2004 INSEAD MBA Admission Chat with Johanna Hellborg

2004 INSEAD MBA Admission Chat with Johanna Hellborg

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Chat Transcript:

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 9:10:00 AM)
First I want to welcome you all to Accepted.com's INSEAD Admissions Chat.

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 9:10:16 AM)
I also want to welcome Johanna Hellborg, INSEAD's MBA Admissions Manager, and Christina Vincensini, an admissions officer at INSEAD.

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 9:10:25 AM)
Thanks to everyone for joining.

K (Feb 26, 2004 9:10:26 AM)
Hi, I was told by the admissions office that there was no real disadvantage to applying in the third round. But I also read that there is a clear disadvantage to applying in the third round. Would you clarify please?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:10:39 AM)
K: It depends on the number of applications but most of the time it's tougher in Round 3.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:10:47 AM)
Linda: thank you for inviting us.

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 9:11:15 AM)
With the first 2005 deadline roughly one month away, do you have any advice for INSEAD applicants?

Rune (Feb 26, 2004 9:11:19 AM)
First of all, I applaud the staged admission process, which makes life a lot easier for the applicants. What are INSEAD's experiences after practicing this for about a year? Are you still allowing the same number for R1 and R2, but fewer during R3?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:12:20 AM)
Linda: Difficult to give advice but just take your time to create a good application file! Don't rush!

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:12:59 AM)
Rune: We received positive feedback from participants and candidates. Yes, same number R1 & R2, fewer in R3.

Rune (Feb 26, 2004 9:13:59 AM)
What is the current GMAT average, and what is the current GMAT middle range (middle 80%)?

swaran (Feb 26, 2004 9:14:05 AM)
Hi everyone. I am from India and I want to thank everyone for this opportunity to clear my doubts.

ID40 (Feb 26, 2004 9:14:13 AM)
Are applicants number up or down this year?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:14:54 AM)
ID40: applications were down last year but are stable this year.

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:14:57 AM)
Rune:  the current average is 707. The GMAT range is 620-800.

want2b@INSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:15:49 AM)
Can you comment on my perception that the essays favor applicants with more experience (like myself) and the form is geared towards those with less experience, for example in looking for extracurricular activities (work leaves little time....)?

vikrant_m (Feb 26, 2004 9:16:00 AM)
What are the different loan schemes that INSEAD offers?  I guess the ABN-AMRO loan is not available for September 2004 students and the school is renegotiating with banks.  Do you have an update on when we would get to know more about this?

Rune (Feb 26, 2004 9:16:14 AM)
Does INSEAD use an average of all GMAT's taken, or only the one specified by the applicant in the application?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:17:37 AM)
want2B: we don't favor applicants in one way or another; our application file gives the opportunity to everyone to show who they are and what they want to do.  Ideally a candidate should have lots to say on every dimension!

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:17:58 AM)
vikrant_m:  an official announcement should be made within weeks regarding the new global loan.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:18:21 AM)
Rune: we look at all the GMAT's taken. We do not use computers to evaluate your file but human beings!

INSD_SEPT_04 (Feb 26, 2004 9:18:46 AM)
By when will waitlisted candidates be informed of their final decision.  Also, will waitlist applicants in September 2004 intake be offered a seat in Jan. 05 intake, if seats are not available in the September 2004 intake?

K (Feb 26, 2004 9:18:58 AM)
What happens if your two interview results are completely contradictory?

swaran (Feb 26, 2004 9:19:08 AM)
Do I need to separately write for a TOEFL waiver or does it come automatically on meeting the waiver criteria?

K (Feb 26, 2004 9:19:18 AM)
How do you view academic or professional failures in the past?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:19:55 AM)
K: interviews are only part of the application and we look at the interviewers comments and how they are echoed in the file.

