?

CathyDoveCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:09:43 PM)
Cindy - we encourage students to take advantage of the great resources at Cornell. Students can take any graduate level course on campus - it is possible to take the equivalent of one full semester of courses in other colleges. It is a great way to tailor your MBA.

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 9:09:52 PM)
How does Cornell view the GMAT in terms of the breakdown on the quant and verbal?

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:09:59 PM)
Santi- Our recruiters fall into 4 categories:  Financial services-UBS, Lehman, Goldman, JPMorgan, etc; Marketing - big brand companies like Colgate, P&G, Unilever, SC Johnson;  Tech companies- Dell, Honeywell, Corning, Agilent, and lots of more small entrepreneurial VCs and firms.

CindyTokumitsu (Nov 5, 2003 9:10:09 PM)
Thank you, Cathy. that's super.

tyrone (Nov 5, 2003 9:10:11 PM)
On essay #1, which talks about your greatest professional achievement, does the event have to be work-related? Can it be related to a volunteer organization with which I was involved while in college?

CathyDoveCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:10:39 PM)
Jon - we are part of a consortium of over 40 international schools with exchange programs all over the world. Taking a semester abroad, or participating in a shorter international trip, is certainly an option.

MarcSmithCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:10:47 PM)
Bornin75 - My wife and I pay $950 including utilities for a nice two bedroom a few miles from campus. That's pretty standard, although you can find places for more or less depending on what you want. Housing is very reasonable here.

Jin Wung (Nov 5, 2003 9:10:54 PM)
How many students usually are in the investment banking immersion course per year?

Loria (Nov 5, 2003 9:11:08 PM)
Can you talk about the club activities of International Biz Club, Science and Health Management Club?

Jon (Nov 5, 2003 9:11:12 PM)
Can you explain more about how the learning process works?

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:11:26 PM)
RahulRaina - In the Johnson student body you will find students who are results oriented, energetic, visionary, dynamic, strong leader, and team oriented.

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:11:36 PM)
MBA05, each part of the GMAT is important. We don't use a formula. Our program is relatively quantitative in the first year.

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 9:11:57 PM)
Thanks Natalie. I do plan on having one recommendation from my current employer. Also, would it be okay to have a third recommendation from a professor who can comment on my academic abilities?

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:11:58 PM)
Jon- what do you mean by the learning process - can you be more specific?

JeromeCrochatCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:12:05 PM)
Tyrone - the essay must be work related. If you have some other great experience you would like to share, please do so in an additional essay.

hydrox (Nov 5, 2003 9:12:06 PM)
Natalie, what if we have not been working for a year or more? (regarding current recommenders).

Nancy (Nov 5, 2003 9:12:09 PM)
What are the ideal characteristics you'd like to see in someone applying for the MBA/MILR dual degree program?

MarcSmithCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:12:20 PM)
Jin Wung - Last year we had about 35 in the investment banking immersion, but typically it's around 35-50 people depending on student demand for a given year. It's a great program. The individual who runs the immersion spent 20 years on Wall St., most recently as a Managing Director at Merrill Lynch in Healthcare M&A. I took the immersion and it was great.

Jin Wung (Nov 5, 2003 9:12:34 PM)
Thanks Erin.

Santi (Nov 5, 2003 9:12:36 PM)
Is the TOEFL required if I studied in the US?

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:12:38 PM)
soniaming -- The interview is really just an opportunity for the admissions committee to get to know you as an individual, to see if you are a good "fit" for the Johnson School. To prepare, I would reflect on your leadership experiences and make sure you communicate these well. Also, show your enthusiasm for the Johnson School. Know and communicate " Why Johnson". But most of all, just be yourself. We are looking for down-to-earth leaders!

sunny (Nov 5, 2003 9:12:40 PM)
I am interested in the one year option. How did the recruitment for this class of 2003 compare with the regular MBA class, in terms of the number of offers and average salary?

VN (Nov 5, 2003 9:13:11 PM)
Hi Natalie. I just saw your response about 4 year old recommender to MBA 05. I have applied for the Priority Round and one of my recommenders is in fact someone I worked with 4 years ago. I have not explained it in my optional essay; should I send an e-mail or letter now?

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:13:20 PM)
Santi - If you studied in the US or an English speaking country, you do not need to take the TOEFL.

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:13:41 PM)
Hydrox - If you have not worked in over a year, explain the situation in your optional essay. Use a recommender from your prior work.

sumant (Nov 5, 2003 9:13:53 PM)
I am from India and have a graduate diploma in management from the Indian Institute of Management. Do you discourage such applications?

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:14:00 PM)
VN, send us an email.

Jul28 (Nov 5, 2003 9:14:02 PM)
Could you tell us when priority applicants should start applying for FAFSA and other financial aid options, please?

Nathalie (Nov 5, 2003 9:14:05 PM)
Larry - do you think that since business school is only a short two years, something might be lost by taking a full semester out for studying abroad?

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 9:14:16 PM)
What is the culture at Cornell, and what are the three most important traits that you look for in a student applying to Johnson?

Jon (Nov 5, 2003 9:14:22 PM)
I know many of the individuals that apply to the Johnson school are qualified, so what qualities can we point out to make ourselves more attractive than every other candidate?

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:14:40 PM)
Nancy- We are looking for people who want to combine a strong business understanding with strategic HR management. We have a strong student club called SHRLOE that is made up of ILR (industry & labor relations) and MBA students. Their interest tends to be in organizational effectiveness and operating as a business partner in leading edge HR organizations. If you want more info, email me at ras22@cornell.edu and I will put you in touch with the club officers.

Katie (Nov 5, 2003 9:14:59 PM)
Do you determine what your immersion will be the first year? Also, my present situation does not lend itself to have a recommender from the last calendar year. Should this be addressed in the optional essay?

JeromeCrochatCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:15:01 PM)
Loria - I am a member of the International Business Club (IBA). We organize many social events as well as professional event. Among others, we have a couple of international dinners which are a lot of fun, with food and information about various countries, we organize an international week, with plenty of events in the school for a whole week. We also have various recruiting trips, for example MBA career fair in MIT. The club is very dynamic and a lot of fun.

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:15:03 PM)
Sumant, we discourage students who already have a graduate management degree or significant coursework in an MBA program from applying.

Jul28 (Nov 5, 2003 9:15:11 PM)
Does the Johnson School require any applicants to take summer courses at the school prior to their first fall term?

LarryBoydCORNELL (Nov 5, 2003 9:15:45 PM)
Nathalie - Not at all. Studying abroad can be a great way to compliment your MBA program. It's all about how it fits in your plan.

Mike Baker (law) (Nov 5, 2003 9:16:06 PM)
What percentage of Johnson grads find work on the west coast?

CathyDoveCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:16:06 PM)
Katie - immersions are taken in the spring of the first year, so yes, you choose in your first year. Regarding the recommendation, just explain in your optional essay.

Jyothsna (Nov 5, 2003 9:16:11 PM)
Can you please tell me a little more about Financial Aid?

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:16:27 PM)
Jon, everyone has a story. You need to ask yourself the question, "what wouldn't have happened had I not be a member of my organization."  Begin with that framework and use examples. We want to learn about you.

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 9:16:31 PM)
For general tips on the MBA admissions interview and feedback on previous interviews at Cornell, please visit http://www.accepted.com/mba/interviewfeedback.aspx .

MarcSmithCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:17:00 PM)
Jul28 - My personal thoughts are that you should take an accounting and economics class prior to school if you don't have any experience in these areas. It will make the core much easier and allow you to devote more time to recruiting and extracurricular activities.

RahulRaina (Nov 5, 2003 9:17:17 PM)
Ann: Thanks.

Jon (Nov 5, 2003 9:17:19 PM)
Sorry, I meant to say immersion learning.

