2004 Chicago GSB MBA Admissions Chat with Kristen Pawlowski -

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Chat Transcript:

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 10:11:08 AM)
First I want to welcome you all to Accepted.com's Chicago Admissions Chat.

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 10:13:46 AM)
I also want to welcome Kristen Pawlowski, Chicago's Associate Director, Admissions; Christine Balzano, Assistant Director of Admissions; Jose Luz Frausto, Assistant Director of Admissions; and Kim Webb, Class of 2005 and co-chair of the Dean's Student Admissions Committee.

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 10:15:24 AM)
Kristen, Christine, and Jose, if you are looking at an application and the numbers and basic profile is in the ballpark for a Chicago student, what distinguishes an application that is accepted from one that is rejected?

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:18:19 AM)
I think the most important aspect of the application are the essays. When looking at essays for Chicago GSB, we are interested in leadership, academic potential, etc. Being yourself and telling your story in a comprehensive and concise manner. There are so many variables, that it's hard to be more specific than that.

aspenxtrm (Nov 4, 2004 10:18:34 AM)
Could you talk a bit about what Chicago has to offer in non-finance areas? Specifically in fields like operations?

navs (Nov 4, 2004 10:19:56 AM)
Does Chicago give extra importance to longer work experience?

ChristineBalzanoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:21:16 AM)
Not necessarily. We are looking at the quality of your work experience, how you have progressed, what kind of work you have done and what your future goals are. We are looking at more than just time, and considering the quality of time and what you have gained from the experience.

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:21:19 AM)
Sure, we actually just hired an outstanding professor to further advance our Operations curriculum. Though it is one of our smaller academic areas, the general/basic operations course is really popular, particularly with people looking to work in consulting.

abhi (Nov 4, 2004 10:21:39 AM)
Hi Kristen; I have asked my boss to write a recommendation letter for me. He seems to have written it of 3-4 pages. Should I ask him to make it concise?

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:22:44 AM)
Well, concise is better, but if the information he has is not superfluous, then 3-4 pages is not uncommon. It is more about what the recommender says than how brief or long the letter actually is.

Clark_Taiwan (Nov 4, 2004 10:23:52 AM)
I'm a international applicant. To live with my spouse can save me living expenses. My wife already got the admission from another school which is in the same city as Chicago GSB. Will I have any advantage if I show this information in my application material?

Clark_Taiwan (Nov 4, 2004 10:24:04 AM)
For international students required to take the TOEFL, is there a minimum cut-off for each of the three sections and is there an overall minimum cut-off also?

ChristineBalzanoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:26:09 AM)
Vaibhav- Being an analyst does not put you at a disadvantage. The most important thing you can do is to work to differentiate yourself from other applicants. Regardless of what your work experience, you should tell your story, be clear about why you want and MBA and make efforts to explain what would make you a good candidate and contributor to the GSB.

navs (Nov 4, 2004 10:26:25 AM)
Hi Kristen. If a person has a one year of work experience but excellent essays and academics and is able to articulate his future goals and the need for an MBA, would you be impressed with his application?

josefraustoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:26:39 AM)
Yes, the minimum is 250 and 25 in each section.

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 10:27:29 AM)
Vaibhav, you might find the article at http://www.accepted.com/mba/investmentbankers.aspx helpful.

abhi (Nov 4, 2004 10:27:41 AM)
Hi. Do you have an alumni interview facilities in India? I am interested in an interview with an alum.

ChristineBalzanoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:28:03 AM)
Clark_Taiwan: It is helpful for us to know as much about you as possible, and that often includes information about the spouse. Please share that with us, as we take all things into consideration when determining whether an applicant will be a good fit at Chicago GSB.

aspenxtrm (Nov 4, 2004 10:28:21 AM)
How does Chicago view applicants with good overall GMAT scores, but lower quant scores? Considering it's reputation as a quant/finance school, is Chicago particularly focused on a certain threshold, say 80% like Wharton?

