2005 HEC MBA Admissions Chat with Natasha Grandval

2005 HEC MBA Admissions Chat with Natasha Grandval

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TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 9:45:32 AM)
Hello everybody, my name is Tanis and I will be moderating this chat on behalf of Accepted.com.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 9:46:36 AM)
Let me quickly introduce the HEC participants.

SashaRichardsonHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:46:38 AM)
FYI, HEC Montreal is not the same or even affiliated with HEC Paris.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 9:46:50 AM)
Sasha, Canadian student.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 9:47:03 AM)
Melanie, Canadian student.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 9:47:14 AM)
Kerstin--where are you from?

IsabelleCotaHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:47:16 AM)
Isabelle Admissions Director.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 9:47:41 AM)
Natasha, Director of Marketing & Development for HEC.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 9:48:23 AM)
Ruba, alum (03) from Lebanon, working on Wall St

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 9:48:34 AM)
Sara, US alum (99).

NZarela (Sep 7, 2005 9:48:56 AM)
Sasha, what's the difference between HEC France and HEC Canada?

SID (Sep 7, 2005 9:48:57 AM)
Isabelle, what are the main things you are looking for in MBA candidates apart from academic background?

kaz (Sep 7, 2005 9:49:38 AM)
Sarah: Could you give me more information on the project/internships you mentioned regarding Entrepreneurial skill building?

gail (Sep 7, 2005 9:49:54 AM)
I know work experience is important, but as a recent graduate keenly interested in an MBA, would I lose out if I apply straight from university as opposed to getting work experience?

SashaRichardsonHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:50:07 AM)
HEC Paris is a different school and different profile of MBA students and is ranked much differently than in Canada (HEC Paris is 4th in the Wall Street Journal.)

IsabelleCotaHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:50:10 AM)
sid, professional experience and progression, international exposure, GMAT score, languages spoken, etc...

SaraHoloubekHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:50:14 AM)
Yes, Kaz. I did an audit for Levis, and then was hired for the summer. I used this as part of my thesis.

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:50:19 AM)
HEC Paris and HEC Montreal are not affiliated, although there is an MBA exchange period between the two. You can pursue this during the personalized phase at HEC Paris.

fortuna (Sep 7, 2005 9:51:17 AM)
Elyse - what is the personalized phase?

Dicky (Sep 7, 2005 9:51:41 AM)
What percentage of HEC candidates get a scholarship?

SashaRichardsonHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:51:55 AM)
gail, I would recommend doing at least a couple years of work before going straight into an MBA - it just adds more to your experience.

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:52:11 AM)
Kaz - at HEC we have the opportunity to take many entrepreneurial courses - including a major track and an elective where we work in groups with a real company to develop their business plan and to present this to venture capitalists, etc. This is a great way to learn lots in a pretty risk free environment

Isylu (Sep 7, 2005 9:52:32 AM)
How active is HEC at recruiting female students for the MBA program--right now the percentage seems a little low in comparison to males at the school.

IsabelleCotaHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:52:55 AM)
Dicky, about 30% of applicants receive a scholarship depending on the intake. You should also look at loan opportunities and national scholarships offered in your country.

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:53:25 AM)
Fortuna - the HEC program is split into core phase and personal phase - the personalized phase is where we get to specialize and take our terrific electives.

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:53:29 AM)
In fact, the number of women on the HEC MBA has risen dramatically over the past two years. We are now at 30% (and hoping to go higher!), which is on norm with many MBAs worldwide. Melanie, Kerstin and Sasha can tell you more about the Women's Network at HEC.

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:54:04 AM)
I believe HEC is working very hard to support female MBA students. As Elyse, said we have a women's network, but there are also special sponsorships for example.

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:54:09 AM)
The advantage of the 16 month program is that you have the opportunity to pursue core business courses, and then specialize (including going on exchange) during the personalized phase.

fortuna (Sep 7, 2005 9:54:22 AM)
Thanks, Melanie - so you can specialize by choosing electives? For example, could one specialize in marketing? Do you HAVE to specialize?

