Consortium Chat with Jackie Olden

Consortium Chat with Jackie Olden

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Linda Abraham (Dec 5, 2006 5:44:54 PM)
First I want to welcome you all to’s Consortium Chat. I also want to welcome our special guests for this evening:
Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon Participant Markita Staples ‘07
Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan Khalfani Garcia '08 Vicky Escrojin '08 Shara Senior '08 Nicole Green ‘08
Kelley School of Business, Indiana University Participant Nikki Rowland '07
Simon School of Business at ROCHESTER PARTICIPANTS Raymond Wilcox- MBA 2007 Salim Holder- MBA 2007
Marshall School of Business at Univ of Southern Calif Stephanie M. Foote '07
CGSM Staff Jackie M. Olden Director of Recruiting Rebecca Smith Recruiting Coordinator
Thanks to everyone for joining.

Gabriel Vega (Dec 5, 2006 5:48:07 PM)
Juan, how well does it prepare students for Hedge funds?

baby dee (Dec 5, 2006 5:48:20 PM)
Did the fellowship cover all of your expenses in NYC, Juan?

Q Love (Dec 5, 2006 5:48:29 PM)
Nikki, how has the Kelley community experience compared to all that I have heard about it?

theyounglawyer (Dec 5, 2006 5:48:34 PM)
At Ross, how is the passing of Prop 2 going to affect the schools approach to minority applicants this year?

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 5:49:41 PM)
Gabriel, Hedge funds is a popular career area and I have friends that take advantage of the classes offered at Stern particularly for this career. Also, the fact that we are in NYC I have friends that leverage their education early on in a part time internship with hedge funds here in the city

Aaron - Pick Me! (Dec 5, 2006 5:49:58 PM)
I plan to make a few purchases (laptop, etc) for school - should I do that now before the financial analysis for loans?

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 5:50:06 PM)
baby dee, the fellowship covers tuition and fees, not living expenses

Gabriel Vega (Dec 5, 2006 5:50:17 PM)
Are any Consortium members career switchers?

NicoleGreenCGSMRoss (Dec 5, 2006 5:50:20 PM)
theyounglawyer, we don't really have an answer just yet on the aftermath of prop 2. I believe that is an issue that administration is working on.

Maurice Adams (Dec 5, 2006 5:50:28 PM)
How large is the alumni network with the Consortium and has anyone had examples of when they were able to use it to their benefit?

NicoleGreenCGSMRoss (Dec 5, 2006 5:50:56 PM)
Yes, Gabriel, I switched careers. I was practicing civil rights law for five years.

GoldSounds (Dec 5, 2006 5:51:00 PM)
I just sent in my Consortium application last week. How long did it take the current fellows to hear back from schools?? Are they going to keep me waiting until February??

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 5:51:02 PM)
Gabriel - I'm a career switcher. I worked at the Dept. of Defense before attending b-school.

Rose (Dec 5, 2006 5:51:24 PM)
Hi, I know the typical MBA program is strong in Finance. Is anyone studying Media? How do the schools that have a Media concentration address the fact that there are fewer companies recruiting for this industry?

SalimHolderCGSMSimon (Dec 5, 2006 5:51:32 PM)
Maurice, the alumni network is large! I have been able to tap into it often. I was able to use it to network and learn more about opportunities with Frito Lay as well as Pepsi Co. Many of the contacts I met at the Orientation program

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 5:51:35 PM)
Rose, I am also studying media. Stern has a great Media Technology and Entertainment program. I worked for Sony prior to B-school and this was a great interest of mine, I plan to combine this interest with my interest in finance to do investment banking within media.

kmba (Dec 5, 2006 5:51:40 PM)
Hi. I submitted my application last week. I am wondering how I will know when it is under review by the individual schools and how long it will take to learn whether I am accepted to the schools. Also, when will accepted students learn whether they received fellowships?

FrankL (Dec 5, 2006 5:52:38 PM)
How important is the GMAT in the application process ?

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 5:52:54 PM)
Rose, USC has a really strong Entertainment program as well.

baby dee (Dec 5, 2006 5:53:00 PM)
Hello Dia. I am interviewing at Tuck tomorrow. How active are Tuck's alumni in the Caribbean and Latin America?

Guest (Dec 5, 2006 5:53:14 PM)
How do you overcome very little work experience, even though you understand the benefits of getting your MBA already with your limited experience?

miki (Dec 5, 2006 5:53:19 PM)
What differentiates the Consortium interview from your typical b-school interview?

CJ (Dec 5, 2006 5:53:48 PM)
Hi. How important is the ranking process? Did anyone here tonight (or anyone not on the chat that folks know of) receive fellowships to schools they didn't rank #1 or #2?

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 5:53:50 PM)
FrankL, the GMAT  is really only one part of the application process. Most schools look at the whole application before deciding on an applicant, and just like a great GMAT score can't get you in, a less than optimal GMAT score wont necessarily keep you out

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 5:54:50 PM)
miki, the consortium interview may focus more on why you want to get an MBA and what you've done in your career to contribute towards the consortium mission, while a school interview may focus more on why you want to get an MBA at that school

kecat (Dec 5, 2006 5:54:57 PM)
I would like to know how many of you received a consortium fellowship from your school? Tell us about the advantages of being a consortium fellow (in addition to monetary).

Kal (Dec 5, 2006 5:55:15 PM)
Re: Prop 2, Ross' official stance is that they will continue to remain committed to diversity. That has been expressed explicitly by both the university wide president and the b-school dean. We have been told that Prop 2 will have no effect on current CGSM students. I'm not 100% sure what happens to incoming students. Anyone else have an idea?

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 5:55:19 PM)
CJ - The ranking process is very important. Make sure that you really want to go to your number #1 ranked school. You can get accepted to all of the schools that you are applying to, but the ranking will factor into which school will give you the fellowship.

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 5:55:29 PM)
CJ, I think this can be important, especially for schools that get lots of people that rank them #1

Guest (Dec 5, 2006 5:55:31 PM)
Does it hurt your application if you opt to interview with a consortium alum versus having an interview on campus with one of the participating schools?

Benjamin Duvall (Dec 5, 2006 5:55:41 PM)
Juan Guzman mentioned interviewing at Stern in addition to his CGSM interview (at USC?). Juan, did you set that up with Stern or were you invited after your Consortium application was reviewed by NYU?

VickyROSS2008 (Dec 5, 2006 5:56:01 PM)
Rose: At Ross we have a very active Entertainment & Media club. So far this year the club has made a trip to New York to visit companies who are specifically interested in MBAs. The club is also planning a trip to LA with the same purpose. It is definitely a challenge to get these companies to come on campus, but that is not to say they aren't looking for MBAs.

Shara Ross (Dec 5, 2006 5:56:05 PM)
Kal, Incoming CGSM students should not be affected by prop 2 because the Consortiums mission is not longer tied to race

SalimHolderCGSMSimon (Dec 5, 2006 5:56:42 PM)
Kecat... the fellowship opportunity is great. The best thing about the Consortium, however is the extended network that you are brought into. I run into many of the consortium alum at conferences like the Black MBA and NSHMBA. They are great people to meet and build a network with. The best thing about it is how much they truly do care and work to help you be successful

Donnidra Sardine (Dec 5, 2006 5:56:50 PM)
Ross and Stern: What advice would you give for the school specific interviews?