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:28:52 AM)
Navs-- It is simply too hard to assess if someone would "impress me" without reviewing the entire application. I would say this of all applicants--we require all of the material (essays, letters of recommendation, GMAT, undergrad and possibly graduated transcripts, interviews, etc.) because to make a judgment without this information would not serve the applicant or Chicago GSB.

lovegsb (Nov 4, 2004 10:29:25 AM)
I am interested in majoring in marketing but most of the information I find on the GSB is finance related. Can you talk about GSB's marketing program?

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:30:13 AM)
Abhi--We do not have a facility for alumni interviews, but we do offer interviews with alumni in India. You can make this request via our application website at http://admissions.chicagogsb.edu/admissions/app?service=home .

josefraustoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:32:14 AM)
Aspen, good GMAT scores obviously give an overall good impression however we are looking for more than just great scores. If your score does tend to be lower in the quant section we will look for evidence of quantitative ability in other parts of your application ie., transcripts and letters of recommendation.

VLA2004 (Nov 4, 2004 10:32:34 AM)
Hi, I have been working for the government since I finished my undergraduate studies. Would it be against my application?

ChristineBalzanoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:33:08 AM)
lovegsb (cute log on name): In regard to your question about marketing, we have a very strong marketing faculty. Per person, we have the most published marketing faculty of any business school. Additionally, Dean Snyder feels so strongly that we have the most impressive marketing faculty that if there were Nobel Prizes offered in it, we would surely be awarded them. Finally, our marketing concentration ranks among the top 5 most popular among our students. On a personal note, my husband did a combination marketing and finance concentration at the GSB and found the faculty to be superb and the preparation for his current job to be outstanding.

vaibhav (Nov 4, 2004 10:33:40 AM)
How much weight is given to academic performance other than the GMAT?

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:34:25 AM)
Hello VLA2004: No, working in government or any "non-traditional" role prior to business school is not a disadvantage. It's all about how you tell your story and describe how your current skills translate to the type of business career of interest to you.

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 10:34:55 AM)
How is recruiting going this year? Are there more companies recruiting on campus this year? More interviews scheduled?

navs (Nov 4, 2004 10:35:16 AM)
Hi Christine, in addition to a 3 year bachelors degree from India, I am doing a post-graduate (PG) program of 1 year from Toronto.  Does it satisfy GSB's requirements?

josefraustoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:36:17 AM)
Vaibhav, we place equal weight-age on the GMAT and transcripts.

rupesh (Nov 4, 2004 10:36:30 AM)
Hi, is there a minimum cut-off for either of the sections of the GMAT and/or a minimum cut-off overall?

vaibhav (Nov 4, 2004 10:37:05 AM)
Do you have cutoffs for the GPA?

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:37:07 AM)
Okay, let me try that again. Yes, recruiting is going VERY well. If I remember my statistics correctly, interviews are up about 35% over last year, and the number of companies recruiting on campus is also up. As a matter of fact, some companies even came to campus early to enhance interest among GSB second years--and these are the large firms that are of significant interest to our students.

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 10:37:40 AM)
Great! Are any sectors particularly active or more active than they have been since 2000?

josefraustoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:38:09 AM)
Rupesh an Vaibhav, we have no minimum cut offs scores anywhere else in our application other than the TOEFL.

VLA2004 (Nov 4, 2004 10:38:21 AM)
Regarding interviews; I requested an off-campus interview but I had to cancel it (I was not contacted by the interviewer). I have since requested another interview. If I can't get the interview conducted by the deadline, would it be against my application?

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:40:15 AM)
Hi Navs--The best way to confirm if a degree qualifies for our admissions requirements is to check out our website for international applicants at http://chicagogsb.edu/phd/international.aspx#degrees . Essentially, the site says that applicants from India with a three year degree must have at least a one year master's degree. I don't think you qualify if you did not get a degree for the one year post grad work.