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:17:22 PM)
MBA05 -- I am not sure there are just three... but I would say the Johnson School looks for people who 1) are passionate, 2) have demonstrated strong leadership, 3) are results oriented. Johnson Students are also great team players!

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:17:51 PM)
Jul28, great question. I love it when students prepare financially for school. You should start your outside scholarship search now, look at FASTWEB.com or do a Google search for "scholarships." You won't need to file the FAFSA until after January 1, 2004. If you are a TMO applicant, the guidelines are a little different, so check our website.

LarryBoydCORNELL (Nov 5, 2003 9:17:52 PM)
Jul28 - The Johnson School does not require summer courses prior to the fall term, but if you do not have a quantitative background we suggest taking some supplementary courses to make the transition easier.

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 9:17:54 PM)
Natalie, is there a cutoff point for the quant that might raise some red flags?

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:17:58 PM)
Sunny- Our Twelve Month Option students ended up slightly lower than the two year students in offers, but comparable in average salary. In this still difficult market, the lack of an internship has made it more difficult to switch into consulting and equity research where many of them have gone in the past. We expect that to improve this year as the market starts to come back.

Loria (Nov 5, 2003 9:18:07 PM)
How do I decide between applying to the TMO or the two-year MBA if I have a MS in chemistry?

Tony (Nov 5, 2003 9:18:11 PM)
Will the admissions decisions be released on a rolling basis or all-at-once before the decision deadline?

RahulRaina (Nov 5, 2003 9:18:40 PM)
How is entrepreneurial spirit among the Johnson student body. What percentage of members have already been involved with or started their own small businesses?

soniaming (Nov 5, 2003 9:18:58 PM)
Thanks Kara.

VN (Nov 5, 2003 9:19:00 PM)
Natalie, thanks; I will do that.

sumant (Nov 5, 2003 9:19:02 PM)
Thanks Ann.

Nathalie (Nov 5, 2003 9:19:08 PM)
Thank you, Larry.

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:19:19 PM)
MBA05, it depends on your academic record. If there is no quant in your background, we will want you to explain anything below 70%.

Santi (Nov 5, 2003 9:19:23 PM)
How can I receive information for financial aid?

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:20:11 PM)
Jyothsna - our scholarship awards offered are merit based - we look for strong work experience, solid focus, balanced work/life experience and good grades/scores. You must apply in the priority, 1st or 2nd round to be considered for a scholarship.

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:20:15 PM)
Santi, there is a terrific financial aid section on our website. www.johnson.cornell.edu  or you can contact us at js_aid@cornell.edu .

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:20:15 PM)
Mike Baker- we have the second largest number of our students take positions in Northern California, after the tri-state NYC area. Also, an increasing number are going to the Southern California area. We have a big focus on the west coast and want to attract more from there, especially to our terrific university-wide entrepreneurial program.

bornin75 (Nov 5, 2003 9:20:18 PM)
How are employment prospects looking for career changers this year? (From small hi-tech company to investment banking).

MarcSmithCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:20:31 PM)
RahulRaina - The entrepreneurship program is really strong. The faculty that teach the immersion are great. I'm taking a class with one of them right now. The immersion really allows students to focus an entire semester on developing a business plan. There are several students each year that start a business either during or right out of school. The program is definitely in place to help you if you're focused on that path.

sunny (Nov 5, 2003 9:20:37 PM)
How are the employment opportunities in general for spouses of students?

JeromeCrochatCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:20:39 PM)
Loria -- It depends whether you want to make a complete career change. The 2-year program offers the possibility to make a summer internship and dedicate more time to job searching (and thinking). TMO program is faster, and if you don't want to spend 2 years out of the workforce, I would recommend the TMO program.

MattDC (Nov 5, 2003 9:20:45 PM)
Who runs the private equity and entrepreneurship immersion? I'm looking at that strongly.

Loria (Nov 5, 2003 9:20:50 PM)
Thanks, Jerome!

Jul28 (Nov 5, 2003 9:20:54 PM)
Thanks Marc.

Jul28 (Nov 5, 2003 9:21:15 PM)
Thanks Ann and Larry.

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 9:21:19 PM)
Thanks, Natalie.

Paul_Bodine (Nov 5, 2003 9:21:29 PM)
Have your placement people seen any indication so far that the corner has been turned, i.e., increased recruiting by Big Consulting etc.?

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:21:37 PM)
Tony, our admissions decisions are released on the date published for that particular round. Applicants from the Priority round will be notified on December 15. Round 1 candidates will be notified on January 31.

CathyDoveCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:21:50 PM)
MattDC - that immersion is run by Professor David BenDaniel - he does a great job with entrepreneurship and private equity issues. Many students end up working with him on special projects, some of which become real businesses.

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 9:21:53 PM)
Can a person still be eligible for the TMO if they don't have a pure science or engineering background but do have a MS in a technical field? Further, how are one's admissions chances affected applying to the TMO rather than the regular program?

MarcSmithCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:21:57 PM)
bornin75 - I think the market for investment-banking is considerably better this year than each of the previous two. You're applying at a great time for IB. The market is returning and the banks have traditionally looked for the best people, not just those with IB backgrounds.

Jon (Nov 5, 2003 9:21:58 PM)
What are the professors like? I am from a small mid-west town and I am pretty down to earth. The Ivy league aspect of Cornell concerns me a little. I don't mix well with people that are stuck up.

Loria (Nov 5, 2003 9:22:00 PM)
Could you please tell me about how many 2003 MBA grads found jobs in pharmaceutical companies?

Mike Baker (law) (Nov 5, 2003 9:22:03 PM)
Thanks Dick.

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:22:18 PM)
Loria -- The immersion programs are outstanding. There are currently 6 immersions. I personally participated in the Strategic Brand Management Immersion. Immersions take place in the second semester of your first year (note - you do not have to take an Immersion). The immersion is an opportunity for students to get a close up view in a particular focus area. In the Brand Immersion, you take a Practicum (real life projects, company visits, speakers), a Market Research Class, Cost Accounting, Strategy and Operations... It's a great opportunity for a career switcher to get an in-depth look at a particular career.

Johnson (Nov 5, 2003 9:22:33 PM)
Natalie, there is a specific question in the online application that asks if I have $104,000 for the MBA, to which the answer would be "it depends on the financial aid from loans and scholarships I will get between now and the first day of classes". However, we can only answer Yes or No. What is the impact of the answer to this question in the admission/rejection decision?

sn_10 (Nov 5, 2003 9:22:38 PM)
Have you seen any decrease (or increase) in the number of applications in the first round this year?

MattDC (Nov 5, 2003 9:22:41 PM)
Thanks Marc for the info. :)

Guest (Nov 5, 2003 9:22:43 PM)
Thank you for solving my questions. Hope to see you there.

RahulRaina (Nov 5, 2003 9:22:50 PM)
MarcSmith: I'm always enthusiastic about entrepreneurship.

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:22:50 PM)
bornin75- It has been more difficult for changers in the last 3 years, but we have a very good track record in this respect, in large part, because of our Investment Banking Immersion. This full second semester program prepares people specifically for this market and is co-lead by Al Biloski who is a big deal maker from the pharmaceutical/biotech sector.

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 9:23:12 PM)
Thanks, Kara.  When you say results-oriented, what does that mean from an admissions point of view?

soniaming (Nov 5, 2003 9:23:29 PM)
What is the percentage of increase or decrease in number of applicants this year compare to last year and the year before?

JeromeCrochatCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:23:46 PM)
MBA05 -- You don't need to be an engineer or a scientist to be in the TMO program. We have lawyers and non-scientists here. All you need is a masters degree.

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:24:03 PM)
Johnson, we ask the question about financial aid for our international students to speed up the visa process. It is not a factor that we take into consideration in the admissions decision.

LarryBoydCORNELL (Nov 5, 2003 9:24:13 PM)
Jon - I'm from the mid-west too. I've found the professors at the Johnson School, and the students for that matter, to be absolutely great. Both down to earth and ambitious, with a great diversity of backgrounds and interests.