MarkitaStaplesCGSMTepper (Dec 5, 2006 5:56:56 PM)
Kecat, at Tepper we also have attended special events with the Dean and members of the Board of Directors. We also are targeted by companies looking for minority students

Gabriel Vega (Dec 5, 2006 5:57:21 PM)
Stephanie, I am transitioning from engineering to finance. Any advice on how I should approach the application?

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 5:57:29 PM)
Benjamin, Stern is unique in that they interview everyone that is accepted, thus you will have another interview on top of the consortium interview

Shara Ross (Dec 5, 2006 5:57:35 PM)
Donnidra - My advice would be to just express your interest in Ross (be specific)

GoldSounds (Dec 5, 2006 5:57:53 PM)
How is the non-Consortium diversity at your schools? Are there many other Hispanics/African Americans in your classes?

NikkiRowlandCGSMKelley (Dec 5, 2006 5:58:03 PM)
Nikki Rowland from Indiana University Kelley School of Business here. I apologize for my tardiness.

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 5:58:23 PM)
Gabriel - MBA programs love students from diverse backgrounds. Make sure to highlight transferable skills and any managerial opportunities that you might have had. In your application, try to be as focused as you can about the industry you would like to go into.

RaymondWilcoxCGSMSimon (Dec 5, 2006 5:58:46 PM)
Raymond Wilcox from the Simon School of Business here

SalimHolderCGSMSimon (Dec 5, 2006 5:58:59 PM)
Gabriel-- the best thing you can do is know why you are making the transition and communicate that through the interview process. Like Stephanie said, be sure to highlight those skills which are transferable

RenaHarper (Dec 5, 2006 5:58:59 PM)
Hi, first of all, thanks for hosting this chat. I am particularly interested in organizational development. I've done some research on Stern and am impressed by the breadth of courses they offer. Is anyone in the chat interested in org, and if not, are any of their Consortium peers pursuing careers in this field?

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 5:59:00 PM)
Goldsounds, Stern has 38% international students, 40% female students, 28% minority students, and 14% underrepresented minorities, thus diversity is a great part of Stern, as it is in NYC

FrankL (Dec 5, 2006 5:59:08 PM)
Does the intended MBA concentration matter in the admission decision ?

Shara Ross (Dec 5, 2006 5:59:20 PM)
Gold Sounds - There are quite a few other Latino students here that are not Consortium students. I believe all of the African American students got Consortium fellowships. There are 50+ CGSM students here at Ross

NikkiRowlandCGSMKelley (Dec 5, 2006 5:59:24 PM)
RenaHarper, I am actually an HR major at Kelley. Two of the classes that I am taking right now are org design and org change. It might be a little difficult to find a program that has an OD major. Your degree might be in general management, with an emphasis on OD classes in your electives.

SalimHolderCGSMSimon (Dec 5, 2006 5:59:38 PM)
Frank L-- The concentration does not really matter in the admission decision. As long as you understand clearly what it is you are trying to accomplish and have a good understanding of your direction

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 6:00:16 PM)
RenaHarper - I'm not pursuing a specialization in organizational development, but I did take a class at Stern and it was really amazing, I think every one in business should learn about this area, it really is part of everything you do

Gabriel Vega (Dec 5, 2006 6:00:47 PM)
Nicole and Stephanie. Any advice as to how I should approach the application (particularly the essays)? How did you approach the application?

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:00:48 PM)
Gold Sounds - Pretty much all of the traditional minority students are also Consortium. Our consortium class also includes Asian-Americans.

Grant (Dec 5, 2006 6:01:31 PM)
Juan at NYU: can you touch on one or two key benefits of being in NY for people who plan to work in the finance industry. Is there a true and obvious connection that can be made, given the location of NYU or is it no more "connected" than another school like UM or Tuck, which are geographically separate?

Tuck Admissions (Dec 5, 2006 6:01:36 PM)
Baby dee, the alumni network is pretty active. we have some current students that are from the Caribbean. and we can put you in touch with them

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:01:38 PM)
Gabriel - Make sure you answer what the essay question is asking.  In the essay, make sure your short-term and long-term goals are focused so the admissions committee has a clear idea of what you want to do and how an MBA fits in

Aaron - Pick Me! (Dec 5, 2006 6:01:54 PM)
How long were your individual essays for each school to explain why that school was the right fit?

NTM Chicago (Dec 5, 2006 6:02:09 PM)
What types of things do you do as a Consortium member during the year besides the Orientation program?

NicoleGreenCGSMRoss (Dec 5, 2006 6:02:33 PM)
Gabriel, I was very specific about my goals and I set clear time frames for when I wanted to achieve those goals and demonstrated how the Ross MBA would allow me to achieve my mission

FrankL (Dec 5, 2006 6:02:44 PM)
Do recent grads without fulltime work experience stand a chance ?

NTM Chicago (Dec 5, 2006 6:02:50 PM)
Do you think it is worthwhile to retake the GMAT if you're not completely happy with your score?

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:02:56 PM)
NTM Chicago - As Consortium members, we meet from time to time, but mostly with the Black Business and Hispanic business student associations.

SalimHolderCGSMSimon (Dec 5, 2006 6:03:03 PM)
Aaron-- I believe there was a limit for the essays. My essays were around the limit.

Q Love (Dec 5, 2006 6:03:27 PM)
Did anyone have more than one Consortium interview? I didn't feel my Consortium touched on it, more so it felt like a traditional school interview.

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 6:03:37 PM)
Grant - There is a huge advantage to studying in NY if you want to do finance. During my investment banking job search, I would meet with a recent alum on a daily basis for coffee, or a drink and talk about the career, the good and the bad, and really see what my intended career is like before I decided on pursuing it. Also, many of my classes take advantage of the location by bringing in well know professionals in finance to talk about their experience. It's amazing to read a case about someone and then have them come in to class and talk about it first hand.  Finally, during my second semester I was able to leverage what I had learned in the class room to do a part time internship at a boutique investment bank. I really feel like this provided me with a real world education.

GoldSounds (Dec 5, 2006 6:03:44 PM)
Tuck Admissions: I've already had a Consortium interview (with a Tuck alumni) and submitted my application. Is it worthwhile having another separate admissions interview at Tuck to show my level of seriousness?

NicoleGreenCGSMRoss (Dec 5, 2006 6:03:55 PM)
NTM, I think you should determine where your score places you among your competition. If you think you can be successful with that score you should focus on the rest of your application

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:03:58 PM)
NTM - At USC we have networking events with Consortium alums, and dinners. Most of the activities are done through the Black Graduate Business Leaders and Latino Management Business Association

Maurice Adams (Dec 5, 2006 6:04:00 PM)
Admissions teams: Have consortium applications increased or decreased in recent years? Also please comment on the competitiveness of them?

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:04:00 PM)
QLove - I didn't have more than one interview, but I think some of the folks that applied to NYU did.

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:04:31 PM)
Frank L - it is extremely rare to have someone without work experience get admitted

Grant (Dec 5, 2006 6:04:44 PM)
Shara Ross -- Can you explain what you are referring to when you say "be specific"? Do you mean things like the MAP project, emphasis on collaboration, specific areas of emphasis academically, or something else? Thanks.