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:55:01 AM)
Fortuna - the personalized phase focus can be on marketing, finance, strategy, entrepreneurship, or a work experience (opportunity to try out a new company or industry.)

Isylu (Sep 7, 2005 9:55:25 AM)
I know that Loreal has a special scholarship opportunity with INSEAD for women--is this the case with HEC as well?

IsabelleCotaHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:56:20 AM)
As a matter of fact, the participation of women in our program has risen by 38% in the last 3 years.

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:56:35 AM)
Fortuna - yes, you have to choose a track (specialize) but this is just one main course and you are free to choose whichever electives you like outside of that. I am in the entrepreneurship track but I am also taking marketing and finance electives.

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:56:42 AM)
I believe there was an earlier question on dual degrees? If you are interested in these, please see http://www.hec.fr/hec/eng/mba/program/international_doubledegree.html . Or email us directly afterward. Our most recent dual degree is with the Stern School of Business in NY.

Isylu (Sep 7, 2005 9:56:48 AM)
As current students, could you please tell us a little bit about the classroom and group experiences at HEC?

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 9:56:51 AM)
Isabelle, that's remarkable. Can you tell us why?

SashaRichardsonHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:57:00 AM)
fortuna, the HEC MBA program is a generalist program but you have the opportunity to specialize or be as broad as you want in the personalized phase and if you do not chose a specific track you can alternatively do an internship (individual professional project) and/or an exchange and/or a group consulting project.

Dicky (Sep 7, 2005 9:57:04 AM)
What percentage of students take out a loan to finance their MBA?

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:57:31 AM)
Isylu, we have rather small intakes, in January around 60, in September 110-120, split up in French and English sections. The teams are sized between 4 and 5 in the core phase.

Glen (Sep 7, 2005 9:57:44 AM)
Any admission quota from certain countries/region/nationality or professional background?

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 9:57:52 AM)
Kerstin can you explain more about the two sections?

SaraHoloubekHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:58:05 AM)
What I found most unique was the group dynamics. We were very diverse professionally, nationally and educationally.

IsabelleCotaHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:58:09 AM)
Most participants take out a loan of some sort to finance their MBA.

gail (Sep 7, 2005 9:58:19 AM)
What other differences are there between entry in September as opposed to entry in January?

SashaRichardsonHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:58:41 AM)
In my intake (January 2005) we are 27 different nationalities out of 58!

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:58:51 AM)
Well, you do a French test at the beginning, and if you would like to join the bilingual (F/E) section and your test was ok, you can. Otherwise it's all English.

NatashaGrandvalHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:58:52 AM)
Glen, we do not have a quota by origin or background.

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:59:11 AM)
Isyly - the groups are a great time to make friends and to learn to manage the very hectic schedules of 4 or 5 people. It is also a great opportunity to learn about other cultures and about yourself.

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:59:27 AM)
Gail, the timing for courses can be a bit different.

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 9:59:29 AM)
HEC is committed to supporting men and women alike on the MBA. Over the past year, several women-specific initiatives and networking opportunities have occurred in particular. I will defer to students to comment on their experiences under MBA Dean, Valérie Gauthier's leadership.

miy (Sep 7, 2005 9:59:47 AM)
Is an MBA very useful for individuals that have studied business and work in the financial sector?

IsabelleCotaHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:00:16 AM)
miy - are you looking to change sector?

Isylu (Sep 7, 2005 10:00:57 AM)
I talked to Bettina over at the Admissions office this summer and she told me that a very organized student usually spends about 75 hours a week on all of the work that the MBA entails. Was this your experience?

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:01:08 AM)
Well in some schools, a January intake is considered a better idea for those not changing sectors and vice versa. Is that true at HEC?

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:01:19 AM)
Isylu, never stopped my time ;) but it was very busy in the first months. I also lived in Paris the whole time, driving 30-60 minutes each morning and evening. It's feasible, but I guess they all want you to be under a lot of stress in the first months to learn how to prioritize.