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:24:29 PM)
Loria -- I am not sure of the exact number of student who get jobs in Pharmaceutical industry... but tons of Pharmaceutical companies come to the Johnson school for various functions including marketing, finance, strategic planning.... Some of the companies that come are: Pfizer, Wyeth, Merck, BMS, Schering-Plough... All the biggies and more!

MarcSmithCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:24:31 PM)
Sunny - There are pretty of good opportunities for spouses here, especially if you start looking early. My wife is a pharmaceutical sales rep, a job she found when we moved to Ithaca. There's always teaching opportunities as well as jobs within with University and local businesses. Additionally, Syracuse, Elmira and Binghamton are less than an hour away and have a variety of jobs available.

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:24:47 PM)
sn_10 and Soniaming - Our first round is Nov. 15. This is our first year that we've had a priority deadline, so I won't know what to compare it to until after that deadline. We had a very strong priority round, so we are looking optimistic.

MattDC (Nov 5, 2003 9:25:00 PM)
Is the interview "blind" or has the interviewer read the candidate's application?

newaddict7 (Nov 5, 2003 9:25:09 PM)
When will students be notified of a priority round decision? Will it be over a stretch of time or strictly on the December 15th date?

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:25:36 PM)
newaddict7, we will have all decisions out on December 15 for the priority round.

Jon (Nov 5, 2003 9:25:48 PM)
How easy is it to move across the country once you obtain a degree? Do you have companies from all around the U.S. looking for Cornell MBA's?

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:25:51 PM)
Paul - we are hearing from investment bankers, consulting firms, and big tech companies that they expect to begin hiring increasing numbers this year, probably beginning in the spring. For IB's they are talking about 10- 25 percent. Consulting firms are not saying that yet, but their project backlogs are slowly building. When capital spending kicks in they will be back more strongly. Our response is to build a specific Consulting Focus - if you want to know more, let me know.

hydrox (Nov 5, 2003 9:25:58 PM)
How much time do students generally have to spend on extracurricular activities?

Wenkui (Nov 5, 2003 9:26:01 PM)
What's your acceptance rate among international applicants?

Tracy (Nov 5, 2003 9:26:11 PM)
Given CornelI's remote location, do you believe there is more unity among the student body?

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:26:48 PM)
MBA05 -- "Results oriented" means that you demonstrate results in all the you do.... work, play, extra-curriculars. You set goals and achieve them!

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:27:06 PM)
MattDC - our interviews are "blind" - the candidates application has been reviewed before the interview, but not by the interviewer.  The interviewer gets only some brief notes on your application and a copy of your resume. We conduct all our interviews in this way.

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:27:16 PM)
Wenkui -- the international applicants acceptance rate is similar to domestic applicants. In a given year, it can be anywhere from 15-30%.

Loria (Nov 5, 2003 9:27:20 PM)
Thanks again, Jerome! Since I am switching career, I might be better off with the two-year program.

Tony (Nov 5, 2003 9:27:23 PM)
Thank you, Ann.

Jyothsna (Nov 5, 2003 9:27:36 PM)
If the priority deadline applicants are notified by Dec 15th, when do interview invitations go out? How are International Applicants interviewed?

ori (Nov 5, 2003 9:27:42 PM)
Nathalie, in the past you had an immersion program in e-commerce. Is there any plan to return with it?

MattDC (Nov 5, 2003 9:27:48 PM)
Thanks Cathy. I've also heard great things about Professor BenDaniel from alumni.

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 9:27:51 PM)
Thanks, Jerome.

Emiliano (Nov 5, 2003 9:27:58 PM)
How is the alumni networking? Do the alumni participate in offering jobs for the new MBA class?

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:28:00 PM)
Jon- we have recruiters from all parts of the country, although we are particularly strong on the east and west coasts. The approach we take is to go to the companies, not wait for them to come here. We have TREKS of students going to Seattle, Portland, Silicon Valley, Texas, Boston, London, and probably Hong Kong this year. We go where the student interest is strongest.

LarryBoydCORNELL (Nov 5, 2003 9:28:10 PM)
Tracy - The Johnson school is definitely a more cohesive place than you might find at another school. We use our size and location to create a fantastic atmosphere for learning and growth. We create some die-hard alumni too!

Loria (Nov 5, 2003 9:28:34 PM)
Thanks, Kara! Did you find the immersion program beneficial to your summer internship?

soniaming (Nov 5, 2003 9:29:04 PM)
Thanks Natalie.

CathyDoveCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:29:08 PM)
Ori - we currently have a number of excellent courses in this area; many in partnership with the Computing Science group. Right now we do not plan to reinstate a full immersion, but we can certainly work with you to develop a customized program in this area.

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:29:09 PM)
Jyothsna, interview invitations for the Priority round are going out daily. We will probably continue to extend invitations to interview for that round until about December 10.

Paul_Bodine (Nov 5, 2003 9:29:14 PM)
Thanks, Dicks, very helpful.

soniaming (Nov 5, 2003 9:29:41 PM)
If you were invited for an interview and you choose to interview off-campus, would that work against you?

Gigi (Nov 5, 2003 9:29:43 PM)
From an admissions point of view, what's the best way to handle job experience gained in a family business?

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:29:52 PM)
hydrox -- Time for extracurriculars... well, it varies based on the person. I think the general thought is that extracurriculars are as important as classes. That's what makes the community very involved here at school. I am part of the marketing association, have a fellowship with an undergrad org, work with admissions, vice president of the student association, and president of the sailing club... Does that help?

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:30:36 PM)
Emiliano- We make a strong effort in engaging our alumni - including the 10,000 Johnson School alums plus the more than 200,000 Cornell alums. We have mentoring and networking programs with alums across the world, including all of the Johnson School and Cornell clubs. This last three years we have asked alums to make a special effort to hire students, but also provide paid project opportunities during the summer in a program called MBA Project Team Initiative.

MattDC (Nov 5, 2003 9:30:46 PM)
Including some die-hard big red hockey fans! Go Cornell!

Emiliano (Nov 5, 2003 9:30:52 PM)
How is the job search for international students? For instance, in my case, I am from Brazil, and I would like to work in the US?

MarcSmithCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:30:55 PM)
Emiliano - Speaking from my experience, the alumni have been great in recruiting. Many Johnson alumni currently working in investment banking were very helpful to me last year. Many took time out of their schedules to meet with me, tell me about their experiences and how they landed IB jobs. I know their efforts within the firms as well as being genuinely interested in seeing current students succeed in IB recruiting really helped me land several IB offers.

Ryoko (Nov 5, 2003 9:30:56 PM)
If nobody has asked this yet, what is the most unique feature of the Cornell MBA?

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:31:00 PM)
Soniaming...while we would love everyone to come here and experience what it is like to be a student, we understand that it may not be possible for everyone to do so. All our interviews are counted the same way.

Jyothsna (Nov 5, 2003 9:31:20 PM)
Thanks Ann.

Nancy (Nov 5, 2003 9:31:29 PM)
How many students do you have doing the MBA/MILR program?

Paul_Bodine (Nov 5, 2003 9:31:32 PM)
Ann, re: the brief notes that the interviewers are given, could they contain specific questions that you'd like cleared up?

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:31:33 PM)
hydrox - let me correct my last post... some of it got cut off... I meant to say that the extracurricular involvement of students is what makes the community so strong here at the Johnson School!

ori (Nov 5, 2003 9:31:36 PM)
Thanks Cathy!

hydrox (Nov 5, 2003 9:31:47 PM)
Kara- sounds like a lot of fun. Thank you.

Tracy (Nov 5, 2003 9:31:52 PM)
Thanks, Larry.

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:32:03 PM)
Gigi, you should explain your role in the family business and the impact you have had on the business. For instance, if you were to institute a new policy or process, you should highlight that in the application. One word of caution however, don't ask a family member to write a letter of recommendation for you. You may want to ask a client or customer instead.