RenaHarper (Dec 5, 2006 6:04:50 PM)
Thank you Nikki, if you don't mind me asking, what particular area of HR are you interested in?

Scott_UNC (Dec 5, 2006 6:04:59 PM)
FrankL- UNC has in the past let people in with little experience...but it is VERY RARE.

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:05:20 PM)
Hi Grant - Yes, those things are all good. also mention what kind of extra-curriculars you would want to be involved with

Kal (Dec 5, 2006 6:05:22 PM)
Re: Benefits of being a Consortium fellow. Here's one: At Ross, CGSM students are sometimes invited to Consortium only recruiting events. This gives you more personal access to recruiters in a more intimate setting. Also, a CGSM fellowship is an honor that indicates that you have outstanding talent/experience/intelligence, which is why you got the scholarship in the first place. So the Fellowship is an attractive differentiator in and of itself.

NikkiRowlandCGSMKelley (Dec 5, 2006 6:05:24 PM)
FrankL - I believe that most schools consider the whole package. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to have some work exp (2-3 yrs at least). The average at Kelley is 5 years. However there are rare cases where individuals w/out - but with an overall strong application have been admitted.

SalimHolderCGSMSimon (Dec 5, 2006 6:05:28 PM)
Frank L-- there are some schools, however, like Simon who have admitted a larger number of students directly from undergraduate programs with little experience

VickyROSS2008 (Dec 5, 2006 6:05:35 PM)
Grant - Definitely research the school. I cannot emphasize that enough! Know how to answer the questions regarding why you want to be at Ross, and what in turn you can contribute. It is important not only to say what you'd get from Ross, but also how you can be a part of the community.

Guest (Dec 5, 2006 6:05:45 PM)
Does anyone know how many applications the Consortium receives, what percentage are accepted and what percentage of those accepted receive fellowships?

Aaron - Pick Me! (Dec 5, 2006 6:05:59 PM)
What are some suggestions for the commitment to the Consortium essay?

Guest (Dec 5, 2006 6:06:27 PM)
You attended UpClose, so I would say to talk about the stuff you hear about during the weekend....Action Based Learning, MAP, etc.

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:06:41 PM)
Aaron - Be honest. It is entirely based on your personal experiences and involvements.

NikkiRowlandCGSMKelley (Dec 5, 2006 6:06:58 PM)
RenaHarper - I am most interested in being a generalist. In other words, I am not focused on one particular area. OD will be a part of my job as well as Labor Relations, EE relations, comp & benefits, compliance, workforce planning, etc.

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:07:01 PM)
Hi Aaron - I think that how to show your commitment to the Consortium is something you have to answer yourself. Why do you think diversity is important and how can you help contribute?

Bernie Traywick (Dec 5, 2006 6:07:04 PM)
Frank - At Goizueta most of the students have some work experience. The only ones that typically do not are the dual degree (JD/MBA) students.

Kal (Ross 1st year MBA) (Dec 5, 2006 6:07:23 PM)
Aaron: Can't recall. Think my essays were a bit less than maximum length.

the young lawyer (Dec 5, 2006 6:07:41 PM)
At Ross, how active are you in consulting or do you have a consulting specialty?

kmba (Dec 5, 2006 6:07:47 PM)
Juan - If you have your Consortium interview at Stern, do you also have to do another Stern interview after submitting your application?

clau (Dec 5, 2006 6:08:10 PM)
How much weight does the Consortium interview carry in deciding who gets granted a fellowship?

VickyROSS2008 (Dec 5, 2006 6:08:33 PM)
GoldSounds: Ross is very diverse. We have a very strong Hispanic and Latino Business Students Association, as well as other diversity clubs such as Women MBAs, and organizations that Hispanic and Black students participate in outside of the B-School. Michigan is a very diverse school in general.

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:08:48 PM)
young lawyer - I am pursuing consulting. There are about 150 students here interested. Lots of resources here for that. It is a good general management school which consulting firms like

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 6:08:53 PM)
kmba - yes, the evaluation for the consortium interview only goes to consortium, we will ask you to interview at Stern if you are a great candidate to see the "fit" for both you and Stern

Kal (Ross 1st year MBA) (Dec 5, 2006 6:08:56 PM)
NTM Chicago: Definitely retake the GMAT after some serious supplemental studying. Get outside help if necessary. The GMAT is important to every school.

JackieOldenConsortium (Dec 5, 2006 6:09:01 PM)
clau, the interview does not carry more weight than other parts of the application

Pierre1911 (Dec 5, 2006 6:09:12 PM)
Is a student able to apply to the first round and second if he or she finds themselves interested in another consortium school?

chrisUM05 (Dec 5, 2006 6:09:18 PM)
Ross and Stern: How many years of relevant work experience do you feel the 'ideal' candidate should have upon filing a new application?

Rose (Dec 5, 2006 6:09:36 PM)
Is there anyone who has less than the average five years of work experience? Has that made any difference in your MBA experience?

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:09:42 PM)
NTM Chicago - the GMAT isn't everything though. If you have the other parts of the app covered, you should be OK. We can talk off line about this later if you like

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 6:09:49 PM)
chrisUM05 - Stern does not have a minimum level of work experience, but the average student has about 4.9 years. However, it's more about the quality of the work experience, not the quantity, see the following profile for Stern

Maurice Adams (Dec 5, 2006 6:10:01 PM)
If you receive the fellowship from your #1 ranked school, is there a chance that your #2, #3, etc ranked school will offer you non-consortium scholarship?

Gabriel Vega (Dec 5, 2006 6:10:16 PM)
Thanks for the advice!

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:10:18 PM)
Rose - I worked for 3 years before attending USC. I don't think it mattered for my experience.

SalimHolderCGSMSimon (Dec 5, 2006 6:10:29 PM)
Rose-- I had 2 years of FT work experience. It was beneficial to have experience because it does help to understand what is being taught in the classroom and how it applies to real life better

JackieOldenConsortium (Dec 5, 2006 6:10:31 PM)
Pierre 1911, the CGSM has 2 deadlines...we do not fall under the guidelines of the official rounds at our member schools. does that answer your questions?

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:10:32 PM)
Maurice - Yes, it is a possibility to be offered a non-Consortium scholarship by your #2 school..

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:10:36 PM)
Chris - the ideal candidate will have at least 3 years, but 5 is much stronger i think

Tuck Admissions (Dec 5, 2006 6:10:38 PM)
GoldSounds: If you have the time and financial resources to come up to visit and you haven't been before, I'd say come visit but it's not necessary to prove your interest

NikkiRowlandCGSMKelley (Dec 5, 2006 6:10:38 PM)
CLau- The interview is one piece of the application. It is an opportunity to highlight the strengths/interests that you have that don't come out of the written application. You get to tell your story. I would advise that you interview with each school, if possible even though you only need one CGSM interview. Remember that each school decides admission independently.

RenaHarper (Dec 5, 2006 6:10:46 PM)
A question for Tuck--I submitted my application to the Consortium last week. What more can I do to demonstrate my serious interest in the school? I am in touch with some alumni (not recent grads) and am going to start talking to the current students. Any other suggestions?

Aaron - Pick Me! (Dec 5, 2006 6:10:57 PM)
Yes - to piggyback on FrankL's question - how definite do we have to be on the specific career we want after the MBA? Is it okay to know the concentration and see what opportunities are there?