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:20:29 AM)
INSD_SEPT_04: Waitlisted candidates can be offered a seat from now up until the start of the program. No, waitlisted candidates will not be offered a seat in Jan 05. They will have to reapply.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:20:31 AM)
Swaran: you just explain why you don't need to take the TOEFL.

K (Feb 26, 2004 9:21:03 AM)
Is it possible to attend school at Singapore, Fontainebleau and Wharton?

swaran (Feb 26, 2004 9:21:10 AM)
How would you rank the admissions criteria into academic achievement, professional experience, international exposure and how important would things like the GMAT score be?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:22:01 AM)
K: you are guaranteed to spend time on both INSEAD campuses but there is only a selected number of seats available for Wharton. But some are lucky and get to spend time at the three different locations.

Rune (Feb 26, 2004 9:22:04 AM)
Thanks Johanna, I am glad to hear so ;)

ID40 (Feb 26, 2004 9:22:06 AM)
I sent my GMAT score via ETS.  Should I tick 'enclosed' or 'to be sent' on the application?

ID40 (Feb 26, 2004 9:22:13 AM)
Are there a lot of applicants from particular countries e.g. France or India?  Are they at a disadvantage given the diversity balance?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:22:19 AM)
K: Academic or professional failures need to be explained in the application (essay 6).

K (Feb 26, 2004 9:22:53 AM)
Thanks Johanna. That's helpful to know!

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:23:03 AM)
ID40: you should check 'to be sent.'

JVC (Feb 26, 2004 9:23:06 AM)
Do you sometimes give out admissions decisions before the last week of the "final decision date"? I finished my interviews three weeks ago and have to wait for another four weeks! Pretty nerve-wracking ... :)

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:23:13 AM)
swaran: we don't rank the admissions criteria. The admissions committee is looking for a balance of all four.

StephanieLim (Feb 26, 2004 9:23:46 AM)
Have there been an increase in American applicants? Is there a certain percentage of students you are aiming to accept from the US?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:24:10 AM)
ID40: the more applicants from one country the tougher it is to stand out from the crowd! ;-)

peechi1 (Feb 26, 2004 9:25:08 AM)
How many interviewed candidates actually get admitted?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:25:13 AM)
StephanieLim: yes, there has been an increase. We do not target a certain percentage. We just look for the best from each country.

INSD_SEPT_04 (Feb 26, 2004 9:25:26 AM)
Is it advisable for waitlisted candidates to send updates about their career and profile from time to time?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:25:40 AM)
Peechi1: about 60-70% get admitted.

StephanieLim (Feb 26, 2004 9:26:12 AM)
How do you feel about the percentage of women currently attending? Is has there been any focus to increase your women to men ratio? Or is this irrelevant?

vikrant_m (Feb 26, 2004 9:26:25 AM)
If I want to do an exchange program with Wharton, am I guaranteed to? I have heard that its based on a draw.

maker (Feb 26, 2004 9:26:36 AM)
What do you mean you look at all the GMAT's taken? Do you average or pick the highest score?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:26:42 AM)
insd_sept_04: if something drastically new comes up in your life you can send it. But it is not necessary. We know already a lot about you (we probably know you better than you know yourself :) )

Rune (Feb 26, 2004 9:26:49 AM)
Wharton has an opening for applicants to include a waiver application for the TOEFL if their background includes "extensive work experience in an English-speaking environment" (see http://mba.wharton.upenn.edu/mba/admissions/faq/#Q19). Does INSEAD have the same?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:26:51 AM)
JVC: No, decisions are not sent before the last week of the final decision date. Just try to remain patient! :)

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:27:10 AM)
StephanieLim: we are definitely trying to increase the percentage of women in the program.

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:27:47 AM)
SID: You should hear by March 5th for Round 3.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:27:55 AM)
vikrant: no guarantee.  This year it was a bidding system

swaran (Feb 26, 2004 9:28:13 AM)
Thanks Christina. Knowing that GMAT is an application pre-requisite, what is the role of GMAT scores?  If a candidate has strong academic and professional credentials, would a lower GMAT score (say 620) still be a deterrent?

swaran (Feb 26, 2004 9:28:21 AM)
What is the procedure regarding interviews.  Are interviews compulsory or conducted only if required/requested?

