What Do Cydney's Clients Say About Her?

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I want to work with Cydney!
Thank you very much Linda. I wanted to say as well that Cydney really helped me get through my creative block in writing all the essays. Also it was great that she was able to work around my schedule and returned almost every essay back to me in 24 hours or less. [Accepted at CMU}
I have worked with Cydney Foote on a daily basis for the past four months on my business school applications. In that time I have come to regard Cydney as true professional and an asset to work with. Professionally, Cydney was available 7 days a week and I always knew weeks in advance the days that she would not be available. Essentially, her schedule always matched mine. She was always available by phone and her turnaround time on my essays was never more than 24 hours. The quality of her work was also exceptional. Even when she was working on one essay – Cydney always considered it in the context of my entire application. This was the strategic expertise I sought.

Cydney never wrote essays for me or just edited them for grammar, but instead she vigilantly critiqued and analyzed my essays for content, logic, language and impact. She invested the time to get to know me and thus was able to incorporate aspects of my life I never considered into my essays. I strongly recommend Cydney to anyone applying to business schools. The focused concentration Cydney provided was greater than the unstructured concentration my friend and family could provide. I am certain my applications to business school are stronger because of her help.
Thanks for the edits so far. I'm really, really amazed with what you did with Essay 2. It looks like one of my strongest essays now, and I started with the expectation that it would turn out as the worst!
I couldn`t wait to let you know that I`ve been offered admission to business school!! Your help with the essays was truly the difference between the rejection last year and the admit[s] this year.
This edit is really really impressive, thanks for turning my verbose novel into a very very coherent story. I know this one was really hard to bring down [to the word limit] as I had put in tons of details. I really like the fact that you`ve found a place for all my details."
Thank you for the congratulations [upon acceptance to Fuqua]. I am really happy!!
And make sure you treat Cydney well. She is really SUPER and I owe a lot of my success to her!!!