RaymondWilcoxCGSMSimon (Dec 5, 2006 6:11:08 PM)
Aaron, the Consortium is a very close connection of MBA's from various backgrounds. While we attend different schools, the Consortium wants in the commitment part to ensure that you will remain dedicated to its mission. I would in short be sincere about your intentions for furthering its cause and giving back.

Q Love (Dec 5, 2006 6:11:45 PM)
NIkki, how does the community of Kelley translate inside/outside the classroom. I've heard a lot about the great faculty.

quis (Dec 5, 2006 6:11:58 PM)
hi Stephanie, how is the cost of living? Are you a native of the state, if not how was the transition?

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:12:08 PM)
Aaron - It is definitely ok to know the concentration and be open to exploring other options once you're in the program. However, you should demonstrate that you have a clear idea of how the MBA is going to help your career

RenaHarper (Dec 5, 2006 6:12:42 PM)
Nikki, that's what I was hoping. I've had experience with OD, and am ready to get a greater understanding of general management.

Krishna (Dec 5, 2006 6:12:58 PM)
If you had to rank the level of importance for all of the components involved in the application process ( GMAT, Essays, Interviews) what would that look like?

Scott_UNC (Dec 5, 2006 6:13:03 PM)
Frank- it is rare at UNC for someone with no experience get admitted.

AnaA (Dec 5, 2006 6:13:12 PM)
Rena - Ross is well known for their research on POS - Positive Organizational Scholarship. If you are interested in finding out more about this exciting topic, please let me know.

baby dee (Dec 5, 2006 6:13:28 PM)
Dia, I am looking forward to meeting the Caribbean students at Tuck. Thank you. Also, I am a former school teacher who is interested in general management. How is the transition process for career switchers at Tuck?

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:13:30 PM)
Quis - It's LA...the cost of living is high compared to other areas. It's estimated at $10,000...however, it depends on how you want to live

Tuck Admissions (Dec 5, 2006 6:13:34 PM)
Rena, If you've been to visit and submitted a well articulated essay then you've got our attention! The alum and current student contact is good, but mostly to make sure you're sure the school is a fit! good question!

Benjamin Duvall (Dec 5, 2006 6:13:50 PM)
Is there an official Consortium network that provides resources to connect with other CGSM alumni throughout my career, similar to a MBA program network?

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:13:51 PM)
Krishna - I honestly think they are weighted pretty equally - GMAT, essays, interview, GPA, work experience. If one is weak, the other 4 should be really strong.

mbamaybe (Dec 5, 2006 6:14:14 PM)
Are there any admissions directors in this chat or just students?

Linda Abraham (Dec 5, 2006 6:14:26 PM)
There are some adcom members on the chat.

FrankL (Dec 5, 2006 6:14:33 PM)
Can undergrad research and non-profit experience relevant to the consortiums mission be a substitution for work exp ?

NTM Chicago (Dec 5, 2006 6:14:53 PM)
Stephanie, can you tell us about any experience you've had with the PRIME program so far at USC? Have you started it yet? If not, what have you heard of other students' experiences?

quis (Dec 5, 2006 6:15:04 PM)
how good is outside work or community involvement in the program?

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:15:33 PM)
NTM - My PRIME experience was FABULOUS! It is completed during the final term of your 1st year.  I did a consulting project for Starbucks in Thailand on creating a unified corporate social responsibility program. There are also a lot of international experiences at USC in addition to PRIME. I worked on a consulting project for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation and presented at the summit in Vietnam in November. Plus I will be studying abroad in Switzerland next semester

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:15:47 PM)
quis - please be specific to a school

Gabriel Vega (Dec 5, 2006 6:15:54 PM)
Juan and Sirtric. Do you have any information regarding the admission rate at Stern and McCombs for Consortium applicants?

Tuck Admissions (Dec 5, 2006 6:16:03 PM)
Benjamin, there is absolutely an official Consortium network. As a student and alum, you have the capability to tap into a 6000+ member network! You can't see now the ways this network will enhance your experience throughout your career.

VickyROSS2008 (Dec 5, 2006 6:16:22 PM)
AARON: You can specify how you've demonstrated a commitment to the Consortium's mission with your peers, managers, subordinates, etc. It helps to see not only how you're living the consortium's mission, but also how you're helping to instill those values in those around you.

kmba (Dec 5, 2006 6:16:40 PM)
CGSM: Will the online status of my application change? I am wondering how I will know when my application has gone under review by the individual schools. Also, when will I hear whether I have been accepted?

MarkitaStaplesCGSMTepper (Dec 5, 2006 6:16:46 PM)
FrankL - A number of different experiences can be used to demonstrate your skill sets, not just work experience. You simply need to be able to show that these experiences make you an excellent candidate

chrisUM05 (Dec 5, 2006 6:16:46 PM)
Ross and Stern - I have experience as an entrepreneur, how do you all value the applicant with this type of background? also, how do you measure the level of success that person has achieved? revenue? growth? market share? or is a standard applicant w/ a normal career path more desirable?

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 6:16:57 PM)
Gabriel - I don't have any specific numbers but I do know that we get a little over 400 students that apply and we end up with a class of a little over 40 consortium students.

Pierre1911 (Dec 5, 2006 6:17:01 PM)
Salim what field do you intend to work in and how has your consortium network helped?

clau (Dec 5, 2006 6:17:13 PM)
juan, what is a less than "optimal GMAT score"?

NikkiRowlandCGSMKelley (Dec 5, 2006 6:17:18 PM)
Qlove - what you've heard about the faculty is true. Most of the core profs are dynamic. Kelley professors really care about students and are experts in their fields. Most have published books that are widely used in academia. As far as students are concerned, our collaborative spirit carries beyond the walls of the school

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:17:21 PM)
FrankL - I don't think there is any substitute for full time work experience, if that is what you mean. You don't have to have involvement in the Consortium mission in your work experience, if that makes sense.

the young lawyer (Dec 5, 2006 6:17:26 PM)
How should students that are trying to do their JD/MBA approach the application if they don't have a lot of work experience at Ross?

RebeccaSmithConsortium (Dec 5, 2006 6:17:44 PM)
KMBA- There is an online status checker that will switch from "submitted" to "released" when your application goes out. As for decisions, you will get an admissions decision in the mail from each school in about 6 to 8 weeks. All membership and fellowship decisions go out in late March

kecat (Dec 5, 2006 6:17:55 PM)
Can someone explain what was the advantage of applying in round 1 vs. round 2?

Kal (Ross 1st year MBA) (Dec 5, 2006 6:18:11 PM)
Chris: I recommend a minimum of 3 years work experience. Anywhere from 3 to 7 years is good. 5 is the average.

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:18:11 PM)
young lawyer - I am not sure how you should approach your application as a JD/MBA applicant, but if you like I can put you in contact with other JD/MBA's that may be better able to answer your question. Please contact me off line

VickyROSS2008 (Dec 5, 2006 6:18:28 PM)
THE YOUNG LAWYER: Regarding your question, we have the consulting club, the community consulting club, and in addition we have MAP... These are all opportunities for consultants to get involved. I'm focusing in Marketing/Brand Management, but I know that we have a very strong consulting contingent.