JVC (Feb 26, 2004 9:28:27 AM)
After being in the second round already, would you say applications are stable compared to last year? Slightly down?  Do you still see many bankers, or are numbers down, now that their outlook is improving?

INSD_SEPT_04 (Feb 26, 2004 9:28:30 AM)
Johanna, that's reassuring and a little scary :-)

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 9:28:49 AM)
Johanna, how are you trying to increase the percentage of women?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:29:08 AM)
maker: we are looking at all of the GMAT's you have taken.  And we evaluate the rest of the file too.  We don't pick a score!

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:29:45 AM)
Rune: No, the TOEFL is an admissions requirement to enter INSEAD.  This waiver does not apply.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:30:24 AM)
swaran: GMAT is part of the application as all the other items. A bad one is a weakness a strong one is a strength!

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:30:50 AM)
Swaran: we send applicants to interview after pre-selection.

want2b@INSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:31:07 AM)
Thank you for all of these helpful answers. Are there any circumstances in which enclosures are helpful to the admissions committee?

EZ2002 (Feb 26, 2004 9:31:14 AM)
How difficult is it to go to an exchange program with Wharton?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:31:48 AM)
JVC: Applications are stable compared to last year. We still see a variety of professional backgrounds including bankers.

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 9:32:52 AM)
If you are looking at an application and the numbers and basic profile is in the ballpark for an INSEAD student, what distinguishes an application that is accepted from one that is rejected?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:32:55 AM)
Linda: we go to various professional women's networks, we have created a pool of current female participants to work on different projects, to call our female newly admitted, etc.

swaran (Feb 26, 2004 9:33:38 AM)
Thanks Johanna.

StephanieLim (Feb 26, 2004 9:33:42 AM)
How strongly do you feel about an applicant sending only 2 letters of recommendation?  If we would like to include additional letters, would you welcome this?

vikrant_m (Feb 26, 2004 9:33:56 AM)
How was the recruitment season last year (2003)?  Do you have any numbers that you can share with us?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:34:17 AM)
EZ2002: Limited seats are available for the Wharton program.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:35:22 AM)
Linda: this is always a matter of overall balance.  Ideally we would like our candidates to be strong on every aspect.  But clearly it is not always possible. So it is an overall balance. Mainly our candidates are excellent or good on all dimensions.

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:35:25 AM)
StephanieLim: 2 letters of recommendation is enough, but additional letters are welcome. Tip: We prefer professional recommendations.

maker (Feb 26, 2004 9:35:52 AM)
How many people applied in January 2004 and how many in September 2004?

StephanieLim (Feb 26, 2004 9:35:55 AM)
Thank you!

SID (Feb 26, 2004 9:36:03 AM)
Have the majority of interview invites for Round 3 applicants already been sent?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:36:36 AM)
vikrant_m: Recruitment is tough just as other schools, but it is stable now.

Rune (Feb 26, 2004 9:36:54 AM)
The language requirements under http://www.insead.edu/mba/admissions/languages.pdf  lists "A UNIVERSITY DEGREE conducted entirely in English for a minimum of one full-time year" as an acceptable means of certification for English language proficiency.  Will studies in progress (one third of a MSc, to be exact) count towards this requirement, or is more evidence like the TOEFL required?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:37:11 AM)
maker: we don't give out numbers but the application volume is between 4 to 5000.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:37:42 AM)
SID: we send out interviews every day. You have to be patient. The deadline is March 5. ;-)

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 9:38:08 AM)
Johanna, could you give an indication of application volume trend even if you aren't comfortable giving out the exact number?

swaran (Feb 26, 2004 9:38:27 AM)
Is it true that the January intake has better opportunities with a finance career, especially investment banking?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:38:34 AM)
Rune: No, studies in progress is not acceptable means to certify English because your file would be considered incomplete until we receive proof of English.  I strongly encourage taking the TOEFL.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:38:37 AM)
Linda, application volume went down 15-20% last year but it is stable now.