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:01:46 AM)
HEC has a women's network that is called HEC NOW (network of women) - this has been a terrific initiative that allows us to bring speakers on campus that not only answer the business questions but also the women questions. Our goal is to create a very strong network while on campus that will continue to help us after graduation. HEC NOW organized a meeting of women from several MBA schools during our annual sports tournament in May - because we feel that the stronger the links to other women like us the better it is. HEC NOW has also brought in speakers from the EPWN European Professional Women's Network along with a speaker from Catalyst.

SashaRichardsonHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:01:48 AM)
January tends to be a smaller class 58 versus 104 last September and 125 this September. There are different professors for the different intakes and so we each have had different experiences. The January start is slightly more condensed for the second core phase and this can lead to a crazy core 2 but then alternatively we can do both an exchange and chose a specialized track or IPP.

miy (Sep 7, 2005 10:01:57 AM)
Not in the short term.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:02:40 AM)
Sasha are you saying that the intakes really only impact your work load?

IsabelleCotaHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:03:02 AM)
miy - why are you considering an MBA?

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:04:07 AM)
Melanie, you have 3 children; how does that impact your time at HEC?

miy (Sep 7, 2005 10:04:22 AM)
Isabelle, to deepen and update my business knowledge since I've been graduated 7 years ago.

SashaRichardsonHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:04:23 AM)
I am changing sectors and I started in January. I am not saying that it is about work load - both intakes work like crazy - but one is slightly more condensed and then the other has slightly more opportunity with respect to doing exchange programs AND IPP that you cannot do with September. But with September there are some renowned professors that we do not get starting in January - pros and cons to both.

evelyn (Sep 7, 2005 10:04:44 AM)
Hi, I am currently a translator without any business background but I want to change my career path to finance or MOT. Do any of you have such kind of experiences to share?

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:05:24 AM)
Thanks Sasha. Are recruitment chances equal in Sept or Jan intakes?

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:06:11 AM)
Evelyn, we had lots of non-business backgrounds, but I cannot think of exactly this example.

Francesca (Sep 7, 2005 10:06:11 AM)
Hi! I just graduated this July, with no work experience. I would like to know more about admissions, even though it might be to early for me to apply.

SashaRichardsonHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:06:21 AM)
Tannis, I do not think the recruiters treat the intakes differently - it depends on what you are putting forward period - regardless of when you started. At least that is what I have seen so far.

IsabelleCotaHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:06:30 AM)
miy- depending on where you are located, I would encourage you to come on a campus visit or meet up with one of our Development Manager at an international forum (dates are posted on our site). At that time you could also meet up with an alumnus to talk about his/her experience in the MBA program.

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:06:36 AM)
I second Sasha's comment, and would suggest that recruitment depends more on the path you have followed, and your recruitment strategy than on the intake itself.

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:06:49 AM)
Tanis - having 3 young children while doing my MBA definitely adds some complexity but it is also great to have a family to help me keep things in perspective. I was very fortunate to always have group mates who understood that I really couldn't meet at night. At HEC everyone works very hard to make the MBA work for everyone.

miy (Sep 7, 2005 10:06:53 AM)
Thank you.

SashaRichardsonHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:06:57 AM)
Francesca, I would highly advise doing at least a couple of years of work prior to pursuing an MBA.

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:07:17 AM)
Francesca, we also had 2 people without work experience my intake, but I believe it's not advisible.

SaraHoloubekHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:07:28 AM)
Francesca: Normally it is not recommended, unless you have some prior entrepreneurial experience or specific goals of working in France, Europe. While I was a young MBA, I had run a firm throughout High-School and College that was equivalent to 5 years of work. Not impossible, but understand what you are there for.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:07:29 AM)
Melanie- are there childcare options? Activities for spouses?

NatashaGrandvalHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:07:32 AM)
I confirm: Chances are equal when we discuss with recruiters. Recruitment time is more and more split all over the year.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:08:05 AM)
Natasha-who are the top recruiters?

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:08:14 AM)
If you are interested in additional feedback on your profile for the HEC MBA, you can fill out a preliminary Candidate Profile via our website, and we will let you know if we recommend that you gain additional professional experience before applying. Our participants have several years of experience on average, while each case is unique.

IsabelleCotaHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:08:15 AM)
Francesca, yes traditionally our participants have between 4-6 years of professional experience.

miy (Sep 7, 2005 10:09:00 AM)
How does HEC differentiate itself form other top world class MBA programs?

NatashaGrandvalHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:09:11 AM)
J&J, GE, SAP are the biggest recruiters at the moment. The list of recruiters is quite long and covers many sectors of activities.

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:09:13 AM)
Tanis - there is a childcare option for Wednesdays (because in France children don't go to school this day) and there is a partners club to organize activities. What is nice in France is that there is a lot of low cost childcare options so even though it is not provided on campus every day there are still lots of options.

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:09:27 AM)
Miy - what are you seeking in your MBA experience?

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:09:55 AM)
miy, I believe the HEC MBA is very international (80% foreigners), but in comparison with other MBA international schools, the cases are a bit more on Europe than the  US. At HEC, you also have the option to do a bilingual MBA.

Isylu (Sep 7, 2005 10:10:16 AM)
I am also an undergraduate student and will be graduating this year. I would like to go straight into an MBA however I realize my age may be an issue. Where can we look for international management experience that will help us prepare for the MBA program?

IsabelleCotaHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:10:42 AM)
Glen, our average is at 650 so yes, there are participants who obtained less and others more than that score. Generally 600 and up is preferred.

Isylu (Sep 7, 2005 10:10:54 AM)
Is management experience necessary?

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:11:21 AM)
Isylu, where are you from? What did you study?

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:11:27 AM)
Keep in mind that the higher your GMAT scores and the more competitive your overall application to the program, the more competitive you will be for merit-based scholarships.

IsabelleCotaHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:11:32 AM)
Isylu, no, management experience is not necessary.

vikas (Sep 7, 2005 10:11:44 AM)
Hi!  I wanted to know which is a better semester to start with, the January or September intake?

miy (Sep 7, 2005 10:12:08 AM)
Besides of for deepening my technical knowledge in finance and management, I want to share and exchange business experiences with other professionals. I also want to enhance my knowledge of entrepreneurship, meet with people from other backgrounds and good potential.

Isylu (Sep 7, 2005 10:12:09 AM)
I am from Russia originally. I study at the George Washington University Business School--int'l business and finance. I also did a semester at Sciences Po last fall.

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:12:37 AM)
Isylu, so you have international experience and but are just missing some work experience?

SashaRichardsonHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:12:44 AM)
International experience can also be gained from life experience and then the work experience may encompass working with different clients/firms from different countries and not necessarily working there.

Isylu (Sep 7, 2005 10:12:49 AM)
I do have work experience but of course it is not full time in general, just from the summers and during the school year.

Glen (Sep 7, 2005 10:13:23 AM)
For people without business backgrounds at all, is it recommended to take some basic classes such as accounting or marketing before doing MBA?

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:13:25 AM)
As the students can share, the HEC MBA environment is a highly collaborative one, focusing on group work, with under 200 students per year. This fosters a different environment and closer interaction (with professors, and among colleagues) than you would find in larger classes.

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:13:45 AM)
Isylu, I believe some full time experience will add to your profile.

Isylu (Sep 7, 2005 10:14:20 AM)
Ok, thank you Kerstin.

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:14:23 AM)
Vikas, to answer your question on intake, I would encourage you to aim for the intake for which you feel the most prepared. I would make your decision based on your own timing, rather than on a preferred intake. Selectivity rates are similar between intakes.

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:15:05 AM)
Glen - I have an engineering background and did not take and courses in accounting or marketing before arriving. We have good profesors and classmates who are usually willing to help.

Glen (Sep 7, 2005 10:15:30 AM)
I have to go, when are you going to hold the next chat session?

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:16:03 AM)
Vikas, to add to what Elyse said, there is apparently no difference vis-a-vis recruiters or industry-changing, between the two intakes.

