2005 LBS MBA Admissions Chat with David Simpson

2005 LBS MBA Admissions Chat with David Simpson

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Chat Transcript:

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 10:09:33 AM)
First I want to welcome you all to Accepted.com's London Business School MBA Admissions Chat.

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 10:09:42 AM)
I also want to welcome David Simpson, Senior Manager, MBA Marketing & Admissions; Julie Hope, Career Counselor; and students:

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 10:09:49 AM)
Emmanuel Lebaut of MBA2005. Emmanuel is a French national who originally studied Telecommunication Engineering at Institut National des Telecommunications. Pre-MBA he worked as a Senior International Auditor with BNP Paribas

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 10:09:55 AM)
Hazel Bentinck of MBA2006 is a US national who originally studied history at the University of Pennsylvania. Pre-MBA, Hazel worked as Manager of an Analyst team at Canon in the United States.

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 10:10:04 AM)
Matt Yates of MBA2006 is a UK national, who originally studied Civil Engineering with Design & Management at Cardiff University. Pre-MBA worked as a Consultant at IBM Business Consulting Services.

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:10:32 AM)
Thanks for organizing this Linda.

DaveE (Feb 3, 2005 10:11:16 AM)
What percentage of next year’s incoming class are you looking to take in the third stage this year?

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 10:11:32 AM)
Matt, Emmanuel, and Hazel, the school web site touts the London Advantage. What does that mean to you as a student at London Business School?

snubasu (Feb 3, 2005 10:12:50 AM)
Julie, as an international student looking to work in Europe and elsewhere, what are the work permit constraints that LBS international graduates face?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:12:52 AM)
Dave, we look at the proportion of applications received in recent years and make places available accordingly. It's not too late if that's your worry. For us to achieve the levels of cultural and functional diversity we are looking for, we need to have a longer admissions cycle than most schools. After all, we want the best 300 students, not the first 300 applications.

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:13:04 AM)
Well, the London advantage is really, access to a quite unrivaled number of companies across sectors. It also means being able to do business with the US and with China or Japan in the same business day. It finally means one of the moist international - and fun! - cities in the world.

Freddy (Feb 3, 2005 10:13:38 AM)
What is the GMAT average in R3 or R4?

ravindra (Feb 3, 2005 10:13:53 AM)
In terms of the selection criteria, what weight is given to the GMAT score, the work experience and the extra curricular/social service achievements of the applicant?

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:14:15 AM)
The London Advantage to me means the opportunity to live in and travel around Europe. It is also a major city with amazing theatre and restaurants. Lastly, (and probably most importantly,) London is the place where many multinationals have their headquarters i.e. good internships :)

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:14:35 AM)
Good internships - and job prospects!

DaveE (Feb 3, 2005 10:14:46 AM)
When will stage 3 applicants be notified about interviews?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:14:58 AM)
We do not look at GMAT averages at individual stages, only at the end of the year when we've finished recruiting. We look at ALL ASPECTS of an application, mainly focusing on work experience and possible contributions.

EnEm (Feb 3, 2005 10:15:01 AM)
What are the differences in the number of admissions seats available between the four stages?

desmond (Feb 3, 2005 10:15:18 AM)
Julie, what's LBS's career placement service like?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:15:48 AM)
Stage 3 applicants get their admissions decisions on 8 April.

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:16:07 AM)
Snubasu, the UK has an extremely open legislative framework for work authorization and most of our students are eligible to get authorization through the HSMP scheme. Additionally, there are plans to give graduates of the global top 50 schools automatic right to a permit for 12 months. Check out the working in the UK government web site.

Marieta (Feb 3, 2005 10:16:15 AM)
Students, is it possible for international students at LBS to work part-time? What are the constraints and the opportunities?

drew (Feb 3, 2005 10:16:21 AM)
Can someone describe accommodations, if any, for married couples?

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:16:32 AM)
Desmond - from a students perspective it's pretty impressive. Everyone in career services has worked for the firms you are targeting - i.e. McKinsey consultants advise on consulting etc. and the support in terms of practical interview skills, crack-a-case etc. is brilliant.

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:16:58 AM)
In stage 4 we usually offer fewer places, but only because we have fewer applications. We do see certain patterns though, e.g. the British tend to apply later. Matt, you were one of those I seem to remember!!!!

Vanessa (Feb 3, 2005 10:17:25 AM)
David, I started work very early, but have taken 3 years off to start a family and support my husband with his career. Given that so mush emphasis is placed on work experience, does this put me at a disadvantage?

DaveE (Feb 3, 2005 10:17:30 AM)
Matt, how has your civil engineering background helped you at LBS?

snubasu (Feb 3, 2005 10:17:44 AM)
Emmanuel - you came in from Telecom, a technical background; how did LBS seem to you for people that are looking to leverage that technical background? Harvard, for example, has a very non-technical aspect to it's MBA.

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:17:50 AM)
Hi Drew, I am married. My husband and I live in Notting Hill but I know the other students live with their partners all over the city. You would be able to find places via the school portal or use an estate agent. It can take anywhere from 3-5 days to find a place. I used an estate agent that I walked by in Notting Hill. You can also check out internet sites, like prime location.

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:18:07 AM)
Marieta, working is not feasible in the first year as your time will be completely taken over by study and school activities as well as searching for a summer internship. It's not really recommended in the second year.

Yogi Bhartari (India) (Feb 3, 2005 10:18:16 AM)
Julie, do many investment banks come on campus to recruit for sales and trading jobs or is it more for merger and acquisitions? Secondly, in your experience, are they looking more for candidates with prior investment banking experience or it doesn't really matter?

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:18:31 AM)
It is actually a bit difficult to have a part-time job in the first year, especially the first term, since the academic workload is quite heavy. However, some students manage to do so - especially consulting job. Many people work part time in the second year, since you have much more freedom in the way you organize your time across electives. There is also the second year project, which is paid consulting project.

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:19:25 AM)
Vanessa, just tell us your story...if you feel that with your situation you need to submit an extra email or letter, then please do so. We understand that people live very different lives and have very good reasons for the decisions they make. What better reason for time off than having kids!

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 10:19:28 AM)
Emmanuel, could you tell us a little about your Second Year Consulting Project? I understand you actually get paid for this work. Matt and Hazel, have you started looking into it for next year?