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 9:38:57 AM)
How is recruiting going this year?  Do most of your graduates return to their home country upon graduation?

JVC (Feb 26, 2004 9:39:23 AM)
I heard from some people that Germans are somewhat underrepresented in the program (compared to the size of the country and its importance).  Is that true, or are you happy with number/quality of Germans applying?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:39:35 AM)
Linda: more than 50% of our students go to another country other than their home country.

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:39:43 AM)
swaran: January seems to have good opportunities, but September participants can also get access to these opportunities (although more complicated.)

want2b@INSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:39:54 AM)
Are there any circumstances under which the admissions committee finds enclosures helpful in considering an application?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:40:17 AM)
JVC: we are always looking for good candidates!

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 9:40:32 AM)
Do most American students at INSEAD return to the US for their first post-MBA job or do they usually initially work outside the US?  If they want to return to the US, are INSEAD's ties and network strong enough to help them return?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:41:23 AM)
want2b: What do you mean by enclosures?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:41:43 AM)
Linda: Some Americans go back to the US.

want2b@INSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:41:44 AM)
By enclosures, I mean additional materials.

StephanieLim (Feb 26, 2004 9:42:01 AM)
Adding to Linda Abraham's question: Is it difficult for say, an American, attending INSEAD to obtain a summer internship/job in France or Europe after graduation?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:42:06 AM)
Linda: Yes, the INSEAD network is very strong in the US.

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 9:42:33 AM)
Christina, could you provide some examples or stats?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:42:53 AM)
want2be: we ask already for a lot. Why don't you tell us what you want to add and I will let you know if it is useful!

K (Feb 26, 2004 9:43:05 AM)
What do recruiters say is the greatest strength and greatest weakness of INSEAD graduates?

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 9:44:09 AM)
Because of the one-year length of INSEAD's program, are you more interested in career-enhancers than career-changers?

want2b@INSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:44:17 AM)
For example, if an applicant works in a creative field, examples of work - it's hard to communicate the impact of visual media in an essay!

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:44:24 AM)
StephanieLim: It depends on job opportunities, but it is possible to obtain jobs in France or Europe.

SID (Feb 26, 2004 9:44:56 AM)
If INSEAD feels that a particular candidate lost out owing to excessive competition in Round 3 from candidates with similar profiles in Round1/Round2 but would have a better chance in applying earlier next year.  Do you give such feedback?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:45:22 AM)
K: The strengths that are found in INSEAD students include: bright, love for intensity, exceptional cultural sensitivity, fun. . .Their weakness are: their team spirit is so strong that they run directly to their mates after the interview to let them know about all questions asked, so the recruiter can not come with "surprise questions!"

Rune (Feb 26, 2004 9:45:43 AM)
What are the top knock-out factors among your applications?

rbooth (Feb 26, 2004 9:45:59 AM)
I am working on my second language now, but will still be a beginner upon applying.  I plan to move to France for language immersion classes in August (interested in the Jan 2005 intake). Will it be held against me that I do not have my second language until the deadline?

ID40 (Feb 26, 2004 9:46:23 AM)
A question from my recommender: how long should the reference be? The form doesn't say!

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:46:42 AM)
Linda: It's to short to provide stats now, but for the latest career stats please visit the Career Mgmt. Services on the INSEAD website. There is a CMS report complete with many helpful stats.

claireben (Feb 26, 2004 9:47:24 AM)
I've already applied and had an interview; I'm just anxiously awaiting final decision. Regarding language requirements, how possible is it to start from scratch on the 3rd language at the beginning of the program and get up to speed by the end? Would you recommend quitting my job early and doing an immersion class in a 3rd language before INSEAD starts?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:47:31 AM)
want2be: then provide a CD, a video or a DVD!

