You've chosen your essay topics, drafted an outline, and begun working on what you hope will become a masterpiece of a college essay. Now all you need to do is make sure that the ideas jumbled in your head translate into clear, cohesive, and brilliant writing once the pen hits the paper (or your fingers tap the keyboard).

These resources will provide you with professional writing and editing tips that will help you polish your pearls of wisdom into exquisite, compelling prose. You'll convince any college adcom member that you've got great ideas AND that you know how to express them!

College Essay Writing

  1. 5 Fatal Flaws, a free guide
  2. Focus on Fit, a podcast episode
  3. Stand Out! A Critical Goal for Your Application, a podcast episode
  4. Do's and Don'ts
  5. What is an Accomplishment?
  6. Generic-itis Prevention [Warning: If Untreated, Can Cause Rejection]
  7. How to Get Started on Your Personal Statement with One Easy Technique
  8. Three Tips to Jump Start Your Personal Statement
  9. The Miraculous 15-Minute ROUGH, ROUGH Draft
  10. First Drafts of Personal Statements: Let Yourself Go
  11. What 3 Essential Ingredients Must You Include in Your Statement of Purpose?
  12. How Much Overlap Can There Be Between My Resume/CVA and My SOP?
  13. Writing Tip: Understanding the Fine Line Between Confidence and Arrogance
  14. How to Project Professionalism & Positivity in Your Statement of Purpose?
  15. Can I Use Humor in My Application Essays?
  16. The Art of an Opening Line
  17. How to Make Your College Application Stand Out: Beyond Test Scores and GPA
  18. 6 Tips for Getting Started on Your Application Essays
  19. 9 Secrets to Telling an Attention-Grabbing Story
  20. Writing a Lead that Pops
  21. Why Use an Admissions Consultant?
  22. Writing Techniques From a Pro
  23. 10 Tips for Better Essay Writing
  24. Personal Statement Tip: Less is More
  25. Application Essay Tip: The Devil is in the Details
  26. 4 Tips for Writing about Last Minute Extracurricular Activities
  27. How to Give Your Application as Much Weight as Possible
  28. The Importance of Obstacles in Your Application Essays
  29. Resourceful Essay Recycling
  30. Where’s the Poetry? The Secret Ingredient in Your Graduate Application Essays
  31. 4 Application Strategy Tips: Stand Out AND Fit In
  32. 4 Tips for Highlighting Your Strengths in Your Application Essays
  33. 5 Ways to Optimize Your Online Presence Before Submitting Applications
  34. “I’m Smart, Really I Am!” How to Prove Character Traits in Essays
  35. How to Add Detail to Your Social Enterprise/Community Service Goals
  36. 4 Ways to Show How You’ll Contribute in the Future
  37. What Should I Write About? Making a Difference
  38. Bring Your Personal Statement to Life With Vivid, Active Verbs
  39. Athletic Appeal in Admissions
  40. Your 5-Step Checklist Before Submitting Your Applications
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