What Do Cydney's Clients Say About Her?

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    Hi Cydney, Great news!! I got admissions from UCLA and Georgetown! Wow! I really appreciate all your help and advice. Your [guidance] was so helpful and I'll definitely tell my friends whoever seek MBA how you can lead them to the right place.
    Cyd is a gem! I think this is her triumph also. Had to let her know.
    I think my essays are much stronger because of Cydney's input. She was fantastic.
    "I just wanted to thank you again for all your help. I was extremely successful in the admissions process, getting into 11 schools with 2 full scholarship offers. In the end my top four were Yale, Mayo, Vanderbilt and Stanford ... I am so excited to start in the Fall and I don't think I could have done it without your help.
    Hi Cydney, I have good news! I got accepted at MIT!! I could not believe it and I thank you so much for helping me getting accepted!!!! My applications totally improved with your advice.... But your effort was huge too. You spent days, nights and weekends helping me and I thank you very much for doing that.
    Cyd was critical ~ she gave her opinion freely and mentioned crap was crap when it was. She showed a lot of interest in getting the application the best it could be and her criticism was apt. I would not change a thing ~ your services are very good!
    Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, Penn... See which universities our clients were accepted to.