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:19:55 AM)
DaveE - my undergrad degree was in Civil Engineering and I worked as a structural engineer designing bridges and buildings internationally for a couple of years before switching into consulting. Essentially the engineers skill set is a problem solving one and one that is data driven i.e. makes you comfortable with numbers, which makes you a strong generalist in MBA terms.

londoncalling (Feb 3, 2005 10:19:56 AM)
I am very interested in LBS, however, coming from the USA, I am naturally concerned about the cost. I specifically want to work in the US upon graduation. Is there significant scholarship money available?

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:20:18 AM)
Hello Desmond. The school has invested a lot of time and resource into developing a Career Service which will meet the needs of our students. We have a team of over 20 professionals who work on both developing recruiting relationships with employers and providing the skills necessary to facilitate students to make the best possible applications.

Nick (Feb 3, 2005 10:20:26 AM)
Dave, how is a PhD valued in your application process? Is this the same for a PhD at the university as for one in close cooperation with the industry?

vikram (Feb 3, 2005 10:20:36 AM)
Julie, can you say something about the kind of interface that LBS has with the tech industry, given that London is more famous for finance rather than other areas?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:21:14 AM)
Londoncalling, we have just decided to freeze our fees for the 2005 intake, to take account of the US $ versus the UK exchange rate issue.

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:21:23 AM)
Actually, having a technical background can be a very positive thing when you're doing an MBA - it does help in Finance and it makes life much easier for you than if have a law or theatre background. It also makes the MBA very enjoyable since you are discovering so many new things. Also, many incoming students have an engineering background.

londoncalling (Feb 3, 2005 10:21:35 AM)
Does LBS assist in the job hunt for partners? My wife has a graduate degree in higher education and would like to work at a university.

drew (Feb 3, 2005 10:21:43 AM)
Thanks Hazel. What are the rules for either myself or my wife working in London during my tenure at LBS?

Steve (Feb 3, 2005 10:21:47 AM)
David, how would the admissions committee view someone who applied only to LBS and not to any other schools? Would this be a disadvantage?

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:21:49 AM)
There are specific US scholarships here at the school, general scholarships from London Business School and there are options in the U.S. loan schemes as well.

Knucklas (Feb 3, 2005 10:22:07 AM)
I'd like to hear about some of things current students don't like about LBS. Do any of you have any regrets or things you don't like about LBS?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:22:51 AM)
We have had students with PhDs, especially those working after being in a science area. If you can justify all your decisions, we are always keen to look at people with 'different' backgrounds.

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:22:53 AM)
I am currently researching second year projects and there is a very rich pool to choose from. IT is a paid project and fees, of course, depends on the sector. Still, I am looking for projects in social enterprise and not-for-profit and have actually found paid ones in these fields.

EnEm (Feb 3, 2005 10:23:02 AM)
Given the tremendous supply of consulting professionals (Big 4 and Strategy), how have you seen these applicants distinguish themselves in their overall applications?

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:23:31 AM)
There is an active student partners club. One aspect of the club is that the club advises on job hunting in London. It would be tough to work while doing the MBA and not really recommended. I know a few people, who do work but it can be tough trying to study, find a job and stay active. Since you are married, your wife could work without restriction.

Jackieo (Feb 3, 2005 10:24:23 AM)
Julie, can you talk a bit about the job prospect or internships in the technology field through LBS?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:24:41 AM)
Steve, as we have a very unique offering (15-21 months) and truly global, it's not a problem with just applying to us. If you get an interview, the alumni will probably ask you why you did so and why you don't have a backup school. (Just because they ask that, it doesn't mean they think that you're wrong to just apply to us).

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:25:05 AM)
Hello Yogi. All of the major investment banks who recruit on campus, recruit into both Sales & Trading as well as M&A. The banks are more interested in candidate potential than previous relevant experience. If you can demonstrate the appropriate transferable skills and personal characteristics then you will be considered.

RicardoR (Feb 3, 2005 10:25:22 AM)
I applied in Round 2. How are the application numbers in that stage, compared to Round 1 and compared to last year?

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:25:54 AM)
Knucklas - the weather can be a bit of a shocker! Seriously, I guess there are courses where you are interested and really enjoy and others that you know you need but are painful. I certainly don't regret coming to the school. I guess it's all about personal fit...

snubasu (Feb 3, 2005 10:26:09 AM)
Emmanuel, my interest is in technology management in an international setting. Knowing this, do you think LBS is a desirable institution for me to pursue my higher education - taking into account location, companies recruiting and academic challenge?

50Cents (Feb 3, 2005 10:26:24 AM)
Julie, How is LBS's reputation among Wall Street Firms? Specifically in New York City.>

drew (Feb 3, 2005 10:26:36 AM)
Hazel, I don't think I mentioned it in my last comment, but I am a US citizen so my concerns about finding work is more of an issue.

desmond (Feb 3, 2005 10:27:04 AM)
Matt, Emmanuel, Hazel: Can one of you comment on the group work dynamic/experience at LBS please?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:27:12 AM)
EnEn, everyone has to tell us how they will make unique contributions to the community - study group, classroom, and campus. We think of these individual aspects rather than relating them to any expectations for certain industries.

lucky (Feb 3, 2005 10:27:26 AM)
David, is it really important to have a blue-chip organization in your application profile? Will a Fortune 500 company count as one even though not everybody would have heard of it?

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:27:44 AM)
Things we don't like about LBS, well, it's a hard; I guess it would be better without the London rain, but apart from that, it's difficult to dislike LBS. I visited the school quite early in the admissions process, something I'd recommend that everybody do, and felt it fit my personality and what I was expecting very well. I haven't been disappointed yet!

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:28:05 AM)
RicardoR - stage 2 is always the busiest, so we have more places available accordingly.

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:28:23 AM)
Hi Vikram. As I mentioned above, Career Services has been considerably strengthened over the past couple of years. This includes 2 Associate Directors responsible for developing recruiting relationships with "Industry" - including the Technology sector. Considerable work has been done in this area - supported by the activities of the Student Technology Club also.

Yogi Bhartari (India) (Feb 3, 2005 10:28:27 AM)
Thank you Julie.

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:29:02 AM)
desmond - group work underpins almost every project you undertake and the group you work in in the first year is very diverse. In my study group, I have a programmer from MTV New York, an investment banker from Vancouver, an IT consultant from the Philippines, a Venezuelan retail manager and a Dutch salesman. It's very diverse, with lots of challenges.