Donnidra Sardine (Dec 5, 2006 6:18:35 PM)
After being accepted to your top schools, what steps did you take to figure out which one was the best for you?

SalimHolderCGSMSimon (Dec 5, 2006 6:18:40 PM)
Pierre, I am planning to work in the field of human performance consulting or marketing strategy. The consortium network has helped to put me in contact with some individuals in that field. I knew nothing about the field before I spoke to them. I met them at the orientation program and have developed very positive relationships with them over the past year and a half

VickyROSS2008 (Dec 5, 2006 6:19:01 PM)
MAURICE: Yes, I've met members of the consortium who are at their #2 school and received other non-consortium scholarships.

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 6:19:13 PM)
chrisUM05 - at Stern entrepreneurial experience is very valuable, just as a student I really enjoy working with students that have this experience. Also Stern has many resources for students intending to pursue entrepreneurial ventures post graduation. Just talk about your experience in your essay and to the extent you can quantify sales and growth, this would really help!

monica (Dec 5, 2006 6:19:21 PM)
Did anyone have significant management experience when they applied?

NicoleGreenCGSMRoss (Dec 5, 2006 6:19:35 PM)
young/lawyer, while I did not do a dual program I think you just need to demonstrate why both programs are useful for you but also what does the MBA have that you cannot get in your JD program

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:19:38 PM)
Hi Donnidra - I think it is very important to visit all of the schools you are interested and talk to alums. Also, if you know what career you want to pursue, confirm that the school has alums working in that area.

mbamaybe (Dec 5, 2006 6:19:43 PM)
To an admissions officer. If a student was never put on probation or suspended from school, but other disciplinary action occurred, how should a student address that in there Consortium app. Would that completely disqualify a student from Consortium acceptance?

VickyROSS2008 (Dec 5, 2006 6:19:56 PM)
PIERRE: I'm fairly certain you can only submit the consortium application once in one application year.

Krishna (Dec 5, 2006 6:20:03 PM)
If possible, what would you do to improve the Consortium program?

Aaron - Pick Me! (Dec 5, 2006 6:20:10 PM)
Scott - Why does UNC make you fill out their own application? Doesn't that deter people from applying since no other schools do that?

Nailah (Dec 5, 2006 6:20:25 PM)
What is the toughest challenge that you have met in your MBA career thus far?

RenaHarper (Dec 5, 2006 6:20:59 PM)
further to Pierre1911's question, I applied to three schools in round 1, can I apply to additional schools and rank them as 4,5,6 in round 2? I did not think that was possible.

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:21:07 PM)
Nailah - Definitely my biggest challenge was managing my time...there is a lot of work and a lot of fun to balance.

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:21:19 PM)
Krishna - To improve I would add additional networking activities with all the students from Consortium schools.

RebeccaSmithConsortium (Dec 5, 2006 6:21:20 PM)
mbamaybe- On the last piece of the application, there is a series of questions addressing those issues. The questions are all yes/no, but if you have to answer yes to any of them, you will need to take some space in your 4th optional essay to briefly explain. If there isn't room in the 4th essay, attach another page to your signature/certification page when you mail it in.

NicoleGreenCGSMRoss (Dec 5, 2006 6:21:25 PM)
Nailah, time management has been the toughest so far

Grant (Dec 5, 2006 6:21:43 PM)
Juan at NYU - how big is the Stern program? Please touch on benefits of being as big as you are.

Kal (Ross 1st year MBA) (Dec 5, 2006 6:21:50 PM)
Krishna: I would order them: 1.GMAT 2.Essays 3.Interview But 1 and 2 are so close they're almost interchangeable.

Pierre1911 (Dec 5, 2006 6:21:56 PM)
Stephanie, do current CGSM students play a role when selecting the incoming class?

NikkiRowlandCGSMKelley (Dec 5, 2006 6:21:58 PM)
Kecat - Keep in mind that your admission will be decided independently by each school. For IU, I believe that there really is not much difference between applying in round 1 vs. round 2 because Consortium fellowships are decided upon at the same time.

quis (Dec 5, 2006 6:22:06 PM)
Does the consortium offer support upon graduation of MBA?

RebeccaSmithConsortium (Dec 5, 2006 6:22:16 PM)
Rena- you can only use one of the two application deadlines. Once you submit your application, you cannot change it.

shelly (Dec 5, 2006 6:22:20 PM)
anyone have any suggestions on the best way to prepare for the Consortium interview. I'm not really sure what types of questions will be asked.

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:22:20 PM)
Pierre - Not really, students don't play a role in selecting the incoming class...we just help with the recruiting efforts

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 6:22:48 PM)
Grant - I think the Stern program is a good size, about 400 students per class, 800 total, not too big and not too small, I think it's great. I can say that I know many of them personally and all of them by face. The Stern environment is a very close one so you will get to know everyone fast. a benefit to having a large class is that you have a large network, Stern has over 70,000 alumni in over 100 countries, so this is good for you!

Tuck Admissions (Dec 5, 2006 6:23:13 PM)
Rena, unfortunately there's only one opportunity to submit your application. if you've already submitted and now want to apply to additional schools, you'll have to apply to them directly.

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:23:16 PM)
Shelly - My suggestion would be to just know your story: Why an MBA? Why now?

FrankL (Dec 5, 2006 6:23:31 PM)
I want to study corporate social responsibility, is there any school out there that feels they have a good program for this type of field...

NikkiRowlandCGSMKelley (Dec 5, 2006 6:23:44 PM)
quis - CGSM offers you a network of alumni and companies. Once you graduate, you can rely on that network. There is a website to make sure that you keep information updated so that companies can get access to you. You never know when you need to look for a new opportunity.

RenaHarper (Dec 5, 2006 6:23:45 PM)
Tuck Admissions, thank you, that's what I was thinking...I was only there for a day, so I'm talking to any Dartmouth alumni to find out more about Hanover!

Maurice Adams (Dec 5, 2006 6:23:56 PM)
Tuck and Tepper: Besides the consortium, what else are your schools doing to increase diversity in your respective MBA programs?

Grant (Dec 5, 2006 6:24:20 PM)
Juan at NYU: One more (maybe not the last, though) -- Do you know much about the Clinton Small Business Initiative? Is this more appealing to people who plan to go into Consulting or is it a program that many types of students participate in for the experience?

Guest (Dec 5, 2006 6:24:34 PM)
In regards to the Consortium's mission, how far down the pipeline does it reach in its efforts to fulfill the mission (high school students, community outreach, etc.)

kmba (Dec 5, 2006 6:24:42 PM)
Juan - Does that mean 400 apply through the Consortium? 40 students get Consortium fellowships?

Sirtric @ McCombs (Dec 5, 2006 6:24:50 PM)
Gabriel: I don't know McCombs' Consortium admission rate off the top of my head, but I can try to track it down for you. Send me an email at

VickyROSS2008 (Dec 5, 2006 6:25:00 PM)
CHRISUM05: There isn't a "mold" for the type of experience the school is looking for. I have classmates who have entrepreneurship in their background, and the common theme I've seen falls more along the lines of how these experiences helped them grow personally and professionally.

NikkiRowlandCGSMKelley (Dec 5, 2006 6:25:04 PM)
FrankL - IU offers a Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship Certificate. Check the website:

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:25:04 PM)
FrankL - Michigan's Net Impact chapter won chapter of the year this year. Contacts from this org is the most likely place you will get CSR contacts. Contact me offline and I can put you in contact with a classmate who is pursuing CSR if you like.