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:47:36 AM)
Linda: We are interested in both.

vikrant_m (Feb 26, 2004 9:48:15 AM)
What factors do you consider in moving people off the waitlist? Is it just based on 'how many people don't show up'?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:48:58 AM)
Rune: The top knock out factors are spelling mistakes, using other schools names in essays, not explaining gaps in application.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:49:33 AM)
SID: we provide feedback about the application not about the competition. But we will say if we encourage you to re-apply or discourage a reapplication.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:50:27 AM)
ID40: the referee should say all he/she has to say about you! That's the perfect length!

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:50:49 AM)
rbooth: no, the second language is an entry requirement. The deadlines are based on the intake and when you will start the program. Sept- June 1st and Jan.- November 1st.

K (Feb 26, 2004 9:51:06 AM)
With such a great amount of movement between students among campuses and a short MBA program overall, how much of the student body does each candidate really get to know on average?

SID (Feb 26, 2004 9:51:14 AM)
Thanks Johanna. So I can assume that if I am not invited for interview, I will still get feedback on if I should reapply?

Hugo (Feb 26, 2004 9:51:31 AM)
Does INSEAD look for specific profiles or rather diversity in its programs?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:51:34 AM)
claireben: this is up to you. But I would encourage you to prepare as much as possible beforehand. You will be so busy during your studies anyway.

K (Feb 26, 2004 9:52:16 AM)
Following-up on SID's question, if we are able to reapply, do you look only at the essays of the old application (as many schools do) or at the entire old application as well as the new application?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:52:52 AM)
vikrant_m: Diversity of background (nationality, profession, education, etc.).

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 9:53:01 AM)
Following up on all the reapplication questions, doesn't INSEAD normally discourage reapplication except in the few cases where it is specifically encourages it?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:53:11 AM)
K: That depends on your networking abilities. But it shows that they expand their network by moving from a campus to another.

JVC (Feb 26, 2004 9:53:43 AM)
Do you actually operate a waitlist, for admission in general, not just for a specific campus?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:54:34 AM)
SID and Linda: we have soften that policy a bit. People are allowed to reapply. If they want feedback they should send us an e-mail and we will contact them

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:55:29 AM)
Hugo: We look for people who will contribute to the program.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:55:47 AM)
K: we will let you know what additional information we need. But we will look at present and past application.

Rune (Feb 26, 2004 9:56:06 AM)
Do you prefer online applications (www.embark.com) to paper-based applications?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:56:10 AM)
JVC: Admission in general.

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:56:44 AM)
Rune: Currently no preference, but we are looking into a new system.

Rune (Feb 26, 2004 9:56:54 AM)
Since the tuition fees for company-sponsored students are considerably higher than those for individuals, isn't INSEAD inclined to accept company-sponsored applicants? Why do you distinguish between the two groups?

vikrant_m (Feb 26, 2004 9:57:51 AM)
Do you have any statistics on how many waitlisted applicants get confirmed? (I'm referring to a rough number.)

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 9:58:07 AM)
How do you use the interview in the admissions process?

swaran (Feb 26, 2004 9:58:28 AM)
For an Indian national, working in Middle East for more than a year, how will you group her to evaluate her application - with Indian applicants or with applicants from the Middle East. 

want2b@INSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:58:37 AM)
Do applicants get to talk with admissions staff at the informal information sessions held on Fridays?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:58:44 AM)
vikrant: staged admissions and the waitlist is very new to us. So we have no statistics. But a lot of our waitlisted candidates got a seat in the last intake.

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:58:59 AM)
Rune: No, INSEAD is inclined to admit those who meet the four criteria. We do not distinguish.

StephanieLim (Feb 26, 2004 9:59:24 AM)
How much importance do you place on the Essay part (AWA section) of the GMAT score?

