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Resources While You Prepare to Apply

Before launching into the college application process, it’s important that you understand how the process works. There is groundwork that needs to be laid before you even begin filling out that first application, like selecting where to apply and evaluating your needs and wants; you need to make sure you’ve really examined what you’re looking for in a school and that you understand where you want to be 5 years from now. The resources below will serve as a great jumping-off point for you.

Prep for College

Resources to help you plan for college when you're in high school

11th grad to-do list

Download our guide to get our 11th grad college planning timeline

College App Tips for Parents

A college application survival guide for parents

BS/MD Program

Download our guide to find out if you are cut out for a combined BS/MD program

Resources For Your Application

As you begin compiling your application, you’ll need to figure out how to highlight your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses. For efficiency’s sake, it’s also vital that you know which portions of your application can be used universally for all schools, versus what needs to be tailored for each school. For instance, the essay portion of your college application is your best opportunity to make an impact on the admissions committee and show them why you’re uniquely suited to their particular school – for the most part, each essay will need to be different, to reflect the differences in the individual schools you apply to. A great letter of recommendation can sometimes be just the boost you need to put you over the top, though, so ensuring that you ask the right person to pen it is key. And if you get waitlisted or rejected, it doesn’t have to be the end of the road. These resources will help you really dig into the meat of building a successful college application.

College Five Fatal Flaws

Download our guide to learn the five fatal flaws to avoid in your college application essays

Common App Tips

Resources to help you create the best common application to impress admissions readers

Essay Whisperer

Download our guide to learn how to create a stellar college application essay

Supplemental Essays

Ensure your nail your supplemental essays for your college applications 

College Sample Essays

Read our sample college application essays to learn what works

Essay Writing

Professional writing and editing tips to help you create amazing college application essays


Learn how to obtain winning letters of recommendation that present you at your best

Waitlist Tips

Learn what to do if you find yourself on a college waitlist or rejected from your target programs

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Alice Diamond

Alice Diamond

35 years of experience in career and admissions advising for undergraduate and graduate students

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Marie Todd

Marie Todd

More than 30 years' experience in higher education and consulting, including five seasons as a University of Michigan application review specialist

Learn more about Marie >

Madison Searle

Madison Searle

Read more than 5,000 applications and advised students as former director for three undergraduate honors programs at the College of Natural Sciences at UT Austin

Learn more about Madison >

Sundas Ali-2

Dr. Sundas Ali

More than 15 years of experience teaching and advising students, providing career and admissions advice, reviewing applications and conducting interviews for University of Oxford's undergraduate and graduate programs.

Learn more about Sundas >


Natalie Grinblatt

Nearly two decades of admissions experience as former admissions dean/director at Michigan Ross, Cornell Johnson, and ASU Carey

Learn more about Natalie >

College Admissions Consulting Services

Interested in taking the next step in your college admissions journey with a proven expert by your side? We offer help and guidance through every step of the application process from school choice evaluation to essay strategy and editing, to waitlist support, all through hourly or comprehensive services.

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