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I want to work with Cindy!
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I am getting a bargain price for the services I am receiving. Cindy has been invaluable to me in writing my essays, and I fully intend to stick with her for the rest of my application process.
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I got into Columbia!! And I've decided that I'll definitely be attending columbia this fall. I'm obviously very excited. I wanted to thank you once again for all of your help.

As always, I won't hesitate to recommend you all of my friends!
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In general, I was very pleased with everything. I thought Cindy did a wonderful job in all regards. From a macro perspective, I thought she did an excellent job of not only organizing my thoughts, but pushing me to develop more complete and interesting ideas. She also provided me with examples of what others have done, which I felt was invaluable. She also did a fantastic job of turning essays around in a good time frame and always stuck to her stated deadline. Furthermore, her edits to sentence structure always generally helped the flow. Beyond the actually editing process, I found Cindy to be extremely helpful as I worked through a fairly stressful process. She was supportive and informative at all times.
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Thank you very much for your note. It's a wonderful feeling to have been accepted by Harvard, a school that until now, I had only dreamed of attending -- but, sincerely, I could not have done it without the help of Cindy.

She made sense of all my confused ideas...and inspired me to write well. But the best part was her editing -- it was almost magical.

Thanks once again,
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Linda and Cindy:
I would like to thank both of you for your encouragements and wonderful service! I wouldn't have walked so far [accepted at Johnson] without your help. Definitely I will recommend your service to other applicants I know of.I will keep you posted with the results, decision and even my future career progress. Even our working relationship might end, our friendship will last forever!
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I wanted to let you both know that I was admitted to Duke's Global Executive MBA! Thank you Cindy for your on-target suggestions, editing, and
determined effort while working under a tight deadline ...I KNOW that you improved the presentation of my essays, and I can't offer you a more appreciative THANK YOU as I excitedly look forward to beginning at Duke...