Johnson (Nov 5, 2003 9:32:07 PM)
How do you view full-time work experience gained during undergrad years?

Emiliano (Nov 5, 2003 9:32:13 PM)
Thanks, Dick.

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 9:32:16 PM)
Do reapplicants have an improved chance of getting in?

CathyDoveCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:32:27 PM)
Nancy - we have approximately 3 students doing the MBA/MILR right now. It varies year to year.

Emiliano (Nov 5, 2003 9:32:48 PM)
Thank you Mark.

JeromeCrochatCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:32:58 PM)
Emiliano -- The job search for international students is pretty good. We have a lot of international students here looking (and finding) positions in the US. Some companies doing on-campus recruiting require work authorization, but there are many companies hiring international students.

ErinO'connellCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:32:59 PM)
MBA05 - reapplicants have an improved chance of admissions only if they've improved their application.

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 9:33:03 PM)
How does applying to the TMO versus the regular program affect admissions chances? Is the acceptance rate for one higher than the other?

Loria (Nov 5, 2003 9:33:17 PM)
How would you describe the study environment at Johnson? Is it competitive?

Ryoko (Nov 5, 2003 9:33:27 PM)
What personal qualities would indicate a "cultural fit" between the student and the school environment?

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:33:56 PM)
Paul_Bodine, sometimes we do have a specific question about an applicant we would like addressed in the interview, if that is the case, we make sure it is on the notes the interviewer is given.

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:33:56 PM)
Loria - the Immersion program was most definitely helpful this summer. I interned in marketing at SC Johnson and I felt very well prepared for the summer. Additionally, I think recruiters look very favorably on the program. Many recruiters look for the Immersion experience on your resume.

MattDC (Nov 5, 2003 9:34:43 PM)
How would you describe Johnson's strong points (and weaker ones) compared to the other very competitive business school programs?

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 9:34:50 PM)
Thanks, Erin. It would demonstrate commitment to Cornell wouldn't it? Would that be a positive, given that the application has improved?

ErinO'connellCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:35:10 PM)
MBA05 - absolutely.

JeromeCrochatCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:35:13 PM)
MBA05 -- I believe the acceptance rate is slightly higher for TMO, but it is not related to having more chances applying for TMO. It is rather a result of the requirements needed to apply to the TMO program (some kind of self selection I would say). Some candidates having applied to 2-years program have then been proposed to join the TMO program...

LarryBoydCORNELL (Nov 5, 2003 9:35:19 PM)
Loria - Competitive? No, I would call it collaborative. Some of the best stories I have are preparing for interviews with my classmates, the same ones I would be interviewing against the next day. People really pull together at this place.

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:35:33 PM)
Johnson - when we review a candidates work experience, we pay particular attention to the level of responsibility and impact the candidate has had on their organization. So if you worked full time while studying, make sure you highlight your contribution to your company.

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:36:06 PM)
Ryoko, there is not one unique feature. Our students learn from exemplary faculty at an elite university where the flexibility of our program enables them to create a curriculum designed to help achieve their personal and professional goals. Students can and do take advantage of a wide array of courses in the prestigious, world-class colleges and schools at Cornell. For example, students interested in biotech may take up to 25% of their coursework in that area creating their own unique program.

Jyothsna (Nov 5, 2003 9:36:06 PM)
How diverse is the student body at Cornell? Do you normally accept a reasonable number of International applicants?

ori (Nov 5, 2003 9:36:09 PM)
Cathy, can you name a few e-commerce companies that recruited at the school lately, for GM positions?

Ryoko (Nov 5, 2003 9:36:18 PM)
Current students - please give some examples of how you contribute to the program - both inside and outside the classroom. Thanks!

Richie (Nov 5, 2003 9:36:20 PM)
Approximately how many hours per week do students spend on class activities and internship/job searches?

Emiliano (Nov 5, 2003 9:37:07 PM)
Thanks Jerome, that's nice.

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:37:14 PM)
Ryoko -- Cultural fit --- In general, I think people fit in well here if they are friendly, motivated, and down-to-earth. While all business schools are a bit competitive at times, Johnson School students are cooperative. Students help one another study for exams and prep for interviews. The school is small so we spend a lot of time together!

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 9:37:41 PM)
Thanks Jerome. Then is it wise to leave it up to the committee to recommend applying to the TMO given that one qualifies?

JeromeCrochatCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:38:08 PM)
Jyothsna -- As an international student, I was truly surprised to see how international the program is. We have people from all over the world. It is a great opportunity to make friends from various culture/countries and there are a lot international events.

Loria (Nov 5, 2003 9:38:10 PM)
Thanks, Kara!

dfox (Nov 5, 2003 9:38:18 PM)
Does Cornell's location have an impact on the number of recruiters who come to campus?

LarryBoydCORNELL (Nov 5, 2003 9:38:32 PM)
Ryoko - I am on the student government and even work to bring a world class dining establishment to our home, Sage Hall. Students at the Johnson school really make a difference, in the content of the classes and in running the school.

CathyDoveCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:38:46 PM)
Matt - the Johnson School differs from some of the other top schools in a number of ways. I'll highlight a few: You get the benefit of attending the largest world-class Ivy League school together with the personal attention and flexibility of a small school; we have a very personal and intense leadership program, the core is the smallest of the top schools which permits you to handcraft your education based on your background and interests; our immersions are terrific at preparing students for their summer internships and beyond, you will get to know our faculty well . . ..those are just a few!

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:39:02 PM)
Ori- Many of the companies that recruit here are involved heavily in e-commerce, either on the supply-chain side or the distribution side, or both. Good examples would be GE, Honeywell, all  consumer companies. Our emphasis is now on technology strategy and management, including e-commerce, with major support from companies like Corning. We are about to launch a Center for Science and Technology that will tap companies into the commercialization of Cornell's many new research technologies.

MarcSmithCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:39:07 PM)
Richie - It really depends on your interests and background. If you have an accounting/ finance background, you will spend less time in the core than other students. I think the extracurricular activities are really what makes school rewarding. I probably spend 20-30 hours/week on school, another 15-20 on extracurriculars. It keeps you busy, but its not unbearable.

JeromeCrochatCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:39:27 PM)
MBA05 -- No, I would not let the committee decide if the TMO is better for you. I would suggest you choose depending on your background and especially based on the benefit that the TMO program could bring to you versus the 2-year program. 

Tony (Nov 5, 2003 9:39:40 PM)
Does the TMO program carry the same reputation as the regular 2-year program among recruiters?

Jul28 (Nov 5, 2003 9:39:59 PM)
For "career-switchers," are attainable, well-defined goals given more consideration than their work-experience if their past experiences seem less relevant to these goals? (For instance, an aspiring entrepreneur with an engineering background may not be able to contribute as much in a class focused on entrepreneurship.)

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 9:40:13 PM)
Thanks, Jerome.

Kyung Ho (Nov 5, 2003 9:40:31 PM)
What is students' priority at Johnson? Job search or academic activities?

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:40:43 PM)
Tony -- It's the same degree. The core is accelerated and then the TMO's move into the two year electives.

soniaming (Nov 5, 2003 9:41:04 PM)
Given the amount of information we have to input into the application, sometimes it is easy to make spelling mistakes which are hard to catch, even if you look over your application more than ten times. Are typos harshly penalized by the admission committee?

Jyothsna (Nov 5, 2003 9:41:06 PM)
Thanks Jerome! Statistically, what percentage of the student body consists of international students?

hydrox (Nov 5, 2003 9:41:15 PM)
Approximately what percent of each class (amongst the American citizens) finds placement abroad?

CathyDoveCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:41:29 PM)
Jul28 - we have many career switchers. You will find that you have a lot to contribute; many of the issues are transferable between jobs and industries. Your teams and classes will appreciate having someone strong with numbers and good at analytical thinking!