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:29:05 AM)
I am also a US citizen and there are a good number of people I know going back to the US for work. You can do any of your school projects in the US and the same companies come here to recruit. I am interviewing for a NYC position this summer, as well as many of my friends. Major multinationals have global recruiting programs.

jgohil (Feb 3, 2005 10:29:16 AM)
I come from a high tech background with 6 years of work experience in Fortune 100 companies as well as Startup. As my next career move, I'm certainly interested in the venture capital industry and I believe LBS with it’s reputation in finance and entrepreneurship will help me. I was wondering if there are many LBS alumni in the VC industry and do they recruit on campus?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:29:57 AM)
Lucky - we don't just go for the big names! It's all about you and what you've done in whatever environment you're in. Certain recruiters may look at the names you've worked for, but mainly the fact that you're attached to the London brand is a huge factor.

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:30:01 AM)
desmond - You will rely on your group for everything, not just for formal group work but to split day-to-day case study preparation, to carry you through weaker subjects, to practice for interviews, etc.

Steve (Feb 3, 2005 10:30:35 AM)
Thanks David.

Paolo (Feb 3, 2005 10:30:47 AM)
David: I'm form Italy, but lived for nearly 10 years in an English speaking country. Do I need to take the TOEFL or IELTS test?

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:30:59 AM)
Snubasu - there is quite a lot of technology management electives at LBS, and we have very good faculty in the area. It is academically challenging and it will enable you to see technology from a different point of view, thinking of issues at 'What's the value of IT?' for instance. Also, there are plenty of job opportunities in technology management jobs here in London - London is definitely not only the City and many students go work in industry and technology after the MBA.

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:31:42 AM)
Paulo - no, you don't need to take TOEFL.

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:31:51 AM)
My group is very international; there is a South Korean, Italian, Indian, American, Brit & a guy from Honduras. The group experience is very dynamic and multicultural - just what I needed!!!

gyan (Feb 3, 2005 10:31:56 AM)
What has been the situation for career changers from software? Have there been too many career changers at LBS in the last couple of years - if so, how successful have they been?

paolo (Feb 3, 2005 10:32:17 AM)
David, what type of proof would I need to provide to prove my command of English?

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:32:30 AM)
jgohil - the VC and private equity clubs are really big in the school and a lot of contacts come and present each term, so there is plenty of opportunity to network and get that job!

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 10:32:43 AM)
Hazel, Matt, and Emmanuel, what do you like best at London Business School? What would you like to see improved?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:32:58 AM)
Paulo - your CV will be fine. We often check working backgrounds as a matter of routine.

drew (Feb 3, 2005 10:33:24 AM)
Hazel, thanks for the insight.

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:33:34 AM)
Hello Jackieo, in terms of the Summer Internships in Industry in 2004, the sector which recruited the most students was Technology.

londoncalling (Feb 3, 2005 10:33:47 AM)
David, will not knowing a second language affect my application?

RicardoR (Feb 3, 2005 10:34:31 AM)
Julie, can up give me any information on placements in the automotive and fashion/luxury goods industry?

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:34:35 AM)
London Business School has excellent academics, I attended some Wharton classes in undergrad, and these classes are just as good if not better because of the international perspective. What I would like to see improved is the plumbing!

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:34:49 AM)
Coming back to 2nd year projects, I'm actually on the look for projects, and I must say there are many, many opportunities, in all sectors. Some sectors are directly posted by employers on the school's site and others people actually find themselves (proportions being half half). Most of them are paid, with some of them paying extremely well. The average is 2,500 pounds for the whole project and that includes projects in not-for-profits and social enterprise.

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:35:02 AM)
Linda - the obvious answer is the internationalism - when you are working in such diverse teams with polar opposite perspectives, your group skills have to get a whole lot better. Also, the quality of lectures is outstanding and the social life is second to none (Santa Claus pub crawl, ski trip, sundowners every Thursday night, etc.)

jgohil (Feb 3, 2005 10:35:20 AM)
Thank you Matt.

Maka (Georgia) (Feb 3, 2005 10:35:55 AM)
David, I have asked several questions; could I email those questions to you later? In particular, I am interested in minimum GMAT and IELTS score requirements.

Knucklas (Feb 3, 2005 10:36:07 AM)
Matt, Emmanuel, and Hazel: How would you describe the students' attitudes toward each other? Do individuals "cooperate to graduate" or "compete to graduate?"

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:36:10 AM)
Londoncalling - no, it won't affect your chances of admission. However, start thinking about doing more on your language to give you a head start when you get stuck in to all the other courses. Juggling a language is hard work - but all our monoglots manage it! (most of the US, Canadian, Brits and of course Aussies and Kiwis).

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:37:25 AM)
Knucklas - one of the reasons I came to the school is the cooperative atmosphere. There is always going to be a small core, less than 5%, that want to be on the Dean's list, but for most people it's about more than grades, especially as grades aren't published to recruiters).

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:37:52 AM)
There is no minimum for GMAT and TOEFL at time of application. However, if you have less than we feel comfortable admitting you with, you may have to retake at a later stage, but before starting. This year's score range will probably be 600-790, (unless we get another 800!).

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:37:56 AM)
As a history major, I had not taken finance before and I did struggle a bit first semester but I was very lucky because the classmates in my stream held tutorial sessions for those who needed additional help.

mits (Feb 3, 2005 10:37:58 AM)
David, how much emphasis is actually placed on GMAT results in terms of entry requirements?

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:38:04 AM)
50cents, we are working hard at raising our profile on Wall Street. We have an Associate Director for Finance who has a Wall Street background herself and actively maintains and visits NY to promote our students. Also, there are a significant number of alumni working in NY who also are constantly working to promote LBS students. The main barrier regarding internships/fulltime positions on Wall Street is work authorization for non US Citizens.

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:38:29 AM)
Knucklas, students help all around in giving crack-a-case practice for each other, managing all the clubs in the school and getting together every Thursday night for FREE BEER...

snubasu (Feb 3, 2005 10:39:06 AM)
What is LBS's second language requirement anyway?

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:39:29 AM)
What I like best at LBS is the feeling that I'm learning so much - I think I've learnt more in the past year than at any time in my life! Learning from faculty, of course, but also -mostly, I'd say - from fellow students. Interactions in the classroom or in study groups are so incredibly rich. So many things I held for true (about other cultures, or the 'right' way to approach a problem) has been put into question. I love it. I feel much richer because the experience here is at the same time very challenging and very collaborative.