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:16:10 AM)
Stay tuned for details via our website, and contact us by email with any additional questions. You can see: http://www.hec.fr/hec/eng/mba/meetus_events.html or a list of our upcoming events worldwide.

vikas (Sep 7, 2005 10:16:14 AM)
I feel that the recruiters come more during the summer? Is that true?

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:17:08 AM)
Vikas, the recruitment has moved to a more all-year basis now.

abhishek (Sep 7, 2005 10:17:28 AM)
Are there any specialized MBA concentration areas in your curriculum?

SashaRichardsonHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:18:00 AM)
Vikas, I had 8 years of work experience from Vancouver and New York and started in January 05 - I don't feel that I will lose out by finishing next March 06 - you should try to line your job up way before then anyways.

Isylu (Sep 7, 2005 10:18:11 AM)
You guys should also look on the website and get their handbook--it explains a lot about the program and the curriculum.

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:18:19 AM)
Vikas, perhaps you can meet with Rick Doyle, HEC Development Manager, upon his upcoming visit to India. He will be in Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi at the end of the month and can advise you based on your background and career goals.

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:18:36 AM)
Thanks for the tip Isylu ;)

NatashaGrandvalHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:18:58 AM)
We have companies presentations during the fall plus a MBA fair in spring. We keep in touch all over the year with recruiters (interviews, conferences...)

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:19:40 AM)
Abhishek - during the personalized phase you can focus on many different areas including marketing, finance, entrepreneur, strategy, exchange program, etc.

Isylu (Sep 7, 2005 10:20:32 AM)
Have you done the group consulting projects already? I would like to hear a little about this experience...

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:21:32 AM)
There are people in consulting projects, but none here. Melanie does entrepreneurship, I do marketing.

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:21:43 AM)
Indeed, during the personalized phase on the HEC MBA, you will have the opportunity to pursue an IPP (individual professional project) or group consulting project. This is one of the advantages of the 16 month program, you have the opportunity to pursue core courses and such a specialization.

IsabelleCotaHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:21:50 AM)
I will have to leave now. Thank you all for participating.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:22:06 AM)
Thanks Isabelle.

Isylu (Sep 7, 2005 10:22:15 AM)
Thank you very much for the help Isabelle!

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:22:21 AM)
Isylu - I am working on a group business plan for a company looking for funding - this kicked off in the spring and will go through December. It is great because the companies are really serious. We are learning tons and our work is extremely valuable to them.

SID (Sep 7, 2005 10:22:49 AM)
Elyse, can I focus on international trade during the personalized phase?

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:22:51 AM)
Melanie- is this done with your study group or a specific class?

abhishek (Sep 7, 2005 10:23:08 AM)
Will HEC be a part of the MBA tour in Bangalore on September 29th? Who can we contact for clarifications?

vikas (Sep 7, 2005 10:23:18 AM)
Regarding the application process, what happens after submitting the online form and application fee?

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:23:48 AM)
Tanis - this is done with a group of people who have also selected this course - and we form our groups our selves (based on interest in the project and working together)

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:24:19 AM)
Vikas, did you do the pre-evaluation? After that you'll get a feedback and then you can do the next steps: application, GMAT, recommendation, fees...

Dicky (Sep 7, 2005 10:24:23 AM)
What do you check in the essays and how important are the essays in admission process?

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:24:26 AM)
The specialized tracks during the personalized phase includes marketing, entrepreneurship, Strategies for Growth and Finance.

Isylu (Sep 7, 2005 10:24:27 AM)
What company are you working with Melanie?

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:25:14 AM)
Isylu - I am working with a company in the Biotech industry. Sorry we can't give out names during the term.

Isylu (Sep 7, 2005 10:25:42 AM)
What kind of research materials do you guys get access to?

SashaRichardsonHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:26:38 AM)
I am sorry but I have to sign out - good luck everyone!!

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:26:52 AM)
Kerstin, what about industry connections between HEC professors/partners/recruiters?

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:27:00 AM)
Thanks Sasha.