JVC (Feb 26, 2004 9:59:32 AM)
How many people take language courses throughout the program, as I understand you rather discourage that (I really would like to combine the MBA with learning another language)?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 9:59:54 AM)
Linda: The interview is the opportunity for the candidate to ask more about INSEAD since they are interviewed by alumni. We look at their communication, inter-personal skills, etc.

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:00:35 AM)
swaran: She won't be grouped with anyone.

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 10:00:38 AM)
Thanks. In the past when there wasn't space for an acceptable applicant at INSEAD, you invited the applicant to attend the next intake Are you still inviting qualified candidates for whom you don't have room to attend a later intake?

ID40 (Feb 26, 2004 10:00:54 AM)
StephanieLim: another adcom said they ignore it.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:00:58 AM)
want2be: most of the Fridays someone from admissions is around or doing the information session. Definitely on the big info sessions every second month there are admissions people there to answer your questions

Rune (Feb 26, 2004 10:01:48 AM)
What impact has the recent introduction of the E-MBA had on the MBA applications and the MBA program, if any?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:02:09 AM)
StephanieLim: We focus more on the Verbal and Quant; percentage & total score.

K (Feb 26, 2004 10:02:34 AM)
Thanks for your answers. To follow up on my question before, if I have previously applied and have sent in additional materials, will errors on my first application (such as typos, spelling errors, etc.) or other errors still be counted against me in my second application?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:02:45 AM)
Linda: no this has changed with staged admissions. Therefore we are open to re-applications. With staged admissions the most qualified always get a seat!

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 10:03:06 AM)
Thanks for clarifying.

ID40 (Feb 26, 2004 10:03:20 AM)
INSEAD does not seem to offer much opportunity for hands-on projects (like advising a local business); how come?

swaran (Feb 26, 2004 10:03:30 AM)
If selected, what is the deadline date for joining the January 2005 class?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:03:32 AM)
JVC: We don't discourage taking language courses during the MBA program, but rather encourage incoming participants to take a crash course before starting the program.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:03:51 AM)
Rune: it is good for us because there were a certain percent of our applicants that we had to reject because they were "overqualified" for our MBA. Now we can suggest that they apply for the E-MBA

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:04:36 AM)
K: Don't send errors.

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 10:05:18 AM)
Johanna, in a previous chat you said that you were not accepting applicants over 35. Is that still the case?

want2b@INSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:05:28 AM)
This has been very helpful - thank you to Johanna and Christina, as well as Accepted.com - hope to see all of my fellow applicants at INSEAD!

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:05:29 AM)
swaran: you have 3-4 weeks to reserve your seat by paying the deposit.

ID40 (Feb 26, 2004 10:05:31 AM)
Johanna: By "over-qualified," do you mean diploma-wise or experience-wise?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:06:05 AM)
want2b@INSEAD: thank you for chatting with us.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:06:42 AM)
ID40: I am not sure I understand your question; but this is a very intense program. We cover eighty percent of a 2 year program. But you will be in teams and working on projects and real bus cases all the time.

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:07:07 AM)
Linda: Yes.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:07:34 AM)
Id40: it is mostly experience-wise : applicants with 10 plus years of experience and 5 plus years of management experience.

ID40 (Feb 26, 2004 10:09:38 AM)
Johanna: thanks. Can an applicant have too many diplomas?

Rachel (Feb 26, 2004 10:09:50 AM)
Do you have any suggestions for waitlisted applicants? Should they keep you informed of new developments in their life?

Rune (Feb 26, 2004 10:09:58 AM)
Do the interviewers get to see the whole application before the interview? Can the applicant expect the interviewer to be familiar with his or her background, the application essays and so on?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:10:56 AM)
ID40: No. We do not take people who already have an MBA.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:11:02 AM)
Rachel: not necessary - we know a lot already! But if something important comes up you can send it to us.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:11:50 AM)
Rune: you will provide them with your profile (the 6 page application form)

JVC (Feb 26, 2004 10:12:36 AM)
Why is it that you don't have any student housing in Fontainebleau? Is it because it is so easy to rent something on your own?