Kais Djelassi (Nov 4, 2004 10:40:41 AM)
Kristen: I have two questions: Concerning the GMAT (a 690 with a low verbal ); do you recommend that I retake it or will the essays & interview alleviate that? Also, I wish to contact a professor within the international MBA program from the Middle East. Do you think this is possible prior to submitting my application?

lovegsb (Nov 4, 2004 10:40:45 AM)
Thanks Christine. I'm thinking about majoring in both marketing and strategy. Is that a popular combination at the GSB? I read that a lot of students major in strategy.

ChristineBalzanoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:40:56 AM)
Yes, all areas are more active since 2000, and Investment banking and consulting significantly so. Our career services office works to make inroads with companies based on our students increasing interests- so we have made significant steps to meet our students recruiting needs.

josefraustoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:41:54 AM)
VLA2004, As the interview is not a required portion of the application, it will not work against you. We will however note that you did request the interview. If we deem it necessary to get an interview we will contact you during the evaluation process.

aspenxtrm (Nov 4, 2004 10:42:01 AM)
For folks doing the IMBA/IBEP, if they go away in their second year how much of an impact does that have on their job search? Additionally, how easy is if for American students to find work emerging both markets?

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:42:17 AM)
Kais--I think each applicant needs to weigh the advantages of taking the GMAT over versus the time spent to prepare. We look at a number of factors regarding language ability: GMAT, TOEFL, interviews, essays and writing skills, etc.

ChristineBalzanoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:42:34 AM)
Yes, absolutely. With the flexibility of our curriculum, and the ability to self-select coursework- our students are able to customize their MBA into what they think will be most beneficial for their future goals. Hence, many feel that strategy is a very useful area to gain some expertise.

vaibhav (Nov 4, 2004 10:43:01 AM)
Does GSB take people who graduation according to India 12 +3? Does having a CFA charter or clearing any level help?

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:43:25 AM)
As for contacting a professor, or someone from the International MBA program, you should probably start off by contacting someone from the IMBA office. Their website is http://chicagogsb.edu/fulltime/academics/imba.aspx .

VLA2004 (Nov 4, 2004 10:43:25 AM)
Kristen, how specific should I be in the first essay regarding my long-term goal?

lovegsb (Nov 4, 2004 10:44:15 AM)
Thanks Christine. I'm flying out to visit the GSB next week (tour, interview, lunch with students, etc), and I'm really excited about the trip. Since I'm staying overnight, is there anything I should see or do during my stay? I want to learn about the GSB and experience its culture as much as possible during my short stay.

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 10:44:49 AM)
How are international students doing in the job market?

ChristineBalzanoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:45:25 AM)
aspenxtrm, if you go away the second year, by that time much of job searching and interviewing would have taken place. It should not have an adverse effect on your ability to locate job options. It is difficult to speak to the ease of finding work in emerging markets, as that search is generally very specific to student--- based on work experience and type of position. I would say, though, that work done by you in conjunction with the connections that our Career Services office has, will best position you to find the ideal position.

josefraustoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:46:18 AM)
VLA2004, it works to your advantage in the application to be as specific as possible. Specific responses to our questions indicate that you are very focused and have a true understanding of your own career objectives.

Clark_Taiwan (Nov 4, 2004 10:46:28 AM)
What is the average number of new GSB students from Taiwan every year?

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:46:32 AM)
vaibhav--No, the 12 + 3 does not qualify. What would allow someone with the 12 + 3 degree from India to be eligible is completing at least a one year master's degree. The CFA charter does not qualify, but being a member of the Chartered Accountancy in India would qualify.

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 10:48:49 AM)
Kristen, what changes in admissions practices do you anticipate with the arrival this spring of Rose Martinelli to Chicago?

ChristineBalzanoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:48:55 AM)
lovegsb- I would recommend spending some time on campus and making efforts to interact with students. Our students are very friendly and if you let them know you are visiting, they will be very frank about their experience. With our new facility it is pretty easy to find students around to talk to. Often those students will tell you about their individual experience and help you learn as much as you can. Finally, depending on whatever day you are here, students will be able to tell you what is going on around campus, if you ask, and often invite visitors to participate if there are open events.

josefraustoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:49:01 AM)
Clark, unfortunately we don't release the numbers of students from each country.