EricThompson (Nov 5, 2003 9:41:39 PM)
Johnson offers a very flexible curriculum...Is there a ceiling on the number of classes that can be taken outside the business school? Thanxs.

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:41:46 PM)
Ryoko -- Examples of how I've contributed to the community .... I think the most important contribution I've made to the Johnson community is my participation with the admissions process. I helped coordinate our Destination Johnson (accepted students event) last Spring. I am also involved in a variety of clubs and have organized some great social events for the student body. I am very passionate about the Johnson School community... the enthusiasm here is contagious... once you get here, you want to get involved!

Jin Wung (Nov 5, 2003 9:41:47 PM)
Do all students in investment immersion have the same curriculum? Or is there some flexibility?

MarcSmithCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:41:48 PM)
Kyung Ho - I think its different for each student. For me, I was focused on finding a job primarily and then school secondarily. It really depends on what you want to get out of the program.

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:41:56 PM)
dfox- the location does have some impact, although the bigger issue has been the general economy. To make companies feel that we are "close" as any other school, we take students on TREKS to many cities, make it incredibly easy for them to tap into our students by using technology. Last year we flew 25 recruiters to Ithaca on one day to interview over 200 students - 25 job offers came from that. This year we have six airplanes donated by alums so far to help with this issue.

beachway (Nov 5, 2003 9:42:21 PM)
Johnson asks for 2 letters of recommendation; can we send in three? Do we have to give a reason to send the third recommendation?

ori (Nov 5, 2003 9:42:34 PM)
Thanks Dick.

JeromeCrochatCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:42:41 PM)
Jyothsna -- I believe the student body is 25% international students (and slightly higher in the TMO program).

tyrone (Nov 5, 2003 9:42:42 PM)
Jerome...You say that for essay #1 (greatest professional achievement) that I should not use a volunteer experience that happened while I was in college...How about a volunteer experience that happened after I graduated (I was involved with the organization for two years, full time after I graduated from college)?

Tony (Nov 5, 2003 9:42:50 PM)
Thanks, Natalie.

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:42:59 PM)
soniaming -- it's a good idea to have other people review the application as well. One or two small typos won't matter. More than two become a concern. Just make sure the typo doesn't contain the name of another school.

roman (Nov 5, 2003 9:43:11 PM)
Hello, I have a question regarding recommendations. Is it necessary to have one recommendation from a direct supervisor? Would recommendations from other managers who I feel know me better professionally and personally be sufficient?

CathyDoveCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:43:25 PM)
EricThompson - we do have a very flexible curriculum. To graduate you need at least 60 credits. The core is 20 credits. You must take 25 credits of electives in the Johnson School, which leaves 15 credits (or more) that may be taken outside the school in other graduate level courses. Many students take courses outside; we encourage it.

dfox (Nov 5, 2003 9:43:27 PM)
A question for alums: how recognizable is the Johnson brand in Asian and Western Europe?

Ryoko (Nov 5, 2003 9:43:43 PM)
Students - why did you choose Cornell?

Jyothsna (Nov 5, 2003 9:44:05 PM)
Thanks Jerome.

Emiliano (Nov 5, 2003 9:44:16 PM)
Does Johnson School care about social responsibility? Is there any subject related? Or any extra-curricular programs?

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:44:19 PM)
Roman -- we prefer your direct supervisor, however if you feel someone else is a better choice, explain why you chose that recommender.

JeromeCrochatCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:44:21 PM)
Tyrone -- It seems that it would be ok. It seems to be a high-involvement experience where you had a significant impact.

Jyothsna (Nov 5, 2003 9:44:22 PM)
I have a question regarding Financial Aid- what is the scenario for international students?

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:44:31 PM)
Hydrox - about 25 percent of the class is international. In the last two years, more of them have gone back to their home countries due to the fact that fewer companies in the U.S. are hiring non-US authorized students across all the B-schools. Most of those students have found jobs - we have intensified our efforts connecting students with our international Cornell alumni.

Wenkui (Nov 5, 2003 9:44:48 PM)
Natalie - Thank you. I heard that some schools group together applicants from particular countries and then choose among the group whom to admit. Is this true of the Johnson School?

bornin75 (Nov 5, 2003 9:45:11 PM)
Is there a list of all the clubs and student organizations online somewhere?

RahulRaina (Nov 5, 2003 9:45:20 PM)
If you could sum up the spirit of Johnson and the student body in two words, what would they be?

ErinO'connellCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:45:21 PM)
Emiliano - the school offers a number of courses pertaining to social responsibility. Additionally, Community Impact is a volunteer organization which is highly involved.

Johnson (Nov 5, 2003 9:45:25 PM)
Natalie, how do you view applicants with significant government / non-profit work experience?

CathyDoveCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:45:26 PM)
dfox - Cornell University is very well known in Asia and Western Europe. We have a very active Johnson School European Advisory Board. In addition, the Johnson School has been ranked very highly in a few German and Italian publications. Our alumni networks are strong in both places, and we are adding events and student trips to both areas all the time.

MarcSmithCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:45:27 PM)
Jin Wung - The classes are pretty similar. This year the school added an element of option in allowing students to choose a couple classes from a set of classes. It's a great program that really allows you to tailor your education to exactly what you want to get out of the degree. For the IB immersion, you'll have the option to take Financial Accounting, Financial Modeling, Valuation, Financial Policy, etc. For Research, Sales & Trading you can add Derivatives, Securities Analysis and similar classes. It's a great benefit for your internship to spend a semester focused on your particular career path before starting.

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:45:48 PM)
Beachway, we would prefer that you submit two strong recommendations, but if you feel that a third recommender will add a different perspective (perhaps from a volunteer organization), then you may submit a third recommendation. 

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:46:02 PM)
Ryoko -- Why Johnson? The community! The people here are fantastic. I have made amazing friends, had outstanding professors, and have made great business contacts.

LarryBoydCORNELL (Nov 5, 2003 9:46:06 PM)
Ryoko - I choose the Johnson School because of the flexible curriculum, the small size, and most importantly, the feeling I got when I visited and met the students and faculty here. It fit with my career goals and just felt right.

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:46:07 PM)
Wenkui, we make our decisions on our own. There is no collusion here.

CathyDoveCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:46:16 PM)
bornin75 - we have a list of student organizations on our website: www.johnson.cornell.edu .

MattDC (Nov 5, 2003 9:46:20 PM)
How successful has the career placement been in private equity, specifically for real estate investment?

Jin Wung (Nov 5, 2003 9:46:34 PM)
Thanks a lot, Marc.

soniaming (Nov 5, 2003 9:46:39 PM)
I have heard that some school asks applicant for an interview because they found discrepancies in the data they entered. Is that true for Johnson?

hydrox (Nov 5, 2003 9:46:45 PM)
DickShafer - Thanks.

Mike Baker (law) (Nov 5, 2003 9:46:58 PM)
Ryoko, hope you don't mind my replying. I'm in the law school, but I've found it to be quite like the others describe the business school. The classmates are interesting and diverse, the location is rural but that limits distractions, and the program is small.

Ryoko (Nov 5, 2003 9:47:03 PM)
What hands-on opportunities does Johnson provide for people interested in entrepreneurship?

ErinO'connellCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:47:10 PM)
Ryoko - I chose this school because of its great brand immersion. As an engineer and a career switcher, it was a perfect fit!

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:47:32 PM)
Johnson -- we look at what impact you've had on your organization. What would not have happened had you not been a member of that organization. Our students come from a myriad of backgrounds.

ayan (Nov 5, 2003 9:47:34 PM)
Are there a lot of students who are able to transition into strategy consulting with a Johnson MBA?

roman (Nov 5, 2003 9:47:43 PM)
Thank you, Natalie.

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:47:45 PM)
RahulRaina, you can sum up the Johnson students in two words-Passionate and Engaged!