RicardoR (Feb 3, 2005 10:39:32 AM)
David, I'm thinking about visiting LBS on a Monday or Friday afternoon, in February. Is it possible to sit on some of the classes?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:39:54 AM)
Mits - we look at everything together - no weighting for different aspects. If undergrad is average or poor, we want you to do well on the GMAT and vice versa.

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:40:13 AM)
Snubasu, all students have to graduate with a second language. There is no exception, although many people already come to the school with two or more. The language tuition is run by King's College and is very good.

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 10:40:33 AM)
Hazel, Matt, and Emmanuel: What has been your best class? Professor?

drew (Feb 3, 2005 10:40:53 AM)
Can someone tell me who were the major recruiters for this year's graduating class?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:41:05 AM)
RicardoR - you should definitely come and visit us. We have drop-ins at 3pm on Monday and Fridays. We need about a week's notice to set up a class. Email my colleague Penny: pluya@london.edu and we'll arrange for a student to take you into a class.

DaveE (Feb 3, 2005 10:41:19 AM)
David, I am a US citizen but will be in England March 1 through March 23. Will there be an opportunity for me to visit LBS during that time i.e. an open house, etc.?

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:41:46 AM)
Joao Cocco has been a wonderful finance professor. He has made the subject very user friendly! I have really enjoyed his lectures.

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:41:49 AM)
Linda - I really enjoyed strategy as it's taught almost exclusively by cases. Freek Vermeulen lectures that class and he is a crazy, but very bright, Dutch guy.

ravindra (Feb 3, 2005 10:42:11 AM)
David, what is the most valued source for recommendations? Would it be one of my professors during engineering, my boss or a senior manager at one of my client companies?

Vanessa (Feb 3, 2005 10:42:37 AM)
Is it realistic to think that it is possible to attend LBS and manage a family?

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:42:49 AM)
jgohil, VC/PE is currently one of the top choices for post MBA careers. It is also true that it is one of the most difficult to get into. VC firms tend not to recruit on campus in the same way that the I-banks do; it is more a case of networking and building a range of professional contacts. Again, activities run by the PE Club as well as conferences/events organized by the Centre for Private Equity provide students with ample opportunities to start making these connections. But you do have to work hard at it!

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:43:05 AM)
Knucklas - I have already partly answered the 'cooperate to graduate' vs. 'compete to graduate' question. LBS is extremely collaborative: we all work together not against each other and that is why we learn so much; that is also why the school is more than the sum of its parts. For instance, we all prepare together for interviews - even though we know that only 5 or 6 people out of 20 will get the desired McKinsey or Goldman Sachs job. And no, it did not make the experience less challenging - we just compete against ourselves, not against others.

desmond (Feb 3, 2005 10:43:21 AM)
David, what is considered as doing well on the GMAT? 650? 700?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:43:24 AM)
snubasu - everyone needs to graduate with a language other than English. So it's a nice way for the native English speakers to experience the pressures of working in a language other than your own.

tbailey (Feb 3, 2005 10:44:01 AM)
Who are some of the major recruiters at LBS for industries outside of finance and consulting? How is the marketing program perceived?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:44:13 AM)
Our average GMAT is around 685, the range 600-790.

DaveE (Feb 3, 2005 10:44:26 AM)
Thanks David, looks like you just answered my question!

mits (Feb 3, 2005 10:44:45 AM)
Students, do you find you have time for much else or does studying pretty much dominate the scheme of things?

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:46:02 AM)
Vanessa- There are many students with families here. There are also several women who are pregnant or just about to have children, especially in the second year when you can manage your own time.

tbailey (Feb 3, 2005 10:46:20 AM)
Hazel - what were some of the biggest adjustments you had to make moving to the UK?

bangs (Feb 3, 2005 10:46:38 AM)
Are international students entitled to grants?

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:46:50 AM)
mits - study takes up a lot of time in the first year, during the first term as you are adjusting to studying again, but having said that, what saps your time is all the other stuff you get involved with like student clubs, weekends away traveling. You need to be organized and manage your time well, but if you studied all day, life would be pretty dull.

jgohil (Feb 3, 2005 10:46:50 AM)
Thank you Julie for the comments. Getting into the VC industry is definitely not easy, but that’s where an MBA from LBS will help me immensely.

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:47:24 AM)
mits, studying is intense during the first semester but you find time for clubs, conferences, speakers, etc. also. It's all part of getting adjusted to student life.

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:47:50 AM)
Ravindra, do not use your old professors unless you have stayed in close, professional contact. Your grades and GMAT tell us enough about your academic ability, so we want to know more about you in terms of employability and personality. Your boss and other working references are much better. Clients are good as well.

ravindra (Feb 3, 2005 10:47:51 AM)
Julie: Are the job prospects less attractive for a student who is 2-3 years older than the average age? I may be 33 years old by the time I finish my MBA and that is why it is an important concern for me.

Yogi Bhartari (India) (Feb 3, 2005 10:48:15 AM)
David, how would the admissions committee view an applicant with entrepreneurial work experience in the garment export business looking for a career change, post MBA, in sales and trading?

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:48:38 AM)
Gyan, there have been a number of people with a software background who come with the express idea of changing careers. As long as they are able to tell a credible story about why they want to change and can demonstrate the skills and personal characteristics looked for, then there is no reason why they can't. I know of software engineers who have successfully transitioned into both strategy consulting and banking.

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:48:47 AM)
bangs, I'm not sure what you mean by grants, but there are a number of loans and scholarships available.

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:49:05 AM)
Answering the 'best class' question... I think it would be a 'Managing change' elective this year. Our professor, Richard Jolly, has such a large experience in the subject. We also got many high-profile speakers in the class - some of whom we'd been talking about (and criticizing!) without knowing they were there. Richard was excellent at making us question our easy answers, think about the true challenges ahead. The discussions in the class are so rich - also because we had such a mix of MBAs, Executive MBAs, Masters in Finance, exchange students bring very different experiences and points of view to learn from. That is just an example. The Marketing class in first year, with Mark Ritson (a brilliant, inspiring professor, who is a consultant for LVMH and all) was also fantastic and so were so many others.