JVC (Feb 26, 2004 10:13:30 AM)
What percent of the students come with kids to the program (just an estimate)?

ID40 (Feb 26, 2004 10:13:52 AM)
Do you recommend sending the essays to the interviewers? (in addition to the profile)

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:13:59 AM)
JVC: Part of the INSEAD experience is to share housing with other participants plus we have space constraints on campus.

swaran (Feb 26, 2004 10:14:24 AM)
If an applicant gets rejected in Round 1, how soon would you send him the encouraging/discouraging feedback? Can he reapply in Round 2?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:14:36 AM)
JVC: 30 percent of students have children.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:14:38 AM)
ID40: no, don't send the essays to the interviewer.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:15:00 AM)
swaran: no, you should reapply for next intake.

Rune (Feb 26, 2004 10:15:03 AM)
What is the current drop-out rate from the program?

JK (Feb 26, 2004 10:15:11 AM)
What measures have you done to increase your industry placement percentage? According to placement survey in 2002, it seems that a lot more people are going into industry than before. Or is it just because they didn't get banking or consulting offers?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:16:35 AM)
Rune: it is very rare. We are fortunate to be selective enough so most of our students graduate. Some maybe a bit later then their mates but they eventually graduate.

StephanieLim (Feb 26, 2004 10:16:59 AM)
What is the most important piece of advice you can give to prospective applicants?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:18:11 AM)
stephanielim: our weaknesses are more logistical issues. Our Fontainebleau campus needs to be expanded, students feel cramped.

ID40 (Feb 26, 2004 10:18:18 AM)
Should applicants spell out what they will contribute to INSEAD or is it obvious from their files?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:18:27 AM)
stephanielim: You should be HONEST.

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:18:47 AM)
JK: Refer to the new survey that will be available on line in May. This will give you the best overview of the choices our participants made and how they found jobs.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:18:56 AM)
ID40: well you decide if you have made it obvious or not ! ;-)

swaran (Feb 26, 2004 10:19:26 AM)
If selected and after confirming your admission, by what date are you required to report to campus for the Jan intake?

peechi1 (Feb 26, 2004 10:19:40 AM)
What should an interviewed candidate do as a follow-up?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:20:09 AM)
peechi1: nothing, just wait.

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:20:48 AM)
swaran: are you referring to the start date?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:20:59 AM)
swaran: you don't need anything. We will see that you studied in English!

ID40 (Feb 26, 2004 10:21:25 AM)
I already earn more than your average student on graduation.   Is this playing against or for me? Is salary a sign of success for INSEAD?

swaran (Feb 26, 2004 10:22:00 AM)
Christina: I mean when does one need to be physically there - on the start date or a little before that?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:22:25 AM)
ID40: It plays for you, but if you have too much you can always send some to us!! :)

Rune (Feb 26, 2004 10:22:58 AM)
Do the academics at INSEAD socialize with the students? If yes, in what ways?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:23:10 AM)
swaran: you have to be there the date we tell you. Usually the first Monday of January. For example, January 3 at 9 am. (sharp ;-) )

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:23:52 AM)
Rune: Yes, especially in Singapore there are often barbecues with the students and faculty.

ID40 (Feb 26, 2004 10:24:18 AM)
Christina: sorry, it's all spent already! Do students struggle with finances? I think I will need to borrow both the fee and the cost of living and the cost of my house when I'm away....

sandy (Feb 26, 2004 10:25:10 AM)
Can a low GMAT be overcome by strong work experience, managerial potential and a strong quant score?

want2b@INSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:25:13 AM)
Are applications still read by INSEAD professors?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:25:21 AM)
ID40: some yes, some no....are you sure you spent it all! :)

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:26:08 AM)
want2b@INSEAD: The Admissions Committee is made up of Faculty and Alumni.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:26:26 AM)
Sandy: depends how low your GMAT is and how strong your managerial experience is; it is an overall evaluation of your file. But quant and verbal percents should be over 70-75%.

vikrant_m (Feb 26, 2004 10:26:45 AM)
Yes Christina, I'd also like to know if the loans available (without co-signer) cover tuition + living expenses. I guess the ABN AMRO loan did not. Do you know if the new loan scheme will?

sandy (Feb 26, 2004 10:26:50 AM)
Can we provide other scores like professional courses to substantiate academic performance?