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 10:49:37 AM)
Do you have any last minute tips before the first round, Nov. 12 deadline?

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:50:03 AM)
Linda--International students seem to be fairing as well as domestic students in the job market. The interim statistics for the class of 2004 do not break information down by international or non-international students, but I can tell you that for the Class of 2003 (which saw lower numbers than2004) the number of offers was only 1.3% points different.

lovegsb (Nov 4, 2004 10:50:20 AM)
Christine, that sounds great, thank you. I am a non-traditional applicant - what do you look for when evaluating an application from someone in a non-traditional industry?

Clark_Taiwan (Nov 4, 2004 10:50:45 AM)
If I request an off-campus interview, will I get the alumni interview in Taiwan or phone interview from the US?

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 10:51:21 AM)
How are interviews used in the evaluation process? One more piece of information, or a make-or-break test?

ChristineBalzanoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:51:43 AM)
I would recommend taking the time to be clear and concise about what you have done ,why you feel an MBA will best help you in the position you hope to acquire after an MBA, and be clear and specific about how you see this experience and an MBA in general being your next best step.

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:51:46 AM)
Well, Rose's arrival was announced only three days ago, so that is difficult to say. She has outstanding experience and brings great ideas with her, but we haven't spoken in depth regarding any changes. Rose won't officially start at Chicago GSB in a full-time role until May 1, 2005.

VLA2004 (Nov 4, 2004 10:52:01 AM)
I have one question about the essays. I think that the mascot essay and the first essay about why Chicago GSB could involve similar topics. What do you think? Should I mention in the first essay the courses I am interested in or something like that?

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 10:52:41 AM)
Kristine, what percentage of accepted students were accepted each round? Is there an advantage to applying in different rounds?

aspenxtrm (Nov 4, 2004 10:52:56 AM)
LoveGSB, I'm not affiliated with GSB (YET!!) but, I would highly recommend going to the Brats and Brew that the students hold. It's a a chance to meet folks when they aren't busy putting on a "show" for you. Great way to see, and love, the "real" GSB.

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:53:35 AM)
Linda -- Interviews are used as one more piece of information for us, not a make or break test. Actually, many applicants will have their interview before submitting the application.

VLA2004 (Nov 4, 2004 10:53:37 AM)
How strong in entrepreneurship is GSB?

ChristineBalzanoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:53:51 AM)
Clark-- If we have alumni who are able to accommodate an interview in Taiwan that is what we prefer. Phone interviews are the last resort if an alumni interviewer is not available in your area. Once you have made your request, we work to connect someone who lives/works near you, if they are available.

josefraustoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:53:57 AM)
LoveGSB, when evaluating students from a non-traditional background we are looking for the same things that we would look for in all of our other applicants. We look for the ability to succeed in your work experience, your academic profile, leadership potential, extracurricular and community involvement, communication ability and your motivation to attend the GSB.

lovegsb (Nov 4, 2004 10:54:56 AM)
Christine, most applications have essays that specifically ask for a leadership experiences, ethics or diversity experiences, etc. How can I share those experiences with the GSB given the GSB's unusual - in a good way - essay questions?

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:55:09 AM)
Linda -- I would say that applying in Round One or Round Two is to an applicant's advantage, since the class becomes more "set" by Round Three.

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 10:55:31 AM)
What do each of you view as Chicago's strengths?

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 10:57:04 AM)
I have been impressed by the opportunities for international study at GSB, could you comment? Christine, did your husband take advantage of any such opportunities?

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:57:05 AM)
I think Chicago's strengths are that we value academic rigor, debate and challenge. We do not encourage an environment of competition, but rather one where, as is frequently said about the University of Chicago in general, "Ideas compete, people collaborate." Additionally, though the academic environment is rigorous, it is not overwhelming. It's a challenging but invigorating experience.