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:49:13 AM)
tbailey - The biggest adjustments were around leaving my family and friends in NYC, otherwise, London is a fabulous place just like NYC.

mtm38(Philadelphia) (Feb 3, 2005 10:49:14 AM)
What is the *realistic* cost of getting an education from LBS? I have studied in London previously and also worked full time there - it seems to me that it would cost a fortune, from a US perspective.

Jackieo (Feb 3, 2005 10:49:23 AM)
Can you talk about what's the portion of US students from LBS staying in London or Europe after graduation? Is it hard to get a working permit?

MAKI (Feb 3, 2005 10:49:54 AM)
Could any one tell me the rough idea about student clubs?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:50:34 AM)
Yogi, we want career changers to show that have the personality and charisma to help make a change. It's good to have a few entrepreneurs in the class.

femijeff (Feb 3, 2005 10:50:54 AM)
At what point do admitted students know if they've been offered one of LBS's school, alumni or other scholarships?

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:51:19 AM)
Hi Maki - the rough idea about student clubs is that there are so many of them! Clubs cover, I'd say, the vast majority of nationalities represented at LBS, which is about 70.

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:52:06 AM)
MAKI - the real question is what you want to do. The clubs are based around sports (ultimate Frisbee, rugby, football, tennis, golf, skiing, rock climbing, etc.), culture (country clubs, cheese & wine, etc.) and career clubs (consulting, venture capital, private equity, finance, entrepreneurs, etc.) and the list is endless. Furthermore, a lot of students start new clubs; my study group mate started an acting club this year with acting coaches coming in twice a week.

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:52:21 AM)
RicardoR, yes, General Motors regularly recruits from us and last year we had an internship with F1McClaren! Luxury goods is also a "hot" career choice at the moment and the Marketing Club has been working together with our Associate Directors to identify and build relationships with target firms.

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:52:22 AM)
Philly - I am from Philly too! If you plan on staying in London to work after the MBA, like most people do, the cost is really very similar to going to school in any major city. This is an investment for your career path as an international leader. You also have the ability to earn money during your second year project and internship, which helps with the cost.

Yogi Bhartari (India) (Feb 3, 2005 10:52:25 AM)
Thank you David, that was very encouraging!

paolo (Feb 3, 2005 10:52:49 AM)
How are entrepreneurs viewed during admission? Are there only a limited number of seats for them?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:53:38 AM)
femijeff, we tell people if they have received the 'Annual Fund' awards before they have to pay the acceptance Commitment Fee, about one month after they are accepted. Some of the other awards are made just before the larger Reservation Fee in June. Some of the company awards are only made later, around the time of entrance.

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:54:57 AM)
Continuing about student clubs, there are the national ones, covering so many countries; the professional ones, covering most of the professions you can think of, which creates such a wonderful opportunity to learn about what it is like to do your dream job and how you can get it. Plus we have the sports clubs, the very prominent Women in Business club, and the philanthropic clubs, such as the Net Impact chapter, doing volunteerism, social enterprise, CSR and all. A new club, just created a year ago, is already a finalist for best chapter of the year at the Net Impact conference in NYC! Clubs really cover all interests. Also, you can open any club you want; the sky is the only limit...and your time, of course!

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:55:20 AM)
Paolo - you'll probably have to tell us more about your career in detail compared to say an analyst at McKinsey. We don't have any limits or quotas on any industries or nationalities, but we do keep an eye on the split.

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 10:57:03 AM)
David, how is the interview used in the admissions process? Is it in person or telephone?

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:57:05 AM)
As far as entrepreneurs are concerned, entrepreneurship is getting more and more important at LBS. Many students take advantage of the MBA to set up their own business and since the principle here is to learn from each other entrepreneurship experience (been there, done that or, even better been there, failed that!) is extremely valuable!

mtm38(Philadelphia) (Feb 3, 2005 10:57:58 AM)
David: While I know LBS has chosen some rather eccentric applicants (in terms of previous work experience - i.e. an Opera Singer!) I was wondering if somehow a stint in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) would somehow detract from my chances of getting considered as opposed to students with more business oriented experience - any thoughts?

MAKI (Feb 3, 2005 10:58:28 AM)
Emmanuel, Matt--Thank you. The acting club sounds fantastic!

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 10:58:43 AM)
Hi Drew. Difficult to give a comprehensive list here - it would take too long. A few example of our regular on-campus recruiters include - Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital, Lehman Brothers, etc; consultants include McKinsey, Marakon, Booz Allen Hamilton, Accenture, etc; big corporations include Johnson & Johnson, BP, Diageo, American Express, etc. Does this give you a flavor?

RicardoR (Feb 3, 2005 10:58:59 AM)
David, are you thinking of announcing the interview decision only on the final date? Not before? Please! :-)

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:01:10 AM)
Linda, thanks for bringing that up - we select candidates for interview and they are all with alumni. Nobody gets in without a face-to-face interview.

Knucklas (Feb 3, 2005 11:01:25 AM)
The notification of acceptance date is very close to the application deadline. Is there a need to schedule an interview prior to the application deadline?

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:02:07 AM)
Linda - David will say more about interviews, but they are in general done in person, generally with an alumni. Interviews are as much as possible conducted in the applicant's country, since LBS's alumni body is large enough to have people in most countries.

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:02:26 AM)
mtm38 (Phili) - we've had people with that sort of background before, from all sides! (I won't go into too much detail!)

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 11:03:27 AM)
Hazel, Matt, and Emmanuel, when do students have the opportunity to interact with professors outside of class?

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:03:36 AM)
tbailey, we have received marketing summer internship opportunities this year so far from 3M, Johnson & Johnson and American Express. We also get a number of marketing opportunities from smaller companies and also marketing/branding consultancies.

DaveE (Feb 3, 2005 11:03:52 AM)
Hazel, Matt, or Emmanuel, how have your classmates with no finance background faired in breaking into the industry? Do they find it tougher getting internships?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:03:55 AM)
RicardoR - sorry, there are just so many to read, we have to be fair to all.

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:03:58 AM)
Thursday nights at Sundowners...you're never sure which are the professors and which are the students!!

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 11:04:32 AM)
Hazel, Matt, and Emmanuel, what do you wish you would have done before starting your MBA that would have made the beginning/transition easier? Did you do anything especially effective that helped you?

suzy (Feb 3, 2005 11:05:00 AM)
Hazel -- Can you tell us a bit more about the Women in Business Club?