Emiliano (Nov 5, 2003 9:48:15 PM)
Thanks Erin, that would definitely fit my personal aspirations as a human being.

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:48:31 PM)
Jyothsna, we award scholarship without regard to citizenship. We also offer a loan program for our international students that allows them to borrow up to $23,000 without a US citizen co-signer.

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:48:43 PM)
Soniaming -- our interviews are like a job interview. If you make it through the first hurdle (the written application), then you are invited to interview. With us, the interview invitation is a good thing!

bornin75 (Nov 5, 2003 9:49:13 PM)
Roughly what percentage of the students participate in an international exchange each year?

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:49:14 PM)
MattDC - Private equity has been a particularly hot the last two years. We have done well in placements there, given the overall market. As I am sure you know, VC and private equity have been much less active since 1999/2000, but our Immersion in private equity and entrepreneurship and our Cornell Entrepreneurship Network help us here.

soniaming (Nov 5, 2003 9:49:47 PM)
Thanks Natalie.

Jyothsna (Nov 5, 2003 9:49:52 PM)
Thanks Ann.

RahulRaina (Nov 5, 2003 9:49:59 PM)
Kara: Good words! That's exactly the kind of student body I want to be a part of! Thanks!

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:50:17 PM)
RahulRaina -- Great to hear!

Kyung Ho (Nov 5, 2003 9:50:23 PM)
As an international, I am worried about my essays. There might be some awkward expressions to natives. Do they really hurt my candidacy?

JeromeCrochatCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:50:47 PM)
Ryoko -- There is the BR Venture club, which invests in start-up company. The BR Venture is managed by students and offers one summer internship opportunity. There is also the BR Incubator club, which helps new start-up to develop their idea. There is also an amazing course from Prof. BenDaniel "Entrepreneurship and Private Equity," where you have to develop a business plan and present it to a real Venture Capital. Many opportunities!

CathyDoveCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:51:06 PM)
bornin75 - I don't have the exact number with me, but my recollection is that somewhere around 10% of the class goes on an exchange program. Many people find that once they arrive, they don't want to miss one of their 4 semesters at the Johnson School - there is so much going on. Those that do go have a great variety of schools to choose from.

beachway (Nov 5, 2003 9:52:08 PM)
Thanks Ann.

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:52:33 PM)
ayan- our approach to consulting is to focus on four sectors - the 3 big strategy consulting firms, the full service firms (Deloitte, etc,) selected boutique firms and internal consulting corporate groups (AMEV strategic planning group.) We have five students moving toward final rounds at McKinsey, students in contention and Bain and BCG. Our consulting focus addresses all four markets. The strategy firms have been hiring at a far lower rate in recent years, but one of the big three recently told me they are anticipating hiring at 1999-2000 rates this year.

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 9:52:44 PM)
Natalie, how much can a very high graduate GPA offset a mediocre undergrad GPA?

Ryoko (Nov 5, 2003 9:52:48 PM)
Which areas of the program (academics and extras) would you want to see improved?

ayan (Nov 5, 2003 9:53:02 PM)
I have a question about the Immersion program - have any of the students on the message board completely changed their career plans after trying say, banking or consulting?

MattDC (Nov 5, 2003 9:53:04 PM)
Thanks dick -- can you tell us more about the Cornell entrepreneurship network?

Donovan Mauga (Nov 5, 2003 9:53:15 PM)
Hi Natalie.  Can you please elaborate on the 'first hurdle'? In other words, how is the application processed, prior to the interview?

JeromeCrochatCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:53:35 PM)
Kyung Ho -- Do not worry too much about that, but make sure your English is well-written. People take into consideration the fact that English is not everybody's native language.

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 9:53:46 PM)
Jerome, Yes, Professor BenDaniel is famous!

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:53:54 PM)
MBA05, it depends on your academic record, not just GPA. What school did you attend, what courses did you take, what kind of course loads did you carry, what were the trends.

sunny (Nov 5, 2003 9:54:58 PM)
How do companies recruiting on campus view older students? I have a MS and 12 years of technical management/R&D experience and want to switch to product development/technology commercialization.

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:55:21 PM)
Donovan...the written part of the application should give us an indication that you would be a good fit with our program. If it does, you are invited to interview.

dfox (Nov 5, 2003 9:55:44 PM)
Is there a difference in acceptance rate between first and second round? Schools tend to answer no, but then why do so many students rush to apply first round?

MarcSmithCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:55:49 PM)
Ayan - Several of the people in the investment banking immersion last year did not end up pursuing IB. People took finance jobs at firms such as GE or S&P and some moved out of finance all together and took marketing positions. I'm not sure if that was your exact question, so let me know if this did not answer what you were asking.

soniaming (Nov 5, 2003 9:56:06 PM)
Does the admission committee allocate certain slots for each round and does the committee hold off the decision for some applicants who they think are on the borderline for reconsideration later?

Ryoko (Nov 5, 2003 9:56:17 PM)
I'm interested in Product management post-MBA. Can you recommend good classes/programs available for that?

EricThompson (Nov 5, 2003 9:56:28 PM)
Johnson promotes a global business perspective. In that regard, are there any new programs or initiatives that are being considered in the upcoming semesters/years? Thanks.

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:56:29 PM)
mattdc- Cornell is one of two schools with a university-wide entrepreneurship program - in our case it involves nine different schools. The CEN network is made up of Cornell alums from across the country - and world - involved in start-ups and early stage companies, VCs and private equity, who connect in about 8 cities on a regular basis and through our web site and here at Cornell. The emphasis is on networking to promote business interests of the alums. The network ties into our student run venture fund and consulting incubator for emerging companies.

hydrox (Nov 5, 2003 9:57:11 PM)
Do many students go into commercial banking as opposed to I-banking?

Mike Baker (law) (Nov 5, 2003 9:57:15 PM)
If we have a parent that also attended the Johnson School, is that beneficial?

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:57:23 PM)
soniaming -- we do hold slots in each round and then have a waitlist that we consider over the summer.

dfox (Nov 5, 2003 9:57:30 PM)
If one repeated the GMST, does Johnson combine the highest quantitative score w/ the highest verbal score, or is only the highest overall score considered?

CathyDoveCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:57:38 PM)
Ryoko - we are constantly changing our program based on market needs and student input. For example, as mentioned earlier, we just implemented a new component to our leadership curriculum that was very well received. We are also increasing the size of our faculty. We recently hired one of the leading experts in Sustainable Business - Stuart Hart . These are examples of enhancements that happen all the time. Re: extras, we implement a number of changes based on input from students. For example, we just rolled out wireless networking throughout the building. I'm sure I'll have more changes to tell you about next year - one of the nice things about being a small and agile school is that we are constantly changing.

MattDC (Nov 5, 2003 9:57:39 PM)
Ann -- to follow up on your point about a third recommendation, how would you suggest submitting it and would an academic reference make sense there?

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:57:56 PM)
dfox, there isn't really much of a difference between the acceptance rate between the first and second round. We get a smaller number of applicants in the early rounds, so applicants feel their application will stand out in an earlier round.

ori (Nov 5, 2003 9:58:03 PM)
Is the Park Leadership Program available for non-US citizens?

MarcSmithCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:58:04 PM)
Ori - The Park program is only open to US citizens. The Park Foundation establishes eligibility for the program.

soniaming (Nov 5, 2003 9:58:22 PM)
I have the same question as VN; I am also interested in Human resources consulting and want to know if such companies recruit at Cornell?

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:58:51 PM)
dfox, we look at all your scores, but only take the highest total score.

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:58:55 PM)
Ryoko -- If you are interested in Product Management, your best bet is to take the Brand Management Immersion. The Immersion exposes you to product management in a variety of industries including CPG, Pharma, Financial Services and Technology.

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:59:11 PM)
Sunny- the best program for you is the Twelve Month Option program, and for everyone else with advance degrees and strong technical backgrounds. These students tend to have more experience and our recruiters are familiar with what they represent. Highly technical companies interested in having people in marketing and business development and consulting firms are particularly interested in these students.

