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I want to work with Cindy!
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I am very satisfied with my Accepted.com experience and am grateful that I have Cindy on my team to help me navigate my journey of selecting and applying to top MBA schools. 
-Accepted to Duke EMBA 
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It was a great pleasure to work with your company and Cindy on my application. She is very professional, patient, and responsive to every need I have. I highly recommended your service and Cindy specifically to my friends, and Forte group members! And I will continue doing so! Thanks a lot for your amazing service and kind help!

- Accepted to NYU Stern

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Soon after I started thinking about business school a few years back I came across accepted.com. After reading a few articles on the site, I became convinced that I must come back to the site when I am ready to apply. When I got serious about applying this year, I again found accepted.com standing out among all the other companies. I never really thought such companies would do anything more than give some canned answers and run spell checkers on my essay.  But soon after I began working with Cindy Tokumitsu I realized that was not going to be the case here. I will always remember Cindy’s initial review of my essays where she was able to see their strength right away. She provided valuable advice as I worked through the many essays for the three schools I initially applied. Although I got rejected from my first choice, I got accepted into two other T20 schools from the ‘U.S. News’s 2015 Ranking Of The Top EMBA Programs’.

It did not end there; Cindy actually encouraged me to apply to two other schools which I never thought would be within my reach. But I took her advice and got accepted into two M7 schools.

So Cindy’s advice not only help me sharpen my story, but she also saw the potential I had and gave valuable advice that has changed the trajectory of my career forever. I found her to be a true professional - courteous, accommodating, engaging and extremely skilled at what she does.  As for the company itself, I found the pricing structure very affordable compared to the expected ROI from one of the top MBA programs in the world.

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Thank you so much for your help on my essays. I've already [early November] received an acceptance from University of Virginia. I received a compliment from one of my interviewers about my personal essay. The help you have given me has definitely made a difference…Thanks again!
Cindy Tokumitsu View Cindy Tokumitsu's Bio
Very happy to tell you that I have been accepted to Columbia! Thanks so much for your help along the way. Your insight and careful critiquing of my essays truly did the trick! I think the best compliment I can give is a recommendation and indeed I had a friend contact me to ask for advice after I was accepted. She was asking me about consultants and I let her know that you helped me. Thanks again!

- Accepted to Columbia