Yogi Bhartari (India) (Feb 3, 2005 11:05:17 AM)
David, how would the admissions committee want an entrepreneur to talk about their career progress? can an applicant give facts and figures to demonstrate this?

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:05:33 AM)
I have gone to some of my professors whenever I needed help. They are all very accessible. You are given all of the contact information so it is no problem and if you want to go through a student representative that is possible as well.

Jackieo (Feb 3, 2005 11:05:37 AM)
Can the students talk about what made them choose LBS, besides for the international aspect?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:05:38 AM)
Knucklas - not sure what you mean; we get your file, read it, let you know if you have an interview, set it up and get an answer out in that timeframe. It's tough for us, but it always works out. You can't schedule one before finding out if you've been successful!

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:06:18 AM)
Linda - Interactions with professors can take place anytime really. Of course, some of them are more often on campus than others, since many professors also work as consultants and therefore stay in contact with the marketplace. However, I have never heard of anybody who had had any problem accessing professors. Professors are very accessible - even very famous ones like Professor George Yip (my current International Business professor and a student of Michael Porter's himself).

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:06:42 AM)
Yogi, if you give technical facts and figures, remember your audience. Our readers could be Faculty, students, admissions professionals, etc., so do not use too much technical jargon. That's all I can say without giving too much away.

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:07:12 AM)
Suzy - The WIB club is very important here on campus. This club is also affiliated with the Forte organization, so via the membership, you also get connected with the female professional clubs in London like Aurora and 85 Broad. There are conferences and lots of speakers through the club!

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:07:22 AM)
Ravindra, many recruiters value older graduates for the additional experience and maturity that they bring. Depending on what your career objectives are and how you position yourself, then your age should not be a concern. We have had a number of students considerably older than you on graduation!

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:08:05 AM)
Definitely brush up on your language skills. I used Spanish on my iPod, while I exercised and it was immensely helpful after a 5 year hiatus.

paolo (Feb 3, 2005 11:09:00 AM)
Do you have an age limit? Would you accepted a 35 year old applicant?

cal (Feb 3, 2005 11:09:13 AM)
Is it worth waiting until the last application date to submit the best GMAT, or to get the application in sooner?

tbailey (Feb 3, 2005 11:09:22 AM)
Hazel, what was the major deciding factors for LBS over other US schools? I also come from a social science background. What has been the hardest part of the program for you and what are your plans upon completion?

suzy (Feb 3, 2005 11:09:29 AM)
Thanks, Hazel!

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:09:33 AM)
Jackieo - The main reason that I chose LBS was that I felt it 'fit me'. I came here, talked to students, faculty, staff... and loved it. What I think I liked most is the diversity, but also the fact that everybody is so humble and nice and accessible - fellow students, faculty, staff, career services... everybody is there for you. You are actually in a top school without any of the condescending side you might expect in a top school.

mtm38(Philadelphia) (Feb 3, 2005 11:09:49 AM)
Knowing the former dean of Wharton and being familiar with their program, what do you guys think makes LBS a better choice/school?

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:10:11 AM)
Dave, lots of people come to MBA to change their career path. I have a friend from Bain, who has made this switch very easily. He has been very successful in his Finance classes and he has learned a lot from his fellow colleagues.

sandeep (Feb 3, 2005 11:10:38 AM)
David, how do you consider multiple GMAT scores?

snubasu (Feb 3, 2005 11:10:58 AM)
Julie, going the other way on the age issue, what does LBS look for in an applicant of the age 26? Maturity and experience that comes at 30 is going to be lesser in a 26 year-old, so what is your recommendation on what the applicant should portray?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:11:40 AM)
The interview is VERY important. It's probably our only face to face meeting with you and our MBA needs such high levels of personal contributions on many levels, we can take no risks with our recruitment. Heading up recruitment, I think that one admit who doesn't contribute to his/her study group/the class/clubs as an alumni, is a mistake!

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:11:56 AM)
MtM38 - well, I would say there is no such thing as a 'better school' or a 'best school' - just the school that fits you, your ambitions and your personality. Certainly, LBS's advantage as compared to Wharton is its very international student and faculty body.

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 11:12:13 AM)
Thanks David.

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:12:32 AM)
mtm38 - Dean Tyso here at the school has a big draw in terms of speakers and lectures. Last terms, we had Al Gore, Ken Chenault (CEO of Amex) and many more big hitters.

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:12:33 AM)
Sandeep, we look at the best GMAT score. We'd rather you didn't rush into a retake and then do 10 tests! We will not take the best bit from two different scores though.

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:12:44 AM)
It s a personal choice, but for me LBS provides an international experience. I did my undergrad at Penn, which I considered very diverse for a US school and I loved it but LBS has a much stronger international culture/perspective, which I wanted for my career. The major deciding factor for me was London and the international culture, as well as a top five school!!

jgohil (Feb 3, 2005 11:12:53 AM)
Matt and Emmanuel - what are your post MBA plans as well?

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:13:04 AM)
Jackieo, basically most of our students are eligible to obtain work authorization under the HSMP scheme. The good news is that hopefully new legislation is coming in this April which will make getting an HSMP even easier for LBS graduates.

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:13:37 AM)
Just to add to David's point about interviews: LBS, as I said, is a very collaborative environment. It has a strong, close culture. So it's actually very important that applicants meet alumni - if anything, to know how they would fit in the LBS community.

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 11:13:42 AM)
How is recruiting going this year? Are there more companies recruiting on campus this year? More interviews scheduled?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:15:06 AM)
paulo - no age limits. But remember we have the Sloan Fellowship Programme for older/more experienced students. The only issue is certain recruiters have certain things they look for - that's their issue, not ours. If you are interested in continuing as an entrepreneur, the more experience you have the better probably! Currently the oldest student is 36.

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:15:33 AM)
Jgohil - my post-MBA plan is to work in international development - work for the World Bank, the IFC, the EBRD, that kind of thing. Actually, the MBA has already paid back so much in this area by giving me the wonderful opportunity of doing my summer internship at the World Bank in Washington, DC - a tremendous experience, really.

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:15:59 AM)
Linda, we are in the thick of summer intern recruiting at the moment - I am currently getting used to using an iron again for the company presentations - all the big names are here recruiting.

RicardoR (Feb 3, 2005 11:16:23 AM)
David, unfortunately the national mail services here do not provide notice on delivery to the UK (!!), so I don't know if LBS received my additional materials. Since I haven't received any email from you yet, may I assume that everything is ok?