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 10:57:33 AM)
That's a nice way to put it.

ChristineBalzanoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:57:33 AM)
VLA- In regard to your question about why GSB... your best step is to consider what you hope to gain from an MBA and how the GSB is the best fit for that (based on what you know and have learned about us.) The more specific you can be about how we may match up with what you are looking for in an MBA, the better. Many people will speak in specifics about classes they hope to take and how they feel will assist them with their future career goals, and that helps us to gain a better picture of what they hope to accomplish and what they will contribute here.

Tom (Nov 4, 2004 10:57:52 AM)
What differentiates Chicago from Kellogg?

Kais Djelassi (Nov 4, 2004 10:57:59 AM)
I view Chicago's strengths as economics and also the people - I have a couple of great experiences with alumni. For me it's one of the rare programs offering a true vision on International Business; for me that was Middle East.

josefraustoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 10:58:59 AM)
VLA2004, The GSB has a strong program in entrepreneurship. The GSB Entrepreneurship program offers you the opportunity to participate in a variety of different types of learning experiences such as the New Venture Lab and the New Venture Challenge. Furthermore, we also have internships available that will give you the opportunity to work in new start-ups.

ChristineBalzanoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 11:00:53 AM)
In regard to international study, I think our students have some very unique opportunities. Our international studies office works hard to make ties with international programs and companies so as to enhance our student's experiences overseas. My husband did not participate in those opportunities, as it did not tie in with his ultimate career goals.

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 11:01:06 AM)
lovegsb -- Not to be vague on purpose, but part of assessing your background and how to sell yourself is part of the application process. Also, because of the expanded resume and work experience information, as well as letters of recommendation and interviews, we can assess these skills and experiences in other ways.

vaibhav (Nov 4, 2004 11:01:18 AM)
What's the criteria for merit based scholarships?

Clark_Taiwan (Nov 4, 2004 11:01:31 AM)
I heard that some admission officers understand that Taiwan's military service is compulsory, therefore they will not think military service is a remarkable working experience. Is it true?

VLA2004 (Nov 4, 2004 11:02:15 AM)
JoseFrausto, a current student told me about the New Venture Challenge but I can't find any information about it on the website. Do you have a link?

ChristineBalzanoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 11:03:51 AM)
We realize that many countries require military service. We do not, however, devalue it's worth in your personal and professional growth simply because of that. Each life experience helps to shape who you are, what you hope to accomplish and why you are headed in that direction. If your military service, whether it was required or not, has helped you better understand your next steps- then it certainly adds value. It is all in what you feel you've gained and where you are headed.

josefraustoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 11:04:02 AM)
Viabhav, we have a variety of different scholarship available and they all have very different criteria, however they do primarily focus on merit.

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 11:04:39 AM)
Tom -- My personal belief is that I can't compare Chicago GSB to another school which I have not attended nor worked for. What I think is really important is to investigate each program's strengths and then, as an applicant, make the determination of what is best for you. I can tell you what makes Chicago GSB unique, regardless of what program you are looking at 1) Flexible curriculum 2) Environment of academic rigor and the power of ideas 3) The most noble laureates of any business school--signifying the environment of open debate, conversation and discussion 4) discipline based learning, etc.

Clark_Taiwan (Nov 4, 2004 11:04:50 AM)
Understood! Thanks, Christine.

aspenxtrm (Nov 4, 2004 11:04:58 AM)
If we wish tot ake classes at say the law school, how easy is it to actually incorporate those into ones schedule? I know the GSB allows it, but is it actually doable?

josefraustoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 11:05:37 AM)
VLA2004: Here is the Link to Edward Kaplan's NVC : http://www.chicagonvc.com/ .

lovegsb (Nov 4, 2004 11:05:50 AM)
How are the number of applications compared to last year - are they up or down or is it too early to tell?