Scott_UNC (Dec 5, 2006 6:25:05 PM)
Donnidra- I visited my top picks and talked to current students and alumni. I quickly found the right school for me.

Q Love (Dec 5, 2006 6:25:10 PM)
Thanks Nikki! I have an interview on Thursday and am attending a Kelley on the road reception, I'm looking forward to it.

RaymondWilcoxCGSMSimon (Dec 5, 2006 6:25:15 PM)
Shelly, I was fairly apprehensive for my Consortium interview. However, in hindsight, I would have done more background research on the interviewer as well as asked more in depth questions that I would not have ordinarily asked an Admissions counselor...but with caution

Nailah (Dec 5, 2006 6:25:17 PM)
Do non Consortium fellows, who are admitted using the Consortium application, have access to the Consortium network?

Guest (Dec 5, 2006 6:25:26 PM)
Chris: Entrepreneurship is definitely valuable experience and I actually personally know several students here that were entrepreneurs beforehand. When relaying your experiences, ALWAYS include hard, tangible numbers if you have them. Likewise, make sure your resume includes some measurable statements, not just broad indefinite statements. Yes, schools like to see numbers.

Guest (Dec 5, 2006 6:25:37 PM)
Aaron, UNC has a separate application in order to avoid lawsuits for an unfair admission process.

Tuck Admissions (Dec 5, 2006 6:25:43 PM)
Maurice: similar to most of our sister schools we are first working to ensure the socio-academic health of our current diverse populations then working to strengthen alliances with other organizations such as National Black and National Hispanic MBA. Additionally most of us are involved with pipeline organizations like LEAD and MLT. Great question!

NikkiRowlandCGSMKelley (Dec 5, 2006 6:25:44 PM)
Q-love - Great!

RenaHarper (Dec 5, 2006 6:25:59 PM)
Do current students mentor incoming Consortium members? Is there a formal system in place or would it depend on the culture of the school?

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 6:26:15 PM)
kmba - yes 400 apply to Stern via Consortium, in total we get about 4000 applications per year and 400 students end up coming to Stern

MarkitaStaplesCGSMTepper (Dec 5, 2006 6:26:16 PM)
Maurice, At Tepper we also reach out to undergraduate universities for minority students. Also our Admissions staff hosts events in different cities to attract minorities. We also have recently issued diversity-targeted marketing materials

Scott_UNC (Dec 5, 2006 6:26:18 PM)
Aaron- it does deter some people- the ones that don't really want to go to UNC. But, it is a small price to pay to attend such a great school. The admissions committee wants everyone to compete on the same level...that is why everyone (even consortium applicants) must fill out the UNC MBA Application.

Bernie Traywick (Dec 5, 2006 6:26:42 PM)
Nailah- the toughest challenge has been making sure to balance school, work search, and fun.

RenaHarper (Dec 5, 2006 6:26:47 PM)
Thanks Rebecca, that's what I thought.

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 6:26:55 PM)
Grant - I have to admit, you stumped me, I'm not familiar with the Clinton Small Business initiative. Can you send me the link of where you read this so that I can get some more information for you?

VickyROSS2008 (Dec 5, 2006 6:26:56 PM)
ALL: For those of you who have not had a chance to visit Ross, or who would like to meet students and have more of your questions answered, we are hosting the 31st Annual BBSA conference in February. If you'd like to learn more about it, please contact me directly

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:27:20 PM)
Rena - Current students have a lot of interaction with incoming students at USC...especially to prepare them for Orientation Program

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:27:22 PM)
RenaHarper - yes. There is no formal mentoring system. At our school it happens from our Consortium liaisons and through the Black Biz Students Assoc and the Hispanic Biz Students Assoc

VickyROSS2008 (Dec 5, 2006 6:27:30 PM)
SHELLY: I had 2 different interviews because I thought I was applying one year but waited until the following year to apply. They were both very different: one was very informal, trying to just get to know me as a person, and the second was more structured towards my background and leadership abilities.

RebeccaSmithConsortium (Dec 5, 2006 6:27:33 PM)
Nailah- Your question is great, but it has a tricky answer. Call me tomorrow at 314-877-5515

RenaHarper (Dec 5, 2006 6:27:42 PM)
Tuck, I don't really want to apply to additional schools, I'm comfortable with my three and my rankings, it would purely be for safety.

Krishna (Dec 5, 2006 6:27:59 PM)
Shara, what criteria did you evaluate when selecting which consortium schools to apply to?

Sirtric @ McCombs (Dec 5, 2006 6:28:14 PM)
Nailah: That is correct. They have access to the Consortium network.

Kal (Ross 1st year MBA) (Dec 5, 2006 6:28:17 PM)
FrankL : Ross has a dual degree program: I've found the students in the program to be very talented.

GoldSounds (Dec 5, 2006 6:28:23 PM)
What % of consortium fellows bring partners to school with them? If you have brought along a partner, can you please comment on their experience so far.

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:28:59 PM)
Krishna - I looked at what the schools reputation, the programs offered and their locations. I only applied to 2 consortium schools. I think it depends on what you want out of a school.

baby dee (Dec 5, 2006 6:29:00 PM)
Dia, how many students apply to Tuck through the Consortium annually and how many Consortium positions are available?

FrankL (Dec 5, 2006 6:29:09 PM)
shara how can I contact you ?

Nailah (Dec 5, 2006 6:29:15 PM)
Nicole/Stephanie - What have you done to overcome the time management issues?

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:29:40 PM)
FrankL - my email is, phone 310-529-3152

shelly (Dec 5, 2006 6:29:54 PM)
Rebecca - How does the Consortium rank students in terms of making fellowship decisions? Are all parts of the application weighted equally?

NicoleGreenCGSMRoss (Dec 5, 2006 6:29:55 PM)
Nailah, I've had to be very rigid about prioritizing

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:30:04 PM)
Nailah - Just do it! I have learned to love Outlook and I take a lot of phone calls during my commute to school

Nailah (Dec 5, 2006 6:30:17 PM)
Thanks Rebecca, I will give you a call tomorrow.

Tuck Admissions (Dec 5, 2006 6:30:21 PM)
Rena: no worries, I'm actually an advocate of applying to a well rounded, well-developed portfolio of schools. We know people are applying to more than one school so it doesn't look bad! :-)

mnieto (Dec 5, 2006 6:30:28 PM)
I know MBA students are fairly occupied and time is scarce but do you have an opportunity to interface with undergraduates especially the particular affinity groups (African American Student Assoc., Latino/Hispanic Student Assoc) since this is so important for improving access and opportunity for mentorships. I know that when I was an undergrad I really benefited from speaking with an older fraternity brother who was studying at a local campus

NikkiRowlandCGSMKelley (Dec 5, 2006 6:30:29 PM)
GoldSOunds - I don't have a percentage, but I will tell you that most schools are receptive to partners via support groups. At Kelley we have a Partners club that has activities for significant others.