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 11:16:51 AM)
David, I noticed that London Business School is the first international business school to join the Forte Foundation. LBS also has a woman dean, Dean Laura D Tyson, whom you stole from California ;-). At the same time, according to BW stats, London Business School has only 23% female enrollment in its most recent class. To what do you attribute that low number? Is the situation improving?

jgohil (Feb 3, 2005 11:17:22 AM)
That's wonderful Emmanuel. Good luck with the internship!

lucky (Feb 3, 2005 11:17:26 AM)
Julie, does it help to have worked more in the commercial side than in the technical side of the business, regardless of the industry?

ravin (Feb 3, 2005 11:17:33 AM)
David, I am not clear with your response to Sandeep. If I have multiple GMAT scores, say 650, 700, and 730, would you take the average of these three or the best one?

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:17:52 AM)
Thank you Jgohil! The internship was absolutely awesome.

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:17:54 AM)
Cal, tough call. You should wait until you have done your very best at everything, but remember you'll miss out on some scholarships in stage 4. The stage 3 deadline is not far away now, so perhaps wait for stage 4.

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:17:59 AM)
Philly- great. They are both great schools. Having loved my undergraduate experience, I thought it would be hard to match but LBS is right up there! Very happy about it. It's probably a bit cozier here, more family like.

snubasu (Feb 3, 2005 11:18:15 AM)
For an organization like the World Bank, based in DC, how did you manage to get the temporary work authorization to do the internship? This is a general question for someone looking to do what you plan on doing - International development.

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:18:16 AM)
Ravin, we'll take the 730.

RicardoR (Feb 3, 2005 11:18:37 AM)
David, does the status of LBS online system ever change from 'Applied - Fee Paid'?

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 11:19:07 AM)
For all of you, do you have any last minute tips before the fast-approaching February 25 deadline? It's only 3 weeks away.

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:19:16 AM)
Snubasu, recruiters look at a number of aspects of a candidate - career progression and work experience is one; but a strong academic performance, good transferable skills and strong personal characteristics are also important - and not age dependent!

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:20:01 AM)
Linda, make sure your application puts forth a clear picture of yourself present, past and future!

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:20:08 AM)
Snubasu - well, the World Bank, I guess, is a special case - I had no problem whatsoever, they got me a diplomatic visa and I was in and out of the US embassy here in London in no more than 10 minutes! I know that it's the case for most development agencies.

cal (Feb 3, 2005 11:20:32 AM)
David- Is it possible to have references from the same company when applying?

geoff (Feb 3, 2005 11:20:53 AM)
David, is there any way that the interview/decision process can be accelerated? I have an offer from another school that I must make a decision on before I will know the fate of my LBS application?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:21:05 AM)
Linda - We make huge efforts to recruit more women, through marketing and obviously not by making things easier in admissions. Dean Tyson spearheads these issues. In our US student group around 40% are women, that's better than all US schools! However, not every country has the same opportunities for women and it's much, much harder to find enough female candidates. This is a very important issue to us - hence the extra scholarships, new women's' brochure and the strength of the Women In Business Club.

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 11:21:30 AM)
Thank you David.

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:21:34 AM)
RicardoR - as stated in our application instructions, we cannot check for all documents. We'll let you know if we don't have what we need.

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 11:22:01 AM)
Do you have any suggestions for students about to start at London Business School?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:22:09 AM)
Geoff, email me to discuss this issue - dsimpson@london.edu .

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:22:18 AM)
Cal - that's fine.

sathesh (Feb 3, 2005 11:22:39 AM)
David, can Citi-Assist loans be applied to LBS?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:23:12 AM)
RicardoR - the online system will not indicate if you have been accepted, etc. no clues there!

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:23:15 AM)
Linda, recruiting is looking good - we are continuing to build on the success of 2004 and interest from recruiters continues to grow. We now have 5 Associate Directors, assisted by five Recruitment Managers, who are capitalizing on the improved recruiting climate to build up new relationships with a wide number of new companies.

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:23:39 AM)
A tip: Research schools, pick up the one that's right for you, and then be yourself! Just convey your motivation and your own conviction that LBS, if it's your choice, is the school for you. Show what the school can be bring to you - and what you can bring to the school. Be specific, that's what's key. I know it's tempting and human but nothing is worse than cutting and pasting essays from other applications. Also, don't forget to mention your visit to the school if you visited it and whatever knowledge you got from it and how it informed your decision.

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 11:24:32 AM)
Emmanuel, that is great advice!

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 11:25:45 AM)
Julie, I know MBA's and prospective MBA's like numbers. Do you have any numbers reflecting the improved recruiting climate? For instance, has the number of recruiters increased by X%? Does a larger percentage of the class of 2005 have job offers than last year? Etc.

Scorp (Feb 3, 2005 11:26:05 AM)
David, how can a student waive courses? Do you rely on academic transcripts?

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:26:11 AM)
Hello lucky - as I have said before, recruiters look at a number of aspects. Work experience is one, but transferable skills and personal characteristics are others. Also, it really depends on what type of role you would be considering. A strong technical background can be very valuable in some roles.

Mukund (Feb 3, 2005 11:26:19 AM)
David, can you share the number of admits sent for Round 1 and Round 2?

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:26:25 AM)
Thanks Linda - the thing is, doing an MBA is a great opportunity, a commitment and a cost also, it should be an informed decision- something you think about, something you feel passionate about. Then, once you've done it, the only thing you have to do is put that in your essays!

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:26:25 AM)
sathesh - we don't accept the Citi-Assist loan but we have the HSBC loan scheme and if you're a US national you can get the Stafford and Federal loan just like you can at any US school.

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:26:52 AM)
Mukand - we don't share that info. And anyway, it won't help you to know the stats.

DaveE (Feb 3, 2005 11:26:58 AM)
If we are still waiting on references, but finished the application online, should we submit it as soon as possible?

Yogi Bhartari (India) (Feb 3, 2005 11:27:12 AM)
Could one of the students talk a bit about the shadowing project and how did you go about selecting a manager?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:27:49 AM)
Scorp - students can waive Economics and Accounting if they have certain academic and professional qualifications.

