Choosing the Right College for You

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    The criteria are endless when it comes to drafting a list of colleges to apply to. For example, are you looking for a small liberal arts college in a rural area? Or would you prefer a sprawling, urban campus? Are you applying exclusively to public or state schools? Or are you also considering private universities? Which colleges are realistic reaches for you? And which are long shots? Are you applying to a safety school? An international program?

    You get the point. Choosing where you'd like to attend college is a difficult task. It will force you to sit down and really think about who you are and what you are seeking in a college experience. Use the resources below to help you draft a preliminary list of schools, narrow them down, and then finally choose "the one."

    1. Fitting In & Standing Out: the Paradox at the Heart of Admissions, a free guide
    2. Should You Apply to a Safety School?
    3. Planning College Visits: 5 Questions to Ask
    4. What is Nursing School Really Like?

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