VickyROSS2008 (Dec 5, 2006 6:30:35 PM)
GoldSounds: I don't know specific numbers because I don't have a significant other at school, but I know the Ross Partners Organization is strong here.

shelly (Dec 5, 2006 6:30:45 PM)
Juan: what kind of services does STERN offer to help first years transition into b-school environment i.e. tutoring, study groups, etc?

quis (Dec 5, 2006 6:31:10 PM)
At Ross how strong is the alumni support in the southeast?

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:31:16 PM)
Mnieto - Black Graduate Business Leaders at USC is involved with the undergrads here

Tuck Admissions (Dec 5, 2006 6:31:21 PM)
Baby Dee we see about 200 applications through the consortium annually and we have awarded a range of fellowships from 3-17! Depends on the pool/year! More news offline at

FrankL (Dec 5, 2006 6:31:24 PM)
Shara are you a student or director ?

SalimHolderCGSMSimon (Dec 5, 2006 6:31:44 PM)
Mnieto-- I have been able to tap into my fraternity bros in Rochester as well as many of the other organizations in the community. We are busy, but you have to take the time out and develop yourself professionally. There are many opportunities to do so

Linda Abraham (Dec 5, 2006 6:31:48 PM)
For second year students, did the Consortium help you obtain your internship or even your post-MBA job? If so, how?

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:31:52 PM)
Mnieto - We do joint activities, like volunteer activities

Grant (Dec 5, 2006 6:32:01 PM)
Juan NYU: The website it pretty clear and focused on consulting, but I was wondering if it is EXCLUSIVELY consulting. I was comparing it to a program like the MAP project at UM Ross, where it seems like students from a variety of programs participate and collaborate on projects. Right Ross??!!

RebeccaSmithConsortium (Dec 5, 2006 6:32:13 PM)
Shelly- The Consortium does not make any decisions- the schools make ALL decisions for admission, membership, and fellowship. Fellowship offers are made using the order in which you ranked the schools. For further clarification, call me tomorrow at 314-877-5515

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:32:21 PM)
quis - I am not sure since about the alumni support in the Southeast I did not look in that area, sorry. have you tried contacting the alumni assoc in that area?

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:32:30 PM)
FrankL - I am a first year student

Linda Abraham (Dec 5, 2006 6:33:01 PM)
What advice would you give applicants who want to prepare for the start of school? What should they do before matriculating?

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 6:33:04 PM)
shelly - The truth is there are a lot of opportunities for structured help, especially as a consortium student. However, the culture at Stern is so supportive that I found most of my tutoring came from fellow students, and the people in my group and blocks. The consortium at Stern, as I imagine at other schools, really bonds over the summer during orientation and we become a family, and are always helping each other out. Aside from this, we have tutoring from Teaching Assistants, open office hours, and The Association of Hispanic and Black Business Students hosts study sessions for first years during midterms and finals

VickyROSS2008 (Dec 5, 2006 6:33:14 PM)
MNIETO: Our diversity groups (BBSA and HLBSA) are very involved with the community doing community service as well as mentorship programs. We currently have members who are very involved in these initiatives. We also encourage our undergrads/BBAs to become part of the graduate organizations in order to have access to and address any concerns they have, in addition to providing mentorship opportunities.

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:33:15 PM)
Linda - I obtained several offers from OP and have just accepted a full-time offer with General Mills (my intern employer and a major Consortium sponsor)

Linda Abraham (Dec 5, 2006 6:33:25 PM)

Sirtric @ McCombs (Dec 5, 2006 6:33:32 PM)
Linda Abraham: The contacts I made during OP spilled over into on-campus recruiting as well as the major fall conferences. I landed my internship offers and my full-time offers thanks to those relationships.

Gabriel Vega (Dec 5, 2006 6:33:39 PM)
Stephanie: Career switch question. What did you study for undergrad? What was you job function before going for the MBA? How does the MBA studies compare to what you've done?

NikkiRowlandCGSMKelley (Dec 5, 2006 6:33:59 PM)
mnieto - It depends...the b-school answer. Each school has different organizations such as Black and Latin MBA orgs that may participate in mentoring programs for u-grad students. Last week I participated in a seminar that addressed u-grad students interested in grad school (b-school &law school). I have also participated in an on campus grad school far a couple of months ago geared towards minority students.

Linda Abraham (Dec 5, 2006 6:34:00 PM)
Sirtric, Congratuations to you too!

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:34:23 PM)
Gabriel - I was an econ major. I had an accounting position and then a policy position at the Dept. of Defense. Because my undergrad degree was so theoretical, I find my MBA education to be much more practical

Maurice Adams (Dec 5, 2006 6:34:24 PM)
How much time did any of you take off from work before attending B school? What did you do?

Sirtric @ McCombs (Dec 5, 2006 6:34:59 PM)
Thanks, Linda

FrankL (Dec 5, 2006 6:35:04 PM)
can some current students give us insight into undergrads and fields of work prior to their MBA

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:35:07 PM)
Maurice - I took a month off and relaxed before the program

VickyROSS2008 (Dec 5, 2006 6:35:11 PM)
Regarding internship opportunities: Although I'm a first year, I can attest to the tremendous value of having the consortium's OP as an opportunity to network and interview with companies before you even get to campus. I know plenty of students, including myself, who are steps ahead of my non-consortium peers in regards to the recruiting schedule (i.e. securing offers ahead of time, landing internships and jobs for post-MBA, etc.)

Linda Abraham (Dec 5, 2006 6:35:45 PM)
Any students want to respond to my question about preparation for b-school?

NikkiRowlandCGSMKelley (Dec 5, 2006 6:36:06 PM)
FrankL - I was a psych major in u-grad...worked in HR for a music co. for about 4 yrs before school

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:36:21 PM)
FrankL - I was a mechanical engineer at Nissan and I had two part time real estate related businesses

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:37:09 PM)
Best way to prepare for b-school is to research the career you would like to go into. Start contacting alums. Attend company sponsored events in the summers if possible.

SalimHolderCGSMSimon (Dec 5, 2006 6:37:10 PM)
Frank L- I graduated from Hampton University with BS in Marketing

Tuck Admissions (Dec 5, 2006 6:37:20 PM)
Linda Abraham: I would say 1) maybe take accounting at community college if you can 2) get/keep finances in order 3) save enough cash to get you thru late September b/c loan checks don't kick in until after school starts 4) if you can-go have some fun!

NicoleGreenCGSMRoss (Dec 5, 2006 6:37:21 PM)
In preparation for school I took a lot of math classes this summer including calculus. Except for the calculus class which was a requirement at Ross, I took the other classes because my career was very non quant

VickyROSS2008 (Dec 5, 2006 6:37:22 PM)
MAURICE: I took off from work mid-June and I traveled Europe and the Caribbean. I also participated in an M-Trek before school started (let me know if you'd like to know more about that). I HIGHLY recommend doing this before school starts!!! Take time off guys!

NikkiRowlandCGSMKelley (Dec 5, 2006 6:37:22 PM)
Linda - depends on how comfortable you are with your skills. Take excel, acct, finance classes at community college. Get the MBA survival kit from Take some time off to rest because you will work hard once school starts.

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 6:37:27 PM)
Grant - Ah! I see now, yes this is one of the organizations that the Stern Consulting Corp helped. This is an initiative that all students can get involved with, not just those in consulting. Because it is consulting in nature, most of those that are interested in pursuing consulting consequently end up getting involved with the SCC, but it's open to all students.