StephanieLim (Feb 26, 2004 10:27:09 AM)
Where would you recommend applicants go, if they would like to speak to INSEAD alumnus in their hometown- US: San Francisco, California for me?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:27:28 AM)
sandy: you can ... but still GMAT verbal and quant should be above 70-75% ..... :-)

K (Feb 26, 2004 10:27:59 AM)
How do you view managerial potential in candidates with non-business backgrounds?

swaran (Feb 26, 2004 10:28:15 AM)
Can my spouse take up a job during my studies?

Rune (Feb 26, 2004 10:28:24 AM)
Is it a strength to have a recommendation from an INSEAD alumni?

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:28:36 AM)
stephanielim: we cannot provide names of alumnus for perspective candidates but usually our candidates use their network and eventually get connected to an INSEAD alumni.

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:28:53 AM)
vikrant_m: I cannot disclose this type of info. The details regarding the new global loan will be disclosed once it has been officially announce in a few weeks.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:29:30 AM)
K: everybody can show their managerial potential in one way or another.

vikrant_m (Feb 26, 2004 10:29:43 AM)
I understand .. thanks Christina!

want2b@INSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:30:20 AM)
Do the quant and verbal scores each always need to be over 70%?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:30:24 AM)
swaran: It will depend on many factors such as job opportunities, work permit/visas as well as which campus you are on.

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:30:51 AM)
Rune: if this person knows you in a professional setting it is useful. If this person hardly knows you it is of no interest to us. Whether they are alumni or Bill Gates!

vikrant_m (Feb 26, 2004 10:30:54 AM)
Thanks Christina and Johanna for all the information!  Thanks Linda for providing us with this platform!

sandy (Feb 26, 2004 10:30:57 AM)
How does the caliber of students come in the different rounds...is Round 1 strong than Round 2?

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:31:01 AM)
want2b@INSEAD: ideally the scores should be over 70%.

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:31:32 AM)
vikrant_m: thanks for your questions!

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:31:32 AM)
sandy: caliber is strong in all rounds. Competition can be slightly tougher in Round 3.

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 10:32:17 AM)
Thank you again all for participating this evening. Special thanks to Johanna and Christina for your participation. I also want to thank Paul Bodine, an Accepted.com editor for joining us today.

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 10:32:35 AM)
We look forward to seeing you at future chats. If you would like to be notified of future MBA admissions events, please send an e-mail to 2005mbaevent@accepted.com .

JohannaHellborgINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:32:43 AM)
Thank you to you all!

ChristinaVincensiniINSEAD (Feb 26, 2004 10:32:51 AM)
Linda: Thanks for hosting the chat!

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 10:32:53 AM)
Have a very good evening! Good luck with your applications!

StephanieLim (Feb 26, 2004 10:32:59 AM)
I would also like to thanks Johanna, Christina and Linda for this very helpful chat session. Thank YOU for your honesty ;)

K (Feb 26, 2004 10:33:01 AM)
Johanna and Christina, thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions. This was great.

Rune (Feb 26, 2004 10:33:05 AM)
Thanks for your time, hope to see you in January 2005... ;)

swaran (Feb 26, 2004 10:33:35 AM)
Thanks Christina and Johanna for all the answers . Thanks Linda for organizing the chat.

Linda Abraham (Feb 26, 2004 10:33:52 AM)
You're most welcome. Good luck!

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