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 9:59:22 PM)
Can you please tell us more about the Leadership program at Cornell?

MarcSmithCornell (Nov 5, 2003 9:59:28 PM)
Hydrox - I would say it's about equal, or maybe slightly more people going to investment banking. I would imagine that will change in the coming years as IB recruiting is picking up fairly significantly this year.

Jyothsna (Nov 5, 2003 10:00:18 PM)
How are international applicants who are unable to make it to the campus normally interviewed? Does it work against them if they are unable to travel to the school for the interview?

Johnson (Nov 5, 2003 10:00:28 PM)
How actively does Johnson manage its yield? In other words, do you reject applicants on the basis that their applications are strong enough to be admitted elsewhere, and you don't want to "waste" an offer with someone that probably will not enroll?

CathyDoveCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:00:47 PM)
Eric - our Director of Global Business has led a comprehensive effort to add a number of exciting global activities. We have everything from a week of global activities (international week- next week!) where student organizations and faculty sponsor educational and social activities all week to sponsoring a number of study trips globally, to bringing in many global speakers. We use our European Advisory Board for mentorship and other programs. As far as the future goes, we were just awarded a prestigious pre-CIBER grant from the Department of Education which will permit us to expand our offerings even more.

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:01:13 PM)
Mike Baker - we like to know if you have any family who attended Cornell, but it's not a factor in our admissions decision.

JeromeCrochatCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:01:27 PM)
Jyothsna -- International applicants who cannot come to campus for interview get interviewed by Alumni in their home country.

Ryoko (Nov 5, 2003 10:01:31 PM)
What are the biggest do's and don'ts for essays?

Nancy (Nov 5, 2003 10:01:41 PM)
What qualities are you looking for in someone who is applying to be a Parks Fellow?

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:01:51 PM)
soniaming - students from our MBA/MILR program go into firms like Mercer, Towers Perrin, and Hewitt, but more go into the HR oriented practices of major consulting firms like Deloitte, Accenture, etc. The other avenue we are pursuing is internal corporate consulting groups like the one at Pfizer that are OD focused.

beachway (Nov 5, 2003 10:02:25 PM)
Does all of the supplemental material have to reach the adcom before the deadline? Will it be ok if the transcripts were to get in a couple of days late? Will my application be considered for the deadline then? I am an International student and my institution is taking sometime to send the transcripts.

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:02:33 PM)
At Johnson, we offer admission to those we feel are the strongest for the program.  Then it is our responsibility to convince them to come here.

dfox (Nov 5, 2003 10:02:37 PM)
What percent of each class is represented by NY residents?

hydrox (Nov 5, 2003 10:02:49 PM)
marc- thanks. Can you describe how the Managerial Finance immersion program breaks down by industry? -- Are there certain sectors in which it would be more useful?

Ryoko (Nov 5, 2003 10:02:55 PM)
How approachable are professors?

Jyothsna (Nov 5, 2003 10:02:57 PM)
Thanks Jerome.

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:03:10 PM)
Ryokos -- Essays - Do be concise, honest, and dynamic. Don't have typ-os! Proof read your essays!

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:03:13 PM)
Beachway, we do need material here before the deadline, however, if one piece is missing, we are forgiving.

soniaming (Nov 5, 2003 10:03:19 PM)
Natalie, does priority round get more slots or is it about the same for each round?

CathyDoveCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:03:25 PM)
MBA05 - leadership programming begins on day one during orientation. We have almost a week of interactive sessions on Personal Assessment (where you learn a lot about your personal strengths and areas you need to work on, teamwork, analytical thinking, etc.). This programming continues into the fall semester. In addition, we have a series of short classes that anyone can take throughout their two years - these are targeted 1/2 or 1 day sessions in our Leadership Skills Program. We have a Leadership Focus which allows students to supplement other courses with a set of projects and courses which build on the introductory leadership skills work.

Wenkui (Nov 5, 2003 10:03:33 PM)
What would you expect an applicant to address in the essays if s/he has been out of full-time job for more than one year?

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:03:55 PM)
MattDC, we don't find that academic references add much value to our application. We hope to get a sense of a candidates professional accomplishments from the recommenders. Academic recommenders usually aren't in a position to provide that information.

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 10:04:01 PM)
Thanks, Natalie. Still, can a mediocre overall undergraduate performance be offset by a heavy intensive course load at a good graduate school in a technical field?

bornin75 (Nov 5, 2003 10:04:09 PM)
Should we expect a "case" in the interview?

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:04:21 PM)
soniaming, we give a ratio of spots in each round. The number is based on how many in each round, but the percentage is consistent.

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:04:27 PM)
Nancy- we are looking for very accomplished candidates in general, but particularly ones that can show a track record of leadership accomplishments in some organization, work or otherwise, where they have made something big happen that would not have occurred if they were not there. We are looking for big impact people who are able to size up situations, seize opportunities, mobilize people to act and get results. We want to see evidence of this.

dfox (Nov 5, 2003 10:04:33 PM)
I understand the admissions process looks at the entire applicant as a whole. However, is there an unstated minimum for the GMAT?

MarcSmithCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:04:43 PM)
Hydrox - The managerial finance immersion is focused on students pursuing finance positions within Fortune 500 companies. These jobs range from treasury to corporate development to general finance rotational programs.

LarryBoydCORNELL (Nov 5, 2003 10:04:52 PM)
Ryoko - Professors are very approachable, they're doors are always open and students often drop by to chat. I've been to several of my professors houses for dinner and class picnics as well.

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:05:02 PM)
dfox, I don't know the percentage of the class that are NY residents. Why do you ask?

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:05:02 PM)
MBA05 let's discuss off line...you are welcome to contact me at mba@cornell.edu .

MarcSmithCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:05:39 PM)
Borin75 - The admission interview is not case-based. It's very conversational.

soniaming (Nov 5, 2003 10:05:44 PM)
Thanks Dick.

MattDC (Nov 5, 2003 10:05:46 PM)
Thanks Ann.

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:05:51 PM)
Wenkui -- If you have been out of work, I would be honest about the situation. I would also be sure to communicate what you have done in your down-time -- travel, classes, family situation.... Also, emphasize what your successes were when you were employed.

soniaming (Nov 5, 2003 10:05:54 PM)
Thanks Natalie.

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 10:05:56 PM)
Thanks, Cathy. Can you talk a little more about your Leadership Skills program?

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:06:13 PM)
dfox, we don't have a GMAT minimum, but we do like to see evidence of quantative abilities reflected in the GMAT.

beachway (Nov 5, 2003 10:06:54 PM)
Does the recommender have to know the applicant for any minimum period of time ?

ori (Nov 5, 2003 10:06:56 PM)
How does the school help international students in their job search?

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 10:07:03 PM)
Fair enough, thank you very much, Natalie.

dfox (Nov 5, 2003 10:07:07 PM)
I asked the number of NY residents question because I would hope Johnson was not overrepresented by NY citizens (in particular bankers, etc).

hydrox (Nov 5, 2003 10:07:11 PM)
Marc- Thanks for the detailed answer.

CindyTokumitsu (Nov 5, 2003 10:07:15 PM)
I have to log off now; I just want to thank everyone from Johnson for a VERY informative chat! Good luck to all the applicants!

RahulRaina (Nov 5, 2003 10:07:16 PM)
Kara: Could you please elaborate on a "dynamic" essay? As in, try to be original, creative and multi-faceted?

beachway (Nov 5, 2003 10:07:24 PM)
Thanks Natalie...

MarcSmithCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:07:29 PM)
MBA05 - I've taken a few of the Leadership Skills Program classes (LSP's). They vary in nature, from Excel, PowerPoint and Access classes to classes on Business Etiquette and Investment Banking Law. They are a valuable supplement to the curriculum.