Scott_UNC (Dec 5, 2006 6:37:27 PM)
FrankL- I ran an Non-Profit organization prior to b-school.

Benjamin Duvall (Dec 5, 2006 6:37:30 PM)
Tuck... How do you feel the community differs from larger, city schools, and is there a isolation / community trade off being in Hanover? Do you have to play Ice Hockey? :)

SalimHolderCGSMSimon (Dec 5, 2006 6:37:41 PM)
I worked as a manager for Target for 2 years before coming to Simon

Gabriel Vega (Dec 5, 2006 6:37:47 PM)
Shara: How do the business studies compare to you engineering studies and work?

Kal (Ross 1st year MBA) (Dec 5, 2006 6:37:50 PM)
Maurice: Took two months off. Traveled around Poland, Barcelona, New York City. Ross has pre-MBA orientation bonding group trips that go to locations all over the world. It's called M-trek and you can find out more by clicking here:

Aaron - Pick Me! (Dec 5, 2006 6:37:59 PM)
So did everyone have to still take out loans even though they received fellowship? How did that process go - through the school or private?

baby dee (Dec 5, 2006 6:38:16 PM)
Dia, if a student is not selected as a Tuck consortium fellow, can he/she apply for consideration through the general Tuck admissions process?

Shara (Ross) (Dec 5, 2006 6:38:27 PM)
Gabriel - the course work is much easier, but you have MUCH less time to devote to your studies. You end up making trade offs : career/studying/socializing

mnieto (Dec 5, 2006 6:38:38 PM)
Thanks. I wanted to make sure there was an opportunity (time wise) and in structure to reach out to these groups.

NikkiRowlandCGSMKelley (Dec 5, 2006 6:38:44 PM)
Aaron - I took out loans for personal expenses. Easy process...too easy almost. Sallie

Makini PSU (Dec 5, 2006 6:38:45 PM)
Students- How did you balance living expenses while going to school?

Benjamin Duvall (Dec 5, 2006 6:39:18 PM)
Awesome question Aaron!!

baby dee (Dec 5, 2006 6:39:26 PM)
How important is calculus? Should you take a refresher course or wait for the Math camps?

VickyROSS2008 (Dec 5, 2006 6:39:48 PM)
ALL: Some general advice!!! Although you're all busy with applications, work, visiting schools, etc., don't overlook the fact that this is the time to start networking not only with current b-school students, but also with other prospectives. You will eventually be either in school with these folks, or sharing best practices with them, and definitely will be running into them in some form or fashion. Don't forget to stay in touch with each other!!!

NikkiRowlandCGSMKelley (Dec 5, 2006 6:39:56 PM)
Makini PSU- You're welcome.

Tuck Admissions (Dec 5, 2006 6:39:59 PM)
Benjamin: 1) if you CAN ice skate you will be popular! But no, you don't have to play hockey but its fun. I think there are trade off either way it will be what YOU make it. You can have a small school but have a big city experience in terms of social life/activity, etc or go to a large school and create a mini community. Hanover works hard to provide good social life. for example i went to a ROOTS concert and a free salsa dance lesson in the same week!

StephanieFooteCGSMUSC (Dec 5, 2006 6:40:02 PM)
Baby - Calculus is not necessary for the 1st year

NicoleGreenCGSMRoss (Dec 5, 2006 6:40:07 PM)
Baby, calculus is an absolute at Michigan. At Michigan you have to have taken calculus before beginning school.

MarkitaStaplesCGSMTepper (Dec 5, 2006 6:40:10 PM)
Makini - The Financial Aid office works out a feasible budget and allocates additional loans as needed. I simply had to make sure that I stayed within my budget. This hasn't been too difficult - you learn to live within your means.

NikkiRowlandCGSMKelley (Dec 5, 2006 6:40:45 PM)
Baby Dee- you might check with the school about pre-requisites for calculus.

Pierre1911 (Dec 5, 2006 6:40:50 PM)
Salim how important was a finance background prior to your enrollment?

Linda Abraham (Dec 5, 2006 6:41:07 PM)
Thank you again all for participating this evening. Special thanks to all the Consortium representatives here this evening.

Maurice Adams (Dec 5, 2006 6:41:18 PM)
Tuck and Tepper: Do your schools offer anything similar to UofMs MTrek?

Linda Abraham (Dec 5, 2006 6:41:39 PM)
We look forward to seeing you at future chats. Here is a list of currently scheduled chats:

SalimHolderCGSMSimon (Dec 5, 2006 6:41:39 PM)
I don't have a finance background. It can help though. The finance program is pretty serious.

Linda Abraham (Dec 5, 2006 6:41:46 PM)
Insead – Dec. 7 Cornell Johnson – Dec. 14 London Business School – January 22

Linda Abraham (Dec 5, 2006 6:41:55 PM)
Please check for exact times and details.

Linda Abraham (Dec 5, 2006 6:42:10 PM)
Have a very good evening! Good luck with your applications!

NikkiRowlandCGSMKelley (Dec 5, 2006 6:42:18 PM)
I am also admissions counselor for Kelley. Feel free to contact me at if you have questions about IU or CGSM.

Kal (Ross 1st year MBA) (Dec 5, 2006 6:42:33 PM)
Aaron: I still took out loans. Given the low interest rates, this is advisable, unless your loaded ;) The process is a combination of going through the school and a government website.

JuanGuzmanCGSMNYU (Dec 5, 2006 6:42:47 PM)
For Stern,, juan guzman

VickyROSS2008 (Dec 5, 2006 6:42:49 PM)
MORE GENERAL ADVICE!!!: If you do not have strong quantitative, I STRONGLY STRONGLY advice taking either accounting, stats or economics. You will have a much better time of it if you have knowledge of these areas when you get to b-school. Anything helps!

Kal (Ross 1st year MBA) (Dec 5, 2006 6:43:08 PM)
Feel free to write anytime:

Tuck Admissions (Dec 5, 2006 6:43:15 PM)
Maurice: Yes, Tuck has something similar. For example a bunch of students did a sailing/teambuilding course pre-orientation and there are other opportunities too. cool!

MarkitaStaplesCGSMTepper (Dec 5, 2006 6:43:21 PM)
Maurice - prior to school we have a week of activities, both social and informative, including local outings. During the year there are a number of trips abroad and within the country that students can attend.

SalimHolderCGSMSimon (Dec 5, 2006 6:43:24 PM)
1911 feel free to send me a message if yo have any more questions.

NicoleGreenCGSMRoss (Dec 5, 2006 6:43:30 PM)
Good luck. I can be reached at

Tuck Admissions (Dec 5, 2006 6:43:47 PM)
baby dee ...please do

VickyROSS2008 (Dec 5, 2006 6:44:10 PM)
Good luck! Feel free to contact me, and I hope to see you all at the BBSA conference in February!

MarkitaStaplesCGSMTepper (Dec 5, 2006 6:44:11 PM)
Any other questions about Tepper or the Consortium, I can be reached at - Markita

VickyROSS2008 (Dec 5, 2006 6:45:02 PM)
Also, if anyone has questions about being a woman/Hispanic/student of color at Ross, or any questions for that matter, please do not hesitate to contact me!

JackieOldenConsortium (Dec 5, 2006 6:45:17 PM)
if your questions were posted but not answered, feel free to contact the CGSM office at

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