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:27:33 AM)
Isyly - our HEC library is outstanding and we have access to tons of databases and other resource materials. In addition the company that we are working with is very available and great at providing info. We have to advisors - one a faculty professors and the other a member of a investment fund - so the research and support are great.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:27:53 AM)
Kerstin--what has been your favorite class?

vikas (Sep 7, 2005 10:28:09 AM)
I would like to get one of my recommendations from my ex- boss who is presently placed at London. Is there a specific format for the letter or can my boss write on his personal letter head?

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:28:14 AM)
hmmm, strategy and marketing so far, I guess.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:28:32 AM)
Vikas--that info should be in the application or on the website.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:28:56 AM)
Kerstin, any "can't miss" teachers?

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:28:56 AM)
Vikas, at my time they were sending out a form, but you can access that all after your pre-evaluation.

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:29:25 AM)
Yes: Garrette: French Strategy.

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:29:28 AM)
Sid - the London Fair and this years Paris Fair are student led initiatives that bring companies that want to meet HEC MBAs together on one day to give a great opportunity to our students for internships and permanent positions. This event is getting better every year and the location changes to reflect our international makeup.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:29:30 AM)
Melanie (or other students), do you have any advice for foreign applicants? Like "if I had to do it all again, I would...."

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:29:59 AM)
Vikas, you can download the application and recommendation information online, and your recommenders can send these to us directly. The online application system is very efficient and should simplify the process for you. We prefer that recommenders fill out the online forms that we supply.

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:30:38 AM)
Tanis, I believe knowing some French before, to get through life off campus, is helpful.

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:31:29 AM)
Indeed, French will help you be successful as you'll be moving to France. At the same time keep in mind that we offer an intensive immersion period in Montpellier before the year starts. You will also be able to take French language (if not, management courses as well) during the program.

SID (Sep 7, 2005 10:31:30 AM)
What kind of sports activities are there at HEC?

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:31:55 AM)
Tanis - I agree with Kerstin about a little bit of French (but if not you can learn once you arrive) and just to come and think of it as a terrific opportunity to live in (or near) Paris.

NatashaGrandvalHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:31:57 AM)
Yes, to add at Melanie's answer, the spring fair is a good complement to the fall companies presentations. It allows participants to work together with companies. Give good contacts for further recruitment.S

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:32:25 AM)
Keep in mind that one of HEC's unique differences is the opportunity to take bilingual courses - that is your management courses in either English and/or French. English however is the only language required for admissions. Depending on your intake, core courses in French vary. You will have the opportunity to choose among electives in English and/or French.

vikas (Sep 7, 2005 10:32:41 AM)
How would you compare HEC to INSEAD?

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:32:49 AM)
Oh, we have a huge campus. With any sports field you might want, including a small gym, and indoor facilities.

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:33:48 AM)
Vikas, some difference include 10 months vs. 16 months, only English vs. possibly bilingual, big class sizes and small ones.

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:33:58 AM)
SID - we organize an annual sports tournament with the other MBA schools (13 schools this year) with all kinds of sports (soccer, tennis, rugby, rollerblading, mountain biking, ...) so you can always find a sport to do and someone to do it with.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:34:03 AM)
Kerstin...closer to Paris? ;-)

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:34:44 AM)
Also right Tanis ;)

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:35:07 AM)
Tanis - it is a shorter commute to Paris from Jouy en Josas than from Fontainbleau.

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:35:16 AM)
For detailed information on admissions, and our upcoming calendar, please see: http://www.hec.fr/hec/eng/mba/admissions/admissions_calendar.html.

vikas (Sep 7, 2005 10:35:20 AM)
What can you say about the job prospects after completing HEC?

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:35:44 AM)
So far it seems to look good, Vikas, but I can tell you more in a few months ;-)

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:36:24 AM)
Melanie- what do you think are HEC's strengths? How much quant emphasis is there?

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:36:31 AM)
For an overview of recruitment opportunities, you can find more detail at http://www.hec.fr/hec/eng/mba/career/recruitment.html .

vikas (Sep 7, 2005 10:36:53 AM)
I wanted to know if extra curricular activities play a role in the admission process?

NatashaGrandvalHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:37:17 AM)
One good thing is to think about job prospect during your MBA. Especially in second year, we'll help you on that.

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:37:41 AM)
Vikas, it is important to have an overall balanced application. Your professional background and motivation for the MBA, as well as academic success come into play. Keep in mind that after your application has been reviewed, you may be invited to interview.

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:37:46 AM)
Oh, yes another HEC-INSEAD difference is you have more time to think about your future.

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:37:55 AM)
Tanis - HEC strengths are the truly international mix of students (+35 nationalities), the opportunity to do the courses in French, the access to great professors because we are part of a larger school, the size of the classes - not too large.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:38:00 AM)
Natasha, is the career placement service active?

vikas (Sep 7, 2005 10:38:49 AM)
If I may ask, where do the interviews take place?

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:39:10 AM)
Tanis - the length of the program - 16 months lets us focus on courses without the inconveniences of a 2 year program.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:39:34 AM)
Thanks Melanie. But what are the core strengths of the overall program, as in Marketing? Strategy? GM? Finance?

NatashaGrandvalHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:39:40 AM)
The career services include : career counseling, recruitment presentations and fairs, self assessment tools, CV writing seminars and workshop.

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:40:30 AM)
If you are in close proximity to campus, we advise you to come to campus for an official visit and your interviews. Otherwise, we will organize these with local alumni. We regularly hold interviews through our alumni in India in Mumbai or New Delhi. It is an ideal opportunity for you to also meet with alumni and learn more about their experiences and career paths. Keep in mind that two one-on-one interviews are required.

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:41:27 AM)
For those who are interested in campus visits, you can consult http://www.hec.fr/hec/eng/mba/meetus_campus.html and then http://www.hec.fr/hec/eng/mba/meetus_campus_signup.html for our detailed dates.

vikas (Sep 7, 2005 10:41:41 AM)
Is it possible to speak to an alumni in the near future?

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:41:53 AM)
A campus visit is helpful in making your decision, though not a requirement by any means, or an advantage in the admissions process. Our applicants hail from around the world, and we work to accommodate this.

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:42:12 AM)
Tanis - It is hard to say - we have an incredible finance department and program (I actually took extra electives because I liked one professor so much), we have top marketing professors - one is considered the best in Europe (Kapferrer) - basically I think that HEC is extremely well balanced academically and does not neglect any area but rather sets high standards in each area

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:42:25 AM)
Certainly, Vikas. Please contact me and Rick Doyle and we will put you in touch with someone locally.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:42:33 AM)
Thank you Melanie! One last thing, what about general management?

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:42:40 AM)
Thank you all, have a good rest of the day in your part of the world! Hope to see you soon at HEC!

Dicky (Sep 7, 2005 10:42:59 AM)
Elyse, do you have a lot of candidates from Central Africa?

KerstinSeeberHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:43:47 AM)
Tanis, there are many general management classes or also entrepreneurship classes in the personal phase coming up.

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:43:55 AM)
We have had several candidates from Africa. If this is where you are located, you may wish to contact Development Derek O'Connor as he can advise you individually in the application process.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:44:11 AM)
Thanks Kerstin.

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:44:11 AM)
Tanis - we do not have a General Management track but we of course have several HR courses and organizational behavior courses in our core section along with several general management electives that we can choose to take in the personalized phase.

ElyseMichaelsHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:44:29 AM)
Thank you all for your contribution to this chat and your interest in HEC! We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you soon on campus. A bientot (see you soon).

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:44:54 AM)
Thanks to all of you!!! You're quite a motivated and helpful group.

MelanieStewartHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:44:59 AM)
Thank you and good evening.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:45:09 AM)
Thanks too to all of the posters for the good questions,

NatashaGrandvalHEC (Sep 7, 2005 10:45:15 AM)
Thanks everyone good evening.

TanisKmetyk ACCEPTED.COM (Sep 7, 2005 10:45:18 AM)
Cheers and good night from Paris!

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