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:29:10 AM)
DaveE, it doesn't matter if you submit today or two days before the deadline, so you may as well hang on for a week or two. However, do not submit on the deadline day - the system will be busy and could possibly be slower.

lucky (Feb 3, 2005 11:29:29 AM)
Do you think an additional degree like MSC in Operation Research, LSE could boost both application and job prospects significantly, especially for candidates who may not have best of the undergraduate grades? Do you think it could give cutting edge over peers during placement?

hazelbentinckLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:29:52 AM)
Yogi, the shadowing project is great. I have gotten several projects. I am using this as an opportunity to try out lots of different industries. I got one through an alum, at Disney, one through my own personal networks, in retail (Lily Pulitzer) and one through a classmate in, mulberr). I am very excited to begin these. I have also made friends with the alumna at Disney and we have gone to dinner several time. It's a great opportunity to learn & network.

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:30:23 AM)
Hello Linda -the one thing I would say is that it is never too early to start thinking about your career plans. You need to start to gather information about your career options - from your fellow students, from LBS alumni, from people you will meet through School and Club activities and network, network, network! Also, come and make use of all of the help and support available through Career Services!

mtm38(Philadelphia) (Feb 3, 2005 11:30:25 AM)
I would like to visit the school when I'm back in London - are there any objections since I don't plan on applying for another two years?

Scorp (Feb 3, 2005 11:31:23 AM)
David, how effective is a good-honors masters degree in mitigating a below average undergraduate degree and GMAT?

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:31:31 AM)
Yogi - decisions depend on what you actually are looking for in the MBA, but my advice would be to take advantage of all the things you do at LBS - the internship, the 2nd year project, the organizational audit... and the shadowing project - to learn something more that can be useful to you or your career search. For instance, I want to work in international development and I have taken advantage of all opportunities to develop my experience in this sector. I actually did 2 shadowing projects, both at the World Bank: 1 with the Financial Manager of the IT Division, another with the Head of the South Asia Region's Transport sector. Both very different, both tremendous learning experiences. Once more, the sky is the limit here. Also, the alumni body is a tremendous and very large source of very accessible people.

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:31:32 AM)
Lucky - it really depends on what you want to do. Quite a few of the class have higher degrees and its about how you market yourself and its obviously more of an advantage than not having one.

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:31:48 AM)
mtm38, no problem, come drop in on Mondays and/or Fridays at 3pm.

paolo (Feb 3, 2005 11:32:17 AM)
How can I schedule an appointment with someone at the Admissions Office?

Nadia (Feb 3, 2005 11:32:32 AM)
What scholarships are available for women during Round 3? Which technology corporations recruit out of LBS?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:33:02 AM)
paolo - we don't schedule individual appointments due to volume but we have the group drop-ins. Also, we are unable to give advice on your chances without a full application.

suzy (Feb 3, 2005 11:33:19 AM)
Will interview invites for Round 2 go out by email or phone?

Yogi Bhartari (India) (Feb 3, 2005 11:33:24 AM)
Thank you Emmanuel, sounds very interesting.

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:33:43 AM)
All scholarship information is available at http://www.london.edu/mba/programmes2613.html .

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:34:03 AM)
You're welcome, Yogi!

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 11:34:20 AM)
David, what advice do you have for applicants who are waitlisted?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:34:25 AM)
Scorp - it may well help. Every case is different. Remember, you have the chance to retake the GMAT.

mtm38(philadelphia) (Feb 3, 2005 11:34:44 AM)
Thanks guys - you've been very helpful - good luck with all future endeavors.

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:34:58 AM)
Linda- WAITLIST - we don't have any extra info to offer them other then what we have already given them.

paolo (Feb 3, 2005 11:35:15 AM)
How do group drop-ins work?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:35:32 AM)
suzy - stage 2 decisions go out by email.

paolo (Feb 3, 2005 11:35:43 AM)
David, so how do I understand which program would be best for me the MBA or Sloane program?

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:36:05 AM)
paolo - Mondays and Fridays at 3pm anyone can come along and ask questions in a group environment to an admissions staff member and a student.

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 11:36:05 AM)
Thank you again all for participating today. Special thanks to David, Julie, Matt, Hazel, and Emmanuel.

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 11:36:15 AM)
We look forward to seeing you at future chats, and here is a list of the upcoming scheduled chats:

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 11:36:29 AM)
Waitlist Chat: February 9, 2005 MIT Sloan Waitlist Chat: February 17

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 11:36:39 AM)
Both chats are at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET/6:00 PM GMT.

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:36:40 AM)
paulo - contact the Sloan office and see if your profile fits.

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:36:46 AM)
paolo - drop-ins are a chance to come and ask any admissions questions with the admissions team and there will also be at least one student ambassador there (i.e. a current student) and you can ask them any informal questions as well as persuade them to walk you round the school. This takes place 3-4pm every Monday and Friday.

jgohil (Feb 3, 2005 11:36:55 AM)
Thank you David, Emmanuel, Hazel, Julie and Matt for answering my questions. Much appreciated.

Jags_Coolest (Feb 3, 2005 11:36:58 AM)
Thanks for a such a wonderful insight!

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:37:07 AM)
Linda, a comprehensive overview of our employment statistics including breakdowns by sector, etc. can be seen on our website. Go to the Information for Prospective Students page and select Career Impact. One excellent statistic is that 3 months after graduation 85% of the Class of 2004 were in employment, compared with 65% at the same time for the Class of 2003.

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:37:15 AM)
Paolo - group drop-ins are every Monday and Friday from 3pm to 4pm. The school is represented by a member of the Admissions team and a current student. Everything is very informal and applicants can ask whatever questions they'd like. The participating student will then in general give you a quick tour of the school.

DavidSimpsonLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:37:32 AM)
Goodbye everyone - thanks for asking so many questions. I'm going downstairs to have a drink with the students at our weekly networking event - Sundowners.

MattYatesLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:37:50 AM)
Best of luck in your applications...

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:38:36 AM)
Well, it was a pleasure talking to you all. My email is elebaut.mba2005@london.edu if any of you has additional questions. Best of luck with applications!

EmmanuelLebautLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:39:09 AM)
Thanks Linda! Tremendous job.

JulieHopeLBS (Feb 3, 2005 11:40:36 AM)
Good luck everyone. Hope that the information has been helpful.

Yogi Bhartari (India) (Feb 3, 2005 11:41:13 AM)
Thank you Linda for setting up this chat, its been great!

Linda Abraham (Feb 3, 2005 11:41:27 AM)
You're most welcome. Good luck with your applications! Information about Accepted.com's consulting and Editing Services

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