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 11:06:36 AM)
Clark_Taiwan -- Chicago GSB would consider it as valuable experience. We actually separate out military and post-grad business experience. That is not to say that we value one more than the other, because we absolutely do not. I have found that applicants with military experience tend to have strong leadership and teamwork skills, are very self-motivated and disciplined, etc.

VLA2004 (Nov 4, 2004 11:06:53 AM)
Thank you Jose!!! I really appreciate your help.

VLA2004 (Nov 4, 2004 11:07:06 AM)
My long term goal is to run my own business. I find really hard to be specific on this issue. Since a future venture depends on several factors that I do not know now, how could I address this goal in my essays?

ChristineBalzanoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 11:07:06 AM)
In regard to classes in other areas, you are able to work them in as long as there is space. Sometimes professors require approval. My suggestion is to contact the professor and make a connection before trying to take the class. Plenty of students take classes in other areas that they feel will enhance their learning experience.

josefraustoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 11:07:50 AM)
LoveGSB, yes it is too early to tell what the numbers will look like. We will only be able to give you a sense of what those numbers are once we are done with all three of our rounds.

lovegsb (Nov 4, 2004 11:09:28 AM)
I just want to say thank you for helping us prospective students, learn more about the GSB. It will help me to submit a stronger application come Nov.12.

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 11:09:30 AM)
VLA2004 -- Again, being honest and telling your story in the best way possible to answer the essays. There is nothing wrong with saying that "ABC" is your immediate post-MBA career goal, but that your long-term goal is to have your own business. We actually see that in a fair amount of applications.

lovegsb (Nov 4, 2004 11:09:30 AM)
By the way, how cold is it in Chicago? Should I pack a lot of warm clothing?

Tom (Nov 4, 2004 11:10:04 AM)
What's the summer internship scene like at GSB?

ChristineBalzanoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 11:10:48 AM)
lvoegsb- It has been getting colder. It is about in the mid-fifties these days. More than the temperature, it is the recent rain that is more challenging. The weather should stay about the same for the next week or so....

Tom (Nov 4, 2004 11:11:12 AM)
What percent of these internships materialize into job offers (especially for international students, considering H1b cap etc.)?

Guest (Nov 4, 2004 11:11:18 AM)
What kind of weight, if any, does GSB place on recommendations from current students about prospective applicants?

VLA2004 (Nov 4, 2004 11:11:31 AM)
Thanks Kristen for your advice!

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 11:13:08 AM)
Tom -- Again, the final numbers aren't in yet for 2004 and I don't have the interim report at my fingertips. But in 2003, 99% of students looking for internships got them. As for your follow up questions, it is probably best to take a look at our website and the employment reports. That site is http://chicagogsb.edu/fulltime/career.aspx .

KristenPawlowskiGSB (Nov 4, 2004 11:14:12 AM)
Additionally, should you have questions, feel free to contact me at Kristen.Pawlowski@ChicagoGSB.edu. Thanks for chatting with us!

Tom (Nov 4, 2004 11:14:16 AM)
Thank you.

ChristineBalzanoGSB (Nov 4, 2004 11:14:37 AM)
If anyone has additional questions they were not able to get answered, please feel free to email me at christine.balzano@chicagogsb.edu. Looking forward to reading your applications.

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 11:14:40 AM)
Thank you again all for participating today. Special thanks to Kristen, Christine, and Jose.

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 11:14:52 AM)
We look forward to seeing you at future chats, and here is a list of the upcoming scheduled chats:

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 11:15:03 AM)
USC: Nov. 8 EU Chat with LBS, Insead, IMD ,HEC, IESE, Said (Oxford), Judge (Cambridge): December 7 Tuck: Dec. 15

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 11:15:14 AM)
Please check the Web site (http://www.accepted.com/chat/schedule.aspx#mba ) for details and exact time, because we are varying our chat times this year to facilitate attendance from applicants in different time zones.

lovegsb (Nov 4, 2004 11:16:08 AM)
Thanks to you too Linda.

Linda Abraham (Nov 4, 2004 11:17:59 AM)
Good luck with your applications!