Paul_Bodine (Nov 5, 2003 10:07:50 PM)
Is there a length of time of unemployment that would begin to cause you concern, even if that time had been "well spent"?

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:07:55 PM)
Beachway, the recommender should know you well enough to be able to evaluate your leadership, analytical skills, team skills, etc. in an objective way.

Katie (Nov 5, 2003 10:08:01 PM)
One of the many things I hope to accomplish from an MBA program is an enhancement to my leadership skills.  For the students who have attended, have their leadership skills increased sizably?

MattDC (Nov 5, 2003 10:08:11 PM)
Dick -- would you recommend any specific faculty members or career placement folks to talk to about private equity recruiting?

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:08:25 PM)
Paul_Bodine- Define "well-spent."

JeromeCrochatCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:08:59 PM)
Ori -- The Career Management Center here at the school has people dedicated to help international applicants. The help ranges from personal counseling, help in dealing with work permit issues to contact with companies looking for internationals.

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:09:29 PM)
Dfox, we try to make sure that there both professional and geographic diversity within each class. Although I don't know the exact number of NY residents, I can assure you that the class is not comprised of just NY bankers.

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:09:55 PM)
RahulRaina -- Yes, yes and yes. Show what you can bring to the Johnson community (and more than just great scores, grades and work experience). Show excitement in your essays to grab the readers attention.

Paul_Bodine (Nov 5, 2003 10:09:55 PM)
I.e., someone taking classes, engaging in leadership positions in community, or finding themselves in Tibet. 

RahulRaina (Nov 5, 2003 10:10:40 PM)
Kara: great! I'm glad we're on the same waves! Thanks!

LarryBoydCORNELL (Nov 5, 2003 10:11:07 PM)
Katie - One of the major focuses of the Johnson School is building leadership skills that you can actually apply to solve business issues. Your work in the class room and the leadership roles you take in your extracurriculars and in the community build a great set of skills to apply in your future career.

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:11:08 PM)
mattDC- Yes - David Ben Daniel heads our private equity and entrepreneurship immersion, Al Biloski runs the I Banking immersion and has lots of Wall Street experience and Karin Ash is our Career Management Center director and focuses on financial services. Hope that helps.

roman (Nov 5, 2003 10:11:24 PM)
Does Johnson School have established relationships with international private equity firms?

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:11:24 PM)
Paul_Bodine- I think I'd like to hear more about your leadership in the community.

ram (Nov 5, 2003 10:11:55 PM)
I would be applying to the PhD program in organizational behavior. How many applications do you get for that program?

MattDC (Nov 5, 2003 10:12:14 PM)
dick -- that definitely helps, thanks for all your time tonight.

sunny (Nov 5, 2003 10:12:24 PM)
Where can I get more information on the Center of Science and Technology? Is there a professor I can contact?

bornin75 (Nov 5, 2003 10:12:40 PM)
Thanks Cornell team! You have been great!

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:12:59 PM)
roman- Through our Cornell alumni network, we have established relationships with international private equity firms, where we have lots of contacts.

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 10:13:13 PM)
Thank you again all for participating this evening. Special thanks to Natalie, Dick, Cathy, Ann, Marc, Erin, Kara, Larry and Jerome for joining us and to Cindy Tokumitsu and Paul Bodine for their assistance.

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 10:13:22 PM)
We look forward to seeing you at future chats. Here is a list of currently scheduled chats:

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:13:27 PM)
Ram, I don't have that data, but please contact js_phd@cornell.edu .

bornin75 (Nov 5, 2003 10:13:36 PM)
I already feel a lot better about Cornell. It's my top choice!

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 10:13:41 PM)
CMU - Nov. 10 MIT - Nov. 20 USC - Dec. 9 UCLA - Dec. 15

NatalieGrinblattCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:13:46 PM)
Thank you for chatting.

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 10:13:49 PM)
Please check http://www.accepted.com/chat/schedule.htm#mba for exact times and details.

beachway (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:04 PM)
I am coming too....I am very excited.  Thanks a ton Cornell team!!

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:09 PM)
Thanks everyone, great questions!

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:15 PM)
Thank you for an informative chat!

Kyung Ho (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:15 PM)
Thank you, all. Good luck!

MattDC (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:16 PM)
This has been great. . . Thanks again to the Cornell crew!

beachway (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:16 PM)
Hope I get in.

RahulRaina (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:18 PM)
Wow, this has been very informative. Thanks for all of your help and time!

hydrox (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:23 PM)
Thanks for the informative chat.

roman (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:23 PM)
Thanks Dick.

ram (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:24 PM)

Katie (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:26 PM)
Thank you!

dfox (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:27 PM)
Many thanks!

Tony (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:30 PM)
Thank you!

MarcSmithCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:31 PM)
Thanks everyone - Good Luck!

Mike Baker (law) (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:31 PM)
Thanks you guys. I appreciated the info.

soniaming (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:32 PM)
It was very informative. Thanks a lot everyone.

Gigi (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:32 PM)
Thanks to all!

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:32 PM)
Best wishes! Thanks for your questions!

JeromeCrochatCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:32 PM)
Thanks to all! Good luck!!!

Johnson (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:35 PM)
Thank you all, from Johnson!!!!!!!!!!!

Wenkui (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:36 PM)
Kara, thanks for the advice. Insightful.

VN (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:38 PM)
Erin - Thanks, I must have missed it.

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:43 PM)
Sunny- This center is in our plans for the near future. It is intended to connect to the Johnson School to the major research areas of Cornell, especially life sciences, advanced materials, and computer science and information technology. You will hear more about this over the next year.

Jyothsna (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:47 PM)
It's been great chatting with all of you. Thanks for the opportunity. I feel very strongly about Cornell being my only choice now.

KaraChristianCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:50 PM)
Any time...

Wenkui (Nov 5, 2003 10:14:51 PM)

LarryBoydCORNELL (Nov 5, 2003 10:15:08 PM)
Everyone - Thanks, and good luck!

AnnRichardsCornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:15:09 PM)
Thanks again, please feel free to contact mba@cornell.edu  if you have any additional questions.

RahulRaina (Nov 5, 2003 10:15:16 PM)
Linda, thanks a lot for moderating!

dickshafercornell (Nov 5, 2003 10:15:25 PM)
To all - best of luck!

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 10:15:33 PM)
You're welcome.

Paul_Bodine (Nov 5, 2003 10:15:40 PM)
Thanks Cornell!

RahulRaina (Nov 5, 2003 10:15:45 PM)
All: good night and thanks for your good questions too! I learned a lot more from listening than asking! :-)

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 10:15:45 PM)
Thanks again to the Cornell team for a great job!

ori (Nov 5, 2003 10:15:52 PM)
Linda - when are you going to post the transcript?

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 10:15:57 PM)
Yup, Thank you!

Johnson (Nov 5, 2003 10:16:00 PM)
Linda you're the best - thanks for the work in the BW forum!

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 10:16:11 PM)
It's been taking us about a week to get it up. We try for faster, but somehow it doesn't happen.

Jul28 (Nov 5, 2003 10:16:15 PM)
Thank you!

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 10:16:15 PM)
Thanks Johnson!

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 10:16:17 PM)
Kudos to Accepted.com for arranging this!

Katie (Nov 5, 2003 10:16:23 PM)
Great format to get questions answered. Innovative.. thanks.

Donovan Mauga (Nov 5, 2003 10:16:24 PM)
Thanks. See ya soon.

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 10:16:29 PM)
Thanks MBA05.

MBA05 (Nov 5, 2003 10:16:45 PM)
Thank you.

Linda Abraham (Nov 5, 2003 10:16:51 PM)
Have a very good evening! Good luck with your applications!

Loria (Nov 5, 2003 10:16:54 PM)
Thank you all!

Jyothsna (Nov 5, 2003 10:17:05 PM)
Thanks Linda!

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